Topic: i have been here for a few years

and i have to say, the sophistication of the music has grown soooooooooooo much and it's so awesome to hear singing and so many other instruments.

keyboards, piano, harps, south american tamborines, all good stuffs!

when i joined, that was rare. a lot of git drivin music almost to the point of boredom.

but that was how RW was marketed?

but in the last year and what seems like the last few months, people have exploded out of the paradigm.

people singing in their own languages, hell people just singing, creativity to the max goin' on.

i know there were some of you guys that have done this all along but it was not as  much as recently. geeze, you know who you are.

hell, i took time to try to add a voice. i wasn't sure and wondered why sonoma RW didn't promote recording anything besides guitar.

i could have misconstrued the marketing when i signed up but i have been listening and have been pushed to make the best music i can.

this is a great place to make music and people really listen and appreciate what you have done.

you guys here are the best!

radio? we don need no stinkin radio!

many thanks to everyone!

and merry christmas!!

(i usually forget)

ya, it's the beers.

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Re: i have been here for a few years

My arserphone inspired 'em Fooksy tongue

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Re: i have been here for a few years

Yeah I was very timid about trying to sing at first, I really appreciate the encouragement from a lot of my fellow RW buddies, even though I still not that good! Thanks for listening to my crooning. I've also heard banjos and occasional bagpipes (bagpipes with rock, how cool is that? ) I feel like I have a long ways to go but I think RWorks and RWorld and RLink have helped me improve tremendously, and heck, I haven't even left my basement.

I don't think I've heard the arserphone yet, but that would definitely be inspiring!!!

Beers are a good thing fooks!


Re: i have been here for a few years

Interesting points you bring up. I too have noticed the increased production quality, instrumentation, and diversity in the latest Riffcasts. I agree with you that RiffWorks is a great platform to record all kinds of music, and could be improved even more. The one thing that is difficult to maintain though, is ease of use. Some people want us to add lots of new and complex recording features, and other people just want to be able to grab their trusty axe, plug in, and make music. A deep, full featured recording program that is easy enough for the guy with the family who only has a few minutes in the evening to get some ideas out is a tall order... but we're working on it. I'm pretty confident that if anyone can pull that off, it's the team here.

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Re: i have been here for a few years

Ditto on what has been said. Still great recording software!  Radio, we need RW Radio. I would love to be able to listen to all these great compositions in an easy fashion. Wait for it....  smile

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Re: i have been here for a few years

It'd be a heck of alot better than what's on the regular radio that's for sure... sheese

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