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About RiffLink &


RiffWorks T4 (free download) and RiffWorks Standard include built-in online music collaboration. (60 days free with RiffWorks Standard, $10 for 30 days, and $60 for a year).

Over 1000 songs have been created using RiffWorks online collaboration features, and have been posted to by hundreds of talented musicians worldwide. Logging into RiffWorld first is required to see lists of songs, see comments, make comments, etc. Listen to recent collaborations on (log in first).

Musicians from around the world can create songs together in what feels like real-time - all within RiffWorks. An unlimited number of musicians can collaborate on a song and chat while they're at it. Recording with up to 4 people at the same time on the same song may be possible under the right circumstances (details). New tracks show up as soon as they are finished streaming and are always perfectly in sync. Each layer is instantly streamed to other current users and saved on the server for those who wish to contribute later. There are no issues with latency or with distance between users because of its loop-based method of recording collaborations. Join and Create both Public and Invite-Only collaborations! With one click users can broadcast songs and get feedback from others on

All versions of RiffWorks include the InstantDrummer that plays tempo-synced drum loops from top drums companies like Drums On Demand, Discrete Drums, Submersible Music, Sonic Reality, and Drummerheads. If a user does not own the InstantDrummer sessions that another user has included in the song, the drums are streamed to all the users automatically.

RiffRumble song contests are hosted by Sonoma Wire Works and sponsored by companies like Line 6, IK Multimedia, Taylor Guitars, Schecter Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley and others.

How to Collaborate

Please visit the RiffLink Collaboration Guide for complete instructions on how to use RiffLink.

Technical Specifications

  • Collaborations are automatically saved on the server as you record
  • Variable bit-rate compression (approx. 6:1)
  • Allows 6-12 simultaneously streaming layers in and out on median performance CPU
  • Unlimited number of users can collaborate on a session at different times under the right circumstances. Recording with up to 4 people at the same time on the same song may be possible under the right circumstances (details).
  • Mac and PC users can collaborate seamlessly
  • Public and Invite-Only Collaborations
  • Chat with others in RiffWorks' RIFFLINK screen.
  • Add-on InstantDrummer sessions can be used, and will be heard by you and other collaborators as they stream from the server as needed.
  • Install RiffWorks with your username on up to 3 computers (Mac and/or Windows) to access your collaborations from your home, work and studio.
  • Both RiffWorks T4 and RiffWorks Standard allow you to MIX your RiffWorks song to a single WAV or OGG file, as well as RiffCast your song to for MP3 and OGG download links, embeddable song players, and more.
  • Requires RiffWorks v2.6.5 or later, including RiffWorks T4 (free) and RiffWorks Standard ($49), and a reliable broadband internet connection (DSL or Cable).

What Users Have to Say

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