Sonoma Wire Works is dedicated to being socially and environmentally responsible while creating the highest quality tools for musicians. Through the following activities, Sonoma strives to make a positive impact on consumers, employees, communities and the environment. Sonoma continues to find ways to integrate responsible practices into our business operations. Comments are welcome at

Sonoma is dedicated to being socially and environmentally responsible
  • Develop high-quality, innovative products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music on a variety of platforms.
  • Develop tools that are accessible to a wide range of musicians without requiring them to have a technological background or a large budget.
  • Develop and manufacture recording and amp modeling software, drum content, and audio interface hardware in the U.S.A. The GuitarJack Model 2 audio interface for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and the GuitarJack 2 USB audio interface for Mac/Win/iPad/iPhone (5, 5c, 5S) are designed, manufactured and packaged in the U.S.A using quality components like Switchcraft Jacks from Chicago, plating from Wisconsin, and other American made ingredients. Both GuitarJack boards are built, and the units are assembled and tested in a factory in San Jose, California. The factory that manufactures GuitarJacks, and the design house that manufactures the recyclable packaging for GuitarJack Model 2 is located close to Sonoma's office, which helps Sonoma keep a close eye on quality and testing, reduces the amount of travel and shipping, and supports local businesses.
  • Local talent: Sonoma's engineering, marketing and administration employees are all located in California. Most work out of our Bay Area office, and others telecommute. For example, located in Santa Cruz, Joe Bryan is a legend in the audio industry. Part scientist, coder, inventor, and craftsman, Joe is behind some of the most trusted and best sounding music gear of our time. More about Joe.
  • Develop software development kits that help companies join forces to make audio tools work together for the best user experience. Sonoma launched the Mobile Audio Product Interaction (MAPIā„¢) Partner Program and created the AudioCopy/AudioPaste software development kit, which is used by over 50 publishers of over 100 iOS apps.
  • Sponsor select educational programs, songwriter membership associations and song contests. Sonoma is a proud sponsor of GAMA's Guitars in the Classroom (GITC), an educational 501(c)3, which inspires, trains and equips K-8 public classroom teachers to integrate singing and playing guitar into children's daily school experiences in the US and Canada. Students of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and Valencia, Spain, as well as the Musicians Institute in LA receive support and software from Sonoma. Sonoma has sponsored and attended TAXI and ASCAP songwriter associations' expositions, sponsors song contests by Broadjam, USA Songwriter Competition, and hosts free RiffRumble song contests that include prizes like free guitars, software and mobile recording accessories.
  • Donate products to select charitable auctions and raffles including Public Broadcasting Company (PBS); Hidden Villa Online Auction; Campus Auctions, which help charities like F-Cancer, UEnd Poverty and imagine1day; Advance Volunteer Fire Department Battle of the Bands; Kidney Foundation; Maple Farms Animal Sanctuary; schools and more.
  • Office location is walking distance to a thriving downtown community which supports local businesses. It is close to public transportation, including bus and train, to provide environmentally friendly commute options.
  • Employees who commute may work from home one day per week if they have projects that allow them to do so in order to lessen driving time, fuel consumption and pollution.
  • Employees are encouraged to exercise and combat stress by walking to lunch, playing ping pong, etc.
  • Lessen environmental impact by purchasing products made from recycled materials, reducing the need for virgin wood pulp, which means more trees are left standing.
  • Sonoma is dedicated to doing more to help make a positive impact on our world.
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