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ala the old sixties tune... by lulu....



Definition of 'shout'
1. (noun) shout
a loud burst of voice or voices; a vehement and sudden outcry, especially of a multitudes expressing joy, triumph, exultation, or animated courage

2. (verb) shout
to utter a sudden and loud outcry, as in joy, triumph, or exultation, or to attract attention, to animate soldiers, etc

3. (verb) shout
to utter with a shout; to cry; -- sometimes with out; as, to shout, or to shout out, a man's name

4. (verb) shout
to treat with shouts or clamor

In the case of a shout on riffworld, it is termed a noun, to express the listeners enjoyment, to offer encouragement, to animate the composer to potentially improve, and to basically give the composer, and those involved, a thumbs up.

Why then do we see as in the case of these tunes :

Beg, Borrow and Steal collab by nilton - 158 plays, 15 shouts

Give It to Get It by Coul10 - 464 plays, 55 shouts

Fuel My Revenge by Smik - 173 plays, 31 shouts

Top of The World - Collab - by me - 85 plays, 17 shouts

It seems the percentage to plays does not relate to the percentage of shouts, and in the case of Coul10, 409 people listened and there fingers were obviously amputated or covered in bandages, which caused there inability to shout, or they were so blown away by the music, out of embarassment of there own attempts, no comment could be made.

But let me reiterate, genre, style, ability etc, are not the reason for shouts, it is to promote encouragement, to give the musician who played the piece the recognition and acknowledgement of there musical attempt(s). I, for one, still feel my music is mediocre, though hopefully its starting to improve, and enjoy the input of others, even if that can be to the negative (since that in itself can cause a positive reaction), simply "cool", "enjoyed this", is fine, but saying simply "nice production", really doesn't say that much about the music, since you could say Kylie Minogue, is nicely produced (and maybe she could blame her mother...).

So whilst I, and I admit that I don't spend my evenings listening to every tune on RiffWorld (I do download some though, to listen at leisure), when I do listen, I will shout, even if the music is not within my preference of style.

So very simple, if you listen, give a tune a shout, even give the tune a critique, but don't ever go against the websites conduct when you do, since shouts are for offering encouragement on the related song, not off topic conversation.

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Yup....I shout lotza People to w No Return Shout!...But DO NOT CARE ANYMORE!..I listen to many Dif Styles here and appreciate the efforts put forth By The Musician`s No Matter What Skill Level... each person has a unique sound and perception of there Music.......Hav`n Fun In The Creation Process To The Final Mix iz all that Really Matters AnyWay!!!So to people that dont Shout To Poeple That Do!...We All Know Who U Are..Remember Its not what you have Its what You Give!.........Oh...I Also would like to say that when you see A Front Page of Posts From Alot Of Known Junkeyz!..All of a sudden here comes 10 Posts Of 1 Riffs By A Person w a BRAND NEW Profile To Wipe Out The Front Page!....On Purpose IT happens all the time...Thats Also a Great Thing to See As Well!....Good DayZ..My Fellow JunKeys!...Mark......Shout....Shout....Let It All Out..These Are The Things I Can Do Without Come On...Im Talking To You.. Come On..Tears4Fears..I Luv That Song!

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i love kylie.

for me i give at least 2 plays and 1 shout minimum. haven't been around too much, sorry.

sir robert, now people have to sign up to shout. not many want to commit like that.

it might explain the %'s.

mac u have always been way cool on shouting on tunes. you too ian and robert.

the front page wipe out is a bummer but that's riffworld! lol!!

ver 1, ver 2, drums added, remixed 8 bar riff,

we used to have the time on the song before we listened, 32 sec was a deff pass!

now we have to load to see how long it is.

i sound like nancy pelosi!

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I agree with all you say Brill and the others who commented. I also shout on lots of songs and in fairness I have to say that people are good in my direction with shouts. The weird ratio I seem to have perfected is that I get between 10 and 20 shouts on some songs, but the plays rarely go above 40-50. So in 'critical' terms I am a 'success' but in playing and commercial terms I stink to high heaven if I start comparisons.

However as we all know there is a core of people like us who
- listen to a lot of the songs that are cast AND
- shout encouragement and suggestions as much as we can.

Many users don't, at least until there's a RiffRumble tongue when you get a spike followed by a downturn. Obviously we all have different circs and many people haven't time to hang around. But I do agree that more shouting is needed to promote community spirit and new friendships and collabs.

And finally, I don't think your music is mediocre Sir Ellis yikes  It is consistently among the freshest and most diverse around. And your production skills are fantastic as can be evidenced by the CD you produced for me. And designed the art on, and wrote a song and collabbed on others and played at the launch gig. I suppose my only other cautionary comment if anyone cares is that if RW doesn't have a higher proportion of shouts and constructive feedback, the maker has no clear idea how their music might float commercially. 

If I had better understood the market, I would not have made and released the physical CD we worked on. There are 7 billion people in the world and I sold 7 CDs. So my ratio is 1 CD per billion lol  This isn't a 'poor me' comment before I get accused of that. Its just my personal learning that RW, ReverbNation, Facebook, iTunes, YouTube etc are hugely empowering tools that really mean that anyone can release music onto the worldwide web and try and interest some buyers. In the old days the economics of using recording studios and distributing physical records kept releases to a minimum. Nowadays anybody can enter the market, including cuckoos like me. So the marketplace is flooded, people are very careful what they actually pay for, the physical CD is dead, and people tell me cloud computing is next, whatever that is. Apparently I will be able to download and play songs on my fridge or cooker, although how I will carry them around on my back is another issue hmm

So in summary, shouts really matter among the community. Otherwise releasing a cast that you worked your butt off can feel like a waste of time and effort. Particuarly if some newbie puts up 8 in a row pieces of them doing Metallica snatches... I often admit that I need to feel my music is appreciated to feel its worthwhile doing. Its a DNA fault to seek validation outside but whatcanyoudo. Others tell me you should enjoy making the music and everything else is irrelevant... but I don't buy that... surely the making of a cast by its nature is a gentle request by the musician for some kind of validation/stimulation/reaction from other people. Otherwise why do we cast at all? Its now your fault Brill that I have got qwerty diarohea tongue  Over and out. Nurse Ratched awaits for my daily exercise...

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I try to comment on as many posts as I can as I know how good it feels to get comments back especially from collab members who took the time to add.
But it can be hard trying to keep up with all the great stuff posted. time is the killer .

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fooks wrote:

sir robert, ...

i sound like nancy pelosi!

Its actually officially Lord... check with mickeymix.


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I  miss the Quick Shout facility we used to have on caster. That was very handy when listening to tunes.


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brillstereodeck wrote:
fooks wrote:

sir robert, ...

i sound like nancy pelosi!

Its actually officially Lord... check with mickeymix.

Hmm. I never heard of Lord Pelosi. I thought you were referring to a female US politician but whatwouldIknow big_smile

A cuckoo is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood ;)


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my bad!

it's sir william and lord robert!

you brits and your titles!

i was referring to our former speaker of the house who said we had to pass the obama care bill to see what was in it!

like the way the songs on riffcaster are now with no time on it till you click on the song.

it's kind of a waste of time to load a page, see it's a 30sec riff,  then go back again.

"..you know, i have no professional training of singing and dancing"


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Thanks for your input guys. We're listening.


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From what I am reading from above, it seems that most people listen but don't sign in, which may be the reason for the percentage differential.
Before the song shout changes, which did not require you to log in, you could make a comment anonymously, sadly this could also be used as a means to shout off topic from the conversation and the websites terms.
One of the losses, due to some peoples past stupidity was the quick shout option, in order for sonoma to make that available again, they maybe need to place a tick or radio button, option stating prior to a shout with the words by ticking this box, you agree with the terms and good conduct conditions of this website also assigning a cookie to define the shouters IP address, this cookie could also automatically sign you in, but possibly the tick box should remain, so no one could say 'I did not know that I could not say that' .. because you had ticked the box..ignorance would be no excuse.
The wonderful creators of this website, understandably don't want a repeat of problems past, but hopefully a solution will be made available soon, and hopefully the return of the quick shout will amend the odd percentage to listens and shouts, fingers crossed.
I know that if anyone did go against the terms as mentioned above, it would be easy for sonoma backroom technical chaps to block that persons IP address, and disconnect them from riffworld, since I have worked in the Internet industry, for a social network site, and it keeps people well and truely out of site. pardon the pun.

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I love to shout dude. I love listening to the members music and seeing/hearing their progression and improvement and I think they deserve to hear that. That's the way I think and I am hopeful that others feel the same and take that extra few seconds to hopefully add a comment and the pinnacle would be to not be afraid to offend me, I am a big boy tell it to me straight. Uno 1 dude will say that sucked and you need to boost the vox or try this, initially it's like dam I thought it was good. But other will say yeah vox guitars etc good. so you get a balance of good and bad which actually stops your tunnel vision and you say to yourself well what if I did do what was suggested? sometimes it works, and sometimes it don't. You may like the new version or go with the old but It's another persons perspective and thats what I wanna hear about.  I think I am pretty lucky a lot of people actually leave comments on my cast's but it's all the guys that frequent here a lot, never any randoms really drop in and say anything but uno that's cool. I can deal with it. I don't think I can change anything or the way people want to interact here. I'll just go with the flow bro!

Cheers, Smik.

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The reason that plays out number shouts big time also has a lot to do with people from social networks listening in. I know I get quite a few listens from family members and friends who don't have and probably will not ever get a sonoma key to log in. I use riffworld as my "personal site" so to speak and try to direct traffic to the site in hopes of getting them to listen to not only my tunes but the tunes of others also. Many times I will tell friends, hey while your there, check out this certain certain song!! And also remember it is not always the quantity of shouts that you get but the quality.  Sometimes certain comments just blow me away. Just my nickels worth of babble!!


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it does seem to me that its the same people doing most of the shouting most of the time,i have a lot of time so i try to hear all songs posted,i might not listen all the way through all the time but i do try to shout on all songs i enjoy or if i hear something i think might be improved upon i;ll let them know.And i hope people let me know when theres something i could improve on,i know theres been many times im the first to shout on the newer members songs,i only wish they would spend the time like all the people who posted here and shout,but since most dont even know what this forums for besides complaining ,i doubt they ever will. So i;ll keep on shoutin to whoever wants to listen.


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I love to listen to the music on this site.  When you hit the play button you never know what your going to get. I try to leave as many shouts as I can for they main reason that everyone would like some input on there songs.  Me included. Plus people are giving out some great information on making your tunes better. So I must agree with the above statements,  and all I have to say is....SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT.


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I gotta say... there's a lot of people who do not return shouts.  Shame on every last one of you.
some songs I put up and get 7 shouts, others get a whopping 15!
all I can assume is my music stinks to high heaven to get so few shouts and plays.

Or it's the genre thing.... I'm one of the few metal guys on Riffworld, and so maybe a lot of the blues guys listen to my tunes and hear this REALLY LOUD guitar and think..."Ugh!"

Naw, it's gotta be my stinkage.

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Yeh I fully agree with a lot that's been said here as well..mainly towards accessibility. I hate being critical, especially knowing how hard it is to a create an awesome innovative software along with organising and managing the production of a fairly complex site such as this, but yeh it really does feel like its missing something. Maybe just needs a bit of an update in the area of overall ease and functionality... a simpler system to handle social interaction, following, rating, playlists, groups etc somethin like soundcloud perhaps. Hmm I believe you can find and install free source systems like youtube which might help...be it through reverse engineering or what have ya. But yeh that being said I love the fact that this community is reasonably small, enabling people to feel somewhat familiar amongst their friends, hobbyist, pro peers and all that good stuff. In fact I think its what makes this place unique and essential. Too many people cloud the experience. But on a business and dynamic social level, I feel it could limit itself. And Igrewsome.. your works be rockin dude. A well back to checking my shouts tally.. sigh..


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Thanks, Tony!

I is a Leed Gittar player. 64th notes ARE NOT too extreme!


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Thanks for your feedback guys. As many of you know, we would very much like to take RiffWorld to the next level and have a lot of ideas and plans. Hopefully we'll be able to bring them to fruition sometime soon. Thanks for using RiffWorld!



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Maybe SWW should produce a pamphlet entitled, "Proper Shouting Etiquette".  Though now that I think about it, I'm sure there would be just as much disagreement as to what exactly proper shouting etiquette is amongst RW users.

Personally, if a song moves me in some way, I'll shout on it. Unfortunately I don't have time to listen to all the songs on RW, so I wind up missing a lot of good stuff.

Most of us make music to either elicit or share an emotion. I'd love to see fewer shouts like, "nice guitar tone", and more like, "this song made me feel...." Getting a decent guitar tone is pretty easy these days. Writing a song that truly makes someone feel something is much more difficult. It'd be great if that was rewarded more with a shout when it happens.

We're all musicians, we all have egos that need to be stroked, but I think we should spend less time worrying about shout counts, play counts, and charts, and more time making music. To quote michelle, "Playing guitar is fun". big_smile


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Wow,  this post has been around awhile!  I like reading the shouts, for my own stuff and especially others' stuff, but I wish there was a way to instant message a user.  On several occasions I've gotten some nice feedback and I'd love to thank the 'shouter' but generally if you leave a comment below the shout, the person who left the comment you'd like to reply to might never come back to that particular song page to see your reply.  Or, some sort of notification that someone 'replied' to your shout via email.

It's funny, these ideas might exist already as it's been 2 or 3 years since I last logged in!!  So if they do, please forgive me!

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