Me no understand posts 48 and 49. But seek what you find. Or find what you seek. One is from nothingness... and you can mention what you like... Cos speech is nearly free. Talk is cheap. And my samsung android phone kicks apple ass at better price.

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mickeymix wrote:
Rotund wrote:


Now are we back on track. .

YES!  that's what I was saying....agreed my fellow Junkie. cool

and in much fewer words my Riff Junkie Buddy.
So should I go back to posting Apple Stock quotes?  smile Whoops their down 8 bucks this morning.

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I suspect I miss a lot of very cool stuff. Wish I had more free time to browse. There's a very cool 5% or so of RiffCasts that are really innovative, interesting and exciting, and a fair few casters with their own unique musical voices. A lot of it disappears without trace. But isn't that true of all music charts?

I would love a complementary system where folk can award points or stars to riffcasts, and maybe even where our profiles are linked by musical taste, so that stuff that's rated highly by people who tend to like the same stuff as me rises to the top of my list of "stuff I might like". Kind of like Amazon's "customers who bought this item also bought..." feature. Or like last.fm.



Get rid of the charts and bring back the fun things that promote community involvement. Bring back the RiffRumble contests. Don't need prizes. Give the top three shouted songs a front page spot. Not based on plays but shouts. All you need to do is give us a theme and let us have at it. HI! Jounil, Colin, Trik, Wedge, Mark and everybody else.



hi patrick! where u been dude?

ya man, you want to  compete, bring it to the many sites out there for that. TGP, HC, Soundclick, etc.

the best thing about here, is the nurturing and encouragement! i love the shouts.

really bummed when i have to repost and loose the shouts in order not to have many versions of the same tune.

we need the edit back, lol! my mantra!

because there is a gray moore tribute on the front page of riffworld.

doesn't that bother anyone but me and bluseydude?

this is a FUN place. probably have a higher mean age than anywhere. err..not bad coz we "should" have more liquid assets. smile

not that it isn't technical, btw.

it is about the software and i can appreciate all that it entails, including dominance.

anyway, where was i going with this? must be oldtimers kicking in.

birddie!! hehehehehh!!

"..you know, i have no professional training of singing and dancing"



I agree with Patrick. Its great to see I am not alone in seeing the charts as more harm than good. And his idea of the top three shouted songs going on the frontpage is excellent.

The site and frontpage need a radical overhaul IMHO. Many things were to be fixed when 2.6 had been done. RiffRumbles among them. And Sonoma commented in the forum about 6 months ago that the charts are open to manipulation and that also would get attention after the 2.6 release. We still await a better system and Patricks would be based on peer review. Thats worth a try.

fooks we agree on a lot but are you messing when you say you love the shouts and nurturing and encouragment in RW? Because I try listen to lots of songs on the riffcaster and to leave plenty of shouts (as do you). We are a minority fooks. Shouts have gone a bit anorexic for/from many users. And they rarely go beyond 'cool song' or 'great'. To improve your music you need your peers to give a little more feedback and regularly, and if all do that it would be a big community improvement IMHO.

And I dont agree that RW is less competitive than TGP, HC, SoundClick etc. We all know the charts are dogged by some people overplaying their own songs to get chart and front page position. That is competition in my eyes, and of the worse sort. Some people think its ok to artificially inflate their songs. Why? Because they want to dominate the 'money shots' of their songs being in charts and out the front of the page. And it works. And until Sonoma restrict users playing their own song as only ever being one play, the charade will continue.

Finally, like you fooks I like it around here and you can make great friends to collaborate with. But I don't think anyone should get misty eyed about the fun to be had. My mate Brillstereodeck was junkie jacked recently,WITHOUT permission. Song then went on to be picked for the front page by Sonoma as an example of a great collab?! Which led to it getting tons of plays,shout and chart position. And Brill knew nothing about it. And got none of the 'reflected glory'. There was no collab Sonoma!! Just a dude taking a song and abusing the copyright of the creator by never telling him about it, before or after the jacking. And Sonoma to date see that as a matter between the two users and that Brill should actually go to the jacker and ask him to amend the credits etc on his cast....

So I say can we not try something else like Patrick has suggested. What is there to lose? I don't predict it will happen but I would love to be wrong smile

A cuckoo is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ;)



hi ray, i was trying to be lighthearted.

ya, shouts are in short supply, that's why i cherish all of them when i get them.

rw is not less compedative but plays it down.

we had riffrumbles! to compensate for rampant whoremones and estrogin martinnis

brill will survive, you will survive, i will too.

we need the edit back.

bleep happens, i misspell the writer of my covers! and can't correct it!

that's why we need to practice some ediquete'

whatever is posted or collabed is fair game.

that is collective commons.

Sonoma has no legal stake in any of this bleep.

i play the bleep out of my songs, get 1 play on my count. i do it coz i don't want the clutter on my desktop.

never have i played them enough to rate the top 10.

that is hard if possible.

"..you know, i have no professional training of singing and dancing"



Not having charts would be less work in the end...When I release a song I work hard to promote it during the week.  Through many various websites/friends/relatives/internet radio stations and such.  I know others do the same to promote themselves online, I followed there internet footprints to figure out how they did it and built on that.  Having a consistent internet presence is definitely key in promoting yourself online and getting people to come to Riffworld and click play.  The larger your fan list the more chance you have of getting someone to listen to your tunes.  I don't promote myself for business or delusions of grandeur, I just get a kick out of people hearing the music I create.



correct epi!

preaching to the choir so to speak. people get big numbers other places.


it's nice in a way as here is limited with players and producers.

that's why charts won't work for everyone.

"..you know, i have no professional training of singing and dancing"



Well said fooks. I love you even more now buddy smile My only final reservation is the way the collective licence can be abused. I won't go on about that here on chart topic - junkie jacking without prior or post permission of the song writer/creator will always be wrong IMHO and it has a separate thread now by Brillstereodeck who was creatively mugged sad

Well said aswell Ep1TAph. I absolutely love your music and am among your biggest fans. The quality of your own stuff, and those you collab with is top class and I would love to see you guys get picked up and all over the radios and internet. And I would really love to see you guys live smile It is great the way you promote your stuff across media and that is the way forward. I try a few of those methods incl Facebook but my family and friends don't take any notice of me roll 

My only reason before for banging on about the charts in the past was to try and shine a light on the things a minority of users do to self promote by blatant overplaying their own stuff. I see the RW frontpage and charts as things that every single user should have an equal right to try get a piece of when their music is of a high standard. Its up to other people to consider if its worth changing the system, and if so how.

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A cuckoo is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ;)



Thanks Mac, Your always so kind.  I to am a big fan of yours and Fooks.  There is so much great music and people here on Riff, its amazing.  I checked out your website Mac..Cool!! Sent ya an email on there as well.  I agree its not right to junkie jack...especially when no credit is given to the author.  Brill is a great musician and helped others to learn about and use REX files...like myself  smile  An asset to the community and I feel for him.  I suspect, just like Sonoma has been working hard on Riffworks they will eventually have the time to work on the website as well.  It can't be easy to build this thing (Riffworks) and keep it running..I have faith in the Sonoma crew that it will all come together.  Sometimes when your riding that wave of new technology its impossible to see the rocks under the water..but this crew can surf! Peace, Ep1TApH



So you play your song over and over to increase the play count, you make it to the top of the charts - then what?  What do you get for being at the top of the charts? Fame? Fortune? Loose women?  I'm afraid not.  You're still the same sad sack you were yesterday, looking anywhere you can for validation. I wish those people would relax a bit and quit thinking of music as a competition.  I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes, from Michelle, "playing guitar is fun".

Shouts are good when they're positive, even better when they're constructive.  But there's a thin line between constructive criticism and slamming someone's best effort.  That's why I think most of us don't offer any kind of constructive criticism on a song unless the poster asks for it.  People can be sensitive, and the written word doesn't carry the inflection that your voice would, so it's easy to take something as a slam even if it's not meant to be, especially on the internet.

I agree, bring back the Rumbles, but I still like the idea of gear for prizes smile  The winner of the Rumble gets free gear, the company who provides said gear gets the word out about their awesome products, more people are turned on to Riffworks, the core of the earth remains liquid, maintaining our magnetic field, everybody wins.



@poots  Me agrees.  IMHO smile NOt that I think the others are wrong or that what they are saying is not substantial. I just agree about FUN on Riffworld. And more fun might actually add to the overall collaborative effort that is available collectively to produce some out standing music no matter the genre.  I know this is not Riffkateers (all for one etc)  here but I have heard some damn good stuff from a mix of a lot of different genres.  just saying. One of my favorite songs has Big Metal Andy on a country tune. Go figure.



I think the charts are a clever diversionary tactic invented by the Sonoma Gang to stop people complaining about Riffworks tongue

No-one remembers what you do or say. Everyone remembers how you made them feel. Allegedly !!!!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wedgebill … 2405167945




nice one bill!

"..you know, i have no professional training of singing and dancing"



I want to agree aswell with what pooterpatty said. Said it clearer than I ever achieve on this topic.

BTW, there is a noob at no2 in the charts as I type with his virgin cast. 179 plays to 4 shouts which include 1 by himself and one that mentions fraud. Now I ain't Solomon and maybe the guy has lots of friends within the community, or links to his song from other sites. I hope that is what it is.

But if its not that, then all the comments put on this thread by pooter, me and others about people being able to manipulate the charts thereby cheating in an open community of equals are falling on deaf ears. It is so uncool for a user to overuse the play button on their own stuff to self propel towards the frontpage. You might aswell call your cast '2 fingers up your ass buddy'. It does fool some people but not the majority. I used to rail against it more until one user commented to me that '..the chart system is fair because everyone can overplay/cheat so that makes it equal..'. I can't argue with that logic roll

Instead, I am trying to release a CD for sale by the end of the month of the best songs I can do, with some major help by some other junkies. And no amount of pumping up my songs myself or trying to hog the front Sonoma page will sell 1 copy of it. People (my family and a few friends if I have any, LOL big_smile will decide for themselves if the music is any good). Thats fair smile

So maybe Daniel (who started this thread), could Sonoma take down the charts for a month, try something else, and see who gets most upset by the 'loss' of the charts? Because shouts are becoming a rarer commodity around here, rifflinks are down, and IMHO the community spirit that many of us here want to see getting stronger, is fading every week that a minority urinate over the rest of their colleagues in open view. Oh its equal alright. My hair feels wet patches all over every Sunday evening wink

A cuckoo is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ;)



Wedgebill wrote:

I think the charts are a clever diversionary tactic invented by the Sonoma Gang to stop people complaining about Riffworks tongue

Laughed so hard when I read this I nearly spit out my grape nuts.

@MacMurphy - I think my original point was that if we know the current charts system can be manipulated, and that there's no real prize for being on top of the charts anyway, why give a shart about it? Sure it needs to be fixed, but we shouldn't lose sleep over it. Mac, I've listened to your stuff, and you're one cool creative cat, so just keep on keepin on, and let's all HAVE FUN PLAYING GUITAR!

And hey, rock on plz!



Well said pooterpatty. And Bill's point was very good aswell smile

The charts are an irrelevance. The only thing of importance is to make great music with RW and have a great time doing that with friends. I am around now just over a year and I have made great friends that I can see myself collaborating with for many years. And I am happy to confirm that an RW user is producing/mixing my CD, and we are recording everything via RW.

Rifflinking has not proven to be as stable as i would have liked but we are just getting on with. I appreciate that Rome wasn't built in a day, and without RW I wouldn't have met such great musicians/friends, and I definitely wouldn't be typing this message cool

The music and friendship is all that matters big_smile I ain't a newbie any more so someone else can buy the beers tongue

A cuckoo is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ;)



I want Loose women for top Prize

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bazwor … monscollab



bazworld wrote:

I want Loose women for top Prize

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bazwor … monscollab

baz you think the competition is fierce now...



Ive Never Seen A RiffRumble Yet!..Thats Where Its A Letz See What Ya Got!.....Thers So Many PRO`s Here That Have Not Posted Cause Of!!.....I Cant Wait..Only Makes Ya Better!..hahaha Funny Baz..No Loose Women..Unless ya Gotta 2x4 Strapped along Your arse..Oooh ..I Found a Plunger In Ther Once hahaha!......

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Dont care about the competition I just want Loose women.

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bazwor … monscollab



Hey chaps. Not too sure if Loose women are the answer smile  In the UK here to the right of little old MacIreland they have a tv show on every lunchtime called Loose Women... sounds promising doesn't it. You can decide for yourselves but lets just say its age and gravity that has made these people 'loose' roll


If I wasn't less than 3 weeks away from launching my first ever CD (PLUG PLUG wink ) I might have the energy to suggest that tight women would be a better prize to reward some 'ornery RW critter who had come through a RiffRumble cool

A cuckoo is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ;)



There are charts? You gotta look to know; I don't. My guitars are still somewhere near Somalia... sad

"You can cage the singer but not the song."



Hey  Cwight  are you now down under!!!           OH yeah forgot about that tv program maybe not that loose.

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