RiffWorks recording software includes loop recording, guitar oriented effects, built-in online music collaboration and song posting. RiffWorld rolls it all into an online community. Record quality songs with musicians around the world regardless of locations and schedules. Post your tunes. Win trophy icons and song contest prizes.

RiffWorks Online Jam
by Meesh, Rotund, Vad1er, Red Baron, Sandman, Trikloretylen, Klascojo, Wiese, cwight, and pbbobkanobi

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The free RiffRumble online song contest for RiffWorks users is hosted by Sonoma Wire Works and sponsored by companies like Codella Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Schecter Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Line 6, IK Multimedia and Recording Magazine. Winners are based on judges', popularity and contestants' choice. Several 'rumbles have included a grand prize of a guitar!

The RiffRumble 24 Song Contest was in June 2014. Past RiffRumbles: RiffRumble 23, RiffRumble 22, RiffRumble 21, RiffRumble 20, RiffRumble 19, RiffRumble 18, RiffRumble 17, RiffRumble 16, RiffRumble 15 and more.

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