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Demo of FourTrack by Stephen Poff, a FourTrack User
AudioCopy from FourTrack and other iOS Apps into FourTrack
MasterFX in FourTrack

FourTrack Quick Start

1. FourTrack requires access to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch microphone. Go to SETTINGS, PRIVACY, MICROPHONE, and switch on FourTrack access.
2. Plug headphones that have a microphone into a compatible iPhone, or use an audio interface like StudioJack Mini that allows you to hear your recordings while you play.
3. Launch FourTrack.
4. To arm a track, tap the "REC ARM" button below the pan wheel of your chosen track. When a track is armed, the arm light will turn on and the recording slider will turn red.
5. Set the volume of whatever you are recording to a level that does not clip the signal. The clip light at the top of the track will turn on if clipping is occuring. If you are recording an instrument that has no volume control, position the phone far enough away from the sound source to not clip the signal.
6. Press the "Slide to Record" button by sliding your finger from left to right. You'll see a red light on the track that is recording
7. To stop the recording, either slide the recording slider back to its original position or push the play button.
8. If you don't like what you recorded, you can record over it. There is no delete track. This is how classic four track recorders worked.
9. To record a second track: Move the marker on the song time line back to the beginning of the one track song you recorded. Press the second track to record. You will hear the first track through your headphones while you are recording the second track.
10. To stop the recording, either slide the recording slider back to its original position or push the play button.
11. Move the marker on the song time line back to the beginning of the two track song you recorded.
12. Repeat for tracks 3 and 4.
13. Want more than 4 tracks? Bounce tracks 1 and 2 into one track, which combines them. That will free up a track for you to record more. See the Song Tools section below for more info about bouncing and Mixing (exporting).

Video by VLog that shows multiple tracks being recorded in FourTrack and one by Guitar Guitar.

For information on recording with FourTrack and GuitarJack, consult the GuitarJack Guide for your specific model.

FourTrack Overview of Features

  • Multitrack Recording - 4 tracks plus bounce

  • Input Monitoring - to enable/disable input monitoring use FourTrack's settings tool. Input monitoring is enabled when a track is armed and in either Pause or Record mode. Playback of existing tracks overrides input monitoring. When input monitoring is on, sliders on armed tracks are enabled and control the monitor mix.

  • Slide-to-Record - prevents over-writing your tracks

  • Latency Compensation - accurate to within 1ms - The buffer size chosen for FourTrack is a compromise between latency and processing efficiency for all the tasks that FourTrack needs to accomplish on the iOS device.

  • Recording Quality - 16 bit, 44.1 kHz

  • Dropbox Sync - Upload and store your mixes and projects to your Dropbox account, then share your music by emailing download links to friends<./p>

  • File Import and File Sharing - import wav, mp3, or aiff files through email attachments or by dragging audio files into FourTrack in iTunes; or copy audio from AudioCopyenabled apps. See instructions about how to import and export files with FourTrack in the Song Tools section below.

  • Each track features Pan, Gain, and Record

  • GuitarJack Model 2 Control Panel Song Tool - adjust the input settings of the GuitarJack Model 2 audio input/output accessory for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. See Song Tools below.

  • Calibrated Meters - accurately monitor record and playback levels

  • Calibrated Faders - accurately adjust playback level of each track

  • Taylor EQ - See Song Tools below.

  • MasterFX - sweeten the sound of your recordings with a compressor-limiter and a 4-band parametric EQ

  • Output Compressor-Limiter - automatically fattens sound of the output mix

  • Metronome - select tempo by number or tapping. Includes pro drum recordings.

  • Bounce - mix song to track 1 and 2 of a new song to record as many tracks as you want

  • Mix - save the mix as a stereo file

  • Bass Response Correction - when set to AUTO, this will boost the bass response of the recorded signal when using the built-in microphone and headset jack, but not affect devices connected via the dock connector.

  • Speaker Playback - audio can now be played through the speaker in addition to the headset/earpiece.

  • (New in v7) GuitarTone Amps & Effects - See Song Tools below.

  • (New in v7.1) Dropbox Sync: Upload and store your mixes and projects to your Dropbox account, then share your music by emailing download links to friends.

  • (New in v7.1) AudioCopy 3: Copy and paste audio between other AudioCopy 3 enabled apps.

  • (New in v7.1) Support for GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini.

  • (New in v7.1.3) Enhanced support for GuitarJack Stage, StudioJack Mini, and their predecessors (GuitarJack Model 2 and GuitarJack 2 USB), as well as generic USB audio interfaces.

  • (New in v7.1.4) Added ability to select input channels in GuitarJack Stage, StudioJack Mini, and GuitarJack 2 USB: (channels 1 or 2 for mono recording, and 1+2 for stereo/dual-track).

  • (New in v7.1.4) Fixed minor issue where status bar appeared on top of FourTrack's main screen after closing the About page

  • (New in v7.2) Updated for iOS 10 with several fixes and improvements.

  • (New in v7.3) Added GuitarTone 3 new tube models and re-voiced amps to FourTrack: What's new in the GuitarTone 3 app.

  • (New in v7.3.1) Works with iOS 11, lowered latency (256 frame buffer size down from 512), updated Dropbox to V2, and fixed some crashes.

For more info about the above features, see the Song Tool descriptions below, and the Release Notes in the FourTrack forum.

FourTrack Song Tools

AudioCopy 3: AudioCopy allows you to copy audio from FourTrack into AudioCopy enabled apps, and paste audio into FourTrack from AudioCopy enabled apps. For a complete list of AudioCopy enabled apps, visit the

File Import and Export: (See Precautions Below*)
Import WAV, MP3, and AIFF files into FourTrack in three ways:

  1. Audio files attached to emails can be imported by opening the email using the iPhone's email client (not the web browser), then pressing and holding the attached audio file. A dialogue box will open asking which program you would like to open that file in. If FourTrack is installed on your device, FourTrack will be an option. This method requires iOS 4 or greater.

  2. Connect your device to your computer, open iTunes on your computer, go to Devices/Apps or, go to File Sharing, select FourTrack, then drag audio files from your computer into the FourTrack Documents list. FourTrack on your phone will either automatically recognize that there is an import available and will ask you if you would like to import it, or go to FourTrack's Song Tools and click "File Import," and click "Import to New Song." When you say OK, FourTrack will create a new song named the same as the file you imported, or if you click "Cancel", you may wait and use FourTrack's File Import song tool later. (Note, FourTrack's folders in this location in iTunes on your desktop can be dragged out of iTunes to the desktop as an export method.)

  3. Also copy audio from AudioCopy compatible apps to a track in FourTrack.

Export from FourTrack (3 Ways)

  1. Dropbox Sync - Tap "Song Tools" and then "Dropbox." Sign in to your Dropbox account and then begin uploading. Upload will take a few minutes. It is preferable to upload while on a wi-fi connection to save time and phone data charges. After upload is complete, you can email the tracks or mix to friends.

  2. AudioCopy 3 - Use AudioCopy to copy and paste FourTrack content into other AudioCopy 3 enabled apps.

  3. File sharing* - Go to Song Tools and ""Mix Down your song to a .wav file. Sync your phone to your desktop.* On your desktop, go into the FourTrack File Sharing section of the Apps tab in iTunes and drag your .wav session onto your desktop. You can use a .wav to .mp3 converter for the desktop if you need to and email it from there.

*Important Warning - To prevent losing data during iTunes sync:

  1. MAC - Before connecting your device, in iTunes, click on Preferences - Devices to access the device menu. Make sure the "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically" box is checked. Doing this will require you to manually sync from this point forward. PC - Before connecting your device, in iTunes click Edit - Preferences - Devices tab.

  2. Before syncing, back up your device. To back up, right click on your device and click "Back Up".

  3. Before syncing, make sure to transfer purchases. To do this click File - Transfer Purchases from "NAME OF YOUR DEVICE".

Following these steps will prevent information from being deleted accidentally from your device. For additional information, consult

Plug a guitar and an instrument or microphone into an iOS device. GuitarJack Model 2 connects a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to iOS devices via 1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line inputs and an 1/8 inch stereo/line output. Helping musicians achieve the best sound quality on iOS, GuitarJack Model 2 includes superior components, input level control with 60 dB of gain plus 12 dB pad for 72 dB of adjustment, configurable Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes, and more. GuitarJack Model 2 works great with Sonoma's iOS apps, as well as third party apps like GarageBand. GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini are the next generation of interfaces by Sonoma. GuitarJacks are Made in the U.S.A.

FourTrack includes the GuitarJack Model 2 Control Panel which allows you to adjust the settings for that interface. Observe metering in the GuitarJack Model 2 Control Panel Song Tool to prevent clipping and set gain level appropriately. Record in stereo and simultaneously record 1/4" and 1/8" audio while using GuitarJack with FourTrack and StudioTrack. GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack Mini include hardware controls to set the levels. More in the GuitarJack Guides.

3 free amps and 3 free effects have been added to a GuitarTone Song Tool in FourTrack. Add-on AmpPacks and PedalPacks purchased in Sonoma's GuitarTone iOS app are activated in FourTrack and StudioTrack on any device that uses the same iTunes account.* Connect Sonoma's high quality GuitarJack Model 2 to get 12 more amps and cabs plus 12 more effects free, or buy them as add-ons in the GuitarTone stand-alone app, and they will be activated in FourTrack.

Using the GuitarTone Song Tool: The GuitarTone Song Tool includes virtual amps, cabinets, and pedal effects that can be used as an input effect on a single track. More amps and pedal effects can be purchased either in FourTrack or in the standalone GuitarTone app which will unlock purchased content within FourTrack.

Step 1:

Tap "Song Tools" and look for the GuitarTone Song Tools icon. (If GuitarTone is currently on, a yellow light will be displayed in the top right corner of the icon. If no yellow light is present, GuitarTone is not on. Tap the icon to begin using GuitarTone.

Step 2:

The first screen you are presented with is a preset tone created by Sonoma Wire Works with an amp, effect and microphone. Slide the entire preset to the left to hear reveal several more presets. To edit the preset effect, amp, or cab/mic, simply touch one of those three icons at the bottom of the preset. Those three icons will allow you to adjust, add and subtract effects, adjust and change the amp, adjust the amp, and change the cab/mic combo for each preset. You can save the changes you've made to each preset by either selecting the SAVE icon or trying to swipe to a new preset. This will allow you to change the name to a unique name, so that you can keep the original preset names and settings in tact, or discard your changes. An alternative way to peruse the presets is to touch the preset list button.

Step 3:

When you are finished creating your tone, tap "Song Tools" to return to the Song Tools menu, or tap the arrow in the upper right corner to go back to your song. Arm the desired track by tapping the "REC ARM" button below the selected track and then slide to record.

To turn GuitarTone on or off, slide the on/off switch located to the left of the preset name in the preset view.

Taylor EQ is a special 6-band parametric EQ designed for users with Taylor guitars, like the Taylor GS Mini. Sonoma teamed with Taylor Guitars to create an input EQ for enhancing the FourTrack recordings of Taylor Guitars or any acoustic instrument, provide the most natural sounding tone.

The Settings Song Tool allows you to turn input monitoring on or off, change a project's BPM, and adjust the timeline's snap.

The Metronome Song Tool allows users to choose one of several rhythms and loops as a metronome for their project. The BPM of a project can either be tapped in or set with the scroll wheel. To adjust the volume or pan of the metronome, tap on the "S" logo on the bottom right of the Metronome Song Tool.

The Duplicate, Mixdown, and Bounce Song Tools allow you to make copies of your song projects, mixdown a project to a single WAV file, or bounce four tracks down to two.

FourTrack contains two MasterFX to sweeten the sound of song. Freakenzy is a 4-band parametric EQ and The Slammer is a compressor. Master FX are applied to the master out and not on individual tracks.

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