Topic: Working on a new song... would love to 'collaborate' with others

Hello, I don't believe I've ever wrote here before, so I'll introduce myself first...

I'm a 22 y.o. male, living in Denmark. I have a 14 month old daughter and am playing guitar, different styles, and singing. I am working on a new song inspired by recent events in Norway... and I'd love to get someone with the abillity and a possibility and if stars align in the right order, the will to help me create a piece that could help me pay respects to Norway, and the afflicted by the events over there.

I've never ever used riffworld, I only found out that people can actually work together through a newsletter showing a recent contest (the superhero theme), so I'd like to know:

What kind of software/hardware do I need to work with other people? I own a line 6 guitarport, that came with riffworks line 6 edition + gearbox. I also have a regular pc microphone ( hmm ).

Where should I post about the project?

For more information about the subject look here  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/07/22 … n-capital/

Thanks, in advance.

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Re: Working on a new song... would love to 'collaborate' with others

Welcome sealer, not sure if the Line6 edition will still work, you'd be best to upgrade from RiffWorks Line 6 Edition to RiffWorks Standard from this site, or get the T4 version which is free. The upgrade from Line 6 version to Standard is quite cheap though. And post about in in either the Rifflink forum or the Green room; you'll get plenty of help. Also learn the new guys rules that'll really help you. Tragic events, crazy world.

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Re: Working on a new song... would love to 'collaborate' with others

RiffWorks Standard comes with 60 days of free RiffLink service, then RiffLink is $10 for 30 days or $60 for a year from here.

Thanks for your interest in collaborating online with RiffWorks!


Re: Working on a new song... would love to 'collaborate' with others

Hallo, I've got Line6 editon version of RiffWorks. You can send me your project by e-mail. I can add bass, acoustic guitars or what ever Line6 Variax can offer to your song. Let me know. Regards.