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What differentiates the GuitarJack from headset input jack devices, and why is it priced higher? (See GuitarJack FAQ  to compare GuitarJack with other dock connecting devices like the JAM.)

Products that connect via the headset input jack may have a 1/4" input for guitar and a headphone out, but that's where the similarity with GuitarJack ends.

• Adjusting the analog input level, before it is digitized and clipped, is the most requested feature by FourTrack users. GuitarJack allows for 60 dB of analog input gain (72 dB with the 12 dB pad) controlled via software .

• GuitarJack can communicate with applications via the dock connector device, which line in devices are unable to do.

• GuitarJack is able to record in stereo because the dock connector has stereo line in. All devices that plug into the headset jack of an iOS device are limited to mono.

• The dock connector is an unprocessed line input. Apple applies measurable equalization to the headset input that was optimized for voice - not necessarily what you want when recording other instruments.

• Impedance matching is important to produce optimal tone. GuitarJack has a selectable impedance, Hi-Z and Lo-Z, which allows it to work with a variety of instruments and mics.

• GuitarJack has 2 inputs (1/4" mono and 1/8" stereo) that can be used simultaneously to record both an instrument and a microphone.

• GuitarJack's electronic design and components are premium quality: Nickel-plated, solid brass Switchcraft jacks with 10,000 insertion MTBF;  aluminum case, etc.

• GuitarJack has less input to output crosstalk than the headset jack.

• GuitarJack passed Apple certification, FCC and CE testing, which is required for dock connecting devices. Headset input devices may not have gone through this rigorous testing.

The above features were developed and manufactured using the highest standards possible. The quality of craftsmanship and the range of features make GuitarJack stand out from other interfaces.  Quality audio hardware has always been pricey, and we are offering it at the lowest price we can at this time. We encourage users to investigate all the solutions and choose the best match for their needs.

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The GuitarJack looks like an item I'd like to purchase, but I use a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, and do not
have any intentions to go out andget an iPhone, or iPad, just to use the GuitarJack, I'll just drag along
my 8-Track Porta-Studio.  Any plans on a guitarJack for other items, such as the Windows Mobile 6.5 phone,
or Android phone's?


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Once we are able to develop our software for other devices (we can't currently), that might become a possibility. At the moment, we only have plans to develop for iPhone/iPod and are investigating the iPhone 4 and iPad. Thank you for your interest.

Many people are using FourTrack on their iPod touches which might be a solution for you if you do not want to use AT&T.

Please see this FAQ for Why FourTrack is not on Android.

Daniel Codella - Sonoma Wire Works Marketing + Artist Relations


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Updated and detailed GuitarJack FAQ based on recent questions by users and reviewers:


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I'm looking for a "reasonably priced" small gadget that will input audio into my iphone 5 --which has a different usb --smaller than the 4.   my phone controls my hearing aids via blue tooth and I need to hear input from my instructor's fm unit.  It would be similar to inputting music from a "shuffle" into the iphone and being able to hear it in my aids.  This unit seems to have an input, but probably guitar and mic.   I doubt the fm unit or shuffle put out that kind of signal.,   Any suggestions?  Thanks.