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DrumCore 4 Upgrade Pricing

DC4 Lite


DC4 Ultra

New User


From $1992

From $5993

Upgrade from DrumCore 3
or DrumCore 3 Deluxe


From $992

From $4993

Upgrade from KitCore, KitCore Deluxe
or DrumCore 2.5


From $1492

From $5493

DC4 Lite, DC4 and DC4 Ultra upgrade owners will be provided with a tool for migrating previously purchased DrummerPacks and KitPacks (for KC, DC2.5 and DC3) to DC4 Lite, DC4 or DC4 Ultra.

Pre-order by completing this form and making your purchase now to receive:
1: $30 coupon for KitPacks and select DrummerPacks for KitCore or DrumCore 2.5, 3 and 4
2: $69 coupon "
3: $99 coupon "

DrumCore 4 Upgrade Request Form

Users of prior versions of DrumCore or KitCore, please complete this form to be directed to your DrumCore 4 upgrade offer.

Contact Information:

Product Information: