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Amplitube LE for Windows

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Download and Installation Guide for Amplitube LE for Windows

Summary: There are three basic steps to this process: downloading, installing, and authorizing. In preparation, you should first have purchased,downloaded and installed RiffWorks Standard, and if you have an earlier version of AmpliTube LE installed, you should uninstall it using the Add/Remove Software wizard in the Control Panel.

Download AmpliTube LE

1.1 Navigate to in your browser, choose the STORE tab at the top of home page, and choose LOGIN in the main banner.

1.2 Log in using your previously selected SonomaKey user id and password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgot password option and a new password will be emailed to your registered email address.

1.3 Choose MY ACCOUNT and in the MY ACCOUNT page, choose VIEW OR DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE. You will see your MY DOWNLOADS page with the downloads available to you from your software purchases. Choose DOWNLOAD for the appropriate version of AmpliTube LE, and save the download to your desktop.

1.4 Still on the MY DOWNLOADS page, click on the DOWNLOAD button for the AmpliTube Serial #, and save it to your desktop.

Install Amplitube LE as a VST PlugIn

2.1 On the Desktop, extract/unzip the files from the AmpliTube zip file. In the extacted file folder, click on Setup to start the AmpliTube installation wizard, and click Next.

2.2 Click OK on the warning to remove older versions of AmpliTube LE.

2.3 Click the I ACCEPT button on the EULA after speed-reading and thoroughly digesting all the legalese. We recommend an appropriate digestive aid at this point. Click Next.

2.4 Choose to install the VST Plug in and the AmpliTube engine at a minimum.

2.5 Accept the VST Plugins file location suggestion by clicking Next.

2.6 You should quickly see an installation complete dialog, click FINISH. If you go to the desktop and click on START, and ALL PROGRAMS, you will see IK Multimedia listed as a program group. By placing the cursor on IK Multimedia followed by AmpliTube, you will see that the file contains the Installation guide, the User guide, and the License agreement.

You will not see an executable program, since AmpliTube LE will be launched as a Plugin from RiffWorks. You may want to print the Installation guide to help with the authorization step.


3.1 AmpliTube LE will run for 10 days without completing the authorization step. When launched it will start with an Authorization Wizard dialog. You will need three numbers to complete authorization:

The Serial Number which you downloaded earlier in step 1.4; a digital ID which will link the Serial Number to the computer you will be using the software on. This will be generated by the authorization wizard; and an authorization code, which you will have to get online from IK Multimedia.

3.2 Launch AmpliTube LE from RiffWorks. To do this, turn off Hardware Monitoring in the INPUT MONITOR panel (bottom of the UI) by clicking on the HARDWARE button. The HARDWARE LED will go out, and you will see a warning dialog about additional latency in monitoring input effects like Amp model plugins. Click OK.

Click the EFFECTS button in the INPUT MONITOR panel to show the Input Effects control panel. At the top of the panel are buttons for the different input effects, including the AMP button for amp models. Click on the AMP button drop down arrow, and select REFRESH LIST to allow RiffWorks to recognize AmpliTube LE. Click on the Drop down arrow a second time to select AmplTube LE and the AmpliTube LE Authorization Wizard is launched.

3.3 In the second window of the Wizard, insert your Serial Number from the downloaded note pad file from 1.4 and click NEXT.

3.4 In window 3, leave the selection for REQUEST NEW AUTHORIZTION and click next.

3.5 Choose how to connect to the internet in window 4, and either provide your user ID and password as an IK Multimedia user if you have an account, or choose to create a new account in window 5.

3.6 Window 6 displays the DIGITAL ID created to link the Serial Number to your computer, a button to REGISTER ONLINE. Click the Register Button, and follow the instructions to register as a user at the IK Multimedia Web Site. At the end of the registration process, an authorization code will be displayed, as well as transmitted to the email address which you gave during the registration process. COPY the authorization code, and return to the Wizard.

3.7 Click NEXT, and in window 7, place the cursor in the first field of the blank authorization code, and click the PASTE button. Click NEXT, and the final window is displayed, with all three required codes completed. Print this screen or the email which also has the three codes, and click FINISH.

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