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DrumCore® 4 Installation, Registration, and Activation

Loading the Plug-in in Multiple DAWs

Avid® Pro Tools® 11

Apple® Logic Pro® X

Steinberg Cubase® 7.5

PreSonus® Studio One® 2 Professional

Ableton Live® 9

Digital Performer™ 8

First make sure you are running Digital Performer in 64-bit mode.

To load DrumCore 4 (an instrument plug-in) in Digital Performer, create an instrument track using the Project > Add Track dialog, then launch DrumCore 4 from there. If this is your first time launching DrumCore 4, you will be prompted to register it (see registration video above, and refer to any email instructions).




  1. Connect the drive to your computer and double click the “DC4” drive and access the “Installer” folder.
  2. Double click the DrumCore 4 .pkg file to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to install DrumCore 4 on your machine.


  1. Connect the drive to your computer and double click the “DC4” drive and access the “Installer” folder.
  2. Double click the DrumCore 4 .exe file to launch the installer.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to install DrumCore 4 on your machine.

Registration and Activation

The first time you launch DrumCore 4*, you will be asked to register your purchase and activate the plug-in.

*For instructions on how to load the plug-in, please see the videos above.

  1. After loading the plug-in, you will be asked to either log in or sign up. Fill out the information requested, including the serial number included in your DrumCore packaging. You must include all dashes from the serial number included in your DrumCore 4 packaging; if you leave them out, the screen will hang on "Contacting Server."
  2. Once you have signed in or created an account, an email will be sent to you with an activation code and a link to confirm your registration. Be sure to click the link provided to confirm your registration before clicking “Launch Activation.”
  3. After clicking the link provided in the email, copy and paste the activation code provided in the email by selecting the code and pressing “⌘ + C” on your keyboard (“Control” + C on Windows).
  4. Click “Launch Activation” to begin the activation process.
  5. Click “Activate” to begin the activation process.
  6. The next screen will prompt you to enter the activation code that was sent to the email address you provided. Paste the code you copied in step 3 by pressing “⌘ + V” on your keyboard (“Control” + V on Windows)
  7. You will be asked if you’d like to activate DrumCore on an iLok or on your computer. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the activation.

FAQ Answers
  1. What are the differences between DrumCore 4 Lite, DrumCore 4 Prime Link, DrumCore 4 Prime Flash, and DrumCore 4 Ultra?

    DrumCore 4 is an AAX/VST3/AU plug-in instrument with 24-bit audio loops, MIDI loops, multi velocity sampled drum kits, groove browser, song timeline, mixer, effects and more. Royalty free recordings of celebrity drummers in many styles. Easily integrates with most 64-bit recording software. Each edition below includes the same features, but with varying amounts of content. Additional MIDI and Audio content is available for preview and purchase online.

    DrumCore 4 Lite ($49): Includes enough content to get you started. Includes content by 3 drummers, 8 multi-velocity sampled kits and a large sample of grooves. Available as a download.

    DrumCore 4 Prime Link ($199): Includes over 20 GB of content by 17 drummers, 100 multi-velocity sampled kits and 10,000 grooves. Download the content as you go. Does not come on a physical media.

    DrumCore 4 Prime Flash ($229): Same great content and features as DrumCore 4 Prime Link. Delivered on a metal USB flash drive and available to download.

    DrumCore 4 Ultra ($599): DrumCore 4 Ultra includes the same plug-in and content as DrumCore 4 Prime plus 9 DrummerPacks (Regularly $69 each) on a silent and fast USB3 SSD for a great bundle price of $599. Includes over 50 GB of content by 17 drummers, 276 multi-velocity sampled kits and 22,000 grooves. Delivered on a solid state drive and available to download.

  2. How is DrumCore different from BFD, Battery, Stylus RMX and other similar products?

    Great Content/Celebrity Drummers - DrumCore content is inventive, surprising and invites you to try musical ideas you normally wouldn't try. Not unlike playing with a great drummer. This is like accessing the brain of a great player and getting access to how they approach a beat. You probably wouldn't have programmed it like they played it, since we don't all think the same way. Additionally, the roster of celebrity drummers included in DrumCore and DrumCore add-on content features some of the best players on the scene today. Having incredible live performances by the world's best drummers in a simple, easy to use interface makes DrumCore the most capable drum plug-in on the market.

    Easy - The simplicity of DrumCore is refreshing as there is no big learning curve. Plus there is not a bunch of specialized DSP and processing to strain the computer. Songwriters and music for film/tv composers (DrumCore's core user base) don't have much time to read manuals and do everything from scratch. They appreciate simplicity and great grooves immediately on call.

    Organic Sounding - The sounds in DrumCore tend to be organic and individual more than other drum products. The way the drummers are recorded is more about their music genre and style, rather than trying to make the playing and recording process fit into our audio engine requirements (isolation, etc.).

    Varied Genres and Sonic Versatility - From blues and reggae to hip-hop, DrumCore content covers a lot of ground. There are several add-on DrummerPacks to expand the list of genres even more. DrumCore delivers over 100 drumkits with acoustic, Latin and electronic sounds.

    DrumCore and DrummerPack Styles Include: Acoustic, Afro, Alternative, Big Band, Blues,Country, Disco, Drum & Bass, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, New Orleans, Pop, Progressive,Punk, R & B, Reggae, Rock, Shuffle, Ska, Soul, Swing, Urban, Waltz, World

    DrumCore Plays Well With Others - DrumCore's beats and drumkits are General MIDI compatible (unless the kit is very specialized). So our content can work with a huge amount of other drum products, sequencers and control interfaces. The DrumCore 4 plug-in comes in 3 formats: VST3, AAX, and AU making it compatible with most modern DAW programs. DrumCore 4 is also lean on system resources unlike many of the other leading drum plugins.

    Bang-for-the-Buck - Price-wise DrumCore is an incredible deal. You get thousands of grooves by top celebrity drummers and their multisampled drum sounds across a multitude of styles for what other products are charging for a few acoustic kits and MIDI beats. Also when you buy DrumCore audio loops, they are not split across multiple formats as with most other loop libraries. So when you get see that "X" MB or GB in our specs those are all discrete, seperate bits of audio loops and kit sounds. Not "X" divided by the number of formats the library supports (such as libraries trying to cover AIFF, WAV, REX2, ACID and AppleLoop formats).

  3. Will DrumCore 4 work on my 64 bit operating system?
    Yes DrumCore 4 is designed to work on both 64-bit operating systems and in 64-bit DAWs.
  4. What is the quality of DrumCore content?
    All the sessions are at least 48k/24bit, and some are down-sampled from 96 and 192. All analog-to-digital and digital processing was performed with extra care. Distributed sync and the best converters available were used. The content was recorded in professionally designed private recording studios using a mixture of the latest state-of-the-art digital and analog equipment in addition to a large amount of vintage equipment (microphones, compressors, mic pres, etc.). A partial list of equipment used on sessions includes:

    SSL 9000 consoles
    ProTools HD
    Vintage and new mic preamps by Focusrite, API, Neve, and MilleniaCompression by Empirical Labs, Urei, Teletronix, Manley, DBX and Fairchild
    EQ by Pultec (EQP1A) and others
    Numerous vintage Neumanns (M50, U47 FET and tube), Coles, and AKG C24

  5. Can I use my electronic drumset to trigger DrumCore sounds?
    Yes. By default DrumCore sounds are mapped to General MIDI (GM), but the MIDI note assignments can be changed in the Kit Editor to match your electronic kit.

  6. Many of the extra DrummerPacks are by the same drummers included in DrumCore 4, is the content the same?
    Even though DrumCore 4 Prime contains a massive 16 GB of content, it is just a fraction of all the content that is available for each celebrity drummer. Each DrummerPack contains much more loops by that particular artist. *NOTE - The content of TempestaPack II is included in DrumCore 4.

  7. Can I change the levels and sounds of each individual drum?
    Using MIDI, yes. The audio loops are stereo mixed files which cannot be separated into separate drum sounds. Thee MIDI loops trigger individual samples which gives you the freedom to change kits, kit pieces, or apply effects to individual drums. On the KIT>MIX screen, you can edit each individual drum element.

  8. Why are some of the loops red and others black?
    Each loop in DrumCore was recorded at multiple tempos (BPM) so that the audio can be time stretched across a great range while still sounding perfectly natural. If the tempo of your project is beyond the suggested range of BPM, the loop will change from black to red. While this is considered an extreme tempo stretch, the loop still might sound great and be usable. When in doubt, let your ears guide you. DrumCore will always tempo stretch from loop closest in BPM to your project to deliver the most natural sound.

  9. Why isn’t DrumCore 4 appearing in my list of plug-ins?
    Is your DAW on our list of compatible software? DrumCore 4 is a 64-bit plug-in and requires a 64-bit host application. Make sure your DAW is 64-bit and is compatible with AAX, VST3, or AU plug-in formats.

  10. My DAW is on the list of compatible software but I still don’t see it. Where is it?
    If you are on a Mac and your DAW can operate in both 32-bit and 64-bit mode, it may have opened in 32-bit by default. Open your Application folder and right-click on your DAW’s icon. Select “Get Info.” There should be a check box marked “Open in 32-bit mode”. Make sure this is unchecked and try reopening your DAW. If you still do not see DrumCore, you may want to rescan your plug-in directory. Consult your DAW’s manufacturer for instructions on how to do this.

  11. I’m dragging audio loops onto the instrument track, why am I not hearing playback?
    The MIDI loops in DrumCore 4 should be dragged onto the same Instrument track DrumCore is loaded on. Audio loops in DrumCore should be dragged onto an audio track.

  12. How many installs am I allowed with my license?
    DrumCore 4 can be installed on up to 2 machines. If you need DrumCore on more than 2 machines you will need to purchase an additional license.

  13. I am a well known drummer, can I get involved with DrumCore?
    Send us an email to with a biograpy/discography. If it looks like a fit, we will have someone contact you.

  14. Are these drum recordings royalty-free? Can I use this in music I plan to release publicly?
    Yes, owners of a license to DrumCore 4, and the content they are using in DrumCore 4, may use the content royalty free in their compositions. Please consult the license agreement included on the product for the full details.

  15. How do I give credit to the drummer from DrumCore 4 in my song credits?
    You are not obligated to give credit to the drummer. If you opt to give credit to the drummer in your album liner notes, or elsewhere, it must be clear that it was not created by the drummer directly for you. After the name of the artist, you must put Drums by DrumCore®, or whichever third party manufacturer produced the drums. Please consult the license agreement included on the product for the full details or email

  16. May I hear some songs created using DrumCore?
    "Montgomery Sunshine" by Stephen Poff

    Other artists using DrumCore

  17. Can content from KitCore 2, KitCore Deluxe, DrumCore 2.5, DrumCore 3 or DrumCore 3 Deluxe be migrated to DrumCore 4? DrumCore 4 Lite?

    Yes, qualified upgrade customers will be provided with a tool to migrate previously purchased content to DrumCore 4.

    Those who qualify for, and purchase, a DrumCore 4 upgrade will be given access to, and a license to use, the DrumCore 4 Content Migration Tool. This tool will migrate DrumCore 3, KitCore 2, DrumerPack and KitPack content that you have a license to use to DrumCore 4.

    What about migrating content from DrumCore 2.5 or 3 to DrumCore 4 Lite?

    Registered users of DrumCore 2.5 and DrumCore 3 cannot upgrade to DrumCore 4 Lite. The DrumCore 4 Lite Upgrade is only for KitCore 2 users. The upgrade path from DrumCore 2.5 and DrumCore 3 is only to DrumCore 4 Prime Link Upgrade, DrumCore 4 Prime Flash Upgrade or DrumCore 4 Ultra Upgrade. The only DrumCore 4 Lite users who will receive the content migration tool are registered KitCore users who pre-order the DrumCore 4 Lite upgrade.

    To purchase an upgrade, go to the DrumCore 4 Upgrade Form, enter your registered KitCore or DrumCore 3 serial number, and you will be directed to the DrumCore 4 upgrade products that you are qualified to purchase.

  18. When will DrumCore 4 be available? Is there a DrumCore 4 Beta Testing Program?

    DrumCore 4 development is making great progress. We are not able to promise an exact release date because DrumCore 4 is being rewritten from the ground up, and unforeseen circumstances can arise. We are working hard to complete it as soon as possible. A beta version is in the hands of select pre-order customers.

    DrumCore 4 beta 2 worked great at NAMM. It's in the hands of more than 50 beta testers who pre-ordered DrumCore 4 Prime Flash or DrumCore 4 Ultra and use Mac OS (Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One and Digital Performer). Testers who ordered the downloadable versions (DrumCore 4 Prime Link and DrumCore Lite) will be considered for the beta after the download server is ready.

    Pre-order DrumCore 4 for special offers and to apply to the beta program.

    Sonoma will email all pre-order customers with an application to the beta program. Once accepted, beta testers are sent the current version of DrumCore 4, granted access to the private beta forum, and will continue to receive beta updates and the final version ASAP.

    Betas are being mailed out in this order (subject to change):

    1st Wave - Mac: DrumCore 4 Prime Flash (available now on a flash drive and eventually downloadable) and DrumCore 4 Ultra (available now on a solid state drive and eventually downloadable)

    2nd Wave - Mac: DrumCore 4 Prime Link (download)

    3rd Wave - Windows: DrumCore 4 Prime Link, DrumCore 4 Prime Flash and DrumCore 4 Ultra

    4th Wave - Mac and Windows: DrumCore 4 Lite (download)

    If you would like to upgrade from one DrumCore 4 product to another, please request pricing from
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