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Create songs in RiffWorks and post them to RiffWorld.com!

About RiffWorld.com:
RiffWorld.com is an online community for RiffWorks recording software users. Instantly broadcast any song created in RiffWorks – whether it be a solo effort or collaboration – for the RiffWorld community to hear. Listen to songs and talk about what your fellow musicians are creating. Get feedback about your songs. Find inspiring musicians and invite them to jam online.

Requires RiffWorks v2 recording software, including RiffWorks T4 (free) or RiffWorks Standard ($129). A reliable broadband internet connection (DSL or Cable) is recommended.

Take the Quick Start Tutorial that begins when you launch RiffWorks (14 languages available).

Experiment creating songs with RiffWorks. More help can be found in the RiffWorks Online Guide

Then read the RiffWorld Profile, RiffCaster Song Posting, and RiffLink Online Collaboration Guide

Listen to all songs RiffCasted from RiffWorks to RiffWorld.com

Listen to Online Collaborations on RiffWorld.com


Re: About RiffWorld - How to RiffCast Songs from RiffWorks to RiffWorld

Hi Michelle it`s not to this theme, but I get no warrent to write a new theme in Forum. I have a big problem ! I have a new PC, 8 GB internal memory, 4 computer processors, Windows 7. First I`ve installed new soft and hardware by Native Instruments ( Komplete Audio 6 interface, Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5 and some some software instruments for Kontact 5). All works alone and sounds good. Native says all is kompatible with Riffworks. So I`ve installed Riffworks. When I open Riffworks, I can open the other programms by Native left side down, where you can find Ampli Tube under other. But they don`t fail to respond.....and some minutes later comes Riffworks error and the message I shall tell this Sonoma Wireworks.
I thought, ok I try to install Guitar Rig 5 on my old PC Windows Vista. By starting Riffworks immediately  opens Guitar Rig too and oh big happyness, I can hear the sounds but with a big drone and I can record ( only with drone ) a short time. Then comes Riffworks error.
Who can help me ? What shall I do ?


Re: About RiffWorld - How to RiffCast Songs from RiffWorks to RiffWorld

Hello janmueller,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with RiffWorks. Can you write into our support email restating your problem and also include a copy of your RiffWorks log files?

Support email - support@sonomawireworks.com

If you look in Documents - Sonoma Wire Works you will see a folder named Logs. Please zip that folder and send it to the support email as an attachment.