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Does RiffWorks support plug-ins?

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VST plugins are not standalone applications. They need a "host". Both RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 support VST audio effect plugins like many IK Multimedia AmpliTube products, Line 6 GearBox and PodFarm, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 & 3, Studio Devil BVC and more.

RiffWorks Standard no longer bundles AmpliTube 2 Live.

See the RiffWorks VST Compatibility List in the forums for several options.

How to use VST Plugins in RiffWorks T4 and RiffWorks Standard

  1. Download and Install VST Plugin
  2. Open RiffWorks Standard
  3. Click the red HARDWARE button at the bottom on the monitor panel.
  4. If asked, click "Yes" to disable Hardware Monitoring
  5. Click EFFECTS button right under Hardware...light goes on, window pops up.
  6. Click the black arrow on the AMPS button......choose your AMP
  7. Record your next big hit. The plug-ins process the live guitar input only. The result of the plug-ins is recorded to the track and can not be changed.
  8. Post to

Note for RiffWorks Line 6 Edition users. RiffWorks Line 6 Edition (discontinued) uses the GearBox or PodFarm applications only. It does not load other plug-ins. The GearBox or PodFarm application must be launched while RiffWorks Line 6 Edition is running to adjust the amp settings and set input levels. RiffWorks Line 6 Edition users are encouraged to upgrade/crossgrade to the more robust RiffWorks Standard v2.6.7 through Then you will be able to take advantage of Pod Farm and other amp and effect VST plug-ins.

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