Topic: Current biuld issues?

Not sure if the server is having issues today or its the new update.  So far I haven't had any issues other than today.  In collab-A long way down by CoolJammer.  Duplication seems to be possessed..LOL  First cooljammer tried to copy some riffs and only some of the tracks duped...but only the first not played for the entire riff.  Then I tried and I got a partial dupe...Then I went and dragged the missing tracks back..they were there for bout 30 seconds then they started slowly deleting themselves...was wierd...I'll be back in there later to see what we got but just a heads up on some issues happening wether its server related or update related...


Re: Current biuld issues?

Hey Ep1taph,  good catch..........these issues and behaviors have been brought to light during BETA testing and are being worked upon.......it seems that when more then 1 are in a collaboration, these types of issues do happen.  I tend not to enter a collab with the intent to record whilst someone is in the said collab.


Re: Current biuld issues?

Update..Thanks for that info Mickey.  Upon re-entering the collab all was there...just a wierd glitch.  I had a feeling it might be cause me and Jammer were in there together.....Problem solved...well from a musicians standpoint at least..LOL