Incorporated in 2003 and headquartered in Los Altos, CA, Sonoma Wire Works develops high-quality, innovative products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music on iOS, MacOS and Windows. By combining intuitive interfaces and unique workflows, Sonoma Wire Works' products enhance the user's ability to create great-sounding music without requiring a technical background.

Sonoma Wire Works' development group has over 40 years of combined audio engineering experience. Together with graphic designers and 3D artists, they are working on cutting edge user interface design for the next generation of music products and services.

Sonoma first created RiffWorks™ guitar recording software with InstantDrummer™, effects, RiffLink™ online music collaboration, and the online community. These products have received multiple awards for performance and innovation, including a NAMM Best in Show Trendsetter Award.

Sonoma Wire Works then developed the FourTrack™, InstantDrummer™, and GuitarTone™ iPhone apps, AudioCopy/AudioPaste™ technology for iOS, StudioTrack™ multitrack recorder for the iPad, the GuitarJack Model 2™ audio input/output interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and the GuitarJack 2 USB interface for iOS/Mac/Win.

Sonoma Wire Works acquired Submersible Music's DrumCore™ 3 and KitCore™ Software and Drum Libraries as well as Discrete Drums multitrack drum recording library. Further development is continuing with the highly anticipated release of DrumCore 4.

Worldwide distribution of Sonoma products is underway. See the list of Sonoma's distributors and dealers.

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