Topic: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

I was thinking it would be nice to collect all the Christmas songs posted on RiffWorld in one spot. There are a LOT more than I would have thought! The search engine here is not that great, so if I missed any just add them in.


MerryXMasBruddas by MACDADDY1 (Carol of the Bells)
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/MACDAD … masbruddas

Carol of The Bells by FlyingM
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Flying … ofthebells

Carol Of The Bells by tmotech
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/tmotec … ofthebells

Comfort And Joy Collab by Sandman
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Sandma … djoycollab

Here Comes Surfin Santa by Sandman
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Sandma … urfinsanta

Jamaican Snowman by Sandman
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Sandma … cansnowman

White Xmas by Sandman

Drummer Boy by warrior49

We Three Kings by tmotech

Let It Snow by liskrick

O come O come Emanuel (christmas Metal) by metallicizer2
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/metall … tmas-metal

Silent Night by PATRICK

Silent Night by cwight

Silent Night Holy... by geocare
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/geocar … night-holy

Silent Night - Merry Christmas ALL..sillentnight by ian2mur
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/ian2mu … llentnight

silent night ! the slightly darker version by trikloretylen
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/triklo … rk-version

Mr. Grinch by samiller

Petit Papa Nol (Merry X-Mas to All)
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/xailok … mas-to-all

What Child Is This? 2 by ccjamz
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/ccjamz … ldisthis-2

Junkies Version of Christmas Medley 2009 by yahsteck1
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/yahste … edley-2009

I Believe In Father Christmas by musicmayn
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/musicm … rchristmas

Angels we have heard on high by Tmasone
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Tmason … eardonhigh

Jolly St Nickalous with 2nd verse by samiller
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/samill … th2ndverse


For You and For Me Again by bluesydude
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bluesy … formeagain

Merry Christmas 2009 by bluesydude
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bluesy … stmas-2009

Christmas Song For The Junkies by pbbobkanobi
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/pbbobk … he-junkies

Wild Bills' Cajun Christmas by Wedgebill
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Wedgeb … -christmas

Mistletoe* by crossi

I'll Be Home For Christmas Every Year by mobster85
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/mobste … ery-year_1

Santas' other Sleigh Ride by Wedgebill
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Wedgeb … leigh-ride

Christmas Southern Style by dustypma
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/dustyp … hern-style

Gonna Have A Good Time This Christmas by bazworld
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bazwor … -christmas

A Family Christmas by cwight
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/cwight … ychristmas

Uncle Bills Xmas Ditty by Wedgebill
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Wedgeb … sxmasditty

Christmas in Brazil by yahsteck1
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/yahste … asinBrazil

Dont Forget What Christmas is about by yahsteck1
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/yahste … masisabout

Merry Christmas My Love by yahsteck1
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/yahste … as-my-love

Christmas Joy by janmueller
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/janmue … istmas-joy

Christmas Bells by Guitarshredder557
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Guitar … tmas-bells

The Christmas Star. by strat94

A Christmas Journey by SoCaljammer
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/SoCalj … as-journey

Ultimate Christmas by rneidlinger
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/rneidl … -christmas

let it rain its christmas time by veddereddie
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/vedder … istmastime

I Love Christmas Time by mickeymix
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/mickey … stmas-time

christmas song tull by fooks
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/fooks/ … assongtull

McJunkie Chistmas jingle jangle by ian2mur
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/ian2mu … nglejangle

Frozen Tears (The winter acapella song) by JouniL
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/JouniL … pella-song

Looking for Heaven by brillstereodeck
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/brills … gforheaven

Merry Christmas by Guitarshredder557
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/Guitar … ychristmas

merry christmas by BUDDY1959
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/BUDDY1 … ychristmas

Merry Xmas by TorpedoStage

Christmas Time by dshadow104
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/dshado … istmastime

Welcome The King Of Kings by yahsteck1
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/yahste … ingofkings

Christmas Time by dshadow104
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/dshado … istmastime

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Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

Cool thread and Merry Christmas to 1 and all...Oh yeah here's one of mine. An X-Mas original.

I Love Christmas Time by mickeymix
http://www.riffworld.com/Members/mickey … stmas-time


Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

merry christmas!

here is a cover,

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/fooks/ … assongtull

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Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

Great idea ,Ha Ha I see you have mine in there .Merry Christmas to all.

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/bazwor … bitchremix

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Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

Each year I have composed a winter tinged piece, sadly two I had removed from the server, and one is yet to be cast, due to last years technical issues. but I may repost them, once a CD I an creating is finished :

The missing ones were called Snowbird (which included fooks mysmolnet auron74 TZSTRAT1 armadillo Seraphic86 rneidlinger yahsteck1); and Winter (included samiller yahsteck1 mickeymix cwight

Anyway this is one that remains :
Looking for Heaven

I will post last years Mid Winter (which includes yahsteck1 hofsteen samiller Rotund air767 Jedi_111 Joshua001) after the 16th December.

... its only knock and know all, but I like it....
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Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

Hope this one qualifies:

.:: The Winter Acapella Song (aka Frozen Tears) ::.

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/JouniL … pella-song


Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

Great idea to get all the past Christmas songs together in one place CC, and kudos for doing what I know was a lot  of damn hard work. The search engine leaves quite a bit to be desired. Here's my cover of Greg Lake's classic tune that I did last year.
Happy holidays to all the junkies.  lol

http://www.riffworld.com/Members/musicm … rchristmas

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Re: Christmas Songs from the RW Vault

Another I did back in 2012...


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