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DrumCore 4 Lite GrooveSets List

DrumCore 4 Lite contains 4 GB of content, including 24 GrooveSets (1,400 audio loops and 800 MIDI loops) by 13 drummers, and 11 multi-velocity sampled Drum Kits. The plug-in is downloadable, and the content can be either downloaded from the DC4 Browser for new and upgrade customers, or migrated for upgrade customers. Read more about DrumCore audio loops in the DC4 FAQ. Listen to audio previews. All GrooveSets and Drum Kits by all DC4 drummers are listed and described on the Drummer Bios page and are available for preview and purchase in the store built into DC4.
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A DC4 GrooveSet is a series of rhythmic loops and fills (audio and/or MIDI) that have a cohesive feel to them. The number of loops and fills varies for each GrooveSet.

Below is the list of GrooveSets in Lite. See the Drum Kits in Lite.

DrummerGrooveSetDescriptionGenreAudio Loops and FillsMIDI Loops and Fills
1Alan WhiteAW BrownesqueFunk grooves with a straight eight note feel, splashy rides, and pitched toms that are great for adding variety to chorus and bridge parts. Alan's signature tight kit cuts through just about anything you can throw at it making sure the foundation of your track is solid.Funk10515
2Alan WhiteAW SilhouetteA set of 6/8 shuffles with an eighth note hi-hat and ride. Intricate tom fills round out these grooves, adding subtle complexity. Rock5113
3Basic BeatsBasic RockThe building blocks of a textbook Rock and roll track. Kick and snare, hi-hat and eighth note ride cymbal. Simple, versatile and timeless.Rock284
4Basic BeatsBasic Shuffle4/4 stomping shuffle with a nice swinging groove. Also includes a nice splashy ride variation for a chorus or bridge.Blues223
5Basic BeatsBasic SoulOld-school 60's style Motown/Soul rhythms with steady 4/4 snare hits. Perfect for a retro Pop/Soul/doowop composition.R & B173
6Ben SmithBS ModslamFunk-infused Rock/Pop grooves with some interesting tom-heavy fills, making them versatile for a wide variety of genres.Rock9012
7Click TracksClick TracksBasic MIDI patterns to use as a click track when recording, with both eighth and quarter note resolutions, and a variety of accents, for helping you nail down the feel you're after.Click Tracks025
8Jeff AnthonyJA SunKnocking snare-less snare over hi-hat triplets and driving ride rhythms give these loops an unmistakeably 90's indie rock feel straight outta Olympia, WA.Alternative569
9John BishopJB WaltzThese cool Jazz rhythms in 3/4 make for a refreshing break from the standard 4/4 that tends to dominate. Here, John keeps these grooves simple and to the point--soft snare rolls, ride rhythms on the offbeat, and biting, concise hi-hat chicks.Jazz12916
10Lonnie WilsonLW Alt CountryWith a distinctly Country feel and a downtempo Alternative vibe, these grooves are just what you want for making a crossover track that blows them away.Country19241
11Luis ConteBasic Perc Agogos/TrianglesA bright collection of agogo and triangle rhythms--perfect for adding high end texture to your drums.Funk517
12Luis ConteLC Open HeartLatin-infused Pop has always been the gateway to new forms of musical expression, and this GrooveSet is a great place to get started. These are a much more Americanized take on Latin rhythms, with a straight feel and tambourine over the top, but boy are they a nice way to spice up your track!Pop369
13Matt SorumSorum BasicWhen in doubt, keep it simple. These straightforward Rock beats with new-school energy are all the backing you need--especially when you want a lot more from your melody.Rock10729
14Matt SorumSorum Tribal 2Punchy rhythms made for bridges and breakdowns? Right here, buddy. Those toms are flawless and they're not even the high point in this energetic Alternative set--dig that killer snare tone!Alternative709
15Michael ShrieveMS AfroTomsPushing the boundaries of Funk, these grooves could easily double as an Indie Rock weapon. Featuring a have a heavy, driving feel, and deep, sonorous tom tones.Funk648
16Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpLookHip-Hop beats with a crunchiness to them that gives any track some serious grit. You're going to want to play this kit from your MIDI controller, too.Hip Hop162
17Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDLThese Hip-Hop beats sound just like Southern California in the summertime--circa '92.Hip Hop211
18Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpSimpleThese are about as basic as downtempo Hip-Hop beats can be--kick, hat, snare, with a laid-back feel.Hip Hop141
19Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpThe ShakeThe kick/snare combo in these Electronic beats have a satisfying, tactile feel that makes them a perfect pairing. Where one is wide and full-bodied, the other has a crunchy, noise-filtered tone.Hip Hop211
20Sly DunbarSly One Drop AThe hi-hats and snares tag team to deliver a unique kit that caters to a master shaper of dynamics.Reggae4611
21Song BeatsSongsSong Beats has it all from Latin to Rock to Country, and these MIDI patterns are fully-customizable down to the very last \"ting\".Rock0506
22Terry BozzioTBZ Rock ShuffleAh, the timeless shuffle styling. Except this time it gets a nice Rock facelift.Rock20519
23Tony BraunagelTB 2nd Line MarchesSwung Funk beats with almost a Big Band era vibe to them they're massive and grooving.Funk4419
24Tony BraunagelTB Vintage GrooveEasily the most addictive beats you're gonna hear all year. They're geared towards Rock, but don't let that limit you because these grooves will kill it in Indie Rock or Hip-Hop.Rock4020
25Urban GTHipHop Classics 1You now have direct access to the sounds that sculpted the musical movement of early Hip-Hop and changed a generation of music lovers. These classic rhythms are perfect for any throwback track.Hip Hop053
26ZoroZ Get On UpClassic 4/4 Hip-Hop beats with a dash of shuffle. These loops come with lots of big room sound, a cracking snare, and a kick that cuts right through the mix.Funk4216

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