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DrumCore 4 offers royalty free audio and MIDI loops and fills, plus drum kit samples by famous drummers recorded in state-of-the-art studios. More than 25 drummers are listed on this page (alphabetically) with what content is included in each DC4 edition. Want drums that are not in your DC4 edition? Purchase them as add-ons (sold individually as GrooveSets and Drum Kits for $4.99 each in DC4's built-in store), or crossgrade to a DC4 edition that includes those drums for a bundle deal. All of DC4's GrooveSets and Drum Kits are listed and described below. Previews of all GrooveSets are available in DC4 Lite ($49), DC4 Prime ($249) and DC4 Ultra ($639). Get all the content available for DC4 as of July 2022 in DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus ($2999), which includes everything listed below. Email support@sonomawireworks.com for your custom upgrade/crossgrade offer and link.

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Moses Abrego (Ahava Audio) (ODESZA, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Pira.md Records)
Jeff Anthony (Sheryl Crow)
John Bishop (Bobby McFerrin, Mark Murphy, Ernie Watts)
Terry Bozzio (Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Missing Persons)
Tony Braunagel (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Robert Cray)
Bill Bruford (Yes, UK, King Crimson, Genesis)
Matt Cameron (Sound Garden, Pearl Jam)
Dennis Chambers (Parliament/Funkadelic, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Santanas, Stanley Clark, Maceo Parker)
Luis Conte (Madonna, Shakira, Santana, Phil Collins, Sergio Mendes)
Eric Darken (Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift)
Discrete Drums (EarthBeat, Heavy Mental II and Kickin Country)
Ned Douglas (No Doubt, Katie Perry, Dave Stewart, Simply Red)
Drums On Demand (Blues & Boogie, Jazz & Latin, Solid Rock, Upbeat & Aggressive and Warm & Natural)
Sly Dunbar (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Jimmy Cliff)
Graham Hawthorne (pureDrums) (Beyonce, Kid Rock, David Byrne, Paul Simon)
Fabrice Dupont (pureDrums) (Jennifer Lopez, Mark Ronson, Queen Latifa, Bon Jovi)
Gregg Keplinger (Herb Ellis, Carter Jefferson)
Terence Higgins (Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Norah Jones, The Black Crowes)
MPC LockBox (Akai MPC-style Hip-Hop drums)
Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin and Wood, Iggy Pop, Maceo Parker)
Mitch Mitchell-Style RetroDrums by Billy Martin (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John)
Tony Morra (Ayeshia Woods, Aja, Amy Grant, Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky)
Greg Morrow (Dixie Chicks, Van Zant, 38 Special, Hank Williams III)
Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Nine Inch Nails)
Bernard Purdie (Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King)
Michael Shrieve (Santana, The Rolling Stones, Steve Winwood)
Ben Smith (Heart, Taj Mahal, Peter Frampton)
Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult)
DJ Syze-up (UltraNate, Jamiroquai, Jeff Beck)
John Tempesta (The Cult, Testament, Exodus, White Zombie, Helmet)
Gary Thompson (Paul Allen and The Underthinkers, Vulcan Inc. Session Musician, Q5, TKO)
Chuck Treece (McRad, Bad Brains, Scott Storch, Urge Overkill)
Alan White (John Lennon, Yes, The Plastic Ono Band)
Lonnie Wilson (Brooks and Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw)
Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Sean Lennon)

Ahava Audio Drum Loops

Moses Abrego (Ahava Audio)

ODESZA, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer

Ahava Audio is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Moses Abrego. Moses has worked under the name 1990 for the past decade. He has produced content and remixes for the Grammy-nominated production duo ODESZA, award-winning international director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Mexico-based electronic record label Pira.md Records, and countless artists at Sound Management Studios, which is the home base of the band Smash Mouth in San Jose, California. Ahava Audio offers cutting-edge and unique Electronic Sample Packs, Loops and Sound Design Kits.

DC4 Content:
2 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•AA Top 40: Top 40 radio-ready and BIG. This GrooveSet is your foundation for creating the next big Pop, Riddim, Hip Hop, TV & Film, Electronic or House hit. Punching kicks, snapping snares and crisp hi-hats are packed into this convenient collection of breaks and fills. Contains 30 audio loops and fills (59 MB).
•Raw Percussion: Natural and warm wooden percussion with a variety of natural raw percussive elements. You'll hear everything from Spoons to Cajon in this upbeat and danceable collection. Contains 32 audio loops and fills (88 MB).

Jeff Anthony

Jeff Anthony

Sheryl Crowe

Jeff Anthony lays down grooves that satisfy the most demanding producers. He's been the beat behind producer/writer/guitarist Jeff Trott, who was co-writer and producer on many of Sheryl Crow's chart-topping hits, including "If It Makes You Happy", "Everyday is a Winding Road" and "A Change Would Do You Good".

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet in Lite (Sun)
All 8 GrooveSets + 2 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•JA Blue Train: Minimal Jazz rhythms with a snare-less snare sound, driving triplet feel, and satisfying polyrhythms.
•JA Jungle: Heavy tom rolls and a booming room sound dominate these loops, while subtle, eighth note accenting gives each rhythm a driving backbeat.
•JA Psycho: Snare hits on the three and a full-bodied kick sound give these grooves a jazzy, shuffling feel, while anchored in 4/4 time.
•JA Rock: Straight Rock rhythms, with kick on the one and three, and snare hits on the two and four, just like mom used to make.
•JA Stoned: Half-time rhythms with a dark snare sound, and washy, grunge style cymbals.
•JA Sun: Knocking snares off snare over hi-hat triplets and driving ride rhythms give these loops an unmistakeably 90's Indie Rock feel straight outta Olympia, WA.
•JA Tekno: A heavily-filtered, metallic snare steals the spotlight in these loops, which also feature sixteenth note hi-hats, and a punchy kick.
•Jeff Anthony Kit: Drenched in reverb, this kit has a raw, live feel that makes it an ideal player in a wide range of genres of music. The kick and snare are softly gated, letting them punch through the mix, and the cymbals have a pleasing high-end sizzle that lets them easily drift over the top.
•Jeff Anthony Tekno Kit: Heavily-filtered, metallic snare and punchy, processed kick drum dominate this kit, which is a hybrid of electronic and live instruments. The ride, hi-hat, and toms are all live drums, but both crash tones included are also heavily processed--the first having a soft attack, and the second reversed--to really give things an unsettling feel.

John Bishop

John Bishop

Bobby McFerrin, Mark Murphy, Ernie Watts

John Bishop has played drums with jazz greats such as Bobby McFerrin; Slide Hampton; Benny Golson; George Cables; Kenny Werner; Eddie Daniels; Joanne Brackeen; Carla Bley; Steve Swallow; Kenny Rankin; and countless others. Bishop has appeared on over 60 albums and projects, including sessions with Rudy Van Gelder, Ernie Watts, Ralph Towner and Teo Macero.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet + 1 DrumKit in Lite
All 14 GrooveSets + 1 DrumKit sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•JB Ballad Brushes: Classic, jazzy brushed snare rhythms, with only a touch of hi-hat for subtle accenting.
•JB Bossa: Simple bossa nova grooves with a very intimate feel. Perfect for writing a new jazz standard!
•JB Green: Uptempo bebop rhythms with a swing-influenced shuffle, and driving cross stick backbeat.
•JB Jazz Ride: Classic ragtime-style ride rhythm.
•JB Jazz Shuffle: Shuffling ragtime patterns with a heavy focus on hat and snare.
•JB Lead-ins: Jazzy lead-in fills perfect for getting your groove started!
•JB Mainstream: Basic jazz rhythms for those times when you need a cliché in your rhythm section.
•JB Medium Brushes: Bright, swung jazz rhythms, played with brushes.
•JB Sidewind: Straight hard bop rhythms with a distinct 60's jazzy vibe. These grooves have that vintage Blue Note feel.
•JB Somba: Hard fast samba rhythms, with a rolling feel, and ringing snare. Great for layering a horn section over the top!
•JB Somba 2: More samba rhythms from John Bishop! These grooves offer even more complex rhythms than JB Somba, for when you want ghost notes and a live feel.
•JB Took 5: This 5/4 rhythm is exactly what its name hints at--that classic cool Jazz pattern that is so well-known it's hard to miss. As expected, a sparkling ride tone dominates here, giving this groove gratifying movement.
•JB Walz: These cool Jazz rhythms in 3/4 make for a refreshing break from the standard 4/4 that tends to dominate. Here, John keeps these grooves simple and to the point--soft snare rolls, ride rhythms on the offbeat, and biting, concise hi-hat chicks.
•JB XStick: If you're a fan of cross stick rhythms, this GrooveSet is for you. These high-energy BeBop rhythms are off the charts.
•John Bishop Kit: Warm and rich, this Jazz kit has an understated tonality that lends itself nicely to larger musical arrangements. With pronounced stick attack on the snare and tom tones, and rounded kick tone, these drums will dance above the horn section, and rumble beneath the double bass.

Terry Bozzio

Terry Bozzio

Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Missing Persons

Podcast Interview by Make Wierd Music

From the 80's progressive pop of Missing Persons to the technically "over the top" music of UK and Frank Zappa to his Grammy-winning work with Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio's drum playing has inspired truly great compositions and instrumental performances. He can take things from four-on-the-floor pop to smoking double-kick grooves. He will fly into blinding double-stroke fills only to chill with a delicate, melodic part that's perfect for film soundtracks.

Bozzio's Drums for DrumCore:
Terry's drums in DrumCore are a hybrid of punk enthusiasm and incredible chops that showcase custom-made China cymbals and custom-made melodic toms.

DC4 Content:
2 GrooveSets in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet + 1 DrumKit in Lite
2 GrooveSets and 1 DrumKit in Prime
All 9 GrooveSets + 6 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Dragged: The feel and vibe of some mid 90's Grunge is very prominent in these sophisticated alternative GrooveSets.
•Four on the Floor: Four on the Floor makes this kit very adaptable, it can fit with Pop and Rock but easily work for Indie Rock and Hip Hop.
•Rocked Punk: If you're looking for slowed down Ska-Punk grooves to hold down your Punk anthem then you've found the right place. Just add: Mohawk and chained wallet.
•Seven 8: If you're feeling introspective and your next grunge piece is a lullaby, then these simple and deep alternative beats will do your piece justice.
•Six 8 Half Time: The intricate time signature and Bluesy vibe are great, but there's something dark and emotional about these downtempo beats.
•Slow Torture: If by "Slow Torture" you mean slowed down, in your face, Power Rock ballad beats tailored to hold down some Classic Rock jams then...yes, please sign me up.
•TBZ 5/4: Don't let the time signature scare you away, these beautifully massive progressive Rock beats will pull out the inner virtuoso in you.
•TBZ Rock Shuffle: Ah, the timeless shuffle styling. Except this time it gets a nice Rock facelift.
•Terry Bozzio 4Floor Kit: The highs really sizzle on this bright and punchy kit. Featuring toms with lots of big room tone, crisp hi-hat, and a snare with sharp attack, you'll find these drums will give your heavier tunes will have have rhythms with teeth.
•Terry Bozzio 7-8 Kit: The snare drum in this kit has a distinct, bright crack to it, and a long tail that makes it cut through the whole drum mix. The rest of the kits have lots of high end and satisfying room tone, making these drums ideal for some serious stadium Rock.
•Terry Bozzio Big Kit: The long-tail reverb in this kit is unmissable, and the overall sound of these drums is enormous! Not only does the kick thump hard and the snare have a satisfying crack, but check out the percussion stack in this kit--24 tightly-tuned toms, for crafting rhythms that sound larger than life!
•Terry Bozzio Big Kit 2: With its vast room sound, and sonorous kicks and toms, this kit thumps hard, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Packed with a wide variety of China cymbals, gongs, and bells, these drums are the stuff that sends Progressive Rock tunes up into the outer atmosphere!
•Terry Bozzio Kit: This kit is a nice hybrid of a big room sound Rock kit and Terry's unique blend of percussion instruments. Features a deep thumping kick and cracking snare, with an eclectic blend of China cymbals, chimes, and processed kicks.
•Terry Bozzio ST Kit: Though most of the kit pieces in these drums have a big room sound, it's the close-up tone of the snare that really gives this set its character. Made to slice through the mix, it cracks hard, and with such a hard-thumping kit at its back, will give your rhythms just the right amount of flash.
•The Big Kit: The chimes in this kit are haunting and delightful, it's a very subtle and intimate Rock kit perfect for downtempo pieces.

Tony Braunagel

Tony Braunagel

Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Robert Cray

Interview by MikeDolbear.com

Tony Braunagel provides stellar rootsy beats for rock, blues and country artists. As the drummer behind Lightnin' Hopkins; John Lee Hooker; Charles Brown; B.B. King; Otis Rush; Etta James; Buddy Guy; Koko Taylor; and Jimmie Reed, he can take you from the Delta to Chicago. You can hear his tasty tone and understated playing on Bonnie Raitt's well-known "Nick of Time" album and subsequent "Luck of the Draw" recording.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
2 GrooveSets + 1 DrumKit in Lite
All 9 GrooveSets + 2 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•TB 2nd Line Marches: Swung Funk beats with almost a Big Band era vibe to them they're massive and grooving.
•TB Beat Street: Upbeat southern blues with a hint of the elements that made Southern Blues and Rock and Roll so prominent in the middle of the 20th century.
•TB Boogaloo: With Funk influences, this upbeat kit is perfect for modern day Conscious Hip Hop, with it's roots stemming back to the Golden Age of Hip Hop.
•TB Shuffle: A nice slow bluesy shuffle, that works perfectly for Country music as well.
•TB Stax 1: Some pretty nice chugging grooves. Very organic kit, it can fit in Hip Hop or Indie perfectly.
•TB Stumble: This is a very unique blues pattern it can fit as a transition or it can hold down the mainframe of a Blues piece.
•TB Swingy Brushes: The triplet feel is strong in this Bluesy kit. The brushes give it a very exclusive vibe.
•TB Train: Get your cowboy boots ready to shuffle because these Country grooves incorporate your favorite Country staples.
•TB Vintage Groove: Addictive beats geared towards Rock, but also work well with Indie Rock or Hip Hop.
•Tony Braunagel Kit: Bright and clean, this kit features a high-passed kick that's sharp on the attack, a hard-gated snare with very little snare rattle, and hi-hat and cymbals that are all high end shimmer. Ideal for Rock and Blues tunes that feature melodic basslines and vocals on the lower end.
•Tony Braunagel Vintage Kit: The immense room sound in this kit makes these drums sit way back in the mix, while also giving them distinct stereo separation and a lot of high-end air. The kick and snare tones in particular are decay-dominant, while the stick attack on the hi-hat and side stick give rhythms presence and sharpness.
•Villa Kit: All flatness and rumble, the kick drum in this kit has a soft attack and thundering decay, while the long ring of the metal-body snare offers satisfying bite and contrast. The hi-hat and cymbals both have a big room sound to them, making both sit back in the mix, but with enough stick attack to give your rhythms some grit.

Bill Bruford

Bill Bruford

Yes, UK, King Crimson, Genesis

Podcast Interview by NPR

Bill Bruford is a drummer known for innovative playing with classic prog rock and jazz groups such as Yes, King Crimson, UK, Genesis, Patrick Moraz, Al Di Meola, Chick Corea, ABWH and many others. Specializing in odd time signatures and a distinct high pitched snare, big roto toms and pioneering the use of percussion electronics – his sound has always been recognizable as his own, and great players seek him out to spark new creative directions. His solo albums (such as "One of a Kind") have featured great players such as Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin and Dave Stewart and his acclaimed "Earthworks" project continually stretches the boundaries of instrumental music.

Bruford's DC4 content includes 4/4, 11/4, 11/8, 13/8, 9/8, half time, and more. Styles include rock, funk, blues, progressive and jazz. How to use search tools in DC4.

DC4 Content:
55 GrooveSets + 3 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•2 Hand Funk: Upbeat Funk rhythms feature a bouncy kick teamed up with a tight snare that resonates sweetly over catchy cymbals.
•2 Hand Ride: A flat kick and solid snare couple to define these grooves, making them perfect for an eccentric approach to faster Rock songs.
•Blox & Bells: Fast-paced block rhythm great for accents, and for giving your drum mix lots of high end texture.
•Bog Standard: Classic Rock kit sound with cut time rhythms, ripped right out of the early 70's. These grooves carry a softened kick and a cutting snare tone.
•Boomham Rolls: Featuring uncommon time signatures and a prominent room tone, these high-pitched tom rolls--ranging from 100 to 200 BPM--will liven up your next Prog or World Music track.
•Brush Rolls: Energetic yet subtly-textured brush rolls have that smoky Jazz lounge feel.
•Brush Velvet: Featuring a hollow kick and sultry brushes, these downtempo grooves are just waiting for you to throw it in your next Jazz number.
•Cowbell Funk: These rhythms have just the right amount of knocking cowbell, and sound ready to hold down your next Funk hit.
•Dotted 4: The World Music feel is strong in these grooves, and feature a cavernous tom sound paired with ringing timbale on the high end.
•Dotted 4/4: Crunchy, tactile sounds dominate Bill's kit in this GrooveSet, making for rhythms that sound equally at home in a lot of early 90's style genres, from R&B to Industrial.
•Dotted Sticks: These cut time swung Jazz beats in 5/4 and 6/4 have a satisfying triplet feel, with sizzling hi-hat patterns, and cracking side stick. Lots of room tone and a sparse mix leave lots of room for compositions in a wide range of genres.
•Eleven 4 & Eleven 8: Dense, cyclic polyrhythms in 11/8 time, featuring a heavily-processed kit that sounds like a collision between Industrial and World Music.
•Eleven 8 Funk: Uptempo Progressive rhythms in 11/8 time, with a distinct Latin flair, dominated by a knocking cowbell that lends these grooves a satisfying, sixteenth note feel.
•Espresso: These high energy rhythms are all the push you need to rock out for the duration of your day. Features brush on snare rim, and a complex, booming kick pattern, and fills for the turnaround--when you need a breather.
•Fast Linear: Fast-paced basic Rock rhythms with hi-hat accents for crafting a solid backbone to your song. Fills feature satisfying tom rolls for switching it up during breakdowns.
•Faster Four: Processed metal drums and booming toms give these polyrhythm heavy grooves a very uniquely Industrial sound.
•Fnik 9/8: Blazing fast 9/8 meter rhythms featuring a resonant tom sound, and high-pitched bongo.
•Fnik Seven: Mid-tempo, 9/8 meter bongo rhythms, featuring a kick drum that has a snapping beater tone. If you didn't catch the word play on the name of this set, giving these grooves a listen will definitely clarify why World Music is beautifully considered "F-nik"
•Fnik Six: Featuring pitched hand drums, and processed snare with gated reverb, these 6/8 rhythms straddle the line between World and Experimental.
•Half Time 1: Versatile uptempo beats with half time snare and sixteenth note hat patterns.
•Half Time 2: This grooves have that dark crunchiness that sounds equally at home in an Industrial breakdown, or a bouncy, late 80's style R&B tune.
•Hand Drummin: We threw the drum sticks away for these rhythms, which feature intricate hand drumming on bongos, and a little bit of hi-hat for accent.
•HTime Brushes: A clicking set of half time Rock grooves with lots of room for ghost notes, giving these rhythms a lot of movement. Sparse enough to be useful in genres ranging from Funk to Indie Rock!
•Htime w Cow: This kit puts more "COWbell" in your "MOOsic." All horrible puns aside, you'll be chugging along in no time with these up-tempo cowbell filled Rock grooves.
•Indus Funk: Industrial-inspired beats also work in early 90's percussive Hip Hop, and if all else fails just throw a walking bassline over these massive kicks. You won't regret it.
•Klangfarben: This GrooveSet has that distinctly 90's German Industrial feel, and divides the work load between a static kick and snare with gated reverb.
•Layback in 4: Snappy, up-beat Funk grooves that make you nod your head and shuffle your feet.
•Layback in 5: Half-time Funk grooves in 5/4 tempo, with lots of space in the mix for ghost notes and accents, and featuring a satisfyingly crisp snare tone.
•Logdrum Fast: Dense polyrhythms on metal drums with deep, almost wooden overtones, and lots of big room tone make these otherworldly grooves ideal for tunes on the more experimental end of the spectrum.
•Manacles: Early 90's urban Hip Hop grooves with a distinct jump-up feel. Not to be tethered to one genre, however, these rhythms can definitely be used in downtempo Industrial tracks as well.
•Manacles Fast: Hard, electronic rhythms at a blistering clip that cross over between 90's Industrial and fast-paced Hip Hop.
•Mini Cups: Just because the name says "mini" doesn't mean there's anything small about these sparkling textures. Use them for anything between World Music and the outright Experimental for best results.
•Mod Hats: Tactile, electronic rhythms, with a distinct swing, but knocking, metronomic hi-hat. These Industrial beats are made for going way, way out there.
•More Four: World meets Industrial head on in this GrooveSet, which features pitched-down bongos with a massive low end, and heavily processed snare as an accent.
•Peacock Gong: These high-pitched gongs can lift up the high end in your drum mix, and are ready to roll for that Industrial track that needs a little something extra.
•Ping Pong: Looking for Experimental Jazz beats? You've come to the right place. Small, Jazz kit feel, complex snare rhythms, and splashy hi-hat and cymbals. Give these grooves a punchy bassline to really make a musical statement.
•Proto Punk: In-your-face Punk style rhythms played on a kit made for Industrial music.
•Sangria: Catchy, upbeat Latin style grooves with a shuffling feel, and lots of hi-hat accenting.
•Shake Hands: These Latin style shaker rhythms that speak a language all their own, and come in a variety of tempos. They're great when it's time to turn up the heat!
•Soft Spidery: Cyclic, mid-tempo Funk rhythms with knocking cowbell, and a shuffle that almost defies their 4/4 meter.
•Swagger in 6: A very active kick drum steals the spotlight in these powerhouse Progressive GrooveSets in 6/4 and 6/8 time.
•Swagger in 7: Count these 7/4 rhythms by the sixteenth note hat patterns to get a good feel for how neatly the kick patterns accents these Progressive style grooves.
•Swing Faster: What do you get when you marry the swung ride hits of a Swing tune with the pounding consistency of a Rock rhythm? We're still not sure, except to say you're going to LOVE the way it sounds!
•Swing Medium: Mid-tempo swung Jazz beats! Just add a sweet bassline with some sweeping guitar runs and your song is ready to serve.
•Tambourine: If you're a Tambourine person, then your wait is over. We have the perfect GrooveSet for you, and you guessed it, nothing but Tambourine goodness.
•The Log Drum: These versatile log drum rhythms are an ideal tool for both sound design and as a nice polyrhythic addition to any World Music song.
•Thirteen 8 Funk: These intricate, 13/8 Funk rhthyms are what Math Rock is made of, and will work in anything from Fusion to World Music.
•Urgent in 12: These swung Rock GrooveSets are perfect for bringing the dynamics down for a verse or even lifting the listener back up for a rocking chorus.
•Velvet Fast: A soaring Jazz horn section would sit nicely above these smooth Jazz beats. Call up the guys and get the horn section back together because these rhthyms are gonna need it.
•Velvet Presto: Smooth like velvet, these fast-paced beats have big Swing tune written all over them.
•Wobble Blocks: These warbling tones of these pitched block rhythms will do the trick if you're trying to build anticipation for any part of a World Music track.
•Wood Blocks: The wood blocks in these rhythms have almost a vocal quality to them, and are great for grooves with a full-spectrum sound.
•BB Bonus MGrooves 1: These downtempo, subtle loops are ideal for when you're looking for basic, minimal rhythmic patterns that are a bit off the beaten path.
•BB Bonus MGrooves 2: Versatile, minimal grooves that can hang with any genre, with a heavy emphasis on odd accents, and limited instrumentation.
•BB Bonus MGrooves 3: Assortment of stripped-down rhythms that vary in tempo from fast to blazing fast. Great for when you want only a few kit pieces, and lots of character.
•Bill Bruford 1 Kit: Everything in this kit has a clear place in the frequency spectrum--all the sounds are tight and close, giving a noticeable small room feel. However, the sounds coming from each drum still allow for a lot of punch, from the hard attack on the sonorous kick, to the wavering sizzle on the crash cymbal.
•Bill Bruford Brushed Kit: Warm brushed snare tones are the main element in this kit, and Bill makes sure to deliver on variety, with several brush sweep tones, along with straight hits and side stick. Backed up by his hard-hitting kick and toms, this kit is just the right blend of hard and soft tones that make for a quality drum mix.
•Bill Bruford Rods Kit: The sizzle crack of the rod sticks Bill uses on the snare in this kit gives the drum a decidedly punchy tone. You're going to want those snare patterns right up front with these drums, which are backed with a flatter, rounder kick, and restrained tom tones.

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron

Sound Garden, Pearl Jam

Podcast Interview by
The Trap Set

Matt Cameron's playing is a great representation of the adventure that is Seattle's music scene. Though associated with grunge through his success with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, his playing is way more multi-dimensional than that style. He has also provided the groove behind bands like Jack Endino's Skin Yard, Temple of the Dog, the garage-tinged Wellwater Conspiracy and the jazz-influenced Tone Dogs. Matt has even done sessions with the Smashing Pumpkins and Our Lady Peace. Grunge? Yeah, sure. And he's just as into prog rock, dancehall, jazz and experimental electronic styles.

Cameron's Drums for DrumCore:
Matt's DC4 content offers very special drum sounds, including a custom built snare by Northwest drummer and drum tech Gregg Keplinger (listen below), famous for perhaps the heaviest and most characteristic steel snare drum on the market. Also offered is a Yamaha David Garibaldi piccolo snare and Matt's Yamaha kit. Plus you get vintage Zildjian cymbals (including 15" hi-hats) with an old-school tone that sits great in a mix!

DC4 Content:
2 GrooveSets + 2 DrumKits in Prime
All 15 GrooveSets + 15 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•3-4 Swing: It's hard to miss the deep punch of the kick drum in this Alternative Rock set, with a heavy Jazz influence. It's a beauty.
•Back Six: Marching rhythms with a triplet feel handily toe the line between World Music and some heavy Rock 'n' Roll. The kick in these grooves slices straight through the mix, and tom rolls in the fills have a satisfyingly deep tone that can't be beat.
•Basher 1: Basher is right--this aptly-named GrooveSet features Matt hitting the skins hard, and the payoff is massive sounding toms, concise snare hits, and cymbal patterns that give these rhythms urgency. You're going to want these for your Metal or Punk song.
•Boris: This is an overall great sounding Alternative GrooveSet, but it's hard to miss the skater Punk vibe throughout these blisteringly fast rhythms. Check out the depth of the kick, too--it's enough to get you pumped and ready to jam at your next Indie/Alternative music festival.
•Flower 1: Alternative beats, these most certainly are, but is that a slight Hip Hop bounce I'm detecting in some of these powerful monster grooves?
•MC Rock 1: Stretching from down to mid-tempo, these plodding, Nu-Metal rhythms typify the genre--a dark, aggressive feel, splashy crash cymbal patterns, and hard hits on the snare and toms. Don't let that stop you there though, because these beats can easily fit into most modern Metal.
•Nile: It's hard to miss the pairing of the hard-gated snare with the long-booming kick in these Alternative grooves. Their character makes them versatile enough for even Indie Rock ballads, while their aggressive tone makes them ideal for Pop Punk.
•Nile 2: Alternative beats with so much attitude it's hard not to snarl while giving them a listen. Perfect for dropping into your favorite tune about telling the world off with that lovable, catchy chorus.
•Nile 3: Matt plays these rhythms with the same intensity as the rest of his GrooveSets, but either in half time, or with minimal pieces, freeing up space in the mix to give your tracks room to breathe--or to drop in a sweet guitar solo!
•Rock Hall: The Dancehall influence is strong in these infectious and intoxicating rhythms, and that they're played on a Rock kit gives them a lot of bite! You'll find you want to use these drums in a wide range of World Music influenced tracks, so give it a go.
•Sevens: Aggressive and loud is the name of the game with these rhythms, that are split between 4/4 and 7/4 time, but with similar energy, so you can switch up your meter without losing the feel of the kit.
•Six Underground: What do you get when you have a Rock drummer play R&B beats? If this GrooveSet is anything to measure by, a shuffling feel with a lot of grit is about right. The kit in these loops has a darker, crunchier tone, too, making these rhythms a great addition to any track that wants drums with character.
•Skiffle Grunge: When Matt drops these Punk beats into half time breaks, it's like hearing the birth of Grunge all over again. With booming toms, and high-energy snare patterns, that bouncing, skater style is hard to miss, but there's just enough attitude thrown in to make these rhythms utility players for a lot more than at first listen.
•Threes: Driving Alternative beats in 3/4 time are certainly not an easy thing to find, but you've come to the right place! These rhythms have that hard-hitting feel that dominates Matt's drumming style, paired with cycling patterns that keep things interesting. An awesome way to stick to the fundamentals, and switch things up a bit!
•Trojan 1: When you hear a Rock drummer play Reggae rhythms, the crossover with Punk is unmistakable. These beats have a satisfying sharpness to them--cross stick that cuts through the mix, booming kick drum, and super tight patterns on the crash.
•Matt Cameron 3-4 Swing Kit: With a distinct Jazz kit feel, these drums feature flatter, rounder kick and tom tones that are sculpted to sit toward the low end of the mix, paired with bright snares that are honed to sit squarely in the upper mid-range, and cymbals and hats that shimmer up above. With such clear delineations for each kit piece, these drums are especially ideal for smaller arrangements, and crafting an intimate feel.
•Matt Cameron 6UG Kit: This kit has some serious thump in the kick, darker, grittier snare tones, and very tightly-tuned toms--just the thing for 90's style Alternative tunes.
•Matt Cameron Back 6 Kit: This kit is a clear hybrid of tones that are great for anything from Jazz to Alternative, making it a versatile tool to have in your library. Featuring a booming kick, precisely tuned toms, softened snare tones, and cymbals and hats that add nice high-end sparkle, these drums just the thing for crossing genres.
•Matt Cameron Basher 1 Kit: Basher is certainly an accurate name for this kit, which features Matt hitting the drums hard, and letting them ring out fully. If your tune calls for drums that punch through the mix and are heavily accented, you can't go wrong with these holding it down.
•Matt Cameron Boris Kit: The deep boom of the kick in this kit is so satisfying, you might find using it in your songs becomes a regular habit! Complemented by snare tones that have some serious bite, and punchy, rounded toms, these drums are just the thing for when you want a rhythm section that's in-your-face, with a lot of body.
•Matt Cameron Flower 1 Kit: This kit is bright and punchy, from the sharp crack of the snare hits to the high beater tone of the kicks. If you're making bass-heavy music, the balance in these drums is just right for making sure every kit piece has a lot of impact, but sits a bit higher in the mix, giving your rhythms satisfying presence.
•Matt Cameron MC Rock 1 Kit: Dominated by darker, more muted tones, this kit is an ideal pairing to brighter, warmer arrangements that want subtle rhythms. As a nice balance to the flatter, rounder kick and toms, however, are snare tones that have just enough stick attack to ensure sure your backbeats will punch through, making this a great kit for Pop and Indie Rock, especially.
•Matt Cameron Nile Kit: Crunchy and tactile are the best way to describe the kick and snare combo in this kit, with its tight, metallic tones. These drums are made for tunes with a darker feel, and will easily yield infectious Hip Hop rhythms to gritty Alternative beats.
•Matt Cameron Nile 2 Kit: This kit has a lot of air--shimmering hi-hat and cymbal tones, high and bright snares, and kicks that pair punch with a beater tone that sits way up in the mix. If your tunes are mid-range heavy, this kit will ensure your rhythms slice through even denser arrangements.
•Matt Cameron Nile 3 Kit: The vividly metallic snare tones, and sonorous toms in this kit are hard to miss, while the low, flat kick tone takes a backseat, making these drums ideal for crafting some seriously flashy grooves. Ideal for tunes that call for putting the rhythm section right up front.
•Matt Cameron Rock Hall Kit: The deep thud of the kick drum in this kit lets you know these drums are just the thing for crafting danceable tunes, and the high and bright crack of the snare means your beats will easily slice through the mix. From Reggae to upbeat Indie Rock, these drums have you covered.
•Matt Cameron Sevens Kit: The crisp rattle of the snare wires lends the snare tones in this kit a distinctly satisfying crack, and when paired with the deep thud of the kick drum, makes for a balance versatile enough for anything from Indie Rock to Rockabilly.
•Matt Cameron SG Kit: This kit has the right drum tones to set the standard for Alternative and Grunge music--deep-thumping kick, bright snare with sharp attack, and crisp cymbals that lend just enough high to give the whole kit some sizzle. With this kit holding it down, you'll be ready to drop in for that scratchy, wailing guitar solo in no time.
•Matt Cameron Threes Kit: The snare tone has a broad, flat sound with very little snaring that gives it a distinct character made for cutting through the mix. The rest of this kit sits further back in the mix, with long tails on the full-bodied toms, and cymbals that are all highs--just the kind of tones you want for that Hard Rock track.
•Matt Cameron Trojan 1 Kit: The smooth, muted tones in this whole kit paired with the satisfying punch of the kick make these drums ideal for bass-heavy and danceable music like Reggae and Dancehall. You'll find there's just the right amount of space in the mix for a melodic bassline, soulful vocals, and even some stacked horns.

Bernard Purdie Drum Loops

Dennis Chambers

Parliament Funkadelic, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Santana, Mike Stern, John McLaughlin, Stanley Clark, Greg Howe, Victor Wooten, Maceo Parker

Chambers' Website

Spotify Chambers Playlists

Chambers on YouTube

Podcast Interview by The Trap Set

New: Master drummer Dennis Chambers' drum loops are now available for Sonoma Wire Works' DrumCore 4 AAX/VST3/AU plug-in. One of the world's most sought after drummers, Chambers is known for his technique and speed, and has played with Parliament/Funkadelic, John Scofield, Maceo Parker and many other famous artists.

Chambers' samples are 24-bit/48kHz stereo grooves recorded at Secret Sound Studios in Baltimore by renowned engineer John Grant. Dennis played an acrylic Pearl Crystal Beat kit, including his signature Pearl snare. See Chambers' full drum kit configuration.

Born in 1959, Dennis Chambers began drumming at the age of four, and was gigging in Baltimore-area nightclubs by the age of six. In 1978 (at 18 years old) he joined Parliament/Funkadelic, and stayed with them until 1985, when he joined the John Scofield band. He was recruited by Doug Wimbish in 1981 to be the Sugar Hill label house drummer. Since then, he has played with most of the major figures in jazz fusion music. He’s played with Stanley Clarke, Sly Stone, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Sugar Hill Gang, Santana, Steely Dan, Maceo Parker and many more. Despite a lack of formal training, Chambers has become well known for his technique and speed, especially his fast hands and triplets on the bass drum. Chambers is particularly regarded for his ability to play in the pocket, but can also stretch very far out of the pocket, which is a hallmark of his technique. Chambers exhibits a powerful style that is technically proficient, yet highly musical and groove-oriented. He can play a wide variety of musical genres, but is perhaps most known for his jazz-fusion, funk, and Latin music playing. He plays and endorses Pearl drums, pedals, hardware & racks, Zildjian cymbals, Zildjian drumsticks & general accessories and Evans drumheads.

DC4 Content:
11 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:

•Rosanna-ish: These rhythms pack big power-ballad style and a driving, triplet feel. 62 audio loops and fills.
•Fatback 1: Full of attitude, groove and pure energy. The holy grail of upbeat funk. These classic grooves will electrify any funk track and sit right in the pocket. 53 audio loops and fills (133 MB).
•Cissy: Major league fills with a fat kick that beats like an engine and will leave your head spinning. This new and exciting collection is filled with some of Dennis' most impressive work. 52 audio loops and fills (148 MB).
•Slower Funk: Big Funk grooves! You can hear R&B influence under the heavy hits and vibrant hi-hats. 54 audio loops and fills (144 MB).
•Fatback 2: Mind blowing! These fast-paced and energetic Funk grooves will leave you stunned and amazed. 30 audio loops and fills (57 MB).
•Latin - The energy from this upbeat and swung set of Latin inspired loops is vibrant and pulsing. Great for everything from Funk to Salsa. 44 audio loops and fills (119 MB).
•Keep It Greasy - Bright, sparkling Cymbals and Deep Kicks define this eclectic GrooveSet. Perfect for Funk, Rock or Jazz. 35 audio loops and fills (71 MB).
•Brushes: Soft, subtle and lush brushes that fit with smooth Jazz or RnB. 21 audio loops and fills (37 MB).
•Otay - These beats emit the signature, sporadic, syncopated and upbeat vibe of Dennis Chambers. 17 audio loops and fills (30 MB).
•Under a Groove: A whirlwind of upbeat, fast-paced funky grooves from the master himself. 18 audio loops and fills (27 MB).
•Give Up The Funk: A stripped down collection that is different from what we're used to from Dennis but still packs an uptempo Funk punch. 17 audio loops and fills (30 MB).

Eric Darken

Luis Conte

Madonna, Shakira, Santana, Phil Collins

Podcast Interview by Drummer's Resource

Luis Conte's genius stems from his ability to integrate the powerful rhythms of his native Cuba with the necessities of American pop music. His long and varied career has included numerous Hollywood film scores and mega-successful albums with Madonna, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Santana, Shakira, Jackson Browne, Sergio Mendes, Cachao and a multitude of other artists.

Most Latin instruments and playing techniques are available (congas, tambora, pandeiro, triangle, agogo, guiro, repique, guayo, djembe, tumba, udo, surdo, cowbells, various shakers and tambourine) with great-sounding pieces by Meinl percussion.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
2 GrooveSets and 1 DrumKit in Lite
1 GrooveSet and 1 DrumKit in Prime
All 27 GrooveSets + 16 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Abakua: Played in 6/8 time, these uptempo Latin rhythms showcase the uniqueness of Luis' kit, and have a whole lot of movement.
•Basic Percussion Agogos/Triangles: A bright collection of agogo and triangle rhythms--perfect for adding high end texture to your drums.
•Basic Perc Djembes: The warm, resonant tone of the djembe is fully captured in these Latin rhythms. Luis plays a wide range of patterns, making this GrooveSet especially useful for when you want to add both bright tones and polyrhythms.
•Basic Perc Guiros: Looking to add some guiro accenting to your kit? These guiro-only rhythms will add a satifying, finishing touch to your rhythm section.
•Basic Perc Shakers: Varying in both pattern and timbre, these shaker patterns are perfect for giving depth to any percussive segment--even beyond 4/4 time.
•Basic Perc Tambourines: Ah, the tambourine--probably the most commonly-used of the percussion instruments, and certainly one of the most versatile for adding movement and high end to any drum mix. If you're looking to give your kit some oompf, these tambourine rhythms are a great place to start.
•Bembe: In this GrooveSet, which features the West African Bembe style of drumming, the combination of shaker, bongos, cowbell make for a trifecta of infectious rhythms. Varied enough for Funk, but fundamental enough for Jazz, you'll find there's a lot you can do with just a little.
•Bolero: These Cuban Bolero style rhythms comes to life in this excellent collection of subtle rhythms. Stripped down to just bongos and shaker, these loops are perfect for constructing a larger rhythm section, or leaving it as-is.
•Bomba: This distinct style of drumming from Puerto Rico is rich in tone and history, and Luis does them justice in these delightful grooves.
•Bossa Nova: The chill vibe that made Bossa Nova so popular is alive and groovin' in these sweet and subtle rhythms.
•Cajon: If you're not already familiar with the Peruvian cajon, this rhythmic collection makes a fine introduction, and will certainly get you thinking "outside the box", when it comes to building dynamic drums.
•Calypso: If you're seeking authentic Afro-Carribbean drums, this GrooveSet of Calypso style rhythms is a fantastic place to start. Their energetic and upbeat style is perfect for spicing up your Latin-influenced mix.
•Cha Cha: These carefree, Cuban-style Cha-cha-chá beats are breezy and light in feel. Luis keeps his rhythms elemental, sticking with congas, guiro, and timbale, and making them great for layering with that brass section.
•Churanga: Named after the general term for a traditional Cuban dance music ensemble, this set is a fine primer of basic Cuban rhythms. If you're looking to craft a distinctly Latin vibe and want some basic loops to work with, these are a great starting point.
•Clifford: These uptempo Latin rhythms heavily feature Luis' skills on the congas, and have a warm organic tone throughout. Ideal for anything from Pop to World music!
•Comparsa: This Latin style GrooveSet oozes the sounds of Carnival--that immediacy and warmth that gives any tune a bright, lively feel. These rhythms are clearly great for a wide range of Latin styles, but can just as easily fit into your favorite Funk piece.
•Cumbia: These Cumbia beats have that infectious, galloping feel that defines this Latin sub-genre. If you're looking for Latin rhythms with a distinct bounce that's made for getting an audience dancing, these are just the right thing.
•GuaGuanco: If you're looking to create a Matanzas style Rhumba, these guagua patterns will have you headed in the right direction.
•GuaGuanco Rhumba: Get your Rhumba on with these amazingly versatile grooves! These uptempo rhythms are true to their Cuban roots, and with this much warm, authentic feel you'll be writing classics in no time.
•GuaGuanco Yambu: Performed in the slower, Yambú style, these Rhumba rhythms are on the softer side of this Cuban mainstay. If you're looking for soft-palm conga sounds, and a sparser mix, the work is done for you, without the sore hands.
•LC Open Heart: Latin-infused Pop has always been the gateway to new forms of musical expression, and this GrooveSet is a great place to get started. These are a much more Americanized take on Latin rhythms, with a straight feel and tambourine over the top, but boy are they a nice way to spice up your track!
•Merengue: If you use these rhythms, you won't need much more to pack a dance floor. These Merengue beats are true to form, and great for giving a tune some serious movement.
•Pop Conga: Smooth and natural, these loops can be used give some body to a wide range of percussion arrangements, from Latin, to Hip Hop, to Pop.
•Salsa: Luis completely breaks down traditional Salsa rhythms in this GrooveSet, allowing you to use a whole, arranged rhythm, or strip it down to individual elements, so you can build the rhythm back up again, to really ramp up the intensity. No matter how you choose to use these beats, they're guaranteed to get you moving.
•Samba: The agogos really steal the show in these satisfying Samba grooves, that are jam-packed with that infectious, Carnival vibe. Upbeat and fast-paced, these rhythms are made for giving a song some serious punch.
•Shuffle: Featuring shuffling rhythms solely on the congas, this stripped-down GrooveSet is made to fit into any genre that could use some Latin flair, whether it's House, Pop, or Hip Hop.
•Songo: These half time Latin rhythms in Cuban Songo style are one half Rhumba, one half Funk, and a whole lot of awesome.
•Sympathy: These uptempo beats are a must-have for any Pop tune that could use some Latin influence. Luis breaks down the main loop in this GrooveSet into its elemental parts, making it ideal for crafting a dynamic rhythm section with lots of body.
•Udo: The design of the udo gives it a warm and organic tone, and this GrooveSet handily showcases those qualities, while Luis brings this instrument to life with his dynamic and detailed rhythms.
•Luis Conte Kit: A nice cross-section of a traditional drum kit mixed with a variety of Latin-style pieces, this set is ideal for Latin-inspired music with a Western feel. Features basic kicks and snares, but with the toms replaced with tumba (low conga) and the Brazilian surdo and repique. No hi-hat either, but three cowbells, and a wide variety of conga, timbale, and shaker varieties. Your Pop tunes will never be the same!
•Luis Conte Abakua Kit: Luis dives deep into Afro-Cuban sonic palette with this kit, which features the Nigerian Udo and West African Djembe on the low end, a satisfying blend of Brazilian drums, including pandeiro, caxixi, and surdo.
•Luis Conte Basic Kit: All the pieces you need for Latin-influenced drums, all in one place. This kit includes traditional Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, West African, and Western drums and percussion instruments, making it as versatile as it is varied.
•Luis Conte Bolero Kit: Specifically crafted for creating Cuban Boleros, this kit has many of the same basic Latin and Afro-Cuban style kit pieces as Luis' other kits, but with quite a few of the instruments higher in pitch, allowing for fuller drum mixes and larger arrangements. Also included are bongos, as a nice balance to the congas.
•Luis Conte Bomba Kit: This kit is all about the instruments for accenting--the cowbells and guiros especially--and is made for building rhythms for the Puerto Rican Bomba style. Also included is Luis' wide range of Brazilian, West African, and Afro-Cuban instruments, making this a valuable kit for a wide range of World Music compositions.
•Luis Conte Cajon Kit: Featuring the inviting, warm tones of the Peruvian cajón, this kit has all the right elements for crafting a wide range of Caribbean and African-influenced Latin styles.
•Luis Conte Calypso Kit: Made for crafting Calypso style music, but the Luis Conte way--with heavy Brazilian and Afro-Cuban influence, for when you want a robust and full rhythm section backing your songs. Check out the high-pitched brake drum, and the satisfying guiro samples in this one!
•Luis Conte Cha Cha Kit: Can you cha-cha-chá? This kit can! Comprised of delightful blend of Luis' signature mix of Brazilian, West African, and Afro-Cuban instruments, you'll find yourself making danceable rhythms in no time!
•Luis Conte Comparsa Kit: This is the sound of Carnival--the bright timbales, booming djembe, udo drums, and vibrant repiques. The lively feel in this kit is impossible to miss, and hard to beat!
•Luis Conte Cumbia Kit: Of all of Luis' kits, this one has the softest feel overall, with muted drum tones from the tumba and surdo, to the hand-drummed timbale tones, and the crisp maracas. In combination, they're just the right fit for the sweet and soothing sounds of Cumbia.
•Luis Conte GuaGuanco Kit: If you're a fan of Rumba, you're in luck with this kit, which features bright congas, crisp claves, and Luis' special blend of Brazilian, West African, and Afro-Cuban drums. Crafting syncopated Latin rhythms will be a breeze with these drums at your fingertips.
•Luis Conte Merengue Kit: Looking for drums that satisfy your needs for the quick rhythms of Merengue? This kit is just the right thing, featuring Brazilian, West African, and Afro-Cuban drums, including congas, djembes, repiques, and guayos, allowing you to capture the rhythms for a wide range of regional Merengue styles.
•Luis Conte Salsa Kit: Fusing traditional Latin and Afro-cuban instruments, this kit is just the right blend of drums and percussion for crafting that perfect, Salsa rhythm. Like the genre itself, Luis blends Afro-Cuban, West African, Brazilian, and Western elements in this kit, making it just the thing for a wide range of genre interpretations--and an even wider range of music beyond that.
•Luis Conte Songo Kit: If the conjunction of Rumba and Funk rhythms sound like music to your ears, this Songo kit is where it's at. Featuring a vibrant blend of Afro-Cuban, West African, and Brazilian instruments, this kit makes funky and Latin as classic a pairing as peas and carrots.
•Luis Conte Sympathy Kit: This kit, which features a mixture of softer Latin instruments, including hand-drummed repiques and timbales, the muted tones of tamboras, and a variety of shakers, is just the right thing for a dense drum mix for anything from Latin Jazz to Pop. Hope you guessed the right name.
•Luis Conte Udo Kit: The Nigerian Udo drum is unique in terms of both its shape and its versatility, and this kit demonstrates the wide range of tones this drum is capable of producing, from a deep, low boom, to high and bright bell tones. Paired with a more traditional set of Latin and Afro-Cuban drums, this set is ideal for a wide range of World Music.

Eric Darken

Eric Darken (EarthBeat)

Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift

Interview by
Tribune Chronicle

Eric Darken is a percussionist from Nashville, Tennessee who has recorded with Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Josh Turner, Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Jewel, Bob Seger, and many others. He currently tours with Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band.

Eric's music has been on Dateline, 20/20, The Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, Access Hollywood, and many MSNBC Shows.

Eric has been nominated 4 times for an Academy of Country Music Award in the musician category, he is a 2 time nominee and winner of a Dove Award in the instrumental category and has been nominated 2 times for a Nashville Music Award. The EarthBeat collection is available now. More coming from Eric with Discrete Drums Percussion.

Eric's content for DrumCore was recorded at the Sound Kitchen - "Studio E" in Cool Springs, Tennessee.

DC4 Content:
15 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus.
See EarthBeat content below.

Sly Dunbar

Rick DiFonzo

Joan Osborn, Roger Waters, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan

Rick DiFonzo was the co-founder and producer for Discrete Drums. Sonoma purchased the Discrete Drums brand in 2009 and is excited to be offering the content in DrumCore 4. Rick was a guitarist for 80's Philly psycho power pop band, the A's. He moved to NYC in early 80's and recorded and/or toured with Joan Osborn, Roger Waters, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Cyndi Lauper and others. Then he began writing music for TV. DiFonzo's music has appeared on Friends, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Monday Night Football, Saturday Night Live, Oprah Winfrey, ESPN, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more. His new CDs are Bright Shiny Pop and InstruMENTAL.

Rick DiFonzo Mix Interview, "I recorded guitar tracks on Roger's [Waters] album Amused to Death," he recalls. "That led to my appearance with him at The Wall concert that celebrated the falling of the Berlin Wall in 1990. We played before almost half-a-million people at the site and a broadcast audience that included almost every country in the world!"

Rick DiFonzo produced the following products that are being migrated to DC4 as add-on GrooveSets.

DC4 Content:
45 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus.
See Discrete Drums EarthBeat, Heavy Mental 2 and Kickin' Country content below.
More coming from Discrete Drums Percussion, Heavy Mental 1 and Rock Series 1 and 2.

Discrete Drums is known for producing great sounding drum tracks that were recorded in high-end studios by renowned drummers, engineers and producers. Sonoma acquired the Discrete Drums brand and product line in 2009. Select Discrete Drums audio loops are now available in DrumCore 4 and they sound great! Listen to previews of all of the following GrooveSets in the store that is inside the DC4 plug-in. All Discrete Drums content in DC4 is offered as 16-bit/44.1kHz stereo audio loops. The GrooveSets for each collection listed below are available now ($4.99 each).

EarthBeat GrooveSets feature premiere session percussionist Eric Darken and ace drummer Greg Morrow. Like most Discrete Drums products, EarthBeat was produced by Rick DiFonzo, the co-founder of Discrete Drums. It was recorded in Studio E at the Sound Kitchen in Cool Springs, TN by Steve Marcantonio. Eric Darken has recorded with Bon Jovi, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and others. Greg Morrow has worked with the Dixie Chicks, Van Zant, 38 Special, Amy Grant, and more.

DC4 Content:
16 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store under EarthBeat and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•Box of Rocks: A mid-tempo groove with laid back drums. 31 loops and fills (46 MB).
•Carlos: Latin percussion grooves with Latin/Rock drums. 41 loops and fills (51 MB).
• Coffee Beans: Hypnotic drums over a mid tempo Latin blend loop. 39 loops and fills (33 MB).
• Commotion: Straight forward and powerful Rock beats. Built on a fat kick drum and a tight popping snare, these driving rock rhythms are great for all genres that need a little pick me up. Includes 39 loops (30 MB).
•Earth Beat: Laid-back grooves that can fit in the Indie scene or give your track a nice old-school hip hop vibe. 22 loops and fills (38 MB).
•Easy Go: Versatile and massive grooves have a nice, fat and warm kick, complimented by a full sounding snare. Perfect for Country or Rock. 32 loops and fills (26 MB).
•Fast One: Your chiropractor is gonna be busy after you listen to these head banging grooves. It's so easy to just get lost in these uptempo, rockin Alternative Rock sets. 39 loops and fills (25 MB).
•Into It: Chill and eclectic. This collection of mellow alternative drum beats are filled with texture courtesy of the brushes used throughout. 58 loops and fills (56 MB).
•Itchin: Serious and straight-forward, chugging Alt-Rock beats. 29 loops and fills (32 MB).
•Oasis: The perfect foundation to build your psychedelic house of Rock. These washed out massive grooves are great for Acid Rock and anything spaced out and hazy. 33 loops and fills (52 MB).
•Space Time: Deep and introspective. Perfect for textured and massive pieces to build upon. Great for Indie, FutureBass and Slow Rock. 26 loops and fills (55 MB).
•Stinger: These upbeat grooves are a late 90's Alt Rock dreamland. 44 loops and fills (43 MB).
•Sugar Cane: Get ready to eat your Indie Rock heart out over these sweet grooves. Perfect beats to lay under Shoegaze guitars and spaced out Indie pop textures. 23 loops and fills (36 MB).
•Tall Grass: These alternative 90's Rock grooves are perfect for washed out and soaring guitars. They're perfect for any singer/songwriter genre of any type. 23 loops and fills (33 MB).
•Tropical Sun: Bright, catchy grooves perfect for island reggae or positive and upbeat 90's alternative style songs. 33 loops and fills (40 MB).
•Underbrush: Mellowed out and chill these Indie Rock grooves are great building blocks for your next Alternative hit. 31 loops and fills (40 MB).

Heavy Mental 2 GrooveSets offer earth shattering performances by legendary drummer Tony Morra recorded in the world famous Big Boy Room at The Sound Kitchen. Tony Morra started playing drums at age 3 in Queens. His professional career began at 16. He played just about every club in New York area (Bitter End, CBGB, etc.). Since then he has played for many artists in Nashville and worldwide and is producing new bands and artists. The engineer is Steve Marcantonio. His work encompasses classic Nashville as well as the edgier side of the genre, including projects for Deana Carter, Billy Falcon, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, George Strait, Alabama, and many others.

DC4 Content:
20 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store (under Heavy Mental 2) and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•6 Cylinder: A lot of feel with great accents. Parts range from simple grooves to an all out bash. 51 loops and fills (64 MB).
•Air Wrench: Chugging, simple, mid-tempo beats. 46 loops and fills (39 MB).
•Burn Out: Snappy up-tempo beats with thunderous tom segments! 53 loops and fills (38 MB).
•Combustion: Slowed down big Rock drums. These grooves hold their own against any late 90s Alternative Rock. Big, powerful and haunting; these loops pack and deliver the punch to everything from Classic Rock to Grunge. 45 loops and fills (39 MB).
•Crankcase: Fast, Wild and RAW. These heart-pounding double kick driven beats will light a fire under any Metal or Hard Rock track. 57 loops and fills (43 MB).
•Drivetrain: Intense. Fast. Loud. There's really no other appropriate descriptors for Metal drum beats, especially these. Penetrating kick and a snare that will steal your soul. These Heavy Metal grooves are electric. 41 loops and fills (35 MB).
•Full Throttle: The level of intensity in this kit is definitely full throttle. You might break out in a sweat, or you might just pass out from the sheer magnitude of Rock power in this kit. Either way you must not stop listening. You kinda need it now. 49 loops and fills (44 MB).
•Gemini: Heavy Metal grooves ready to slice through distorted guitars like a saw. 58 loops and fills (55 MB).
•Hammer Down: Slow Motion & Heavy. These Metal grooves are just waiting for thick distorted guitars to chug on top of them. There's even some double-time variations. 55 loops and fills (50 MB).
•High Gear: A heart pounding, upbeat and roaring Metal collection that will definitely have you shifting into a High Gear. 54 loops and fills (32 MB).
•Horse Power: Pounding Metal drums with a bad attitude. 55 loops and fills (35 MB).
•Jacked Up: Deep, Dark and Pure Metal! These Heavy Metal loops are sure to have the crowd moshing. 54 loops and fills (66 MB).
•Launch: There's so much depth to these hard hitting late 90's style Hard Rock and Metal grooves. The textures are dark and massive. 50 loops and fills (46 MB).
•Let Go: The perfect balance between heavy hitting metal and slowed down power ballad grooves. Perfect for down tempo Metal and Rock. 58 loops and fills (53 MB).
•Push: Thick, dark, low-end kicks and perfectly soaring highs accentuate this Heavy Rock kit. 47 loops and fills (37 MB).
•Rooster Tail: Infectious, addicting, versatile, fast paced and hard hitting Metal drums. 62 loops and fills (69 MB).
•Shakedown: Aggressive Metal grooves that will bully and bring the "Shakedown." Perfectly tailored to lay a foundation for heavy, loud, soaring guitars and rumbling bass. 47 loops and fills (36 MB).
•Shootout: Heavy blasting Metal grooves that will leave you shocked when the smoke settles. 47 loops and fills (36 MB).
•Slow Drag: These heavy metal grooves rock so hard they register on the Richter scale. 54 loops and fills (49 MB).
•Vortex: You'll instantly get swept up in this addictive collection of heavy thumping Metal drums. 54 loops and fills (59 MB).

Kickin' Country GrooveSets also feature Tony Morra recorded at his studio, Downtown Batterie Studio, near Nashville, TN.

DC4 Content:
10 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store (under Kickin' Country) and bundled in Ultra Plus:
• Boot Scoot - Straight-forward shuffle beat emphasizing kick and snare. 47 loops and fills (46 MB).
• Broken McBride - Lazy 3/4 beat that is good for ballads. 45 loops and fills (36 MB).
• Classic Mama - Feeling a little haggard and wishing for Mama? Try this GrooveSet. 55 loops and fills (33 MB).
• Groovy Strawberries - The epitome of Honky Tonk. These 3/4 loops are just what the doctor ordered for your next Country hit! 45 loops and fills (31 MB).
• Keith Told Ya - The real deal in professional Country Music grooves. 49 loops and fills (48 MB).
• LeAnn's Blues - Country Music has always been known to tell amazing stories. These smooth and soft country beats will be the perfect foundation for your next Country Music Ballad. 44 loops and fills (63 MB).
• Lonesome Train - It's really all in the name. You get the old-school depth of the Country music train style drum beats with the new-school flashy quality. It's a win-win with this trustworthy collection. 44 loops and fills (28 MB).
• Lovin Mearle - Good ol' Country grooves packed the brim with heart and emotion. Great for Old School and Modern Country music. 46 loops and fills (49 MB).
• Paisley Ballad - Downtempo, emotional Country grooves. Slow beats waiting for a ballad filled with slide guitars and tear-jerking lyrics. 49 loops and fills (54 MB).
• Patsy Waltz - Sultry and smooth. Slowed down Country Waltz patterns ready to get dragged and dropped into that Country hit you're writing. 42 loops and fills (39 MB).

Ned Douglas

Ned Douglas

No Doubt, Katie Perry, Dave Stewart, Simply Red

Ned Douglas, Head Of Music at Dave Stewart's Weapons Of Mass Entertainment, is an accomplished master of drum programming. He worked with Andy Wright on the Simply Red album "Life," and formed an enduring working relationship with Dave Stewart. This resulted in working with Marianne Faithfull, Gwen Stefani, Mudbone and on the new film version of Alfie. Recent projects include programming with Al Stone for Hooverphonic and Eagle Eye Cherry. Ned worked with DJ Syze-up (listed below) to create their DrumCore content.

DC4 Content:
4 GrooveSets in DC4's Preview Player
4 GrooveSets in Lite
All 14 GrooveSets + 13 DrumKits in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Brother Paul: The days when Trip-Hop was a reigning genre were few, but those beats never did stop being ubiquitous in Pop music. If you're looking for something slower with a darker, processed feel, these rhythms are just the grit you need.
•Die: Try your hand at making an early 90's Hip Hop club banger with these beats that really get things jumping.
•Elefant: These chopped sounding beats are the kind of slow groove that makes for butter smooth Hip Hop.
•Jesus: The huge kick in these grooves will be the savior of your next Hip Hop hit!
•Long: These grooves are just waiting for you to freestyle over them--subtle but ready to rumble in the Hip Hop game.
•Look: Hip Hop beats with a crunchiness to them that gives any track some serious grit. You're going to want to play this kit from your MIDI controller, too.
•Muff: Tactile, downtempo rhythyms that sound just like early 90's Hip Hop.
•NDL: These Hip Hop beats sound just like Southern California in the summertime--circa '92.
•Rajput: If Electronic Bhangra beats are just your style, these triplet feel rhythms are right up your alley.
•Rok: The swung feel on these rhythms makes them so easy to loop . . . infinitely. So be careful, or you'll be bobbing your head for a long time.
•Sample: The band-passed kick in these grooves sounds almost like having a miniature robot playing drums--and his rhythms are just the right feel for some classic Trip-Hop.
•Simple: These are about as basic as downtempo Hip Hop beats can be--kick, hat, snare, with a laid-back feel.
•The Shake: The kick/snare combo in these Electronic beats have a satisfying, tactile feel that makes them a perfect pairing. Where one is wide and full-bodied, the other has a crunchy, noise-filtered tone.
•X: You'll be dishing out Freestyle tracks like it's still the early 90's in no time with these energetic, danceable beats.
•NJDS Bro Paul Kit: Ideal for Trip Hop and similar styles of Electronic music, this kit features a palette of electronic drums, including sine tone based kicks with a metallic timbre, snappy, noise-modulated snare tones, and bright, synth toms.
•NJDS Die Kit: The kick and snare tones in this electronic-focused kit feature heavy noise modulation characteristic of late 80's Hip Hop production or the early days of Trip Hop. Balanced against synth toms and cymbals and a blend of acoustic percussion including side stick and cowbell, these drums are great for getting a bit experimental.
•NJDS Elefant Kit: The heavily-compressed electronic kick and snare in this kit will lend your rhythms plenty of grit, making these drums ideal for darker Electronic tunes and moodier Hip Hop.
•NJDS Jesus Kit: Reminiscent of the early days of Industrial music, the heavily-processed and downsampled tones of the kick, snare, and hi-hat in this kit are noisy and gritty in a way that makes these drums ideal for moody and rhythm-driven tracks.
•NJDS Long Kit: Excellent for tunes with dense melodies in the low end, this electronic kit features kick and snare tones that sit in the mid-to-upper mid-range, allowing for rhythms that punch through the mix.
•NJDS Look Kit: Dark and metallic, the kick and snare tones in this kit have a distinct Industrial feel ideal for creating brutal, tactile rhythms.
•NJDS NDL Kit: That funky sampled break sound in kit form, these drums are just right for crafting rhythms for anything from Drum and Bass to Hip Hop.
•NJDS Rajput Kit: This electronic kit features just the right palette for creating rhythms that blend genres, like Bhangra and more minimal styles of Techno. Featuring softened, noise-based tones for the kick and snare, these drums will lend subtlety to beat-driven electronic tracks.
•NJDS Rok Kit: If microbeats and crafting sound design oriented rhythms is your style, this kit is just the thing for making minimal, tactile rhythms that will lend some glitchy texture to anything from Indie Rock to IDM.
•NJDS Sample Kit: This kit has chiptunes style written all over it, from the pulsing noise of the kick drum tones, to the sizzling crack of the snares, to the pitched hi-hat tone that toes the line between rhythmic and melodic.
•NJDS Shake Kit: Crushed to bits, the kick and snare tones in this kit are about as punchy and downsampled as you can get without going fully into 8-bit territory. This kit is made for throwing down breakbeats for popping and locking.
•NJDS Simple Kit: This electronic kit has that uniquely German sound from the 70's; one part robots, one part autobahn, fully the right drums for getting a bit experimental.
•NJDS X Kit: This electronic kit features a heavily-compressed electronic kick tone and downsampled snare that snaps hard, making these drums for crafting gritty, tactile beats.

Drums On Demand offers the collections below to DrumCore users as GrooveSets and Drum Kits for $4.99 each, or you can get them all bundled in DrumCore 4 Ultra Plus. Todd Sorensen, Guy Randle and Quint Randle founded Drums On Demand in 2003.

Todd Sorensen is a veteran session drummer and percussionist who has played on thousands of recordings. As a composer, he has worked on numerous album recordings, but is best known for his work on music for major networks and cable channels including ABC, CBS, NBC and shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, Oprah Winfrey and more. His music can be found in film trailers for such blockbusters as Spiderman II, X-Men II and others.

Blues & Boogie
Especially suited for guitar-based projects, this collection (based on the previously released Drums On Demand Vol. 9 title) offers a wide variety of classic blues, rock shuffles and rock blues drum loops appropriate for pop, rock and country projects. With everything from straight 4/4s to 12/8 shuffles, these 20 super-deep GrooveSets evoke everything from the wide open blues of the Texas plains to the smoky stages of the Chicago blues clubs. A fat snare, natural sounding kick, and deep and dampened toms are presented in a clean and present mix. A consistent sound across the entire volume makes mixing and matching between GrooveSets easy. The 2 Drum Kits, based on a DW maple kit, have a deep, robust and dry, dampened sound. The main kit features 12, 14 and 16" toms with a 22" kick drum and 6-1/2x14" Yamaha oak snare. Cymbals include 15" K Zildjian Hats, 22" K Zildjian High Definition Ride, 19", 18" and 17" Sabian evolution crashes plus a 20" Wunhan China.
DC4 Content:
20 GrooveSets + 2 Drum Kits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•086 Big Boogaloo: The pace is right for the Blues, but these grooves have enough variety in them to make for a tighting-sounding Indie Rock production, too. Highlights include booming tom fills, a snare with a tactile sizzle, and a kick with a satisfying THUMP.
•079 Back Porch Blues: Downtempo Blues rhythms with a distinct roadhouse feel. Versatile enough to use in Hard Rock while still sticking to the 12-bar style. With a thick kick and wide-bodied snare to round out the overall sound, these grooves are infectious. Slow and “solo-perfect”.
•088 Lotsa Snare: A raw and rich snare, and a supporting cast of a warm hi-hat and a full-bodied kick. These rhythms are subtle and sweet, making them workable in most genres that draw from the Blues.
•092 Memphis Mid-Tempo: Memphis style Blues rhythms, with straight sixteenth hat and cymbal patterns paired with snare rhythms that have a subtle shuffle to switch things up a bit. Straight 1/16th rock.
•095 Hey Baby: The perfect backbone for proper, mid-tempo roadhouse Blues, these grooves feature cymbal and hi-hat patterns front-and-center, giving them a lot of movement in the high end, with toned-down snare and kick patterns to hold it all together. Cool 1/16th grooves.
•100 Bluesy Boogaloo: Blues rhythms with a little bit of boogaloo flair--it's just the right amount to get a crowd dancing! You can feel the kick drum in these shuffling rhythms in your chest which, paired with subtle ghost notes on the hi-hat, full-bodied snare, and cracking stick attack on the cymbals. Utility grooves, indeed.
•100 Bright Blues: The hi-hat rhythms steal the show in these up-tempo Rock rhythms that have a distinct, Jazzy flair, and there's just the right amount of room in the mix for crafting a dense twelve-bar composition. Great for Rock and Blues alike. Hi hat on the "and" at 100 BPM.
•106 Straight On Blues: Mid-tempo, creeping grooves that showcase the real influence of the Blues on Rock music, and provide room in the mix for soloing and leads! 106 BPM.
•112 One and Three Blues: A nice hybrid of Rock and Blues rhythms with an energetic brightness including a huge snare, thumping kick, and true to the name, accents on the one and three. Straight 1/8ths.
•118 Rockin’ Blues: These are not your ordinary Blues rhythms. They're aggressive, upbeat, and ready to Rock your blues away--with a shuffle to boot!
•122 Slinky BLues: For blues tracks that need a little bit of a shuffle. These grooves have a half time feel, with subtle shuffling accents to give them a lot of movement.
•126 Box Car: Uptempo Blues grooves ideal for thumping verses and straight-style, chugging choruses. Perfect for any part of a Blues or Rock track. Upbeat 1/8th groove.
•130 Road House: Blistering pacing with half time shuffle and a whole lotta attitude. A snare-driven shuffle at 130 BPM.
•135 Chicago Shuffle: There really is something about Chigago-style Blues rhythms that make them stand apart. Is it the distinct New Orleans influence, or their uprightness that makes them such a heavy influence on Rock? Maybe it's just that touch of swing that gives all of your songs--be they Blues or Indie Rock--a nice little spark.
•145 Gritty Boogie: Gritty rockin' shuffle beats with a distinct swagger that's just the trick for getting people on the dance floor when they hear your dance Blues masterpiece.
•152 Fast Times: Swinging, half time Blues grooves with lots of space in the mix, just right for that quiet verse, or full-throttle chorus, and for a little extra flair, check out the booming tom rhythms and subtle rim patterns on some of these loops! Swung 1/8th. Tom breaks. 152 BPM.
•162 Texas Boogie: Half-time Blues rhythms dominated by a punchy, sizzling snare tone, but with plenty of space for soulful vocals and wailing guitar over the top.
•178 12/8 Odd Dog Blues: If you like your Blues with a bit of bounce, don't be the odd dog out--get yourself some of these triplet feel Blues beats! These stripped-down, half time rhythms in 12/8 feature a thumping kick, and resonant snare -- just what you need to lay down some guitar licks, and a rockin' vocal. Triplet 12/8. 178 BPM.
•196 12/8 Odd Time Blues: Blazing fast beats, and a perfect balance between Blues and Rock! These 12/8 rhythms are great for playing along in half time, to get the full effect how dark and gritty you can get with a tune. Triplet 12/8. 196 BPM.
•225 Odd N Lazy Shuffle: When it comes to these 12/8 Blues rhythms, speed is what counts! These grooves will leave your head spinning! If you're looking to make a tune with a triplet feel that really cranks, you can't go wrong with these driving beats! Triplet 12/8. 225 BPM.
•240 12/8 My Baby Left Me: Blisteringly fast 12/8 beats with a triplet feel! These grooves may say 'Blues', but they have Rockabilly written all over them, with half time snare rhythms, and lots of room in the mix for tight hi-hat patterns and even some double pedal on the kick. The hardest of the hard rocking Blues you can get. Swung 1/16ths, 12/8.
•DOD Blues and Boogie Kit: The hard gating of the snare in this kit is hard to miss, and with very little stick attack on it and the kick, a lot of room is made for the distinct boominess in the toms. In essence, these drums are made for creating atmosphere, and for subtly holding down the rhythm while making way for flashier solos and melodic leads up front in the mix.
•DOD Blues and Boogie Kit 2: There's no shimmer on the snare tone in this kit, which has a darker feel, with its flattened kick and rumbling toms, making it ideal for slower, sparser tunes. You'll find these drums are best when given a lot of breathing room.

Jazz & Latin:
Jazzy beats from cool-to-hot + Big Band beats that swing alot! From traditional jazz to crossover pop and swing, this Jazz & Latin DrummerPack offers 1400 loops and Loop Layers in 31 GrooveSets/Song Sets™ covering everything from smoke-filled jazz clubs to Big Band dance floors - with a touch of soul and R&B too! There's everything from waltzes and two-beats to the Latin bossa novas, rhumbas and samba's that form the core of many traditional jazz compositions. Plus you get snare, brush and stick-based performances. This collection is great for everyone from traditional jazz artists working on their solo chops, to songwriters doing smooth crossover jazz/pop/folk, to composers for period film & TV work. Includes grooves appropriate for some old-school soul and R&B. The 2 Drum Kits feature a vintage ‘60s Gretsch kit and special, limited edition, Noble & Cooley snare. Tom sizes are 8 x 12 and 14 x 14 and the kick drum is 14 x 20. One kit uses stick sounds and the other is brushed.
DC4 Content:
30 GrooveSets + 2 Drum Kits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•050 Stirrin Soup: A set perfect for slow jazz, you can feel every bristle of the brushes softly circling the snare in the the subtle details of these rhythms.
•050 12/8 Ballad (Odd Time Brush Ballad): These straightforward Jazz grooves are perfectly tailored for slow, intimate tunes with a triplet feel.
•058 12/8 Walk (Odd Time Brush Walk) - The brushed snare in these rhythms with laid-back, simple kick patterns make for a classic sounding pair, and give this set an old school Jazz feel.
•068 Slow Swing - Downtempo Jazz beats with a subtle swing and prominent kick make these an ideal fit for slower Swing numbers.
•079 New Orleans Brushes - Minimal, sultry Jazz rhythms with brushed snare and an unmistakable small club feel. If you're looking to make a loungey tune, it doesn't get much smoother than this.
•085 6/8 Blues (Odd Time Blues Brushes) - With smooth, brushed snare rhythms paired with a lot of energy from the kick and crash, these mid-tempo Jazz grooves are just soft enough to have an intimate feel, but just bold enough to liven up any piece.
086 Slow Waltz Brushes:These 3/4 Waltz grooves are slow and spacious, leaving plenty of room to add layers of melody on top.
•088 Straight 8th Brushes: These grooves aren't swung or slowed down--just bare bones Jazz rhythms with a straight feel, making them extremely versatile. Recommended for R&B and Hip Hop!
•093 Mallet N Brush Bossa: The smooth and natural textures of these Bossa Nova grooves blend together easily to give a straight feel but with all the familiar jazzy elements like wide bodied kicks and soft brushes.
096 Slow Swing: Slowed-down Swing rhythms have something about them that conjures up notions of burlesque--the lights, the stage, the waling horn section--and these grooves are no exception! Perfect for sultry Jazz with attitude.
•100 Kinda Rhumba: If you didn't know how to do the Rhumba before, here's your crash course. These simple yet elegant beats incorporate all the patterns native to the genre but with a Jazz kit backing, to make these rhythms highly adaptable to a wide range of tunes..
•109 Brsh 2 Stx Bossa - This GrooveSet is a time machine set to take you back to the 50's and 60's, during the emergence of Bossa Nova! That subtle brushed snare, or clacking side stick paired with full-bodied tom rhythms will have you doing a slow samba the whole time.
112 Blues Shuffle Brushes: These shuffling, Blues style rhythms have a certain subtlety to them when played on a tight Jazz kit like this one. There's lots of room in the mix for giving your bandmates room to solo, but the driving boom of that kick holds everything together in a way that gives these grooves a nice bite.
•113 2Beat N Shuffle Brushes: There's something about these half time BeBop grooves that envoke imagery of a small, smokey basement club--they just have that elemental feel. Recommended especially if you're ready to write a new standard, or if you're wanting to take your Blues tune to an even cooler hue.
•116 Cool Swing Sticks: If you're looking to make some classic BeBop, look no further. These grooves have a subtle swing, but with a straight walking feel, and a satisfying snap at every turnaround.
120 Bossa Sticks: These are the genuine article. Bossa Nova grooves that have that fresh-out-of-the-box feel. This GrooveSet packs a small set of rhythms, with variants on the instrumentation, so you can shake things up a bit. Snare, rim, or hat--you can pick from all three.
120 Jazz Waltz Sticks: Timeless Jazz rhythms that work in a wide range of subgenres can be hard to come by, and that goes doubly when looking for loops in 3/4 time. Fortunately, these subtle, swinging grooves have you covered.
120 Waltz Brushes:: BeBop rhythms in 3/4 are always a nice change of pace--same brushed snare tone, and soft-handed drive, but with an extra bit of swing that makes your head nod.
•124 Straight Mallet and Brushes: Sometimes you have to switch it up a bit--half mallet, half brushes on the snare, these Bossa Nova rhythms have a straight feel to them that makes them equally at home in a BeBop tune.
•135 Swing Brushes 2 Stix: There's a fine line between the smoothness of BeBop and the flair of Swing style that can make it hard to decide which way to lean. With this GrooveSet, you don't have to choose--these Jazz beats have rhythns on both the cooler side, and ones for rocking out! Great for when you want to ramp up the energy with some quality, swinging drums.
•145 East Coast Bounce: There's a swagger to these Jazz beats that has that authentic East Coast Jazz feel, and boy is it infectious! Throw these in a recording the next time you find yourself crafting a big, swinging tune about New York!
•160 5/4 Classic Swing(Odd Time Swing): Where it all began! These grooves have that classic Swing vibe that is so sought after--in 5/4 time! There's a little bit of everything in this GrooveSet, from from steady ride rhythms to booming tom rolls. Excellent for getting the joint jumpin'!
•160 Swingin Brushes: These half time Swing grooves have that intimate, Jazz trio quality--steady brushed snare, soft but metronomic hi-hat on the 2 and 4, and subtle fills that keep the vibe smooth as silk.
•164 3/4 Brush to Sticks Swing: These driving Swing grooves in 3/4 time really lay it down, with metronomic kick, a steady hi-hat chick, and brushed snare that switches to sticks for the fills.
•175 Brazilian Bossa: This Brazilian Bossa Nova GrooveSet is pretty self-explanatory, but hardly detracts from what a pure delight it is to hear how well these grooves convey the genre. Also, these rhythms come with a secret weapon--check out the satisfying tom patterns peppered throughout!
•175 Walkin (Sticks): These uptempo Swing grooves will be "walkin'" straight into your favorites, with their rich and reverberant tide tone, and an energtic tag team of wide kick and full-bodied snare.
•190 Fast Swing Brushes: We're starting to venture into Bebop territory with these Swing rhythms, with that familiar, upbeat pacing and flashy style, but small kit setup--just enough to keep the feel on the intimate side. Regardless of what style of Jazz you're making, it's time to layer up some horns!
•200 Swingin Cat: The cat is out of the bag in this one! Big, classic Swing rhythms with all that big band flair! These are all the uptempo, dancable grooves that make this genre so loved, compacted in a single, high-energy set.
•214 Stompin Swing Brushes: These perfectly-crafted uptempo Swing beats will have your big band making a tune to jitterbug to in no time. With brushed snare, and subtle fills and turnarounds to give each loop just the right amount of movement, you can be sure your band will be hep to these grooves.
•220 Krupa-esque: Gene would be proud of these rhythms--they're big, they're powerful, and most importantly they exactly capture the sound that defined American Big Band Jazz and the Swing movement.
•222 Kinda Samba: We have Brazil and the influence of Carnival to thank for these infectious rhythms which, true to their GrooveSet name, feature the quick kicks and pitched toms that set Samba apart from all the rest of Latin Jazz.
•DOD Jazz-Latin Brushed Kit: The thunderous tone of the kick drum in this kit makes for a satisfying juxtaposition to its namesake--brushed hits on the rest of the kit pieces--making it perfect for Latin Jazz in particular. With steady, booming backbeat, crafting intricate rhythms over the top these brushed tones will lend your tunes subtle smoothness.
•DOD Jazz-Latin Sticked Kit: This kit is cracking, with huge kick and tom tones, and bright stick attack on the snares. The close-miked tones make these drums versatile enough for crafting more intimate Bebop style pieces, or more bombastic, Swing tunes.
•DOD Jazz Brush Kit: Tuned a bit higher than your traditional Rock drum kit, these brushed Jazz drums have that unmistakable small kit tonality, with lots of impact on the low end opposite a refreshing high-end brightness gently muted by the brushed hits. A catch-all for small arrangements, this kit is ideal for cooking up especially tasty grooves.

Solid Rock
No-nonsense, no-excuses, rock drumming. Somewhere south of heavy rock, but somewhere north of pop, Solid Rock is the most hard-driving volume since Upbeat and Aggressive (below). From smoldering slow grooves to full-throttle up-tempos, Solid Rock provides a colorful palette of contemporary and classic grooves with matching loops that are infinitely adaptable to your project. This powerful collection is ideal for rock, alternative, rowdy pop and even rougher country. All straight-time with no odd time content, but some double-time sections.
Styles: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Aggresive, Country
Drumkit Specifics: Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau 10", 13" and 16" toms and a 22" kick drum. Snare: 14" Kansas City Drumworks Custom Maple. Rounding out the set were 14" Zildjian Master Sound hi-hats, Sabian Evolution crashes and 21" Sabian Dry Ride.
DC4 Content:
24 GrooveSets + 24 Drum Kits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•Beefy Stick: There's a lot of debate about which sticks sound best, but in this case it's a beefy stick. Whatever that is. We just know these beats are unmatched and they have a tone all their own.
•Burnin: When we say "Burnin" it means burning through whatever drums you had before because these rockin' beats are in a different class. Whatever you were using before just isn't gonna cut it after hearing the inflection and resonance of these components.
•DM Zone: A great all around Rock GrooveSet. Just hitting off all the check marks on the list this kit gets it done.
•DOD Full Throttle GrooveSet: The level of intensity in this kit is definitely full throttle. You might break out in a sweat or you might just pass out from the sheer magnitude of Rock power in this kit but either way you must not stop listening. You kinda need it now.
•Double Trouble: The pinnacle of Rock drum tone is honestly just attitude this kit delivers that and then some. The tone is there and so is the craftsmanship, all it's missing is you and your next hit.
•Floored: Floored, ironic because it's exactly what's gonna happen the first time you listen to these wonderfully executed Rock grooves. Traditional patterns with unequaled tone usually garner that type of response.
•Full Steam: You'll be moving full steam towards a platinum album with this set of Rock anthem grooves. They have all the qualities you're looking for in big Rock drums and the full power is at your fingertips. Give it a shot.
•Full ThrottleThe level of intensity in these grooves is definitely full throttle. You might break out in a sweat or you might just pass out from the sheer magnitude of Rock power, but either way you must not stop listening.
•Giga Rock: So giga essentially means giant right? You've been warned but that's exactly what you're getting with this unmatched Rock set. Massive beats and massive tone.
•Green Giant: Jolly might be the accurate word here when you find out how well these Rock beats sit in your mix. You can seat them wherever you want actually and the rich tone and boilerplate patterns will never fail to take your songs to another level.
•Heavyweight: You won't be losing the title belt any time soon with these winners, it's amazing how much a solid groove can hold down a song. In this case, your song will be pinned down by the heaviness of your new sound.
•Incessant: Your listeners aren't going to want to pause or stop your song when they hear these vibrant non-stop in your face Rock beats. This could be a problem, but your record sales won't be when you're churning out hits at this rate.
•Jumbo Rim: The snare really does sound like it's the size of a semi-truck tire. Good luck slowing down this massive speeding piece of Rock perfection.
•King Size: Quality sounds fit for a king. You'll be surprised at the majestic tones coming from this Rock kit, with all the usual suspects but with a tone that is unrivaled.
•No Limits: Imagine when you start dropping these loops and take the training wheels off. There's no limits and there's definitely no stopping you. These Rock grooves will take the ceiling off the first place to play them.
•Rock You: The best way to start your song. Drop these well recorded Rock beats into your track, build on top of the unbelievable tone and watch the rest unfold.
•Scorchin: You'll be known by the trail of fire your songs leave behind with this heavy Rockin kit!
•Skyscraper: Skyscraper's cover a huge distance. Your dynamic range will do the same with this unique Rock set. Your lows will be powerful and your highs will be commanding.
•Solid Max: The ride really holds down this Rock GrooveSet. It's like the northstar for the rest of to kit to rock along to.
•Super Funk: The prototypical Funk elements played on a kit fit for Rock!
•The Wall: Building up a wall of sound that cannot be scaled by just anyone. Approach these mint Rock beats with caution and prepare to build a massive sound.
•Titanic: Beats as ice cold as the waters the original sailed on. This voyage you're about to set out on is filled with warm tone and pure Rock sensibility.
•Whopper: A real hit, and you'll understand too. When a musical element speaks a universal language, all who hear it will acknowledge the prowress and this kit is no different.
•Yosemite: Just as beautiful. It emulates the site perfectly with a natural organic beauty but with Rock grooves that are sky high and just as pristine.
•DOD Beefy Stick Kit: Buried deep in a vast room sound with long reverb tails, this kit is every bit huge sound and lots of punch. The hard attack of the kick, sharp crack of the snares, and the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat and cymbals give these drums lots of body, and some serious teeth!
•DOD Burnin Kit: The big room sound in these drums is unmistakable, giving each kit piece lots of height and depth--great for mid-range heavy mixes for when you need space for that epic guitar solo! Features a metal snare that's tuned down, for a flatter, darker tone.
•DOD DMZ Kit: These drums are all about the sound of the kit in the room, giving them a far-away, set back tone that makes them just the thing for power ballads to mellow R&B. The sharp crack of the snare and the bright attack of the kick still cut through sharply, making this kit ideal for a minimal backbeat with a lot of depth.
•DOD Double Trouble Kit: All of the kit pieces in these drums are tuned sharp, with a lot of sizzle on the high end, making them ideal for brighter, more upbeat tunes, while the long reverb tails and huge room sound make them equally ideal for half tempo and more sparse arrangements.
•DOD Floored Kit: The in-your-face snare drum leads the way in this kit, while the rest of the pieces sit back in mix, awash in big room sound. It's just the thing for writing hard-driving rhythms with a lot of space and a high-energy feel.
•DOD Full Steam Kit: The snare drum has a darker, more muted sound in this kit, making it sit back in the mix, and allowing the punch of the kick drum to drive the rhythm. These drums also have a big room sound, giving them lots of height, and making them ideal for tunes that are heavy in the mid range.
•DOD Full Throttle Kit: This kit features a big room sound with lots of shimmer in the highs, fast attack on the kick, and a sharply-tuned snare that's heavy on the stick attack. Your rhythms will cut right through the mix with these drums.
•DOD Giga Kit: The snare drum rings out fully in this kit, giving it a long tail with some extra sizzle. Paired with an especially crisp hi-hat tone and huge room sound, these drums are the stuff of funky backbeats!
•DOD Green Giant Kit: The full-bodied resonance of the kick and toms give this kit a lot of body and depth, while the snare, with its bright crack, sits back in the mix a bit, lending these drums a balance that has a lot of air. Your more sparse arrangements will especially shine with this kit holding it down.
•DOD Heavy Kit: This kit is about as in-your-face as it gets, with the sharp stick attack of the snare way out in front of the mix, and the kick--with its bright punch--not far behind. There's quite a bit of big room sound to give these drums depth and height where it counts, but this kit's all about making rhythms that rain down hard.
•DOD Incessant Kit: With its close-miked, flat snare sound, and bright and open cymbals and hi-hat, this kit features a satisfying blend of textures that lends itself nicely to Pop compositions. You can already hear the space carved out where your effected vocals and lead guitar belong!
•DOD Jumbo Rim Kit: The beater attack on the kick drum sits in the front of the mix in this kit, which is dripping in big room sound and washy cymbals on the high end. The snare is hard-gated and pushed back into the mix, giving the whole kit the kind of breathing room that makes lush arrangements and soulful ballads shine.
•DOD King Size Kit: The snare in this kit is tuned flat, giving these drums a darker tone that makes them great for Hard Rock and Alternative tracks, while the bright shimmer on the hat and cymbals means being able to rain down on the bridges and choruses, to give your solos some serious edge.
•DOD No Limit Kit: The large, bright room sound in this kit is bolstered by the sharp, crisp attack on the snare tone, which lifts this entire drum kit into the upper mids, carving out space right where you want to drop in a guitar solo or throaty vocal.
•DOD Rock You Kit: Flat and hard-gated, the snare tone in this kit is dampened down substantially, making the thunderous boom of the toms the real star. If you're looking to include mega breakdowns, you can't go wrong with the big room sound that's all over this one.
•DOD Scorchin Kit: Nothing says "stadium Rock" quite like long reverb tails on the toms, and a hard-as-nails stick attack on the snare made for cutting through even the densest mix. Your big choruses and even bigger solos will have a heavy impact with these drums raining thunder.
•DOD Sky Scraper Kit: These drums give a close-up feel on the kick and snare--both are right out in front--while the hi-hat and cymbals sit back in the mix, giving height to the furthest part of the kit. Meanwhile, the toms sit somewhere in the middle of the mix, with just enough space to lend both impact and depth. If your Rock mix is complex, these drums are a good place to get started.
•DOD Solid Kit: With its sharply-tuned snare and large room sound, this kit has just enough of a sharp crack up front to cut through an especially heavy Rock mix, but with depth that makes the toms sound thunderous and massive.
•DOD Super Funk Kit: The snare and toms in this kit are complementary in tone, tightly tuned for fills that easy roll from the snare on down to the floor tom, while the attack of the kick slices through the whole kit. These drums are just the thing for a super funky rhythm!
•DOD The Wall Kit: Sitting back in the mix, this whole kit takes advantage of some strategic placement, taking on an epic room sound that gives the bright crack of the snare height, the toms an extra bit of rumble on their long tails, and the hi-hat and cymbals unfettered height. In other words, if your tune needs epic scope, you'll want this kit holding down your rhythms.
•DOD Titanic Kit: The snare has a flat tuning, but with crisp, bright stick attack that allows it to ring out through the whole drum mix. Paired with a huge room sound, these drums really do sound . . . Titanic.
•DOD Whopper Kit: The snare in this kit has a long ring and a broad-spectrum tone with a long tail that lets it punch through the drum mix. Paired with a punchy kick, booming toms, and cymbals with plenty of shimmer, this kit packs a huge enough sound to make your next Rock track a real whopper.
•DOD Yosemite Kit: Tuned slightly sharp with a bit of a boost in the upper midrange, the snare in this kit adds just a hint of brightness and character to this roomy and boomy Rock kit.

Upbeat & Aggressive
Totally rocking, royalty-free loops and matching drum kits. Kits feature a live and (of course) aggressive tone. Ringing snares, smackin’ kicks and even a few sympathetic vibrations here and there let you know these are real drums in a real acoustic space. Perfect to rock-up your selection of MIDI kits
Styles: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Aggresive
DC4 Content:
25 GrooveSets + 25 Drum Kits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•UA 090: Mid-tempo Hard Rock rhythms don't get much more elemental than this. Lots of crack on the snare and sizzle on the cymbals, just like Mama used to make.
•UA 090 12/8 Odd Time: These dark, booming Rock beats in 12/8 time feature a gated reverb on the snare, giving the whole kit a heavy tone, and with patterns this varied, you might find yourself making everything from your next power ballad to brutal Metal with these rhythms.
•UA 092: The kick drum has so much bass it'd be impossible not to make some pretty heavy tunes with these grooves. Neatly paired with a ringing snare that makes these rhythms sound ripped right out of the heyday of Alternative Rock.
•UA 112: These beats have early 00's Pop Punk written all over them, and are great for building an uplifting and energetic anthem for your next skate video.
•UA 117: Remember early '00s Indie Rock, with loud sing-along choruses and epic breakdowns? Here are rhythms for when you want to relive those days with your own songs.
•UA 118: With their darker tones and a bouncy feel, these beats are heavy, but with a distinct Indie Rock flair.
•UA 118 Off Beat: Offbeat is about right--these Rock rhythms feature accenting on the "e and a". These stylings are for when you want to give emPHAsis in a different way.
•UA 122: Hard Rock rhythms at their most fundamental--these beats are raw, uncut, loud and unapologetic. Exactly what you need for that big, stadium sound.
•UA 122 Off Beat Verse: Need some aggressive drums for that verse with accents on the offbeat, or a turnaround that gives your song an extra boost? These uptempo grooves are right where you want to be, and are ideal for making anything from Pop, to Alternative, to Indie.
•UA 136: The crash alone in these fast-paced rhythms screams "Ready to Rock!" and that doesn't account for the huge thump of the kick, and the crack of the snare! If you're looking for loud and bangin' Rock drums, you've already arrived.
•UA 145: Tight Rock beats with lots of washy reverb on the whole kit, save for the snare, which has a gated reverb, making it slice right through the dense drum mix. Perfect for danceable Indie Rock songs, or even a New Wave throwback.
•UA 146 Half Time: Heavy, half time Rock beats with lots of reverb that have that classic 90's Alternative feel. The gated reverb on the snare makes it punch thorugh the mix, and the heavy kick tone gives these loops a lot of body.
•UA 150 Half Time: These half time Metal rhythms are made for headbanging, and leave lots of space in the mix for shredding guitar solos, and that big, growling chorus.
•UA 150 Half Time 2: You can definitely make a proper 90's style Alternative track with these aggressive, half time beats. Featuring long delay on the snare, and eighth note hi-hat rhythms to hold it down, you can already hear that brassy vocal over the top.
•UA 152: These are grooves for when the pit starts really moving--big tom hits, loud and shimmery cymbal crashes, and bright, gated reverb on the snare, with just enough tail for some sizzle. These heavy Rock beats will make your MetalCore melodies punch.
•UA 154 6/8: These mammoth slow Rock beats in 6/8 have power ballad written all over them! Booming kick tone and extra looooong reverb on the snare leave lots of space for that those soulful vocal stylings you've just been waiting to bust out!
•UA 160 Shuffle:These shuffling beats with a rolling, tiplet feel really lay it down hard--perfect for that Rockabilly tune you've been working on!.
•UA 162 Half Time: When the half time beats drop in a Rock song there's something infectious about it that sends chills through your entire body, and these straight Rock rhythms are perfect that a spine-tingling breakdown, right before you drop into a wailing solo.
•UA 166 Half Time Bridge Though they really are perfect for the bridge, these high-octane Metal rhythms can be plugged into any other part of your high-energy Rock and Metal songs, to really give your drum mix some serious bite.
•UA 175 This GrooveSet of fast-paced Rock rhythms is a bit like having a multitool in your back pocket. There's a little bit of everything in here, from half time loops that are great for choruses, fills that build up the tension, hi-hat and cymbal-only loops for breakdowns, and driving, snare-dominated grooves for hitting those verses hard and fast.
•UA 176 Half Time The growling tones of the kick and toms in these crawling, half time Rock beats lend this GrooveSet an almost brooding feel. Paired with a ringing snare that cuts through the mix. Great for anything from Alternative to Indie Rock.
•UA 180 Half Time Verse Not every part of a song has to be as catchy as the chorus, but that doesn't mean that every part can't rock just as hard. These half time Rock rhythms made for crafting your verses around are great for maintaining dynamics throughout your tunes, and are adaptable enough to work in anything from Pop Punk to Indie Rock.
•UA 180 Kicking Sitting front-and-center in the mix, the kick steals the show in this GrooveSet, holding down these uptempo, Hard Rock rhythms like an anchor.
•UA 186 Half Time Bridge: Made for cranking up the intensity for your bridges, the loops in this GrooveSet are pure Hard Rock goodness. Right up front, these grooves are beastly, grimey and all about Rock 'n' Roll--kinda like your bassist.
•UA 188: These Hard Rock rhythms are coming at you full speed, like a Rock chainsaw spinning with double kicks and crashing cymbals.
•DOD UA 090 Kit: Dark and metallic with toms that rain down like thunder, and cymbals that have a satisfyingly ominous ring to them, this kit is as Metal as you could ever want.
•DOD UA 090 12-8 Kit: The snare sits way back in the mix in this kit, awash in huge room sound, while the bright punch of the kick slices through the wash of cymbal ring. This kit is perfect for huge Metal arrangements with layered guitars and an in-your-face vocal.
•DOD UA 092 Kit: The thundering rumble throughout this kit gives these drums a cavernous feel--the toms roar, the long tail on the kick rings out huge, and the sharp stick attack on the snare punctuates a rhythm with satisfying ease. In other words, this kit is made for crafting rhythms that sound larger than life.
•DOD UA 112 Kit: The snare in this kit is hard-gated, giving it a short, sharp tone that will give any rhythm some bite. Overall, these drums have a distinctly smaller room feel, with flatter, more muted tones throughout--literally giving this kit a garage Rock sound that does well in Punk and Alternative tracks, especially.
•DOD UA 117 Kit: With its metal-body snare set back in the mix, you can really hear the huge room sound in this kit, as the snare rings out fully with each hit. The hard-gated kick also sits back a ways, punching through just enough to hold the tempo, and making room to allow the toms to dominate.
•DOD UA 118 Kit: The real star of the show in this kit is the toms, which have a lively brightness to them that makes writing rolls and fills irresistible. In contrast, the kick and snare are both subtle and muted, carving out just enough space for the hi-hat and toms to give the whole kit some nice sparkle.
•DOD UA 118 OB Kit: This kit starts out right in your face--the kick has a no-nonsense punch right at the front of the mix, and the metal-bodied snare has a sharp attack and a long reverb tail that lets it ring out fully. The toms sit back in the gigantic room sound of these drums, giving the whole kit huge scope--just what you want for some that super brutal Metal track you've been brewing on.
•DOD UA 122 Kit: These drums sound crushed in a really satisfying way. Loud as heck, with a small room feel, the kick is all beater punch, and the metal-bodied snare has crisp attack and a bright ring, while the toms are soft-gated to give them sharper attack, and the cymbals and hi-hat are all sizzle up top.
•DOD UA 122 OB Kit: Sharp and bright, the snare has a ring on the stick attack that makes it stand right up in front of the mix in this kit. The kick and toms are all boom and thunder, giving these drums a big room feel, and the hi-hat and cymbals are dialed back in the mix, to give just a hint of shine.
•DOD UA 136 Kit: The thunderous timbre of the kick and toms in this kit makes these drums sound like they were recorded in a gigantic cave, while the long ring of the sharply-tuned snare and subtle sizzle on the hi-hat give the whole kit serious bite. Ideal for Metal and Hard Rock with a technical edge.
•DOD UA 142 Kit: The gated reverb on the snare and the bright punch of the kick gives this kit a distinct Pop feel, while the tight tuning on toms makes it hard to miss how great they'll sound in fills and breakdowns.
•DOD UA 146 Kit: This kit is made for Pop--with large-room, boomy feel that gives both the kick and toms long tails, these drums sound huge, but sit back in the mix. The hi-hat and cymbals are hard-gated, leaving only attack and subtle shimmer, while the flat snare sits right up front and center, to hold down the backbeat.
•DOD UA 150 Kit: This whole kit has a dark, metallic tone and small room feel that's ideal for Grunge and Alternative. With a kick that is mostly low rumble, and a snare that has a long ring, these drums have a live sound that makes them great for more spontaneous compositions with edge.
•DOD UA 150 HT Kit: This kit is just the thing for when what your tune needs are dark and brutal rhythms. The cymbals and hi-hat are hard-gated with almost no shimmer, the punch on the kick is broad and flat, and the snare has a muted attack and long ring, giving these drums an overall detuned feel.
•DOD UA 152 Kit: These drums have lots of air and shimmer, from the bright crack of the side stick, to the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat and cymbals, making them great for mid-range heavy tunes from Pop to Alternative. Paired with a metal snare with a long ring, and a kick that is mostly beater attack, you'll find your brighter tunes will get a lot of shine with this kit in the rhythm section.
•DOD UA 154 Kit: Gated reverb on every kit piece? You've got it. From the boom and punch of the toms, to the snap of the stick attack on the snare, you can hear the huge room sound fade with the tail of each drum hit, for that unmistakable 80's Pop feel.
•DOD UA 160 Kit: This kit is all rough and raw tones, from a snare that's heavy on the attack, to a kick with a heavy, flat punch, to the sharp sizzle of the cymbals and hi-hat. With a medium-room feel throughout, these drums have the kind of presence that will hold up well in anything from Country to Indie Rock.
•DOD UA 162 Kit: Awash in a huge room sound, all of the kit pieces in these drums are hard on the attack, but with decays that set the whole kit back in the mix. If your tunes call for guitars and vocals up front and drums in the way back, these drums fit the bill perfectly.
•DOD UA 166 Kit: The snare on this kit has a high and bright ring to it that lifts it up in the drum mix, while the hi-hat is bright and in-your face, as a nice counter balance. The cymbals take a backseat--all sizzle and very little bite--while the kick is a nice blend between sharp beater attack and big room decay.
•DOD UA 175 Kit: This whole kit is band-passed, with very little low end, and sharply-dampened highs, giving these drums a very dark and processed overall sound, and leaving lots of space in the mix for melodic basslines and high and bright melodies alike.
•DOD UA 176 Kit: Heavy and metallic, the kick, snare, and toms are all deeply reverberant in this kit, with a lot of high end, while the cymbals and hi-hat are muted and pulled back in the mix. The low end on the kick is rolled off sharply--while the rumble of the floor tom is lower than the kick decay. This kit is ideal for when your tune calls for a processed drum sound with a completely different balance.
•DOD UA 180 Kit: The kick and snare in this kit are nicely balanced--both sit way up front in the mix--the kick with a sharp attack and short decay, and the snare with a bright ring, making these drums ideal for minimalist rhythms with a Pop sensibility.
•DOD UA 180 Kickin Kit: This whole kit is bright and snappy, from the hard-gating on the snare to the heavy stick attack emphasis on the tom and hi-hat tones. If you're looking for drums that are short and sharp for cutting through a dense mix, these will give your tunes a satisfying bit of bite.
•DOD UA 186 Kit: If you prefer your drums to be set way back in the mix--mostly room mics, and very few close tones--this kit fits the bill nicely. There's still bright attack on the snare and kick, to give your rhythms clarity, but the depth on this kit makes it great for ballads and more subtle compositions.
•DOD UA 188 Kit: The high end on this kit is sharply cut, giving these drums a small room, low-ceiling sound that lets the rumble of the kick and toms resonate, while leaving the hi-hat and cymbals only for accenting and minimal shimmer. The flat, metallic tone of the snare rounds everything out, holding down the mid-range, and giving the kit a subtle rawness.

Warm & Natural
Great grooves for folk, country, pop, lighter rock and acoustic-oriented projects. An earthy and "wooden" library perfect for everything from modern folk, to acoustic blues, to alt country. It all starts with the 1962 Slingerland wood snare (8" x 15") that provides a deeper and "more round" sound. This, combined with a lighter and smoother playing style, allows seamless integration into the overall acoustic environment. You get stick and side-stick snare grooves plus many brush and Blastix-based grooves. If you're producing natural and relatively unplugged music, then you'll find "Warm & Natural" indispensable for your production. There is a wide range of starting BPMs (59 to 179), but many are both mid and down-tempo due to match most acoustic styles. Like all our volumes, simply find the master loop that fits your song and then choose from as many as 44 other loops in each GrooveSet to complete your project with uparallelled realism.
Drumkit Specifics: 1981 Gretsch Kit 24" kick, 13" Rack tom, 16" Floor tom. Snare is the Slingerland 8"x15" 1962 wood-shelled snare. 15" K Zildjian hats, 22" K Zildjian High Definition Ride and 18" Sabian Evolution crashes.
Styles: Folk, Blues, Alt and Country
DC4 Content:
25 GrooveSets + 25 Drum Kits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•A Bit Busy: Not all Country music is built the same. These grooves work great for early 4th generation Country Rock from the 70's and 80's.
•Acoustic Brushes: The Rock vibe is alive in this slowed down brush set of Country grooves.
•All Natural: These Country drums don't need to be all in your face to make a difference. They create a traditional Country Music structure for your songs.
•Brush Paddle: These are the standard Country Music brushes that you've come to know and love over the years, it's time for you to make your mark with them.
•Comfortable Brushes: The brushes in this Country GrooveSet just expose such a soft tender side of Country that we have all loved so much.
•Deep and Rich: This GrooveSet can cover any generation of Country Music from the early roots in the 20's to the Pop crossover that was predominant in the late 00's.
•Down to Earth: For ballads or dance tunes, these Honky Tonk Country grooves are sure to get you movin'.
•Earthy: Country started invading Rock and the rest was history, these beats are testament to that time when a breathtaking mix was born and a generation was changed forever.
•Flat But Hearty: It's time to flex those ballad writing muscles. This kit is perfect for when you have to drop the dynamics and crank out that next slow Country ballad anthem.
•Funky Unplugged: Rock isn't the only outside genre to mix with Country for amazing results. The upbeat grooves known so well amongst Funk fans have found their way over to danceable Country music.
•No Additives: There's a strong triplet feel in these shuffling Country beats ready to be whipped out on a sleek Country hit.
•Nothing Artificial: These beats were the definitive sound for the Country Rock ballads that propelled a genre to international acclaim.
•Odd Time Unrefined 6/8: The odd time signature constructs a truly innovative creative environment. Country comes in all shapes and sizes and this unique kit is proof.
•Organically Grown 12/8 Odd Time: When you want to speed things up and tweak the signature on your next Country hit, these beats will do you justice.
•Organic Brushes: Don't let the brushes trick you, this kit has all the makings to create a song where you lift your drink and chant the chorus line of you next favorite Country music anthem.
•Organic Waltz 6/8: Waltz drum styling is a pivotal and influenential aspect to creating downtempo Country ballads, and you have all the help you need in this GrooveSet.
•Rich 16ths: Mid-Tempo Country beats with a Straight styling, they're sure to be utilized in any modern Country piece you write.
•Straightfoward: With all the excess trimmed off you have some straight forward Country Music beats that are perfectly suited for that Country ditty you've been working on.
•Tender Brushes: Minimalistic brushes that cover a wide array of Country sub-genres with room to pick things back up or keep the mood low.
•Tommy Brushes: These shuffling Country beats are so versatile that they can be used in numerous genres. The slow downtempo feel can work in Alternative and Indie Rock.
•Unplugged: For those unplugged sessions where you just have to wind down and let that good ol' Country Honky Tonk sorrow shine through your masterpiece.
•Unplugged Odd Brushes 6/8: The combination of tone from the brushes and the odd time signature make for a unique approach to your favorite Country styles.
•Unrefined Brushes: Brushes just get such a vivid and organic tone that is hard to emulate from any other setup, this rare tone is capitalized on with every other component complimenting the tone of the Country brushes hitting the snare.
•Wholesome Brushes: The options are limitless with these Country brushes, you can go to laid back and slow to turning up the heat for energetic and danceable.
•Wooden: The tone from these grooves are truly one of a kind, it's a Country staple that has been around for ages and you get to utilize it in your next production.
•DOD A Bit Busy Kit: The smooth and rounded tones throughout this kit give these drums an intimate, small club feel that lends itself nicely to anything from smaller Jazz and Country arrangements, to more nuanced Indie Rock.
•DOD Acoustic Brushes Kit: Played with brushes, this whole kit sits mostly in the mid and upper mid-range, and has a distinctly small room feel, with lots of space for the cymbals and hi-hat to give some shimmer to your rhythms. You're going to love the sound of this kit for small and tight Jazz and Blues arrangements, especially.
•DOD All Natural Kit: These drums have a distinctly Jazz-oriented feel, but with a heavily bandpassed snare, that lends this kit a darker feel overall. Ideal for when you want your leading rhythm to sit just below the mid-range, to carve out space for bass melodies.
•DOD Brush Paddle Kit: The warm and rounded feel of the brushed hits in this kit make these drums just the thing for more subtle, acoustic arrangements. Features snare hits that have a sharp attack--just enough to cut through the drum mix and give your rhythms a little extra depth.
•DOD Comfortable Brushes Kit: This kit takes the softened tones of brushed rhythms to the very limit of just how smooth you can go. Every hit is soft-gated and low-passed, making these drums ideal for rhythms that have a warm, washy feel.
•DOD Deep and Rich Kit: It's hard to miss the satisfying depth in this kit--the snare sits right up front and in the middle of the mix, while the hi-hat and cymbals are hard-panned, for clear stereo separation. The overall drum tones are warm, round, and on the darker side, leaving just the right amount of space for a bright and soulful vocal, or some horns.
•DOD Down to Earth Kit: The hi-hat and cymbals in this kit are moved forward in the mix, giving these drums a lot of high end shimmer, and letting the chick of the hi-hats cut through nicely. Paired with the warm and rounded snare and kick tones, this kit is made for flashier rhythms that sit right next to your melodies.
•DOD Earthy Kit: This kit is made for snare-dominant rhythms--with the snare wires pulled away from the drum head, each hit to rings out brightly, and neatly slices through the whole drum mix. The kick, hi-hat, and cymbals are dialed-back, making these drums especially nice for Country and Indie Rock.
•DOD Flat But Hearty Kit: True to its name, this kit has a flatter, broader tone throughout, led by a bandpassed snare that sits squarely in the lower mid-range.
•DOD Funky Kit: Dominated by a broad and bright snare tone with sharp stick attack, this kit is a satisfying pairing of a Jazz feel with enough sharp bite for crafting a funky rhythm.
•DOD No Additives Kit: This no-frills kit has minimal processing, and a whole lot of warmth. With a snare that rings out fully, and cymbals and hi-hat that have plenty of shimmer, your acoustic arrangements will have lively presence with these drums.
•DOD Nothing Artificial Kit: All close-mic drum tones with no room sound at all, this kit is all warmth and presence, with very little depth. If you're looking for unprocessed drums that you can add effects to entirely from scratch, these are the motherload.
•DOD Organic Kit: Heavily low-passed and tuned slightly flat, the snare in this kit has a pleasing warmth to it that pairs nicely with the cymbal and hi-hat shimmer, and muted, rounded tom and kick tones.
•DOD Organic 2 Kit: The snare in this kit has a lot of air and body, with a crisp rattle that gives the stick attack sharpness and bite--a nice compliment to the broad, round tones of the kick and toms, and the sizzle of the cymbals and hi-hat.
•DOD Organic Brush : The medium room tone in this kit gives these drums lots of high end, making them ideal for compositions with melodic basslines. Played with brushes, the hits in this kit all have depth and body, from the smooth resonance of the wood-body snare and toms, to the softened attack on the hi-hat and cymbals.
•DOD Rich 16ths Kit: With fast attack on the hi-hat and cymbals, this kit--with its otherwise smooth and rounded tones--is made for when you want to create rhythms with lots of accenting and snappy 16th note rhythms.
•DOD Straightfoward Kit: What you hear is what you get! With sizzle on the hi-hat and cymbals, a nice balance between snare rattle and wood body resonance on the snare, and soft and smooth kick and tom tones, this broad and warm kit is about as back-to-basics as drums can be.
•DOD Tender Brush Kit: It's hard to beat the soft edge that brushed drum rhythms lend to a smaller arrangement, and this kit is no exception. The smooth tones of this kit will lend pleasing intimacy to anything from Jazz to Indie Rock.
•DOD Tommy Brush Kit: The brushed snare hits in this kit have a sharp attack to them, giving these smoothed-out drums enough bite to cut through more lush compositions.
•DOD Unplugged Kit: There's no room sound in this drum kit, giving each drum piece clear definition and presence in the mix, with no audible effects. The warm and bright attacks on each hit--from the snap of the snare to the ring of the ride bell--give these drums the kind of versatility that makes them a utility set for acoustic pieces played by anything from Jazz quartet to Country band.
•DOD Unplugged Brush Kit: With soft and airy highs on the cymbals and hi-hat paired with the rounded thump of the kick drum beater, these brushed drums have satisfying depth and stereo separation. The sharp attack on the snare hits, which sit right up front in the mix, neatly complement the smoothed-out toms, while the kit overall has a nice balance of medium room sound and close-mic tones.
•DOD Unrefined 68 Kit: This is the lo-fi drum sound at its finest, featuring a dark maple tone on the bandpassed snare, low-passed hi-hat and crash cymbal, and a kick drum tone that's hard-gated to the point of being a low throb under the whole mix. You'll want these drums for old school style Rock and Soul tunes with a live feel.
•DOD Unrefined Brushed Kit: Softened, brushed hits paired with all close-mic tones give these drums immediacy and warmth that make for satisfying Blues and Jazz rhythms.
•DOD Wholesome Brush Kit: The hi-hat and cymbals have lots of attack and sizzle in this kit, while the brushed hits on the snare and toms lend a smooth softness to the kit that makes these drums ideal for Soul and Jazz tunes.
•DOD Wooden Kit: If you have a love of wood shell drums, this kit is about as back-to-basics as it gets. Featuring only the close-miked hits for each kit piece, you can keep it elemental with no processing, or apply effects from scratch.

Sly Dunbar

Sly Dunbar

Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Black Uhuru, Jimmy Cliff

Podcast Interview by
The Trap Set

This is the real deal in reggae drumming. As half of "Sly & Robbie," reggae's premier rhythm section, Sly Dunbar has appeared on records by legends such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru and Burning Spear. He has also played with non-reggae artists such as Grace Jones, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and Herbie Hancock. His latest work is in the classic "Dub" style.

From its light and playful hi-hat figures to snare drops and ghost notes, Sly's content for DrumCore captures the sounds of a true Jamaican "riddum" king. This pack is perfect for those who want authentic reggae, roots and ska feel.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet in Lite
5 GrooveSets and 1 DrumKit in Prime
All 23 GrooveSets + 1 DrumKit sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Africa: These classic, driving reggae rhytyms feature a warm kick paired with crunchy snare tone that cuts right through the mix. This GrooveSet makes it clear why punk and reggae cross over so neatly, and you could easily use these loops in both genres equally, making for a unique drum experience.
•Black Sun Ska: These uptempo Ska beats beats aren't over the top or flashy, leaving lots of room in the mix for that horn section. They're all you need to get jammin'.
•Bull Pen: The kick drum sits right at the front of the mix in these reggae rhythms, making them ideal for dub or roots style tracks. Comes with that time-tested Sly-style shuffle, and lots of side stick.
•Drop Legs: Featuring a cross stick with a heavy crack, these reggae rhythms have a dark and driving feel, making them perfect for Roots or Lovers Rock, but versatile enough to give even a Rock track some bite.
•Ion Zion: A Reggae kit that demonstrates just how far the influences of this genre branch, including grooves that can match well with Rock and Hip Hop equally.
•J Guy: Essential Reggae or Ragga grooves for piecing together the perfect masterpiece.
•Mash It Up: A timeless Reggae setup just waiting for you to throw it in your next Dancehall hit.
•Murder She Wrote: Classic Dancehall rhythms from a classic Dancehall tune. In this GrooveSet, Sly makes full use of his kit, switching up his snare rhythms with bongos, ride, and snare rim.
•Need a Roof: Lovers Rock never sounded so good--sparse, downtempo side stick patterns dominate these grooves, giving them an intimate feel. In true Sly style, subtle ghost notes give each loop some unique flair, and make them versatile enough to use for a Ska or slower Punk tune.
•Nuff Drops: Reggae meets Bossanova influence in this modern day revival of two major genres in this GrooveSet.
•Phaenix Ska: The pitched percussive elements fuse nicely with the definitive Reggae beats in this classic GrooveSet.
•Private Life: Powerful Reggaeton elements can be found in this exemplary Reggae kit.
•Pull Up: This combo of Reggae and late 80's Funk is perfect for emulating hits spanning several decades of Pop influence.
•Sinsemilla: A Reggae GrooveSet created for those airy songs that are so smooth they tend to float "up in smoke."
•Sly Anthem: Mid-tempo Dancehall rhythms with a dark, cracking snare, and shuffling hi-hat. Included fills have tom rolls perfect for turnarounds, and a bit of stop time, perfect for giving your composition a bit of breathing room.
•Sly Dance Hall: One of the most original GrooveSets you will hear. It's a blend of unique patterns and rhythms with other worldly textures. This kit will fit in most Dancehall but is perfect for Ragga.
•Sly Here I Come: An electrifying snare drum reverberating over a classic Reggae kit.
•Sly One Drop A: The hi-hats and snares tag team to deliver a unique kit that caters to a master shaper of dynamics.
•Sly Straight Four: The Reggae take on "four on the floor" this kit emphasizes a "marching" sound to wake up your tracks.
•So Good: Very subtle and intimate, you can hear every detail in this standard Reggae kit.
•Sponji: Full of live energy and raw tone this Reggea kit is sure to get you groovin' in no time.
•Try It: A genuine beauty, this GrooveSet has all of the basic beats to get you started on your journey to the Reggae hall of fame.
•Wicked WOrld Ska: This collection of rim shots and hi-hats hold down transitions in Ska and Reggae wonderfully and can fit perfectly when you want to travel to lower part of your songs dynamic range.
•Sly Kit: If there was a standard for Reggae drums, this kit is it. Huge, booming kick? Check. Bright snare crack? Check. Crisp side stick? Check. Intimate feel and live vibe? You've got it! Whether you're making Dub, Roots, or Dancehall, nothing beats having Sly in your rhythm section!

Graham Hawthorne

Graham Hawthorne

Beyonce, Kid Rock, David Byrne, Paul Simon

Graham Hawthorne is one of the most in demand drummers on the New York scene. His flawless groove and versatility has propelled artists as varied as Paul Simon, Beyonce, Joss Stone, Donald Fagen, Kid Rock, Queen Latifah, India Arie, Lyle Lovett, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, Suzanne Vega, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Cee-Lo, Gilberto Gil, Randy Brecker, David Byrne and Suzanne Vega. He is also a highly regarded producer, having worked on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and jingles. Graham Hawthorne is the drummer of the pureDrums content produced by Fabrice Dupont (below).

DC4 Content:
All 46 GrooveSets + 7 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•Alt: Midtempo rhythms made for Indie Rock, with minimal instrumentation and satisfyingly organic tones throughout.
•Alt Rock: Rock beats with a hard backbeat and some really nice breaks in the fills, these grooves have a lot of breathing space in the mix.
•Ballad: Dominated by cross stick snare and a pleasing triplet feel, these sparse rhythms are made for that soulful ballad you've been crafting. Pouring your heart out in song never felt so right.
•Barry W: That unmistakable sound of smooth R&B--slow and dynamic with plenty of personality. These downtempo rhythms are made for dropping in that deep vocal and lush layers of guitar and organ.
•Big Boy: Nothing crazy here, just some solid rockin' beats. These Rock grooves keep it simple, making them great for holding down just about any track.
•Big Kick: It's not necessarily the patterns that steal the show, they're already the best money can buy it's the quality of the instruments that steal your attention. This is a beautifully recorded kick that is full bodied and fully equipped to handle a massive Rock sound.
•Big Kick 2: The Ultimate massive kick drum Rock beats they're classy and trashy, raising the limits of your rockage.
•Boomer: This Funk kit is BOOMING. It's a very unique in it's approach with unconventional Funk styling but it's the deep resounding kick that is mesmerizing and funky.
•Busy: Big Rock beats that pave the way and create a blank canvas for you to write your song on. The sky is the limit with these energetic grooves.
•Country Brushes: Like a big Country train rollin' down towards you, these Country Music brushes paired with a big warm kick give this GrooveSet a feel like it's chuggin down the railroad.
•Double Kick: Double kick patterns can easily grow mundane but not in this creative and explorative kit. The double kick is used in a refreshing new way in this upbeat Rock GrooveSet.
•Elements: This set incorporates a truly unique kick drum, it emanates a massive body and deep tone. It's paired nicely with traditional Rock stylings.
•Folkie: Consolidating Retro Rock and Indie Pop this GrooveSet will easily replace your drummer. It can easily adapt to any Art Rock piece and it's very rich in tone.
•Funk Rock: And just like that you're back in the 70's creating hard-hitting groove filled Funk Music.
•Got to Be Funky: The basics of Funk and then some. This kit has everything you need to hold down a quick bass line and some powerhouse synth to hit on everything in the Funk checklist.
•Half Time: Half-time doesn't mean quality, it's the contrary. You can expand your creative horizons with these tweaked and slowed down wonders.
•Hip Hop Brushes: Hip Hop goes very far back down the history books and pulls out the brushes for these beats reminiscent of early Jazz and Soul.
•Hipper: Whether it's Rock, Hip Hop, or Soul this kit will make a difference in any song that wants to make a profound statement.
•Hopper: The mistake most producers make is thinking that Hip Hop percussion must always be electronic. It's good but this organic kit opens an entire new dimension to Hip Hop, try it for yourself and enjoy the enlightenment.
•Hot n Humid: This GrooveSet is straight to the point, but there's a lot of nooks and crannies where you can fill space with a nice bass line or a nice piano run. It's perfect for songwriting and building.
•Many Ways: Rock beats with a Country Music march. A little bit of a swing vibe and some serious tone will leave you blown away.
•More Than Basic: Nothing beats the name. World class beats that get the job done, sometimes all you really need is a good accurate name, which is the case here.
•New Orleans: New Orleans encompasses so much rich musical history and it's on full display in this represetative kit.
•Old School: Back in my day we had GrooveSets LIKE THIS. At least, you'll be the one saying that when you showcase your masterpieces with this versatile GrooveSet holding the rhythm section down.
•PD Disco: Disco has evolved over the ages, but the same thing is true the powerful drumming style that made it so prominent is still alive today and that's evident in this kit.
•PD Half Time 2: Playing with different keys and tempos can be either really dangerous or genius, and it's the latter in this spectularly slowed down kit.
•Pop Reggae: Reggae alone is such a beautifully crafted sound, it's timeless and represents such a pure movement. Now incorporate the structure from Mainstream Pop and you have an unstoppable force. That unstoppable force travels on these beats.
•PopRox: Rock beats that can double as Pop beats the tone of one and the stylings of another make this hybrid kit a must have for all serious producers of both genres.
•Pubber: There's just something so magical about a pure Rock beat with nothing but cymbals blowing in the wind and snarling snare barking at you on the 2 and the 4. It's pure bliss, so don't pass this kit up.
•Push It: Rock beats with subtlety, for those moments when you have to drop the dynamics to really tell a story. It's great to rock but it's better to tell a story through your instruments. This kit is just what you need for that.
•Rock 1: It's very easy to get caught up in the different elements of Rock but when you need to hit the reset button and just purely get to a place where the music speaks a language listeners can understand, this is your kit.
•Rock 2: Let there be Rock! These beats are shiny, raw, and most importantly patiently waiting to be dropped in to that killer riff you just wrote.
•Rock 3: The level of Rock that you'll get out of these beats will be unparalled. They're gonna need a thesaurus to name the unheard of monstrosity you create with these beasts.
•Rock 4: The Final installment but last isn't synonymous with bad, actually they're all better than anything else on the market. They convey the attitude and aggression of Rock with prisitine recordings and core fundamental patterns.
•Simplicity: It's the simple things. Sometimes less is truly more though, find out for yourself with these amazing grooves.
•Six Eight: Don't let the odd time fool you, if anything it's going to not only extract your most creative but it's going to expand the horizons. Great tone, and even better execution. Stop drooling and get back to writing.
•Slammer: If you had to pick one GrooveSet to take with you on an island I promise you're gonna pick this one. Such rare tonality with flawless playing.
•SloRock: Get your lighters out. Yes, it's power ballad time and we're just getting started with these massive hard hitters.
•Soft Stuff: Soft isn't a bad thing, in drums that is. Soft just means that a lot more of the details can be discerned and that's exactly what happens in this elaborate kit.
•Straight: Straight to the point. No nonsense. No gimmick. Definitely no lack of tone and quality start here for making in your face high quality music.
•Sweet Sixteen: I definitely didn't rock this hard when I hit 16 but it's never too late to start. This Rock kit has everything you need to get going.
•Swing Sixteen: Rock rhyhms with a satifying sixteenth note shuffle, these grooves are high and bright with enough variety to make them ideal for Rock and Hip Hop alike.
•Swing Sixteen 2: RA great Rock Music kit with all of the prerequisites is all you need. The way you use it is where it comes in the trick is that it doesn't matter where you drop these awesome kits it's going to sound amazing.
•Swingin: Jazz beats from the past with the swagger of the future. They're adaptable and easy to plug in to complex pieces and jam sessions alike.
•TomLand: Tomland is where you want to be if you want powerful toms and unbelievable tone to blast your listener with powerful originality. The tom is the focal point here but don't let it detract you from the jaw dropping beats underneath.
•Triplets: Some blues percussion supports the story, the singer, and the guitar tell. That's not the case here, it's time for the drums to tell a story. Sit down and take a listen.
•pureDrums Basic Kit: When it comes to keeping it simple, there's nothing like the clean tones of a close-miked kit. Featuring a clean kick tone, sharp attack on the snare, tightly-tuned toms, and a hat and cymbals with just the right amount of sizzle, these drums are a standard all on their own.
•pureDrums Basic 2 Kit: Basic and straightforward, with a darker tone--just the kind of thing for when you want those tight drum tones with some teeth. The kick drum in this kit has some serious punch, and the toms have a satisfying, resonant boom to them, that makes this kit ideal for Metal and alternative, especially.
•pureDrums Basic 3 Kit: These no-frills drums have a brightness to them that makes them ideal for Indie Rock and smaller Pop arrangements. The snare has a high ring to it that is nicely matched by the bright shimmer on the hat and cymbals, while the kick has just enough thump to make even more driving tunes have rhythms that pop.
•pureDrums Brushed Kit: Looking for a brushed kit with warm, muted tones across the board? These drums will absolutely satisfy that need, keeping it as elemental as possible.
•pureDrums The Bounce Kit: This kit has a nice balance of deep tones with an emphasized high end throughout that gives each kit piece just a little bit of lift. The deep thump on the kick comes with a punchy beater tone, the toms have a low rumble that neatly complements the bright stick attack, and the snare has some extra snare sizzle, making it just the thing for tunes with a marching feel.
•pureDrums Vintage Classic Kit: It's hard to miss why this kit is 'Vintage Classic,' with its deep notches in the mid-range, leaving space in the mix for your guitars and vocals. That's not to say these drums are lacking--with sonorous toms, a reverberant kick, and a bright, fast attack on the snare, you'll find your throwback Rock tunes will have some serious polish with this rhythm section.
•pureDrums Vintage Classic 2 Kit: Vintage style with a darker feel--just the thing for when you want your kit pieced tuned down a half step to balance out a spookier tune. You'll find the midrange in this kit is carved out for melodic instruments, giving lots of weight to low rumble on the kick and toms, and bright shimmer to the hats and cymbals, while the snare sits further back in the mix.

Fabrice Dupont

Fabrice Dupont

Jennifer Lopez, Mark Ronson, Queen Latifa, Bon Jovi

Fab (Fabrice Dupont) has produced and/or mixed projects for Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifa, DJ Colette, Toots And The Maytals (the 2004 Grammy Award winning 'Duets' CD), DJ Mark Ronson, Bon Jovi, Babyface, Isaac Hayes, Brazilian Girls and a slew of artists. Fab produced the pureDrums content by drummer Graham Hawthorne (listed above).

DC4 Content:
All 46 GrooveSets + 7 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus (see list for Graham Hawthorne above).

Gregg Keplinger

Gregg Keplinger

Herb Ellis, Carter Jefferson

Podcast Interview by
The Trap Set

Gregg Keplinger is known around Seattle as a versatile local drummer who has played with a number of great artists. He's played vintage rock grooves with Canned Heat and Randy Hanson/Noel Redding, R&B with Big Mama Thornton, and jazz with Herb Ellis, Carter Jefferson and European jazz saxophonist Leszek Zadlo. He is known for getting great drum tones, and has helped players like Matt Cameron explore new sounds. Gregg has his own company, Keplinger Drums, that makes custom instruments.

DC4 Content:
3 GrooveSets + 3 DrumKits in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•GK BeBop: Bebop style grooves with an intimate, jazz club feel, and heavy Blue Note influence.
•GK Jazz Brushed Ballad: Slow, brushed rhythms with a subtle bit of swing in a classic bebop style.
•GK Jazz Waltz: Mellow jazz loops in 3/4 time, and a touch of swing, with a heavy Dave Brubeck influence.
•Keplinger BeBop Kit: Just what you'd expect from a tightly-miked Jazz kit; warm and punchy kick tones, snappy snare and sidestick, and painstakingly-tuned toms. Add to that some washy cymbals to give lots of height to this mellow kit, making it just the thing to round out your quartet.
•Keplinger Brushed Jazz Kit: Gregg plays this whole kit with brushes, giving everything softer, more muted tones ideal for BeBop with that small Jazz club feel.
•Keplinger Jazz Waltz Kit: The snare in this kit has a subdued tone, paired with a higher tension snare sound, giving much more emphasis to the release on the hits on this drum. The result is a Jazz kit that has a washy, atmospheric sound, made for tunes that want an understated rhythm section.

Terence Higgins

Terence Higgins

Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Norah Jones, The Black Crowes

Podcast Interview by Drummer's Resource

Born and raised in NOLA, Terence Higgins is well versed in the New Orleans funk style. He is currently touring with Dirty Dozen Brass Band, John Scofield's Piety Street Band, and SwampGrease. In the past, he played with Widespread Panic, Dr. John, and Norah Jones, to name a few, appears on dozens of albums, and recently released his In the Bywater CD.

Higgins' Drums for DrumCore:
Pearl MRX Masters Series Vintage Sunburst with black hardware, 22x18 bass drum, 8x8 tom, 10x9 tom, 12x10 tom, 16x14 tom, 14x6.5 snare drum (Steve Ferrone Signature), 13x6.5 snare drum (Joey Jordison Signature), and a 14x6.5 snare drum (Sensitone).

DC4 Content:
All 7 GrooveSets (360 audio loops, 427 audio fills, 97 MIDI loops and 41 MIDI fills) + 7 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Bourbon Street Strut: Straight out of New Orleans these marching beats have that vibe and feel of something you would hear coming out of the Big Easy.
•Dirty Dumpster: An oustanding Second Line marching feel, this GrooveSet encapsulates the feel of New Orleans music.
•Fix The Levee: Same great New Orleans feel, but with a straightforward downtempo Blues Rock vibe.
•Go Go Grease: Traditional time signature and a New Orleans style flare, but with the attitude of Rock music just waiting for some tasty solos.
•Nolafied: Consider yourself "Nolafied" these southern beats feature a nice subtle swing that have them geared towards New Orleans music aficianados.
•Swmapburn: Great for some old Jug Band instrumentation and good ol' downsouth Bluesy grooves.
•Zigawho: A perfect marriage of swung grooves and New Orleans style Jazz beats, you'll have songwriting on your mind hours after you've heard the last snare hit.
•Terence Higgins BSS Kit: The hi-hat is made to cut through the mix in this drum kit--just the thing you want for that Funk backbeat! The muted tones on the snare and cymbals add a nice bit of warmth to this kit, and the bright attack on the toms make these ideal drums for crafting flashy polyrhythms in your breakdowns.
•Terence Higgins DD Kit: The unmistakable small room tone in these drums lends each kit piece a reined-in feel that makes this kit just the thing for soulful tunes with denser mixes. You can practically hear where that horn section goes already.
•Terence Higgins FTL Kit: This kit will have you writing showy rhythms in no time, with its vibrant, shimmering sizzle on the snare, to the crisp decays on the hi-hat and cymbals, all the way to the deep-rumbling lows of the booming toms, and punch of the kick.
•Terence Higgins GoGG Kit: If you're one to write your melodies in the low end, these drums are just the right thing to hold down your rhythms without fighting a bass-heavy tune. This kit sits squarely in the mid-range, and has a distinct, small-room feel that lets the stick attack on each drum cut through sharply, while the deeper tones decay neatly into a warm, atmospheric wash of rhythm.
•Terence Higgins NF Kit: These drums are mostly in the mid-range, but with couple of stand-out exceptions--the toms are bright and resonant, and the hi-hat has a satisfying, high-end shimmer to it. Both characteristics make this kit ideal for throwback Funk and Soul tunes with some serious attitude.
•Terence Higgins SB Kit: Murky and slightly detuned, these drums have a broad, flat feel throughout the kit. Even the snare sits back in the mix, while the toms are mostly resonant decay, and the hi-hat has a darker, clankier tone to it, making these drums fitting for lush arrangements with vibrant detail on the high end.
•Terence Higgins ZW Kit: The sharper pitch on the snare, with its in-your-face crack, makes for a satisfying foil to the deep boom of the toms in this kit. The cymbals and hi-hat sit back in the mix for this one, making these drums mid-range players the kind you want for Pop or Soul, especially.

MPC LockBox delivers Akai MPC-style hip hop drum loops and rhythms from five popular Bandmate Loop libraries, including Hotbox Volumes 1, 2 & 3, Trickbox and Icebox Hip Hop Drums. Straight from NY, these drums are great for urban and hip hop styles. Recorded by SonicEmulations.

MPC Lockbox contains a huge assortment of audio loops. It also provides five (5) pre-built DrumCore drumkits. Layer hits on top of loops or craft your own subwooofer bangin' grooves with these great kits.

DC4 Content:
19 GrooveSets + 5 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•Hotbox Big: These crushed and distorted beats are massive! Featuring a gritty palette of overloaded kick and snare with a huge room sound, these electronic beats are as funky fresh as they are just the thing for a making some rowdy Drum and Bass.
•Hotbox Blip: If you're a fan of microbeats with a tactile feel, these electronic rhythms are just the thing for making anything from funky Hip Hop to iDM.
•Hotbox Delay: Perfect for creating an atmosphere, these minimal Electronic beats are dark and cinematic in feel, making them perfect for intros and breakdowns, as well as tracks with a brooding tone.
•Hotbox Drums: Full of satisfying textures, these rhythms will make you nod your head, taking it all the way back to the birth of Hip Hop with funky breaks that vary from fast and furious to sunny day downtempo.
•Hotbox Elect Dry: Equal parts funky and glitchy, the rhythms in this GrooveSet are charming in their variety and eccentricity. From throwback Disco beats, to clicky IDM patterns, to jump-up Hip Hop breaks, these loops are every bit as versatile as they sound!
•Hotbox Filtered: A satisfying blend of broken beats and minimal rhythms the best way to describe the rhythms in this GrooveSet is an Electronic subgenre grab bag. From IDM, to Techno, to Industiral, there's a little bit of everything in here.
•Hotbox Gated: These rhythms have that heavy "When the Levee Breaks" feel that first brought Trip-Hop to the fore back in the early 90's. Featuring a distorted, 808-style kick drum, heavily processed snare, and a liberal application of distortion and reverb throughout, this GrooveSet will have you making gritty, downtempo tracks in no time.
•Hotbox Noise: These glitchy, tricky Electronic beats have a ton of texture and distortion, making them versatile enough for anything from Hip Hop to Industrial.
•Hotbox NonTradDrums: Is it possible that IDM has and will always sound like the future? If these microbeats are any indicator, I'd say yes. Crunchy and tactile enough for sound-design-inspired Electronic tracks, but funky enough to make some seriously futuristic Hip Hop, these rhythms are for making music like no one has heard before.
•Hotbox Percussion: Even Electronic music needs a dose of something outside the box, and these Banghra beats are just the thing to kickstart that engine. Perfect for adding some World Music flavor to anything from IDM to Hip Hop.
•Hotbox Pulses: These bouncing synth beats are half rhythm, half melody, and made for painting satisfying, minimal textures in your more experimental Electronic tunes.
•Hotbox Smaller: Pumping, Electronic, and unforgettable, these Electronic Hip Hop grooves will have you cranking out hit after hit in no time.
•Icebox Cymbalish: I never knew cymbals could sound like that, one of the most innovative and inventive collections of filtered cymbals that you will hear.
•Icebox Slow Swing: Downtempo with a creeping demeanor, these slowed down Hip Hop beats are even better because of their Electronic nature.
•Orbital Enhancers: I think this GrooveSet was almost named, "Teach Your Robot How to Talk," but in all reality it could have been named anything and still sounded amazing. Perfectly sculpted minimal Electronic Hip Hop beats with a slight swing.
•Orbital Grooves: The most personality that you'll find in a kit, this GrooveSet is beyond capable of holding it down for your Electronic Hip Hop tunes.
•Orbital Scratch Beats: Pull out the cardboard and get ready to start spinning because this old-school kit incorporates early Hip Hop scratches and archetypal patterns.
•Orbital Warp: The future is now. These Electronic future beats are everything you can expect to hear in Hip Hop of tomorrow, today.
•Trickbox: Traditional Hip Hop beats stripped down with a pure Electronic influence will be sure to leave you mesmerized.
•MPC Hotbox 1 Kit: Looking for that classic, German electronic drum sound in kit form? Your path to the robots is right this way!
•MPC Hotbox 2 Kit: Heavy, dark, and tactile, these drums conjure up images of the mid 90's explosion of Trip-Hop and Industrial music so well, you can hear right where to place your soulful vocals or gritty guitar solo from that first note.
•MPC Hotbox 3 Kit: The hard and fast sound of London-based electronic music from the 90's briefly dominated the radio waves, and with a kit like this at your disposal, it might just be ready for a comeback. Equal parts crunchy analog-style tones and live drum samples, these drums are just the thing for that vintage warehouse sound.
•MPC Orbital Kit: Reminiscent of the early days of UK Acid House, a blend of analog drum machine tones and sampled drum hits with a bit more bass, for some solid bite!
•MPC Trickbox Kit: The early days of synth-pop featured drum machine sounds with a subtlety rarely found in today's electronic instruments, but with this unique blend of electronic tones and sampled drums, making a throwback tune is easier than ever.

Billy Martin

Billy Martin

Medeski, Martin and Wood, Iggy Pop, Maceo Parker

Podcast Interview by Drummer's Resource

YouTube Video of Billy Martin Playing this Content

Billy Martin is an internationally acclaimed drummer/multi percussionist for Medeski, Martin and Wood. Well known and highly respected for his innovative rhythms, creative approach, and manic improvisational skills over a wide range of styles, Billy continues to push the art of drumming and rhythm to a higher level. Billy is a unique artist, and this collection of drum loops captures his incredible ability to create and inspire.

Martin's Drums for DrumCore:
Early 60's Rogers Luxor Set, 20" Bass Drum, 12" Rack Tom, 14" Floor Tom, 5x14 snare, Craviotto 10" snare - newer (2000's) vintage, Cymbals: Various 1950's 18"-20" K rides and 1950's 14" K Hi Hats

DC4 Content - Billy Style:
13 GrooveSets + 12 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•Afro Six: These AfroCuban Jazz rhythms with an upbeat, triplet feel are about as fundamental as Latin Jazz grooves get, making them perfect for a wide range of genres, from Hip Hop to World Music.
•BeOunce: This GrooveSet features shuffling Swing rhythms with a subtle Latin Jazz flair. The driving low end on the kick paired with loose snares on the snare and a whole host of ghost hits give these rhythms a whole lot of body.
•Brushing Up: Shuffling Pop-Rock grooves with side stick snare, a punchy kick drum, and a long reverb tail. These rhythms are sparse and simple, making them great for a wide variety of genres including Alternative, Rock, Pop, and even Funk.
•Bumpin: Ooh, these beats have that early Funk sound that just can't be beat. Warm and bright hi-hats and cymbals add shimmer above a knocking and airy kick drum with a darker, roomier snare sizzle to round it off proper.
•Cookarocks: These uptempo Funk rhythms are made for getting a room dancing. Featuring a kit with a tight kick drum with a quick release, a reined-in snare drum with thin body and long resonance, subtle hi-hats patterns over the top, and plenty of ghost notes to go around.
•Ellingtone: These classic Big Band style beats have a whole lotta flair, and are perfect for making a tune for doing the jitterbug all night long. With a soft, hollow kick tone, subtle accents on the hats and cowbell, and swinging, tightly-tuned toms that really steal the show, you'll have the backbone for a song that brings the house down.
•Gap Tooth Woman: These upright, marching Jazz rhythms with cool ride patterns and a huge kick tone slowly ratchet up in intensity, from the leisurely pace of 84 BPM all the way up to a nice, dancable clip of 104 BPM, making them versatile for a wide range of Jazz-influenced pieces.
•HiHeeHo: Driving Funk rhythms on a Jazz kit, with sixteenth note hi-hat, and shuffling snare rhythms to hold it down. These grooves have a ton of room tone mixed in, giving them a lot of body, and a satisfying, small club feel.
•If Not: Swinging, uptempo Funk grooves with a wide kick tone, high-pitched snare, and big room tone to fill out the mix.
•Lucky: These half time Jazz grooves have something "cool" about them, featuring a crisp, bouncing snare, a dark, muted kick, and a light and airy ride floating over the top.
•Snaked: Remember the days when Hip Hop and Jazz freely shared rhythms? Well, if these grooves are any indicator, those days are still alive and well. These loops feature a deep, thumping kick drum that balances nicely against the sharp click of the side stick, chugging hi-hats, and rain of ride cymbal rhythms to give everything a nice bit of air.
•Titanic: Featuring a metallic, reverberating snare tone, and muted, flat kick tone, these downtempo Rock rhythms have an almost dragging, chugging feel to them. Time to make something heavy and dark!
•Walk Bye: There's a fine line between proper Funk and early 90's Hip Hop rhythms, and these grooves are pretty well standing right on it. With a sturdy kick teamed up with a snapping snare, these mid-tempo rhythms are as versatile as they are deep.
•Billy Martin Afro Six Kit: Billy Martin's kits are masterpieces of intricate layers of sound, made for a very natural, playable feel, and this kit is no exception. Featuring over a dozen layers per pad for most instruments, these tightly-miked drums have a noticeably intimate feel, from the softest snare hits, to the hardest, loudest crashes. You'll especially love the deep resonant tones on the kicks and toms, which are just begging to be used in cycling polyrhythms.
•Billy Martin BeOunce Kit: The medium room size feel in this kit is its most prominent feature--each drum tone has just enough of a tail to give you a sense of space, while still being subtly reined-in. If you're looking to make some mid-tempo rhythms for a lush, roomy arrangement, this kit will sit neatly in the mix.
•Billy Martin Bumpin Kit: It's hard to miss the crunchy, tactile feel in this kit, which features pieces with darker, more metallic tones. Especially good for Indie Rock or Hip Hop, your rhythms will be bursting with character, because these drums certainly do bump!
•Billy Martin Cooka Kit: These drums have a whole lot of sizzle in the high end, with lots of stick attack on the snare and tom hits, in particular. For songs that call for tight, cracking rhythms with a lot of movement, you'll find this kit makes a great go-to, and that goes especially if you're looking to make Funk, Hip Hop, or anything with a similar feel.
•Billy Martin ElTone Kit: The balance of tones in this kit is very dialed-in for a quick and easy mix with a big room feel. Featuring long reverb tails on all the kit pieces but the kick, you can hear how each element sits neatly in its own space, while the very limited kick tone means having the foundation of your rhythm just where it needs to be--holding everything together.
•Billy Martin Gap Kit: Made for mid-tempo drum mixes and more spartan arrangements, this kit has a medium-sized room feel, with long tails on every piece that allow each element to breathe. If you're wanting warm drum tones with a tight feel for your four-piece, say hello to your new rhythm section.
•Billy Martin HiHeeHoe Kit: The kick and toms ring out fully in this kit, giving heavy presence to the low end, and making these drums great for bass-heavy compositions. Don't rule out the snare and cymbals though--they've got lots of high end sizzle and bright stick attack to give a nice counterbalance--just the thing for building complex rhythms that dance over the top.
•Billy Martin If Not Kit: The pairing of a long-ringing snare with flatter kick and tom tones gives this kit a lot of body in the low end while giving emphasis to the mids and highs. Reinforced by a tightened-up closed hi-hat, these drums are made for crafting intricate snare and hi-hat patterns, for when you really want to showcase your rhythm skills.
•Billy Martin Lucky Kit: This kit is all about that big room sound, and letting each kit piece fully ring out. The toms are full-bodied with lots of depth, the hi-hat tones are bright and sizzling, and the snare has a pleasing crack that smoothly slices through the mix. You'll especially want this kit for smaller, Jazz-influenced arrangements.
•Billy Martin Snaked Kit: Darker, gritter tones dominate in this kit, with a full-bodied, metallic-sounding kick, and a side stick that knocks hard. These drums are ideal for crafting old school Hip Hop and Funk-inspired beats!
•Billy Martin Titan Kit: Featuring a metallic, reverberating snare, muted, flat kick, and a low rumble to the toms, this kit is ideal for heavier, darker tunes.
•Billy Martin Walk Kit: Crisp, bright snares and cymbals give this kit lots of shimmer on the high end, lending satisfying contrast to the flatness of the kick, and the low rumble in the toms. As versatile as they are well-balanced, this kit will fit well in anything from Indie Rock to Hip Hop.

Billy Martin interprets Mitch Mitchell

Billy Martin: Mitch Mitchell-Style

Mitch Mitchell: Jimi Hendrix Experience

YouTube Video of Billy Martin Playing this Conent

Billy Martin also created DrumCore content performed in the style of legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell (named RetroDrums in DC4). Authentic 1960's drums and cymbals (in Mitch's specifications) and vintage recording gear and techniques were used to recreate the classic Mitch Mitchell sound as accurately as possible. The live audio drum loops cover a wide range of stylistic emulations of Mitch's signature grooves and fills. Variations, fills, intros, stops, and endings are all offered for virtually infinite groovy retro drum track creations in your DAW. Also offered are 2 multi-velocity layered MIDI kits featuring sounds sampled from the vintage 60's kit, as well as MIDI file versions of the grooves and fills represented in this unique collection. Single hit sounds are also readily available for easy addition to your projects.

Martin's Mitchell-Style RetroDrums for DrumCore:
Vintage circa 1967 Ludwig 3 Ply Drums, 16x22 Bass Drum, 13x9 Mounted Rack Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom, 18x18 Floor Tom, 60's Era Ludwig 5x14 Supraphonic Snare (2), 60's Era Zildjian A Cymbals, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 20" Crash/Rivet Ride, 20" Ride, 22" Rivet Ride, and 14" Hi Hats.

DC4 Content - Mitch-Style:
10 GrooveSets + 2 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus
•Bi Polar: Crossing the line between Progressive Rock and Experimental Jazz, sporadic and fast 3/4 rhythms quicken the pulse of your tune, while giving it a raw and wild feel.
•Burning: You're headed on a far, far out trip with these catchy Psych Rock rhythms, that are only a few heavy bass lines and reverbed-out vocals away from a hit record. Fundamental and tight, it doesn't get much groovier than beats like this.
•Dimmed Lantern: Dim the lights and let these Psych Rock beats take you to another dimension. With full-bodied snare, washing cymbals, and a chunky kick drum, these grooves are just the ticket for floating downstream.
•Golden Glove: The intimate feel paired with the dynamic range in these grooves are to die for. With that classic, San Francisco sound, these rhythms are a unique saunter through what made the Haight famous for its groovy vibes.
•Hay Yo: Retro rock takes on Hip Hop in this hybrid kit.
•HOV Lane: This GrooveSet has a very vintage feel about it. It can work with a lot of Pop Oldies from the 60's and 70's.
•Orbit: Poweful and binding, this GrooveSet will get your Retro roots screaming for more.
•Procrastination: You'll be hooked on these Retro rock beats, anything else you have to do...eh, you'll get to it later.
•Sexy: This sexy Retro kit is resourceful enough that it can fit into any song anywhere from Classic Pop to Indie Rock.
•Sky High: The brushes, huge kick and everything else in this massive encompassing Jazz ensemble kit will have you feel like you are inside the kit, it just surrounds you. Lovely.
•RetroDrums 70s Kit A: Full-bodied and bright, this kit hits that sweet spot of just the right amount of deep rumble on the kick and toms, paired with satisfying sizzle on the hi-hat and snare. These drums are made for flashy rhythms and holding down a rock-solid backbeat.
•RetroDrums 70s Kit B: With heavy emphasis on top-end sizzle, this kit is just the thing for when you want your snare and cymbal rhythms to dance over the top of your mix. Throw in some full-bodied tom tones and a fast attack on the kick for good measure--and a lot of room for giving your rhythms some serious feel.

Billy Martin

Chris McHugh

Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts

Podcast Interview by I'd Hit That

Not only did Chris McHugh tour with Keith Urban on his "Escape Together World Tour," but his work can be heard on numerous platinum and Grammy Award winning recordings from a virtual who's who in the music industry. It is estimated that his involvement in the making of nearly 50 albums has played a role in the sale of upwards of 100 million worldwide.

A New Jersey native, Chris moved to Nashville in 1985 to start his professional music career. He has since recorded, produced and audio engineered for the likes of Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, Jewel, etc. He has also served as Keith Urban's musical director for over two years.

Chris' content for DrumCore was recorded at the Sound Kitchen - "Studio E" in Cool Springs, Tennessee.

DC4 Content:
Several GrooveSets are coming soon to DC4's Store under the name Rock Series 2.

Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett

Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John

Podcast Interview by
The MJCast

Coming the birthplace of funk, New Orleans, Jonathan Moffett has kept the world dancing with solid grooves. At age 12, he got the nickname "Sugarfoot" because of his fast, and articulate bass drum work, playing 16th and even 32nd note figures within his funky, relentless grooves. From 70's recordings, such as the Mardis Gras standard "Second Line" or "Don't Stop the Music" by R&B artist Yarbrough and Peaoples, to the polished 80's recordings he did with Madonna (Open Your Heart, Live To Tell, Like A Prayer, etc.), Elton John (Sacrifice, George Michael (with Elton John in the "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" video) and more - Sugarfoot has a way with a beat that attracts attention. His extensive work with the Jacksons (including solo work with Michael and Janet) kept arenas of fans bopping and disco dance floors hopping. Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett performed with the Jackson family for 30 years, including Michael's "This is It" movie.

Styles include Funk, RnB, Disco, Hip Hop and more.

Sugarfoot's Drums for DrumCore:
Drumkits include his "Main Kit" which is a Drum Workshop (DW) maple kit that includes: Tom sizes 10" x 9", 12" x 10",14" x 13", 16" x 14" (floor tom 1), 18" x 16" (floor tom). Kicks: 24" x 20", 22" x 20" and a 28" x 26". Snares included a DW 14" x 4" snare, a Dixon 6" x 5" maple micro snare, a 10" x 8" Pork Pie maple snare, a 14" x 8" Yamaha Birch snare, and a 4" x 14" Yamaha brass piccolo snare.

DC4 Content:
12 GrooveSets + 4 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus:
•Cripple Man: Dominated by a long-ringing snare, these upbeat Funk rhythms have a driving simplicity that makes them diverse enough for a wide range of genres.
•Disco: Whoever said Disco is dead was very, very wrong. These beats have versatility written all over them, fitting anywhere from Pop to Punk to Indie Rock. True to their name, these are solid four on the floor grooves with warm hi-hat rhythms and a cracking, dark snare--perfect for stepping out on that dancefloor.
•HipHopster: These are the early 90's Hip Hop beats that defined an entire generation of music, with jump-up style, and lots of swagger. These grooves star a high-pitched snare with a beautiful, ringing tone that gives these rhythms an infectious feel and distinct character.
•Hump: Don't get me wrong, these beats will work just fine for Hip Hop, but with this much funky flavor, but they just might fit into any genre of tune that needs a smooth midtempo beat with a fat snare hit dead center, and a whole lot of swing.
•JM Ballad: These utility, ballad-friendly beats don't just have to be for an R&B tune--even Reggae, Ska, and contemporary Hip Hop would work quite nicely with these truly clutch grooves.
•New Orleans Funk: Upbeat Funk grooves with a slight shuffle, and classic, Big Easy flair. If you're looking to pick up the speed in a Funk set, these rhythms are a definite go-to.
•Pulse: If you've been wanting flashy beats for that catchy ditty you've been working on, try on these infectious Pop grooves! They're sure to add just the right amount of spunk!
•Shuffle Funk: Bouncing Funk grooves with a snappy snare, and rolling shuffle are just what the doctor ordered any track with a solid, four-chord progression. Ranging from the upbeat drive of 110 BPM down to the laid-back pace of 90 BPM, these beats have that late 90's contemporary Pop feel, and are sure to extract the inner singer-songwriter in you.
•Skunk Funk: It's hard to miss the steady backbeat in these old-school style Funk rhythms with a refreshing, modern feel. You can feel that driving energy throughout, but Sugarfoot cranks up the heat by playing these rhythms on a kit that's super tight with a lot of snap.
•Stone With You: The processing on the crunchy-sounding snare drum in these rhythms is unmistakable, and gives this GrooveSet a 90's throwback feel reminiscent of both Hip Hop and R&B tunes from the era. Add in a distinctly funky vibe throughout, with groovy kick drum patterns to really hold it down.
•Swing Funk: Is it me or would a roaring Saxophone lead sound beautiful over these modern Funk beats? All of the Soul of the early stuff, but with the mastery and structure of current Funk, these beats will get your creative juices flowing.
•The March: With the snare on every beat, these driving Pop rhythms a nice marching vibe.
•Jonathan Moffett Kit: The relative flatness of the kick drums in this kit are a nice contrast to the bright, ringing timbre of the snare drums, and the deep boom to the toms. It's easy to hear how effortlessly snare patterns dance over rumbling backbeats in this kit, and why it's ideal for music made for dancing.
•Jonathan Moffett Ballad Kit: When balanced against the flatness of his kicks and the deep boom of his toms, Sugarfoot's choice in snare in this kit makes for drums that sit neatly toward the back of any mix. Here the snare has a darker timbre, but with a medium-sized room feel, giving the stick attack height that slices through dense arrangements.
•Jonathan Moffett NOF Kit: The kick in this kit has a bright attack and deep tone that sets the pace for the rest of the pieces, each of which has distinct punch. The toms and snares all have sharp stick attack with full-bodied tones, and the cymbals and hi-hats have lots of shimmer and height. With every kit piece so neatly placed, these drums are great for lush arrangements.
•Jonathan Moffett SWY Kit: This kit is all about fast attack, be it from the sharp punch of the kick drum, or the bright crack of the snare. Mixed in are toms that fully ring out, and cymbals that shimmer, lending these drums some truly satisfying balance. Overall, the drum tones are darker, making for a kit that's mostly punch up front--just the thing for rhythms that crank.

Billy Martin

Tony Morra (Heavy Mental 2)

Ayeshia Woods, Aja, Amy Grant, Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky

More About Tony Morra

Tony Morra started playing drums at age 3 in Queens. His career began at 16. He played every club in New York (Bitter End and CBGB). Tony says, "Growing up in NYC gave me the opportunity to play rock, funk, jazz, and pop. I did drum programming and live playing on jingles and TV. I traveled with Sweet Sensation and Stevie B. I worked with producers and writers in LA like Diane Warren. Now I play for artists including Ayeshia Woods, Aja, Amy Grant, BJ Thomas, Bobby Caldwell, John Pizzarelli, Songs From The Neighborhood's Tribute to Mr. Rogers! (Won A Grammy), Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky (old friends), Paul Taylor (Winger), Rod Morgenstein (Winger/Dixie Dregs), Alex M (Laguna Beach), Nicole Mullen, Avalon, The Katina's Demon, Kogure (Japanese Heavy Metal Singer), "Chronicles of Narnia", "Just Married", Rachel Farris, Jennifer Paige, Van Zant, Regis & Kelly, and more."

His DrumCore Discrete Drums content was recorded at the Sound Kitchen - "Big Boy Studio" in Cool Springs, Tennessee.

DC4 Content:
20 GrooveSets are sod separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus
See his content above in Heavy Mental 2.

Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett

Greg Morrow (EarthBeat)

Dixie Chicks, Van Zant, 38 Special, Hank Williams III

More About Greg Morrow from Modern Drummer Magazine

Greg Morrow has worked with numerous industry talents including the Dixie Chicks, Van Zant, 38 Special, Hank Williams III, DeGarmo & Key, LeAnn Rimes, Amy Grant, Travis Tritt and Deana Carter, and more.

His DrumCore Discrete Drums content was recorded at the Sound Kitchen - "Studio E" in Cool Springs, Tennessee and Hum Depot Studio in Franklin, Tennessee.

DC4 Content:
9 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus.
See his content above in EarthBeat.
Rock Series I is coming soon.

Stephen Perkins

Stephen Perkins

Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Nine Inch Nails

Podcast Interview by
The Trap Set

Stephen Perkins started playing drums at 8 years old. At 13, he bought his first pro drum kit and started lessons with Jim Engle and Joel Gallant. In 1983 he started Dizaster with his friend Dave Navarro and in '86 joined Jane's Addiction (which Dave also joined 2 weeks later). When the first Jane's album came out in 1987 it helped to define a fresh, alternative LA sound. Stephen's powerful, hybrid grooves mixed funk, punk, metal and ethnic ingredients into a tasty flavor as diverse in influences as LA itself and filled with punk energy. His innovative playing also propelled other great bands that include Porno for Pyros, Banyan and The Panic Channel. Perkins even joined fellow LA drummer Tommy Lee for one of Lee's "Methods of Mayhem" tours.

Perkins' Drums for DrumCore:
Stephen's main drumkit used in his DrumCore content is an eight-piece DW maple kit with double kick drums, alternate snares (including DW maple with wood rims, Ludwig Black Beauty brass, vintage Slingerland and a Scottish marching snare), bongos and a large assortment of Zildjian rides, crashes and specialty cymbals.

DC4 Content:
4 GrooveSets + 5 DrumKits in Prime and Ultra
All 11 GrooveSets + 12 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus. Ultra Plus:
•Burst Like a Cloud: A lot of the prominent features of Pop Punk from the early 00's and beyond. Driving beats with familar stylings.
•Dinner and a Movie: Rock beats that are perfect for the more modern mainstream Pop elements that are incorporated into more recent Pop rock acts.
•Dustbowl: A precursor to Nu-Metal and later Funk Metal acts this kit demonstrates how early 90's alternative paved the way for so many versatile songs.
•Fingertips: Fun alternative beats, with a driving Rock vibe. The Hi-Hats are the focal point in this dynamic kit.
•Jugular: Chic upbeat Metal grooves that can fit in any uptempo progressive Rock song.
•Mind Over Matter: Swung Rock beats with a very mellow laid back feel great for transitions and pumping life back into a song.
•Modern Primitive: You got three quarter notes in this one and that's actually all you need because every beat is so big and rockin' that there isn't a need for any other instrument. Just throw these awesome Rock beats on the CD and you're good to go, or at least we think so.
•Rest vs Rust: Slowed down Rock grooves perfect for some trippy Psychadelic song experiments.
•Speeding in a School Zone: If you ever have to score a fight scene or a car chase, this is definitely the right kit for you. The pitched percussion give it a slight World Music feel but the rest of the kit is pure energy.
•The Plot THickens: Energetic and easy to dance to these alternative beats are quality.
•Vice Grip: Blurring the line between Punk and Alternative, this Rock GrooveSet is trailblazing a new genre all it's own.
•Perkins Burst Cloud Kit: Dark and processed, these drums are dominated by the heavy thump of the kick drum, and the thunderous, round tones of the toms. The snare, hi-hat, and cymbals take a backseat in this kit, making these ideal for heavier tunes with a darker feel.
•Perkins Dinner Kit: The sizzle of the hi-hat sits right up in the front of the mix in this kit--right next to the sharp stick attack on the snare--while the rest of the kit sits further back, lending lots of body. The only exception is the kick drum, which is the best of both worlds--sharp attack on the beater, and a low rumble on the tail.
•Perkins Dustbowl Kit: High and bright, these drums have a heavy emphasis on the attack for each kit piece--the shimmer on the closing of the hi-hat, the sharp ring on the snare hits, and even the beater on the kick--they're all made for in-your-face rhythms that sit right up front with your melody.
•Perkins Fingertips Kit: Broad, flat tones are what make this kit distinct--the low tail on the kick drum, and the rumbling decay on the toms are just the thing for when you want your rhythms to dominate the low end, while their pairing with a detuned snare, muted cymbals, and darker hi-hat leaves room for letting your melodic instruments hold down the mid and upper ranges.
•Perkins Jugular Kit: All of the kit pieces in these drums are hard-gated, giving heavy emphasis to the attack tones throughout, and making for the kind of rhythms that easily slice through dense mixes.
•Perkins Mind Matter Kit: The pitch of everything is stepped up in this kit, giving all of the pieces a lighter, more open feel, and making these drums great for more upbeat tunes with a Pop sensibility.
•Perkins Modern Primitive Kit: The deep boom on both the kick and toms in this kit is hard to miss--just the drums for when you want to create some moody atmosphere!
•Perkins Mugshot Kit: These drums have a seriously satisfying live feel, with a medium-room tone that makes for messy, crowded mixes that hold a very distinct appeal. If you're looking for something with a lo-fi vibe, these are just the right kind of attitude.
•Perkins Plot Thickens Kit: These drums are about as in-your-face as it gets, from the hard crack of the snare, to tom tones that sound like you're right next to each piece. Make no apologies when using this kit, because your rhythms are guaranteed to dominate.
•Perkins Rest vs. Rust Kit: The hi-hat and snare sit in the front of the mix in this kit, and both have lots of high-end detail, making them a nice contrast to the low rumble of the hard-gated kick, and deep resonance of the toms.
•Perkins Speeding Kit: With its distinct, medium-room tone and live feel, this kit lends itself nicely to tunes that call for spontaneous energy. If you're after a crowded mix with lots of rumble and vibrance, you'll find everything from the bright thump of the kick beater to the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat will fit the bill.
•Perkins Vice Kit: Dark, low rumble is the primary characteristic of this kit, which features a long decay on the kick drum, and thundering tom tones, while letting the snare, hi-hat, and cymbals sit back in the mix. These are definitely drums for tunes with a gloomier or more brutal feel.

Bernard Purdie Drum Loops

Bernard Purdie

Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Cat Stevens, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan

Purdie's Website

Spotify Purdie Playlists

Purdie on YouTube

Podcast Interview by
The Trap Set

New: Bernard "Pretty" Purdie drum loops are now available for DrumCore 4. The world's most recorded drummer, Purdie is known for his signature "Purdie Shuffle," his precise timing, and the feel and attitude that he brings to the mix.

Bernard Purdie was born on June 11, 1939 in Elkton, Maryland as the eleventh of fifteen children. Purdie began to bang out rhythms on improvised equipment as a six-year-old. He purchased his first real drum set at 14, and became the main provider for his family, earning his pay with country and carnival bands. This experience enabled Purdie to "feel my way into nearly every kind of music, 'cause I had to know all styles and was never afraid to try something new."

Purdie moved to New York in 1960 after finishing high school and played with Lonnie Youngblood (among others) before landing his first hit with King Curtis. This led to him playing drums with Aretha Franklin in 1970 - the beginning of an unparalleled career. Since then, Purdie has been a regular guest in the studios of the stars of jazz, soul, and rock, working with Paul Butterfield as well as Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates, Al Kooper, Herbie Mann, Todd Rundgren and Cat Stevens, as well as regularly producing his own solo albums under his own name. The list is incomplete because no other drummer in the last three decades has seen the interior of a recording studio as often as he has. Bernard "Pretty" Purdie has laid down the beat on over 3000 albums to date.

Purdie's audio loops are 48kHz/24-bit stereo files recorded on the Pearl Custom Masters Drum Kit at Jankland Recording in New Jersey. Purdie's multi-velocity sampled Drum Kit is coming soon.

DC4 Content:
12 GrooveSets sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus.

Sweat: triple the size of most GrooveSets and jam packed with amazing funky beats. 248 audio loops and fills (514 MB) for $14.99.
Chase: uptempo funk grooves with an unmistakable cop drama car chase scene vibe. 85 audio loops and fills (143 MB) for $4.99.
Lialeh: a laid back groove from the 1974 Lialeh film. 58 loops and fills (180 MB). Lialeh on IMDB, Lialeh Soundtrack on Amazon, and YouTube.
Kid C: upbeat funky rhythms covering everything from anticipated syncopated patterns to powerful fills that help these loops sit perfectly in the pocket. 47 loops/fills (109 MB).
Sarah S: works great in soul, R&B, classic rock and indie songs. These versatile and mellow grooves will cover the entire spectrum. There's ghost notes galore with these chill straightforward beats. 46 audio loops and fills (183 MB).
12-8 Old School: soulful, fun and unique, this GrooveSet is a throwback with a vintage feel and that famous Bernard Purdie smoothness that works well with everything from Funk to Soul. 46 audio loops and fills (201 MB).
Poppa's Bag: packed with relaxing rhythmic beach vibes with major R&B influence. Perfect for Indie, Rock, Jazz, or even Funk. 50 audio loops and fills (130 MB).
92: intimate RnB drums with tons of space and plenty of texture. 30 audio loops and fills (102 MB).
126: travel back in time to the 70's when funk and rhythm reigned supreme. 36 audio loops and fills (62 MB).
Shaft: this GrooveSet embodies that signature 70's upbeat walking Funk sound. 21 audio loops and fills (48 MB).
104: perfect for a Funk Rock revival. It doesn't end there, these funky beats are great for Indie Rock, RnB and Pop. 26 audio loops and fills (69 MB).
83: several of Purdie's ultimate cool, laid-back and simple Funk grooves. Perfect for everything on the RnB spectrum. 20 audio loops and fills (46 MB).

Michael Shrieve

Michael Shrieve

Santana, The Rolling Stones, Steve Winwood

Podcast Interview by
I'd Hit That

"Some drummers only have chops, but ... Michael is like a box of crayons; he has all the colors." – Carlos Santana

As the original drummer for Santana, Michael Shrieve played on their first eight albums and helped define their distinctive fusion of Latin and rock. His recording credits include work with Mick Jagger; The Rolling Stones; Pete Townshend; Steve Winwood; Police guitarist Andy Summers; film composer Mark Isham; John Mclaughlin; Freddie Hubbard; Jaco Pastorius; Wayne Horvitz; Bill Frisell; Zakir Hussain and Airto Moriera.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet in Lite
All 6 GrooveSets + 1 DrumKit in Prime/Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•MS Afro Toms: Pushing the boundaries of Funk, these grooves could double as an Indie Rock weapon. Featuring a have a heavy, driving feel, and deep, sonorous tom tones.
•MS Brushed: Uptempo brushed Bossa Nova rhythms with a noticeable live feel makes them just the rhythm section you want for a wide range of Latin and Latin-inspired music.
•MS Cha Cha: Less is more, and goes especially for Latin styles of music. These Cha-cha-chá style rhythms are just the thing to get the feeling across, with lots of space for crafting a dense arrangement.
•MS Simple: There's something to be said for keeping things simple, and with Rock grooves as fundamental as these, writing a catchy tune doesn't have to fight with your rhythm section.
•MS Six Afro: The triplet feel in these half time grooves is as infectious as it is just the thing to take your rhythms up a notch. With satisfying tom fills and rolls, you can infuse a wide range of tunes with a bit of a World Music vibe, just with the addition of these subtle loops.
•MS Tribal: These simple, uptempo tribal beats are perfect for incorporating some World Music elements into your tunes.
•Michael Shrieve Kit: Bright and live, this kit has a lot of high end and long reverb tails, making it ideal for everything from stadium Rock to intimate R&B. The big room tone throughout allows drums to sit back in the mix, leaving space for soulful vocals and wailing guitar solos.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Heart, Taj Mahal, Peter Frampton

Ben Smith has performed and/or recorded with Heart; Ann and Nancy Wilson; Buddahead (for producer Don Gilmore of Linkin Park and Sugar Ray fame); Taj Mahal; Lovemongers; Deniece Williams; Peter Frampton; P.F. Sloan (legendary writer of "Eve of Destruction" and "Secret Agent Man"); Cornelius Bumpus; Sugar Pie de Santos; jazz artists Nancy Wilson, Ernestine Anderson; Mark Egan (Pat Metheny); Randy Brecker (Brecker Brothers); and Phoebe Snow. He also performed in the Cameron Crowe film Vanilla Sky, and worked with noted guitarist Bill Frisell on the film Around the Fire.

DC4 Content:
1 DrumKit in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet + 2 DrumKits in Lite
All 10 GrooveSets + 7 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Prime/Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•BS Jump: Old-school 60's style Motown/Soul rhythms with steady 4/4 snare hits. Perfect for a retro Pop/Soul/Doowop composition.
•BS Smith Modslam: Funk-infused Rock/Pop grooves with some interesting tom-heavy fills, making them versatile for a wide variety of genres.
•BS Oil: Tight Funk grooves with a huge kick sound and muted, dark snare. The big room sound in these loops gives them lots of dynamics, making them great as the backbone to an alternative or Funk track.
•BS Shofunk: Heavily swung Funk shuffle grooves that call to mind "The Big Easy." Half march, half parade, 100% Funky.
•BS Simrock: Simple Rock grooves with an eighth note hi-hat patterns and ride cymbal variants. Comes with basic fills and a no-kick variation. These rhythms are ideal for crafting a song with lots of room in the mix for melodic elements.
•BS Simslam: This GrooveSet contains a variety of both simple and complex Funk rhythms along with matching fills and variations.
•BS Tuna: Choppy alternative-style loops with a darker snare tone and booming tom hits. Eighth note ride patterns add variation and work well for bridges and choruses.
•BS TV Foot: Shuffling Pop-Rock grooves with side-stick snare, a punchy kick drum, and a long reverb tail. These rhythms are sparse and simple, making them great for a wide variety of genres including Alternative, Rock, Pop, and even Funk.
•BS Twelves: The triplet hi-hats give these 12/8 grooves a distinct shuffle, with no-kick and ride variations that are ideal for breakdowns. This GrooveSet also features complex fills as a perfect complement to these laid-back grooves. Works well for blues, Rock, and Pop.
•BS Your Way: Stuttery stop-and-go alternative-style rhythms with both a darker and brighter snare tones, and lots of hat and ride variations. Includes a heavy eighth note crash loop along with some tom-heavy grooves.
•Ben Smith Jump Kit: The room tone in this kit is huge, with long reverb tails on the kick and toms, giving them satisfying boominess, and making these drum tones ideal for sparser drum mixes and ballads. Add to that a subtle phaser effect on the snare, giving it just enough movement to make it cut through the mix, and give the whole kit a bit of extra character that'll make your rhythms really stand out.
•Ben Smith Kit: You can't miss the punchiness of the snare in this kit--it's in your face, and made to cut through dense mixes, for when you really want your drums to hold a steady backbeat. With a muted, more subtle kick and hard gated toms as a subtle counterbalance, these drums are just the thing for creating atmosphere, but with a lot of grit right up front.
•Ben Smith Modslam Kit: Long reverb tails on the closed hi-hat and side stick make these two pieces the standouts in this kit, which is great for creating softer or more sparse drum mixes. Supported by a reined-in kick and toms, and with lots of high end sizzle on the cymbals, you'll find your more intricate compositions will especially shine with these drum tones holding it down.
•Ben Smith Oil Kit: Hard stick attack and a long ring on the snare tones make this kit just the thing you want for a harder rocking tune, with a gritty feel, and with tight tom tones with a lot of boom at their back, any song with attitude is going to have a little bit of extra push with this kit in the rhythm section.
•Ben Smith Piccolo Kit: True to its name, this kit features piccolo snare tones, with a lot of high end and a hard crack on the stick attack. If you're looking for a kit with full-bodied kick and toms, but want your snares to sit higher up in the mix, this kit is just the right tool for the job.
•Ben Smith Shofunk Kit: All of the pieces in this kit have long reverb tails, and a big room sound that really gives these drums a lot of presence, from the hard crack of the snare to the deep boom of the low tom. This kit is made for crafting funky, intricate rhythms.
•Ben Smith TV Foot Kit: The kick, snare, and toms are all hard gated in this kit, giving them a distinctly punchy feel, and very short tails--just the kind of setup you want for making denser drum mixes where the pieces might conflict. You're definitely gonna want this one for a tune that cracks.

Matt Sorum

Matt Sorum

Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult

Podcast Interview by
2Hours with Matt Pinfield

Matt Sorum is the consummate rock journeyman, having played with the Cult and Guns N' Roses, who chalked-up $30 million in record sales and two Grammy and MTV award nominations with Matt at the drums. These days Matt is the slammin' beat behind the hard rock supergroup "Velvet Revolver."

Sorum's powerhouse beats will breath fire into your next track. He adds a massive infusion of energy. Pounding kicks, cracking snares and slashing cymbals help build a track from restrained to unchained. With power and finesse Matt stirs together hard rock, metal and alternative styles creating a hybrid of emotional drumming. His loops, fills, and variations provide all the song elements needed to construct a killer drum track. You get grooves from 230 to 70 BPM, so you're covered from a drivin' shred to a slow burn.

DC4 Content:
2 GrooveSets in DC4's Preview Player
2 GrooveSet + 1 DrumKit in Lite
5 GrooveSets + 5 DrumKits in Prime
All 13 GrooveSets + 5 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus: •Alt Smash: Hard-hitting and deep with solid Rock drum tones, these beats are true to their name--they're the secret ingredient for your Alternative smash hit.
•Bo-nafide: There's nothing quite as fundamentally Rock as quarter note patterns on the snare, especially when hit hard enough to let the drum ring out fully. If you're itching to give your drums some punch, these grooves are made for carrying breakdowns, bridges, and choruses, especially.
•Fill-er-Up: This GrooveSet is all Rock fills, all the time. Matt wastes no time in demonstrating the jaw-dropping technicality needed for playing the raddest fills, and these are sure to move your songs from verse to chorus in style.
•Metal Head: Full Metal overload! These thrash-style beats are just the right amount of heavy for when you need to rock a little bit harder.
•Motor Town: These heavy beats have the distinct flair of 70's stadium Metal, so much so you can practically hear the crowd roar!
•Ryder: These uptempo Alternative beats are great for kicking your song into overdrive. Featuring a flat kick paired with a booming snare tone, and quarter-note emphasis, they're just the kind of rhythms that crank things up to eleven.
•Scuffle: Heavy Rock beats . . . with a shuffle? A pairing this brilliant is enough to bend any music fan's ear. This GrooveSet features a few main loops, but it's the fills that really make it--just what you want for that turnaround into that huge chorus!
•Snake Foot: Resonant, chaotic, and catchy, these Hard Rock beats are just the thing to give that uptempo song some serious teeth.
•Sorum Basic: When in doubt, keep it simple. These straightforward Rock beats with new-school energy are all the backing you need--especially when you want a lot more from your melody.
•Sorum Funk: These basic Funk beats are plenty fundamental, and a whole lot of groovy.
•Sorum Punk: Packed to the brim with attitude, these fast Punk beats will have you checking the mirror every 5 seconds to see if your mohawk is still holding up.
•Sorum Skippy: These Rock grooves skip a beat--just to pick it up on the turnaround. If you're wanting more movement in a basic rhythm, these will switch things up a bit, but with lots of attitude.
•Sorum Tribal 2: Punchy rhythms made for bridges and breakdowns? Right here, buddy. Those toms are flawless and they're not even the high point in this energetic Alternative set--dig that killer snare tone!
•Matt Sorum Funk Kit: This kit has a lot of mid-range emphasis, making it ideal for laying down some funky bass over the top of your rhythms, and with its subtle, medium-room feel, these drums sit back in the mix just enough to let your melodic instruments do most of the talking.
•Matt Sorum Kit: With its big room feel, and long tails on all the kit pieces, these drums are made for crafting that big, Hard Rock sound. Your booming tom fills and cracking snare patterns will never sound better.
•Matt Sorum Motor Town Kit: Are you ready to rock? I said, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! Well then, this is the kit for you! If you're looking to make that big stadium sound, these booming drums, with big room tone, and a lot of hard crack and sizzle will have that crowd swaying and cheering in no time.
•Matt Sorum Skippy Kit: The bright ring on the snare drum in this kit paired with the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat makes these drums ideal for Alternative tunes, where having a lot of space in the drum mix for those crunchy guitar riffs makes all the difference.
•Matt Sorum Tribal Kit: The tightly-tuned toms sit up front in the mix in this kit, making it hard not to use these drums for tunes that call for a lot of punch in the mid range. The kick and snare are both more muted in tone, making lots of space for letting your bass player hold down a solid chunk of the rhythm.

DJ Syze-up

DJ Syze-up

UltraNate, Jamiroquai, Jeff Beck

DJ Syze-up has co-written with artists such as Ultranate and Jeff Beck. He has been involved in a wide-range of remix projects for Jamiroquai, Aretha Franklin, and has a critically-acclaimed remix of Jeff Beck's Grammy-winning track "Dirty Mind." He has also enjoyed chart success with S.I.A.'s "Taken For Granted." DJ Syze-up worked with Ned Douglas (listed above) to create their DrumCore content.

DC4 Content:
4 GrooveSets in DC4's Preview Player
4 GrooveSets in Lite
All 14 GrooveSets + 13 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
See content under Ned Douglas above.

John Tempesta

John Tempesta

The Cult, Testament, Exodus, White Zombie, Helmet

Video Interview by
iDrum Magazine

Sure, John Tempesta can deliver the double-kicking fire, and he has a great feel for the changes and nuance that make a great drum track. Not just a flash player, John puts thought into his drumming as well as sweat and blood. He has played with Rob Zombie, Exodus, Testament, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath guitarist), Helmet, Scum of The Earth and is now the drummer for the Cult.

Previous band mates rave about John's percussive power. Testament's Eric Peterson said "John is definitely one of the best drummers in the country. He has the power of John Bonham, the finesse of Carter Beauford, and the aggression of Dave Lombardo. As a drummer, John really has it all." Former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult said "John was the best." The votes are cast. This guy can ROCK!

John's attitude is reflected when he says "I've been able to record and tour with so many people I've always admired. I'm very fortunate, and there are so many great players out there, so I've been very lucky and blessed. If you believe in what you do, anything can happen..."

Tempesta's Drums for DrumCore:
John's kit that was used in DrumCore is all about sounds that work well with heavy metal and aggressive rock. Slashing cymbals, John's signature "Stealth Snare" from TAMA, and all the pieces of his raging double-kick kit are represented.

DC4 Content:
5 GrooveSets + 4 DrumKits in Prime
All 13 GrooveSets + 9 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•007: Fast, Agressive, and ready to the fight the system. These high-octane thrash Metal beats are heavy and driving. Just the ticket for making no apologies in song form..
•Bronx: With steady backbeat and metronomic hi-hat sixteenth note patterns, these upbeat Alternative grooves are great anything from Hard Rock to Progressive Metal.
•China Town: Like your Metal technical and with prominent double pedal on the kick, and an distinct thrash-style edge? These beats are just the foundation your epic song.
•Eastside: Double kick Metal beats are just the kind of thing that take a song from "alright" to "brutal". If growling vocals and layered finger-tap guitar licks are your thing, you need these rhythms holding it down.
•Fort Apache: Heavy low double pedal on the kick and sonorous toms--exactly what you hear before the Earth splits and smoke and fire rise from the underworld.
•Freud: Whether you're doing a nice little 2-step or you're bobbing your long flowing Metal locks during a breakdown, this GrooveSet has the perfect rhythms for slowing things down while still keeping it heavy.
•General Patton: John really shows his mettle in this GrooveSet, which features his highly technical Metal drumming skills in a wide range of tempos--and he still manages to surprise. These tight rhythms have ghost hits and satisfying turnarounds peppered throughout, making this set everything you need for each song part. From Post-Hardcore to Speed Metal, we've got you covered.
•Grappa: These brutal beats are made for getting the pit moving. The interplay between the kick on the quarter and the snare on the and of each beat makes for a driving feel that's perfect for those energetic moments when the crowd looks like a vortex.
•Green Machine: Machine is right--these blazing-fast Metal beats are as technical as they are varied. You're going to want to layer up some chugging detuned guitars over these to really do them justice.
•Julio: These beats are pure forces of Darkness, dense in their technicality, and heavy on the eighth note emphasis. With these grooves, get ready to into an epic breakdown that melts your listeners' faces.
•Lost: You know that moment when the pit is getting ready for something massive to drop? These beastly rhythms--that vary from fast to blazing fast--are just the the tom and double pedal kick builds for just those times. This is technical Metal drumming at its very finest.
•Maclay: If you're looking for a Metal GrooveSet that covers all your bases, this is the best place to start. From doom to thrash to hardcore, these rhythms are just the thing for building a wide range of all shades of brutal.
•Soho: John rains on the cymbals and hi-hat in these versatile Metal rhythms that deliver both in variety of fills and in sheer driving force. Whether it's Hard Rock or Alternative, you really can't go wrong with uptempo, cranking grooves and steady eighth note accenting.
•John Tempesta 007 Kit: The toms in this kit are made for crafting thunderous rhythms, and when paired with the hard attack of the kick and the crisp crack of the snare, you have the makings of a pretty hard-rocking backbeat.
•John Tempesta FA Kit: John tunes his toms down a bit for this kit, which as a darker, flatter tone throughout, giving the pieces lots of low end rumble. There's just the right amount of space in these drums for songs with a doomier feel, or for layering low vocals.
•John Tempesta Freud Kit: The attack of the beater on the kick drum in this kit is so pronounced, it sits right in the middle of the mix, making it easy to build a tune with a lot of hard punch. In contrast, the snare has a lower, rounded tone, giving it the kind of distinct presence you want leading any complex rhythm.
•John Tempesta GM Kit: You can't go wrong with a sonorous kick drum tone that has cutting sharp attack, and when accompanied by a dark, rattling snare and crisp cymbals, they make for a formidable Metal rhythm section. Better still, if you like double pedal rhythms and technical patterns, this kit is made to deliver.
•John Tempesta GP Kit: The kick in this kit is hard gated, giving it just enough space in the mix to punctuate a rhythm, while a brighter snare with lots of high end sizzle dominates--just the right pairing for faster, harder rhythms, and a touch of double pedal.
•John Tempesta Grappa Kit: John pitches his snares up and plays with a bright, open tone in this kit, allowing for snare patterns that sit higher up in the mix. These drums, ideal for tunes with dense arrangements in the lower registers, and with the low rumble with high beater tone of the kick to go along with it, make for an excellent compliment to especially hard-rocking material.
•John Tempesta Julio Kit: The snare in this kit has a dark, full tone that rings out fully, but with very subtle snaring--just enough to give the stick attack a bright crack. When brought into the rest of John's kit--with its thunderous lows--makes for an ideal rhythm section for Alternative and Hardcore, especially.
•John Tempesta McLay Kit: Bright, metallic tones on the snare make for a satisfying pairing with the shimmer on the cymbals in this kit--you'll find yourself using this drum for more than just the backbeat, because of its higher pitch and cutting timbre. It's a nice balance to the deep tom tones and sharp beater attack on the kick.
•John Tempesta Soho Kit: The live feel of the snare in this kit, with its big room tone, is great for lending depth to any drum mix, while John cranks up the snare pitch, making for rhythms that will sit just below the cymbals. For songs that are heavy and the lower and mid-range, your rhythms will cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter.

Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson

TKO, Q5, Paul Allen and The Underthinkers, Vulcan Inc. Session Musician

An early member of the original DrumCore team (Paul Allen's Vulcan, Inc. and Submersible Music), Gary Thompson participated in many facets of DrumCore content creation. Gary used his experience as a drummer for the TKO and Q5 hard rock and heavy metal bands in the 70's and 80's in Seattle, his experience as a session musician for Paul Allen, and his experience with technology, multimedia and audio recording to help create incredible DrumCore content.

Gary did a lot of work on DrumCore's content library, including editing many of the MIDI grooves that go with the audio. He created the MIDI drum kit sounds and MIDI beats in DrumCore under the name Urban GT in the styles of R&B, Urban, and Hip Hop. He recorded The Red Kit, which is a custom-built, red acrylic Pork Pie kit with a great selection of Zildjian cymbals - great for rock, pop and more! He also recorded the GT Ludwig Sparkle Kit, which was tuned and tweaked for rock, pop and modern country styles.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet in Lite
Vintage 40s - 3 GrooveSets + 3 Drum Kits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus.
The remaining 42 Urban GT and Basic Beats GrooveSets + 30 DrumKits below are sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Prime, Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•All Good: Golden Age Hip Hop beats with a slight swing, guaranteed to lay a foundation for any emcee to freestyle over freely.
•Atlanta: The dirty south Rap style is represented with this energetic and upbeat Hip Hop kit.
•Backtalk: This kit will talk back, it's got the attitude and the swagger to hold it's own but it's the throwback Hip Hop vibe that will keep you hooked.
•Bling: You won't care about showing off any bling when you have Hip Hop beats like this to get attention. They can fit in any Urban classic.
•Bring It: Club Hip Hop beats that bring the heat. You're all set for the next dance hit with these energetic Hip Hop loops.
•Chill: Laid-back old school Hip Hop beats guaranteed to lay down the chill. They're relaxed and ready to be freestyled over.
•Dig It: Hip Hop loops that everyone will dig they're hip and easy to mix within any beat.
•Elevator: Old-School Hip Hop rhythm with a new school vibe sure to win over both old and new fans alike.
•Frantic: The hi-hat is the frantic aspect of this kit. It's quick and chopped running over a slowed down hip-Hop beat.
•Gin: Minimalistic New-School Hip Hop beats that have an active and lively hi-hat pattern perfect for a big hook.
•Grapes: Pick apart this swaying Hip Hop classic pattern or you play it all at once for a catchy chorus, either way the beat knocks really hard.
•HalfTime: Half Time Hip Hop beat with a traditional pattern, it can work perfectly with RnB as well as slowed down Rap.
•HalfTime 2: A true classic that was the signature sound of late 90's Pop RnB and Hip Hop classics. Incorporate this style in your productions for a revival of that classic sound.
•HHP Bumpin: This GrooveSet is definitely bumpin but it isn't just restricted to Hip Hop it can be filtered for use in Funk and newer Indie Electronica.
•HHP Hopper: The club will be goin' up with this bouncing Club Hip Hop kit GrooveSet. A crisp clap with a big kick make for perfect danceable beats.
•HipHop Classics 1: You now have direct access to the sounds that sculpted the musical movement of early Hip Hop and changed a generation of music lovers. These classic rhythms are perfect for any throwback track.
•HipHop Classics 2: Drawing inspiration from the early beat making pioneers, these Old-School Classic Hip Hop beats will have you channeling all of your Golden Age heroes.
•HipHop Classics 3: Back to the basics with this Classic Hip Hop kit, you'll be cruisin down memory lane as you create new versions of beloved classics.
•HipHop Classics 4: You can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been. The influence from early day of the Hip Hop game is alive in this GrooveSet. You'll be transcending boundaries in no time within your new beats.
•House Party: It's a House Party. Crank these Hip Hop party beats up and get someone on the mic, but hurry before the neighbors call the cops.
•Juice: These beats definitely have the juice. They bring an old-school swing with the new feel of an electronic presence.
•Kickit: For when you're just tryin to kick it, nothing too crazy. Just some old-school Hip Hop beats waiting to thrown in an homage to the beginning.
•Love: Flat out, you're gonna love these. They blend every successful quality of Hip Hop percussion into one kit.
•Mad Hatter: You're not going crazy these beats are really that well done. The construction is half of the accomplishment, the original patterns are something completely different and completely amazing. Creativity sparks creativity and you'll definitely feel it with these original beats.
•Money: It might rule everything around me but the beats are king in this system and this catchy Hip Hop drum kit is perfect example of why that is.
•No Sweat: No Sweat because these fast pace uptempo beats can work everywhere from Hip Hop to mid 90's House.
•Quarter Funk: The birthplace of Hip Hop it's great to see the lineage in full swing and cooperating fully. This style of Hip Hop beats can work perfectly with Funk just as easily.
•ReggaeHop: If you didn't already know, your options with these GrooveSets are unlimited. You have the ability to mix some amazing genre fields like Hip Hop and Reggae like this beat collection demonstrates so elegantly.
•Shorty: You'll develop a bond with these addicting Hip Hop beats because they will have your back no matter what. Any track you need them on, it's on. Slight swing, with a driving kick make them perfect for any opportunity.
•Sparse: There's no sparsity in quality here these beats are well constructed and convey all the emotions we've come to know and love when identifying Electronic Hip Hop.
•Sugar: This beat is truly dynamic, even when it's just that hi-hat holding down a bar or two it just has that Hip Hop attitude.
•Thumpin: That thumping four on the floor kick is great for progressive Hip Hop but it can also hold down a Minimal House/Techno beat as well.
•Tight: An unconventional kick pattern will refresh you and give you brand new ideas in your approach to your songwriting with this classic Hip Hop beat colection.
•Trunk: This one will really get the trunk shaking. The kick is out of this dimension and when it is in this dimension it's rockin' so hard that neighbors might get a little bit annoyed. Great for new and old school Hip Hop productions alike.
•Upside: With plenty of upside, you can use it in virtually anything you write. That's the mark of this versatile kit, it's so well constructed that it can fit almost anywhere you need it.
•Basic Beats !Rock Pop 101: Basic Rock/Pop grooves with loads of subtle variations. Perfect base material to write to whether you choose to keep these beats or replace them later with more complex grooves.
•Basic Beats 6/8 Blues: Bluesy, 6/8 shuffle grooves with variations including rides, fills, intros, and stops. Perfect starting point for Blues, Country, or Rock tracks.
•Basic Beats Basic Rock: The building blocks of a textbook Rock and roll track. Kick and snare, hi-hat and eighth note ride cymbal. Simple, versatile and timeless.
•Basic Beats Basic Shuffle: 4/4 stomping shuffle with a nice swinging groove. Also includes a nice splashy ride variation for a chorus or bridge.
•Basic Beats Basic Soul: Old-school 60's style Motown/Soul rhythms with steady 4/4 snare hits. Perfect for a retro Pop/Soul/doowop composition.
•Basic Beats Motown: Another retro Motown-style collection of grooves with rocking 4/4 snare hits. This GrooveSet includes subtle variations and a collection of rhythms with tambourine, great for breakdowns and choruses.
•Basic Beats Rock Ballad: Powerful Rock ballad drums with loads of intros, fills, variations, and endings. The main grooves feature an in-your face snare sound, but variants include rhythms with side-stick instead, to really mix it up.
•Click Tracks: Basic MIDI patterns to use as a click track when recording, with both eighth and quarter note resolutions, and a variety of accents, for helping you nail down the feel you're after.
•Song Beats: Song Beats has it all from Latin to Rock to Country, and these MIDI patterns are fully-customizable down to the very last \"ting\".
•Vintage 40s Brushed: Smooth and slow, sultry and smoky, this slowed down vintage kit GrooveSet features a swirling brush. It brings back the old school vibe and appeal.
•Vintage 40s Mallet: The mallet sticks give this vintage kit GrooveSet a perfectly accurate vintage sound. Slowed down and grooving, you'll be reminiscing in no time.
•Vintage 40s Sticked: Same great vintage sound in this GrooveSet, with a little more emphasis on the stick hit.
•40s Vintage Brushed Drum Kit: Just the ticket--brushed Jazz kit drums with an intimate, small room feel. There's just the right amount of boom to the kick for more driving, Bebop rhythms, but the softened tone of the hi-hat, snare, and cymbals makes these drums hit that old school Hip Hop note equally as hard.
•40s Vintage Mallets Drum Kit: Walking the line between hard and soft, this Jazz kit played with mallets features muted cymbal and tom tones, but a side stick crack that cuts hard. Ideal for rhythms that have a tame feel overall, but a knocking backbeat.
•40s Vintage Sticked Drum Kit: Standard and true--that bright sticked Jazz kit sound is hard to beat, and versatile almost to a fault. You just can't go wrong with that small club feel, bright highs, and a rumble that means business.
•Acrylic Kit: What you'd expect from a standard acrylic kit--rounded, punchy tone with lots of shimmer on the high end, but a colder sound overall. This kit has "ready to Rock 'n' Roll" written all over it.
•Electronic Kit: If you're a fan of drum machines, you've come to the right place. This kit features a unique blend of sampled 808 sounds, paired with a diverse blend of sampled drums and percussion instruments, to fill out your rhythms.
•HHP Classic Kit: The b-boy vibes run deep with this kit, made for writing old school style Hip Hop beats, and featuring a unique blend of electronic and sampled drums.
•HHP Dawghouse Kit: If you're feeling nostalgic for new jack swing style rhythms for your R&B tunes, this kit has all the right flavors. With its killer combination of a cracking electronic snare, and a heavily processed kick with a lot of punch, these drums will have you laying down funky synth lines in no time.
•HHP Def Kit: Bright electronic drums give this kit an upbeat tone, making these drums ideal for throwback Pop and R&B tunes, and more danceable Hip Hop jams. Features a nice blend of acoustic toms and cymbals for giving your rhythms some extra depth in fills and breakdowns.
•HHP Fatty Kit: If you're looking to make some old-school NYC style Hip Hop, these lo-fi style electronic drums hit just the right note. The heavily processed snare cracks hard, and when paired with the deep punch of the kick, makes for some unstoppably danceable rhythms.
•HHP Freaky Kit: The more danceable side of 80's Pop and Hip Hop come to life in this kit--versatile enough for anything from voguing to uprocking.
•HHP Funky Kit: If you're down with the sounds of the funky drummer, this kit is for you, and feature a satisfying blend of a punchy, 808-style kick, heavily processed snare tones, and a mixture of both electronic and analog toms and cymbals.
•HHP Garage Kit: A straightforward homage to the early days of sampling culture, this kit has all the dark tonality of drum hits pulled right off a classic funk record, paired with a few electronic hits for giving your rhythms some bright accents. In other words, that snare tone says "amen", but that clap says, "rock".
•HHP Gator Kit: Late 80's Pop style drums with a distinct blend of sample-based drum machine hits for the kick, snares, and clap, paired with a nice blend of clean toms and hi-hats. This kit is made for rhythms that will have you doing the Running Man like it was yesterday.
•HHP Homer Kit: The golden age of Hip Hop is made on drums of this caliber--dark and punchy samples that sound lifted straight off a classic Funk record, paired with carefully-selected 808-style hits.
•HHP House Party Kit: Sharp crack on the snare samples paired with a booming kick, crunchy clap, and sizzling hi-hat give these electronic drums just the right feel for one part Pop and one part party-style Hip Hop. In other words, this kit is made for straight up jams!
•HHP Jumpshot Kit: If you like the classic sounds of 8-bit, digitally sampled drums, this is just the kit for you, and your New Wave ways.
•HHP Mama Kit: Get ready to climb into the ring after hearing the 1-2 punch of these drums--they're a TKO of golden age Hip Hop goodness.
•HHP Mini Kit: Early 90's Hip Hop had its roots deep in that smoky Jazz club sound, and this kit is proof of just how timeless a feel it is. Featuring a limited selection of electronic drums and favoring crisp, full-bodied Jazz kit samples, these drums have an intimate feel that makes for a versatile songwriting tool.
•HHP Nasty Kit: A refreshing blend of crunchy electronic drums and recorded drum samples with lots of space, this kit is just the thing for 90's style Pop tunes. Just the thing for laying down a catchy synth line and some vocals with attitude.
•HHP Oldschool Kit: Old school Hip Hop never did go out of style, and with this kit, which features a satisfying blend 808-style hits and sampled live drums, you'll be cranking out funky breaks in no time.
•HHP Puffer Kit: This kit has that early 80s, sample-based drum machine sound that defined Pop for at least a decade, and is hard-wired into the feel of a good party track. The deep thump of the kicks and crack of the snares alone make these drums the stuff of Pop gold.
•HHP Pump It Up Kit: With a huge, punchy kick and bright, metallic electronic snares, this kit has that jump-up feel of late 80s to early 90s R&B and Hip Hop that says, "party rockin'" all over the place.
•HHP Quick Kit: Crunchy, downsampled sounds dominate this kit, which is perfect for crafting golden age, NYC style Hip Hop beats.
•HHP Radar Kit: SFX for your drums? Yes please! The bright, pitched snares with synth tones layered in are a great contrast to the low, noisy rumble of the kick, and the bright crack of the clap in this kit. Just the thing for getting a bit experimental in the studio.
•HHP Sandy Kit: These electronic drums appeal to the sound designer in every producer--high-pitched snare, clap, and hi-hat make this kit ideal for minimal-style House and Techno tracks, while the thick punch of the kick gives them lots of body--just the thing for dance music.
•HHP Slammer Kit: Hard-compressed drums have a special place in Hip Hop, and that squished-to-hell punch is just the thing to cut through an especially dense mix. This kit has that classic sound in spades, from fat kicks, cracking snares, and a clap with some serious teeth.
•HHP Tubbz Kit: Want Hip Hop drums with loads of low end? The low boom in the kicks makes this kit the #1 undisputed champion. Pair 'em up with the crunchy, metallic snares, and you've got the backbone of a seriously infectious beat.
•HHP Vinyl Kit: Vinyl junkies rejoice! This kit comes with a little bit of crackle in the tails of the main kick and snare, lending just the right amount of surface noise to give your drums that sampled-off-the-wax feel.
•HHP Wicked Kit: Ideal for minimal, driving rhythms made for layering melodies on top, this kit nails the early 90s danceable Pop sound.
•LoFi Love Kit Kit: With its old school warmth and muted feel, this kit has just the kind of small-room sound that gives everything from Hip Hop to Punk that gritty, live feel. If you're after that spontaneous, garage studio sound, these drums are unbeatable.
•Ludwig Sparkle 68 Blues Kit: This kit has that classic Ludwig maple sound--warm and full-bodied--and just the right balance of subtle snare rattle, sharp side stick, gated tom tones with bright stick attack, and understated understated but punchy kick. Ideal for Jazz and Blues, but versatile enough for Indie Rock.
•Ludwig Sparkle Ballad Kit: The bright ping of the cymbals in this kit makes for a satisfying counterbalance to the smooth, rounded tones of the snare and toms. Played with a slightly softer touch for ballads, these drums have that vintage Ludwig maple tone that's nothing short of classic.
•Ludwig Sparkle Motown Kit: That Motown sound is one that can't be beat, and these drums are right on the money. With its low, punchy kick, tightly-tuned toms, crisp snare rattle that slices through that wall of sound, and cymbals that shimmer, this kit has Soul for days.
•Ludwig Sparkle RP 101 Kit: A veritable standard in drums, this is the utility knife of the beloved maple kit sound. With its bright, high-attack snare, toms that punch hard, and a kick with a snap that will give your rhythms some solid drive, this kit will give Rock and Pop tunes alike a nice bit of polish.
•Ludwig Sparkle RP 102 Kit: With its classic maple sound and slightly muted tones, this kit is every bit the Rock and Pop standard that made Ludwig drums so legendary, but with a reined-in feel that will let you drop in some high end melody with ease.
•NM Pacific Kit: These drums have a softer tone with a small room feel that lends the whole kit the kind of intimacy perfect for anything from Pop to Jazz. With their shimmering hi-hats and cymbals, soft attack kick, and smooth-edged snares, these drums work well in smaller arrangements.

Chuck Treece

Chuck Treece (Sk8PuNKbeAtz)

McRad, Bad Brains, Scott Storch, Urge Overkill

Podcast Interview by
Drummer's Resource

When 13-year-old Chuck Treece discovered the Sex Pistols, Clash, Minor Threat and Philly's Cherry Hill Skate Park – "boards and music" became THE fixation. He formed a punk band, "McRad", with fellow skater Zeke Zagar and skate rock videos followed including "Ban This" and "Propaganda". Always reaching, next was a solo project, remixes (Sting, Amy Grant, the Goats) and then the drummer's seat for Bad Brains and Urge Overkill. Putting his arms around punk, hip hop and other styles has forged a sound that's attracted attention. Sessions include working with Billy Joel, King Britt, Buck-O-Nine, Res and G. Love as well as collaborations with producer Scott Storch for Jadakis, featuring Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin.

Chuck's friend Aaron Fishbein (Scott Storch, Beyonce) helped ignite the vibe in these sessions that were previously named Sk8PuNKbeAtz. These beats are not vanilla, pigeon-holed, studio "pristine" and po-lite grooves. They have as much soul, grit, love and daring as you'd expect from Philly… and as you'd expect from Chuck.

Treece's Drums for DrumCore: C and C Custom Drums, Aquarian Drum Heads, and Instanbul Cymbals

DC4 Content:
10 GrooveSets + 2 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra Plus
•4 Kidz: These are the kind of swinging, Punk beats that will make your audience rush into the pit without looking back. The long tail on the crash, paired with really tight hi-hat hits, and satisfying tom rolls really drive these rhythms to the brink.
•All Out: Though most of these rhythms are half time, making them best for slower Hip Hop or soulful R&B, there are a few curveballs for ramping up the intensity, where Chuck takes things back into full, 135 BPM plus-speed. The room is very audible in all of these loops, giving the kit a small club feel, and the snare has a klanging, metallic tone that means these rhythms will cut through even especially dense mixes.
•Dark Dog: If the pioneers of early Funk ventured into Hip Hop then these laid back funky grooves would be the drums supporting that movement. The ghost notes alone make these rhythms a great set to have at hand.
•Fall Off: If your goal is to make sure your audience gets funky fresh on the dancefloor, these uptempo Funk beats will definitely hold it down. With rhythms starting at the relatively tame 160 BPM, and ramping all the way up to a blistering 190 BPM, don't be surprised if your tune sounds like it belongs in a car chase scene!
•Kitchen: These scrumptious Funk beats will have you dusting off the ol' bass and pulling out all the stops to do them justice, with plenty of room in the mix for throwing down some rhymes over the top, old school style.
•Move On: Hardcore Punk beats at their most elemental--blazing fast, and high energy! Chuck rains down hard on his snare in these rhythms, with a thunderous CRACK, and lets the sizzle of his cymbals fill in the mix to make for a full-bodied drum sound. Also comes with half time fills perfect for some more subtle breakdowns, for when you need to give the pit a breather.
•Raw Thing: Stripped-down, mid-tempo Hip Hop beats that are great for when you want to keep your rhythms simple, so you can really show off your flow. And if simple's not your thing, there's plenty of room in the mix of these drums to add a lot of layers.
•Shoe Gum: These straight up Rock beats have a distinctly surfer 'tude, with splashy cymbals, big tom rolls, and a sharp, cracking snare. A couple loops in is all it takes for these rhythms to stick to you like gum on the bottom of your sneakers.
•Tings A Qwon: Being able to say a lot with a little is always the sign of a solid groove, and these subtle beats definitely have that in spades. Versatile enough to drop into a sultry R&B track, or as the backbone to a chilled-out Hip Hop tune.
•Yaw: These bite-sized Rock beats that pack a lotta punch! Great for more laid-back Indie Rock songs, for when you want a bit of a psych or surfer vibe, but a galloping feel.
•Chuck Treece Big Room Kit: This kit features a big room sound--long reverb tails and kit pieces that fully ring out, giving every drum and cymbal tone a great deal of presence. If your tunes call for an energetic, live feel, this kit knocks it out of the park.
•Chuck Treece Tight Room Kit: These high-energy drums with a small-room feel are just the ticket for crafting Lo-Fi Rock and Punk tunes. Each kit piece has a flattened, darker tone driven by the tight room sound, making this just the kit for emulating that hole-in-the-wall club sound.

Alan White

Alan White

John Lennon, Yes, The Plastic Ono Band

Podcast Interview by

Not many drummers can span everything from the accessible, solid, pop sounds of John Lennon to the mixed time signatures, frenetic tempo variations and dynamic overtures of Yes. Alan White's playing has consistently shown his yoga-like, stylistic flexibility while keeping a creative edge, regardless of genre. He played with Lennon on his successful "Imagine" album, with George Harrison on "All Things Must Pass," and has been the driving heartbeat of Yes since 1972. Alan also conducts numerous drum clinics around the world to encourage and teach other drummers.

Alan White is known for making even the oddest time signatures groove, and his DC4 content showcases his beats, fills and variations in 7/4, 7/8, 5/4 and 9/4. There's even a taste of 4/4 here and there!

DC4 Content:
2 GrooveSets in DC4's Preview Player
2 GrooveSets + 1 DrumKit in Lite
11 GrooveSets and 5 DrumKits in Prime
All 18 GrooveSets + 11 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus
•AW Funk E: Heavy-hitting Funk groove with a busy kick and snare. An eighth note ride groove compliments the main rhythm as a perfect chorus.
•AW New Day: Versatile Rock grooves with loads of variations including sixteenth note hi-hats, eighth note ride cymbals, thundering tom fills and an in-your-face snare.
•AW Owner: Mid-tempo Pop groove that leads with a open hi-hat on the one, then quickly settles into an eighth note hi-hat rhythm.
•AW Rock A: Heavy, dragging Rock grooves anchored by a sloppy open quarter note hi-hat. Crashing eighth note china cymbals and piercing ride bells add just the right accent for a chorus or outro.
•AW Rock Fills: The set of Rock fills include beautifully recorded pitched toms and hard-hitting snares.
•AW Silhouette: A set of 6/8 shuffles with an eighth note hi-hat and ride. Intricate tom fills round out these grooves, adding subtle complexity.
•AW Six Gun: This large GrooveSet contains loops with a 6/8 feel, with added extra beats to create odd time signature mayhem! Included are enough fills and alternate parts to complete your epic progressive rock masterpiece! NOTE: Some of these loops have strange time signature labels to insure they play properly in your DAW.
•AW Sound Chaser: Another of Alan's larger GrooveSets, this collection includes dozens of loops in 4/4, 6/4 and 5/4 time. Several grooves leave the snare off, for a unique timbale-like tone, along with some great sixteenth note hi-hat and ride rhythms.
•AW Survivor: This is a versatile straight eighth note Rock groove that makes for a great utility player set. Use it in a wide range of song parts, and in a variety of genres!
•AW Trips: These up-tempo Rock shuffles add a nice amount of swing while being locked in the the 4/4 time signature. Expressive hi-hats and piercing ride bell keep these shuffles from losing momentum.
•Brownesque: Funk grooves with a straight eight note feel, splashy rides, and pitched toms that are great for adding variety to chorus and bridge parts. Alan's signature tight kit cuts through just about anything you can throw at it making sure the foundation of your track is solid.
•Changes: This set of rhythms from Alan really showcases the full range of meters he can play. Grooves range in meter from the way-out 17/8, to more standard odd times like 6/8 and 7/8, with a few 4/4 patterns for good measure. This set comes packed with over a dozen variations with different dynamics and voicings: rides, hats, no kick, and even some punchy tom fills, for those epic prog breakdowns.
•Endless Dream: Slow dreamy grooves, with a slightly frenetic edge. Tight snares and ghost note variations give these loops a driving feel that easily drifts from 50 to 80 BPM.
•Full Throttle: A real 6/4 workout from 105 to 145 BPM, with a ringing snare that won't let you forget where the 3-FOUR and the 5-SIX are.
•Machine: Cool and tight sounding progressive loops ranging from 140-160 BPM, including rhythms in 4/4, 7/4 and 9/4.
•Shoot High: Classic Alan grooves with the snare on the 3 that are great for sketching out song ideas. Versatile rhythms that build from sparse and basic to sixteenth note hi-hats and dramatic variations, ranging from 85-105 BPM.
•Snow White: Big room sound Rock rhythms, with a kick that cuts right through the mix, and hi-hat and ghost note accents that give these mid-tempo shuffling beats a lot of movement, while still being fundamental in their composition. Variations include 1/2 time, flavors of snare accents with ghost notes, and fills with turnarounds.
•Square Seven: In 7/8! A vast array of variations, including China rides and punches, plus a few bits of 4/4 to cut in for the bridge or to build your own time signatures. A tight sounding kit accenting the click of the hats and the crack of the snare.
•Alan White Kit: Classic prog drum sounds from a classic prog drummer--this is the one-size-fits-all of all of Alan White's kits. Long reverb tails and lots of boominess in the kicks and toms, for that big, stadium sound, but close-miked tones from the rest of the kit pieces, allowing them to slice right through the drum mix.
•AW Brownesque Kit: Big room tone dominates the sound of this kit, which features Alan's standard six-tom setup. The long tails on all of these hits are ideal for creating a big rhythm section sound, especially booming, rolling fills in your breakdowns.
•AW Endless Dream Kit: Lots of low end, and satisfying resonance, while the rest of the kit pieces and percussion have a very crisp, tactile tonality. This kit is ideal for creating a drum mix that fills the spectrum to its fullest.
•AW Full Throttle Kit: Similar to Alan's other kits, this six-tom set has lots of low end, but these drums carry a slightly darker, duller sound, making them a fine contrast to brighter, fuller melodies.
•AW Machine Kit: Want an even darker tone than the Full Throttle Kit? The Machine kit has an even flatter, darker sound, with the high end given a dramatic cut, and a lot of the boom notched out. The result is a kit that will sit nicely in a mix with lots of low-end elements, like melodic basslines, as well as one with bright melodies.
•AW New Day Kit: Want drums with lots of air? This is the kit for you, with lots of high end in every piece, but with lots of body you should expect from a kit played by Alan White.
•AW Shoot High Kit: A great mix between some of Alan's other kits--the Shoot High Kit has a flatter tone, with filtered high end, but lots of big room boominess, making these drums ones that carve out their own space in the mix.
•AW Six Gun Kit: This kit brings just a touch of high-end sizzle, and a medium room sound. Check out the character of the snare, especially--lots of ring!
•AW Snow White Kit: The snare sounds are what define this kit--with snares on, there's a satisfying rattle, while the side stick has a lot of big room sound crack, and snares off has a long, low tone. The rest of this kit has lots of big room boominess, and just enough air to give the pieces a more "distant-miked" feel.
•AW Sound Chaser Kit: All of the pieces in this kit have a more metallic ring to them, but that goes especially for the snare and tom sounds. The kick sounds in this kit have a dark, flat tone to them, that lets the beater sound cut through nicely.
•AW Square Seven Kit: This is the most reined-in of Alan's kits, as all the pieces sound band-passed, and the boominess of his other kits is absent here. Instead, each piece has a very intimate, close-miked feel, making this kit ideal for creating messy, crowded drum patterns where you want each kit piece to sit close to its resonant frequency, without overcrowding your whole mix.

Lonnie Wilson

Lonnie Wilson

Brooks and Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw

Lonnie Wilson has won the Academy of Country Music's "Drummer of the Year" award twice and Music Row Magazine's "Top Studio Drummer" award four times. He has played on countless hits with artists that include Brooks and Dunn, Faith Hill, George Jones, Martina McBride, Rascal Flats, Randy Travis and Waylon Jennings; and he's played on 19 number one singles for Tim McGraw alone! As a songwriter, he has written for Rascal Flatts, Brooks and Dunn, Joe Diffie and Andy Griggs.

Lonnie's content for DC4 offers great country drums, including brush and blastix grooves that are perfect for country, alt-country, and even folk and rock styles.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet + 1 DrumKit in Lite
8 GrooveSets and 12 DrumKits in Prime
All 29 GrooveSets + 12 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Boom Chuck: True to their name, these good ol' fashioned Country beats have the boom on the beat and the chuck on the and, for that classic, Nashville-style swagger. Emphasizing this beat pattern, this GrooveSet contains loops ranging from a mellow 65 BPM, to a driving 125 BPM.
•Boom Chuck Blastix: Boom on the beat, chuck on the and, these Country rhythms are classic in their style, but with a twist: Lonnie plays them with rute drumsticks, giving them a feel midway between your standard drumstick and the softer tone of brushes.
•Boom Chuck Brushed: The perfect "giddy up" for any cowboy writing his next heart-tugging hit, these brushed boom chuck rhythms played with brushes are great for a softer Country tune. You'll want to get out your lap steel to play over these!
•Brushed 6-8: 6/8 grooves built for dropping into those profound moments in your Country ballad--the ones that make the listener feel what you felt when you wrote it.
•Brushed Waltz: These soft, brushed grooves in 3/4 are custom-built for that shuffling, Country Waltz ditty you've been working on.
•Country Rock: Looking for big and fun grooves that are perfect for crafting a good time tune? These heavy-hitting beats are sure to give your tune just enough Country bravado, but with some serious Rock 'n' Roll grit. Featuring a booming, big-room sound, and a heavy kick that cuts right through the mix.
•Country Shuffle: Featuring shuffling Country rhythms in a wide range of tempos, this GrooveSet packs quite a lot of punch!
•Country Shuffle Blastix: Lonnie plays these shuffled grooves with rute drumsticks, giving them a softer tone. Perfect for giving that new Country tune you've been working on some down-home character.
•Country Shuffle Brushed: Highly recommended for a subtle, Nashville-style intro to your next Country number! These shuffling rhythms have all the click and bite on the kick, with the rest of the kit played with brushes, giving them a nice balance.
•Cryin Time: Downtempo Country rhythms, made special for those ballads that pull on the heart strings. Whether it's big, souful breakdowns, or quiet verses with just kick and cross stick, this GrooveSet has just what your need for singing a sad, sad song.
•Dog Titty Titty: The overall feel in these 6/8 ballad beats makes them perfect for softer, souful songs, and though they may have a distinct Country feel, their subtlety makes them versatile enough for Pop and Indie Rock, too.
•Hoo Rah Ridge Blastix: These no-nonsense rhythms are fun and straight to the point. Boom chuck style Country beats played with rute drumsticks, flashy snare patterns peppered throughout, and enough attitude to leave you asking--is there any other kind?
•Hoo Rah Ridge Brushed: Great for transitions and softer sections for your Country hit, these boom chuck rhythms are about as punchy as you can get with brushed snare beats.
•LW Alt Country: With a distinctly Country feel and a downtempo Alternative vibe, these grooves are just what you want for making a crossover track that blows them away.
•LW Alt Country Blastix: Shaking up Alternative and Country, this GrooveSet carries lots of warm tonality. Lonnie plays these rhythms with rute drumsticks, and you can hear how the subtle reverb on the mix lets the talls on each hit give the loops lots of high end texture.
•LW Alt Country Brushed: A Country GrooveSet fit for blurring the lines between genres, these brushed rhythms have all the making of an Alternative ballad, with some extra flavor, giving you the freedom to push boundaries.
•LW Ballad Blastix: When your arrangement is lush and full, and you want downtempo rhythms that cut through the mix, keep this GrooveSet handy. Lonnie plays these subtle Country rhythms with rute drumsticks, making his snare hits just sharp enough to give them some pop, while still having a softer edge.
•LW Ballad Brushed: For smaller, more intimate arrangements, these downtempo brushed Country grooves make for the perfect laid back vibe.
•LW Half Time Ballad: Sparse half time ballad rhythms with enough movement to drive a soulful performance. If a Country power ballad is a thing, these are just the right beats.
•LW Half Time Ballad Blastix: The smooth sound of Lonnie's rute drumsticks give these half time ballad rhythms a softer tone--an ideal foundation for slow Country anthems.
•LW Half Time Ballad Brushed: If your ballad needs a lot more space in the mix, these brushed half time rhythms might be just the right touch. Subtle and smooth, their simplicity makes them excellent for more intimate arrangements.
•Nick Nick Nair: Get ready to put on your boots and boogie, with these midtempo Country rhythms! These grooves were made for line dancing, but are versatile enough to use in anything from Blues to Indie Rock.
•Outlaw: You can hear the Funk influence in these roarin' grooves that are just calling for a twangy guitar solo, and some gravelly vocals, making these uptempo Country beats a utility player for a wide range of genres.
•Power Ballad: Remember the heyday of the power ballad, with the lush layers of sound, and sing-along choruses? Well, these rhythms are just what you need to hold it all together, from the slow intro, to the big breakdown, to the repeating choruses all the way through the end.
•Train Shuffle: Country rhythms with such an unmistakable, chugging feel that you can practically hear the train whistle already. Lonnie throws in a shuffle in these rhythms, giving each loop enough movement you may just miss your station!
•Train Shuffle Brushed: These Nashville-style Country rhythms have that shuffle you know so well, and boy can it be throughout this versatile GrooveSet!
•Train Straight: Straight rhythms. Straightforward. Straight Country. These rockin' beats with a steady marching feel are just what you need for gettin' the job done.
•Waltz: If you've ever wondered whether a slow Waltz has a place in Country, these rhythms will set you straight. Make sure you've got your lap steel handy for those heart-rending breakdowns!
•Waltz Half Time: When you want a rhythm that punctuates a a slower tune well, but you need a lot of space in the mix for a larger arrangement, look no further than these 3/4 Country grooves. They've got long reverb tails, big room feel, and just enough oomph to give any ballad a subtle swing.
•LW Alt Country Kit: The huge room sound in these drums is impossible to miss--each kit piece fully rings out, making this set ideal for when you want a mix that's drenched in reverb. Whether you're making Nashville-style Country or lo-fi Indie Rock, the bright, live feel in this kit will give your tunes some serious shine.
•LW Alt Country Blastix Kit: Lonnie plays with rute drumsticks in this kit, giving each tone a sharp attack, and softened rolloff. It's especially noticeable in the snare tones, which have more noise than when played with standard drumsticks, and the change gives the whole kit a softer focus, making it sit back in the mix enough to make your leads and solos pop.
•LW Alt Country Brushed Kit: Lonnie plays this kit with brushes, fully softening the tone of both the attacks and rolloffs of each drum tone. Paired with a huge room sound, these drums are ideal for lush arrangements with lots of depth.
•LW Ballad Blastix Kit: Played with rute drumsticks, this kit is a nice pairing of the softer tones lent by the change in sticks with the big room sound present in so many of Lonnie's kits. The result is drums tones that have sharp attacks, but more diffused releases, for a kit that sits back in the mix, but cuts through when it needs to.
•LW Ballad Brushed Kit: This kit is all about the softer touch, from a muted, rounded kick tone, to snare and toms played with brushes, to a big room sound with long reverb tail--just the thing for crafting a tune with an intimate feel, regardless of the arrangement size.
•LW Blastix 4 inch Snare Kit: It's amazing how much the tone of a snare can affect a whole kit, and this one, which Lonnie plays with rutes, features a 4" snare that has a high and bright timbre that's ideal for bass-heavy and sparse arrangements.
•LW Blastix 6 inch Snare Kit: The contrast of the darker tone of the 6" snare used in this kit with the sharp attack of Lonnie's rute drumsticks brings the whole drum mix down into the mid-range. You'll find these drums are just the thing for denser arrangements, and pieces with a lot going on in the highs.
•LW Brush 4 inch Snare Kit: This kit, played with brushes, features a 4" snare that's high and bright, making for rhythms that sit higher up in the mix. If you're looking for drums that have a softer tone for your smaller arrangements, these fit the bill quite nicely.
•LW Brush 6 inch Snare Kit: Lonnie plays this kit with brushes, giving each hit a softer tone, and uses a 6" snare, which brings the tone of the whole kit into a darker, mid-range heavy territory. If you're crafting slower or quieter tunes with lots of layers, these drums will add just the right touch.
•LW Half Time Ballad Kit: If you're looking to craft a ballad where each drum hit rings out fully, you've come to the right place. Long reverb tails and lots of bright high end define this kit, which is just the thing for minimal rhythms, where impact is the goal.
•LW Outlaw Kit: Soft and dark, this kit is distinct for its restrained tones paired with sharp stick attack. The snares especially have a flatter tone to them, carving out space in the mix for upper mid-range musical content--like that sweet walking bassline you've been working on!
•LW Power Ballad Kit: This kit is just what you want for making an epic power ballad. Featuring a huge room sound with long reverb tails, booming toms for your fills, sharp stick attack on the snare and side stick, and crisp hi-hats, these drums are just the thing for backing up your soulful vocals and wailing guitar solos.



Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Sean Lennon

Podcast Interview by

From the classic '60s-'70s rock he played with Lenny Kravitz to the old-school, R&B-meets-hip hop beats from the Bobby Brown days, Zoro has always delivered the groove with maximum soul. Zoro wrote the popular "Commandments of R&B Drumming: A Comprehensive Guide to Soul, Funk & Hip Hop" instructional DVD series and the beats you find in DrumCore reach all the way back to funk's New Orleans roots.

Funky grooves that lend themselves to RnB, hip hop and pop song styles.

DC4 Content:
1 GrooveSet in DC4's Preview Player
1 GrooveSet in Lite
9 GrooveSets and 3 DrumKits in Prime
All 15 GrooveSets + 3 DrumKits sold separately in DC4's Store and bundled in Ultra and Ultra Plus:
•Balladeer: Simple, downtempo drum rhythms perfect for crafting a soulful ballad, with plenty of complex fills for interesting turnarounds. Add reverb to create the perfect power ballad beat, or use these loops on the drier side for creating an intimate feel.
•Big Rock: Elemental Rock beats varying in tempo from 90 BPM to 120 BPM, with a distinct, eighth note feel, and complex fills that are ideal for building up tension. Especially ideal for tighter, smaller arrangements, with a distinct Rock edge.
•Crazy Eighths: Every loop in this GrooveSet features a rhythm based in a straight eighth note feel, with the hi-hat driving the beat, for a distinct, Funk feel. These loops are great for laying down a heavy backbeat or for modifying to create a bit of shuffle, and there's even some knocking cowbell on the quarter note, if you really feel like going deep.
•Grit Hop: Old school hip hop style rhythms straight out of the 80's, with that classic swing and a triplet feel. These rhythms carry a big sound, with a dark snare tone, artfully-timed ghost notes, and booming kick sound.
•Half Time Shuffle: Featuring sparse snare patterns over triplet hat rhythms, these loops in half time have a 6/8 feel, while being soundly in 4/4, and are great for a wide wange of styles. Use the more sparse patterns for ballads, or use the tighter, more complex ones for building a hip hop beat.
•Makin Love: Ballad-friendly grooves with a deep Funk feel, this GrooveSet features rhythms versatile enough to work well in an R&B tune, or an improvised jam.
•Mean n Taters: Hard-knocking elemental Funk rhythms, with a tight snare sound, and subtle ghost notes, make this GrooveSet very much the Meat n Taters of a Funky groove!
•Talkin Loud: Booming beats with a distinctly jazz-influenced shuffle, these rhythms nail the classic New York Hip Hop sound from the early 90's, while still being versatile enough to sound equally at home in an R&B tune.
•Z Feel Da Funk: Swung Funk beats ripped straight out of the 70's, with snappy snare, plenty of crisp hi-hat, and tight overheads.
•Z Get On Up: Classic 4/4 Hip Hop beats with a dash of shuffle. These loops come with lots of big room sound, a cracking snare, and a kick that cuts right through the mix.
•Z HaStik: Just as its name implies, these grooves are built around the hi-hat and a cross stick snare hit. Use them on their own for a minimal, soulful groove, or layer on top of them, for a solid backbeat with lots of space for interesting fills and turnarounds.
•Z Hops: Packing a snappy snare, booming kick, and funky hat rhythms, these mid-tempo grooves sound like they were lifted straight off an old Funk record, and chopped to just the right lengths for making beats reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop.
•Z Mean: Fast-paced Hip Hop rhythms with a big room sound, and a knocking snare backbone.
•Z Nawlins 2: A rich tom sound with driving snare rolls make these grooves ideal for creating a classic big band sound, and just like their name implies, expect that characteristic Nawlins jazz feel.
•Z No Hurry: Eighth note swing with a knocking snare and distinctly rockabilly feel make these rhythms versatile enough to be used in anything from Hip Hop to big band.
•Z Rock A Billy: Rhythms in standard Rockabilly style--with deep Nashville influence, and a driving, punk Rock feel--these grooves are a little bit country, and quite a lot or Rock n' roll.
•Z Trashy: Fast-paced thrash metal style rhythms with lots of interplay between the open hi-hat and the ride cymbal. These loops carry an aggressive feel, and are great for grunge throwbacks.
•ZBluz: Dominated by a slow shuffle paired with a straight snare beat on the two and four, these grooves are an excellent compliment to the twelve bar blues format, varying from slow and soft to a driving cut time feel.
•Zoro Kit: Crisp and bright, the snare drum in this kit has sharp stick attack and a short ring, while the kick drum tone is all punch--hard-gated and mostly beater attack that punches hard. The cymbals and hi-hat sit right in front of the drum mix, making this kit ideal for writing polyrhythms and adding ghost notes--just the thing every Funk and Soul tune needs!
•Zoro Nawlins Kit: This kit is made for building rhythms that are all about flash and flair. With high and bright room tone throughout, these drums feature distinct snap on the snare and tom hits that says, "drum solo ahead!" while the kick drum has a muted but sharp punch for holding it all down.
•Zoro Pic Snare Kit: The hard-gated, detuned snare tone in this kit cuts through the whole drum mix, and paired with the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat and cymbals and the bright attack on the tightly-tuned toms, is just the thing for writing out rhythms that crank.

Recording Studios

These are the studios used to record the DC4 content by Discrete Drums (EarthBeat, Heavy Mental 2 and Kickin' Country). Studios for other content not listed yet.

Sound Kitchen - Studio E | Big Boy Studio | Hum Depot

Sound Kitchen - Studio E

Franklin, TN
Sound Kitchen Official Website

Sound Kitchen Studio E

Sound Kitchen Studio E

Sound Kitchen Studio E

The Sound Kitchen is the Southeast's most prestigious recording facility. Many of the biggest names spanning all music genres have recorded here (3 Doors Down, Amy Grant, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Guy, Chicago, Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, and many more. Because Studio E is self contained, it is a very popular choice for projects. Within this studio is an 18' x 30' tracking room, four iso-booths, and a Yamaha C-7 piano. Studio E is ideal for tracking small sections, overdubs, and even mixing.

Discrete Drums GrooveSets in DrumCore Recorded in Sound Kitchen's Studio E:

EarthBeat: 15 GrooveSets are available.
Rock Series 2 (Coming Soon)

Sound Kitchen - Big Boy Studio

Franklin, TN
Sound Kitchen Official Website

Sound Kitchen Big Boy Studio

The Sound Kitchen is the Southeast's most prestigious recording facility. Many of the biggest names spanning all music genres have recorded here (3 Doors Down, Amy Grant, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Guy, Chicago, Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Buffett, Keith Urban, and many more. The remarkable Big Boy Studio includes 3,000 square feet of tracking space, six isolation booths, and a Yamaha C-7 grand piano. Big Boy is a beautiful and spacious studio, measuring 45 feet by 74 feet in length.

Discrete Drums GrooveSets in DrumCore Recorded in Sound Kitchen's Big Boy Studio:

Heavy Mental
Heavy Mental 2: 20 GrooveSets in DC4

Hum Depot Studio

Nashville, TN

From Mix review of Hum Depot "Between downtown Nashville and Berry Hill (was) a funky two-room studio called Hum Depot that (was) owned by studio session aces Greg Morrow, Tony Harrell and producer RS Field. It is one of those places a lot of cool artists and producers like to go to. The Hum Depot's clients have included Lucinda Williams, Ray Benson, the Dixie Chicks, ZZ Top, Steve Earle, Dan Baird, Steve Forbert, John Kilzer, Todd Snider, Raul Malo (The Mavericks), Steve Cropper, Radney Foster and Robbie Fulks. Producers who have worked there include Richard Bennett, RS Field, David Leonard, Rick Will, Joe Hardy, Chris Farren and Mike Utley."

"The upstairs room (was) outfitted with a Neve 8232 32 X 24 recording console, a 24-track Sony APR-24 machine, and a solid assortment of vintage and new outboard gear. While Hum had its share of the popular digital gear, they valued the classic stuff. In that spirit, the owners installed a 1972 24 X 16 API console in the downstairs room."

The Hum Depot appears to be closed. After owning The Hum Depot Recording Studio in Nashville for eight years, Tony Harrell joined with two partners to open Vibe56 Studio located on famous Music Row in Nashville.

Discrete Drums GrooveSets in DrumCore Recorded in Sound Kitchen's Big Boy Studio:

Rock Series 1 (Coming Soon)

Hum Depot Studio

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