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Andrew Oye

Andrew Oye

| Interview by Daniel Codella conducted on March 30, 2010.

Andrew Oye is an inspiration to anyone making music in their bedroom. From his home studio setup, Andrew has gotten his music placed in shows such as Lost, CSI, Saving Grace, and Samantha Who. A talented composer with a keen ear, Andrew attributes his all his success to being creative and having good tools. What's Andrew's secret weapon for drum tracks? Sonoma Wire Works' DrumCore. We had a chance to speak with Andrew and discuss how he uses DrumCore in his televison projects.

How did you get into doing music professionally?

As far as getting placements in shows, I went online and was looking for online publishers. I found this one in Canada. I submitted a few songs to this publisher, and they liked them and asked for more. I sent more, and about six months later I sold my first song. My current catalogue is around 700 songs now.

Do you just work out of your home studio?

Yes, I converted a room in my home to my personal recording studio.

It's nice to hear you don't need a full blown studio to make great music. What does your home studio consist of?

I'm running Logic on a Mac, with loads of plugins. For guitar, I play through a POD Farm by Line 6. I have a bunch of electric guitars, some electronic drums, and a few other things. It's a simple set up, nothing to extravagant. With DrumCore, I get asked all the time what I use for drums. Would you be able to hire Matt Sorum to drum on a few hundred of your tracks for 250 bucks? I think not!

Do you use DrumCore in your final mixes?

I used it for my final productions. A bunch of the stuff I have on TV all use DrumCore.

Do you prefer to use the audio samples or the MIDI?

I use the audio for the most part. I go in and edit stuff sometimes, but most of the times I really don't have to do too much to them.

What are some of the television shows that have used your material?

I have some stuff on LOST. Samantha Who features some material I made with DrumCore. Saving Grace has used a lot of my work with DrumCore. The Office also used my music. CSI used a creepy ice cream truck song I made. The publisher asked if I could make a creepy ice cream truck song quickly, so I got to work. The Olympics also used my song as a theme on their website.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians/songwriters?

Don't procrastinate. Musicians like to procrastinate, but you really just have to keep doing it. Also, don't take rejection personally, just come back with something better. Being versatile helps as well.

Where can our users hear more of your music?, also my YouTube and Facebook.

"With DrumCore, I get asked all the time what I use for drums... A bunch of the stuff I have on TV all use DrumCore."

Andrew Oye

Check out Andrew's music created with DrumCore in this Taco Bell ad:

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