Artists discuss the benefits of using RiffWorks recording software.

Todd Rundgren - Singer, songwriter, and producer. Hits include "Hello It's Me," "Bang the Drum All Day" and more.
Todd Rundgren on iTunes, Rundgren on MySpace

Todd Rundgren recorded his latest album, Arena on Amazon, with RiffWorks and Reason. Rundgren says, "All I needed aside from the tools I was used to using (Propellerheads Reason Version 4, Line 6 GearBox, and Line 6 TonePort audio interface for guitar and voice, was something that would allow me to record samples. I used RiffWorks, which allows you to specify a loop in Reason that'll play over and over. Keep recording takes in RiffWorks using the Reason file as background." "Arena" CD on Amazon, Rundgren on YouTube

John Taylor - Touring guitarist and musical director with the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers on iTunes and on Amazon. John Taylor on MySpace

John says, "RiffWorks is great. I use it in the hotel room as a jam pack and something to do late at night. Great sounds. A lot of fun! There's an InstantDrummer built in!"
John Taylor on YouTube

Chris Callans - Guitar Technician for Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Aaron McLain. Chris says, "When you're constantly on the road and living on a bus, you need accessibility and something easy to use. RiffWorks is the program for you! Perfect for when you have an idea in the middle of the night. You don't have to go through a lot of the set ups that you would have to do using ProTools, Cubase or Neuendo. Check out RiffWorks. I think you'll like it!"
Chris Callans on YouTube

Michael Elsner - Guitar player for Chasing Saints and was lead guitarist for 2 time Grammy Nominated artist Sarah Kelly. He has played for CBS's Cold Case, Miramax Films, and more. He's been a ProTools user for 10 years and is excited to use RiffWorks as a song writing tool. michaelelsner.com and myspace.com/michaelelsner

Michael says, "RiffWorks is opening up a whole new world. It allows you to easily take your ideas and put them down to drums beats in the program or use REX files. You can record quick vocals and bass guitar very quickly without having to get into the big production aspects of ProTools. You can get your ideas down quickly. RiffWorks is a great value. You should check it out." Michael Elsner on YouTube

Mike Campese - Guitar Player with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and recieved a Gold record for his work. Mike's music was used for the Lions Gate film "Vampire Assassin". He teaches 70 guitarists a week and has written guitar lessons for Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines. mikecampese.com and myspace.com/mikecampese

Mike says, "I checked out the RiffWorks program and I think it's awesome. I would defeinitely use it on the road, rehearsing and for getting new ideas. I highly recommend it."
Mike Campese on YouTube

Robbie Gennet - Multi-instrumentalist, Singer, and Songwriter, Robbie has toured with Saigon Kick, the Robbie Gennet Band, 7Mary3, Rudy, Rabbithead and Everclear. He writes for magazines including Musician, Gig, Guitar Player and Keyboard Magazine. He just released the new Rabbithead "Spread the Head" EP and is currently on tour playing and singing with pop superstar Nick Lachey. robbiegennet.com and myspace.com/robbiegennet

Robbie says, "Congratulations to RiffWorks - They won a Trendsetter award at the Best in Show ceremony at NAMM 2008. This program makes it super easy to get your ideas down from inspiration right down to 'tape'." Robbie Gennet on YouTube

Cori Jacobs - Keyboard player with the Pussy Cat Dolls ("Stick with You"), Biance, Lauren Hill, and The Temptations. myspace.com/clearsoul

Cori says, "RiffWorks is a great product. You can record sessions with musicians worldwide. RiffWorks has EQ, Compression, Reverb. Perfect for guitar. Perfect for the road. Perfect for the laptop. The program is really easy to use."
Cori Jacobs on YouTube

Collins 'The Jack' Peters - Music director, producer and artist. Collins has worked with PRINCE and THE TWINZ. He plays 15 instruments, focusing on the sax, steel drums, piano, and guitars. myspace.com/thejacksworld

Collins says, "RiffWorks blew my mind. It's amazing how quickly and easily you can get your ideas out. I'll be using RiffWorks for all the stuff I'm doing for CSI and for movie trailers. The coolest thing about it is that if you want to work with a guitarist somewhere else, you can open up a session in RiffWorks and work with them in the same session at the same time. It's ridiculous, futuristic, practical and simple!" Collins on YouTube

Curt Chambers - Guitar Player for Franklin Bridge and Eric Roberson. Curt has writing and/or production credits for Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Bradsaw (Hidden Beach) and JazzyFatnasties. Curt has toured with LL Cool J, Musiq, Floetry, Jazzy Jeff, Vivian Green, JazzyFatnasties, Jaguar Wright and City High. curtchambers.com, franklinbridgeband.com and myspace.com/curtchambers

Curt says, "RiffWorks is hot - it's the program you've been looking for when you want to get an idea out really fast." Curt Chambers on YouTube

Johnny "Juice" Rosado - Emmy-Nominated Composer, Producer, Musician, DJ, Turntablist and Engineer. He was raised in the Bronx and witnessed the birth of HipHop right on his doorstep. Now, a Legendary Strong Island DJ/Producer and EMMY nominated Composer, his work, especially with the first two Public Enemy albums has been embedded into Hip-Hop history. His body of scratch and production work spans genres and generations: Public Enemy, Slick Rick, Beastie Boys, KRS-One, Leaders of the New School, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Supernatural, Rob Swift, Dan the Automator, Ashanti, C&C Music Factory, and more. myspace.com/djjohnnyjuice

Juice says, "RiffWorks is an incredible tool to get songs done stupid fast!" Johnny Rosado on YouTube

Philip Shouse - Guitar powerhouse for wide range of artists including Bo Bice, the Dirt Drifters, Morningwood, David Lee Murphy, Mindy McCready, Cowboy Troy, Chris Cagle, and Alana Grace. myspace.com/philshouseofmusic

Shouse says, "I love RiffWorks! I use it at home and on the road. It's perfect for working out ideas or demoing songs. My favorite feature is the timeline, where you can drag your riffs wherever you want them. It makes song building sooooo easy. Thank you, RiffWorks!!"

Phil Shouse

Mike Manning - Guitarist for Demi Lovato and ClearCut
Manning on MySpace & Demi Lovato on iTunes and on Amazon.

Mike Manning says, "RiffWorks is awesome, it's the best songwriting tool since pen and paper! It's the best song writing tool I've acquired yet and it's gonna be awesome to have on the road."

Mike Manning

Dan Sindel - Guitarist/Educator
Dan Sindel is a versatile and diverse musician. His Symphonic Guitar work has earned international acclaim, has been featured in Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines, and can be heard on his debut EP "Marching In". Dan can also be heard on MX MACHINE’S Devil’s Highway. Sindel is visible on the web with his EZGTR online guitar lessons (EZGTR Youtube), teaches a wide range of guitar students worldwide, and firmly advocates musical literacy.

Dan says, "RiffWorks is the greatest recording software for creating and laying down my ideas. The secret lies in its simplicity. It's all there, from being able to use a multitude of amp modeling guitar tones to the built in InstantDrummer, which is my favorite feature as it stirs my imagination with endless grooves and tempos. Too much fun, can not say enough good things about RiffWorks!"

Dan Sindel RiffWorks

Erick Walls - Guitarist with Mary J. Blige: Erick Walls
Mary J. Blige on iTunes and on Amazon

Drew Williford - Mary J. Blige Guitar Tech: Drew Williford
Mary J. Blige on iTunes and on Amazon

Brandon Curtis of the Secret Machines: brandon curtis
Secret Machines on iTunes and on Amazon

Claudio Sanchez with Coheed & Cambria: claudio sanchez
Coheed & Cambria on iTunes and on Amazon

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