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Both RiffWorks T4 and RiffWorks Standard continue to allow you to MIX your RiffWorks song to a single WAV or OGG file, as well as RiffCast your song to for MP3 and OGG download links, embeddable song players, and more.

RiffWorks Standard allows you to EXPORT the Riffs from your songs as WAV files for use in other RiffWorks Songs, RiffLink Collaborations, and for use in other DAWs like GarageBand, Pro Tools, and more. Read below to learn how to Export/Import with RiffWorks.


Export/Import Within RiffWorks

EXPORT within RiffWorks (.rwr)

Export Riffs from your current RiffWorks Standard song to import into other RiffWorks songs and into [RiffLink | RiffLink] Collaborations.

  • Click the EXPORT button.
  • Select the option: Save Riff File - Used for importing into another RiffWorks song (.rwr)
  • Type in a filename for your Riff and click the SAVE button.

IMPORT within RiffWorks

IMPORT your previously saved Riff created in RiffWorks when in another song in RiffWorks or in a RiffLink Collaboration.


Export/Import Between RiffWorks and Other DAWs

EXPORT Riffs from RiffWorks Standard to Other DAWs (.wav)

RiffWorks Standard v2.5 Improvements Include These New Export Options. These are not available in RiffWorks T4.

Export Riffs from RiffWorks Standard as WAV files if you would like to continue working on your song in other DAWs (recording applications) like GarageBand, Pro Tools, Audacity, Sonar, etc.

  • Click the EXPORT button.
  • Select the option Export Current Riff - Export all the layers of the currently selected Riff as Acidized .wav files. Includes the InstantDrummer and Metronome. Files can then be imported into any DAW that imports .wav files.
  • Select the option Export All Riffs - Exports all riffs from a song as .wav files into separate file folders. Includes the InstantDrummer and Metronome. Files can then be imported into any DAW that imports .wav files.

Sonoma 7 VST Plugin is available for free to all RiffWorks Standard users as a separate download. The 7 award-winning effects from RiffWorks are now available as a VST Plugin that may be used with other DAWs. This allows you to continue using the RiffWorks effects even in other DAWs. Effects presets are saved during export from RiffWorks for access from the Sonoma 7 VST plugin in your DAW.

IMPORT from other DAWs into RiffWorks

RiffWorks does not currently import files created in other DAWs. This is a feature we would like to add properly in a future release (support for multiple file types, a UI for trimming to the length of the riff, etc.), so stay tuned.

Sonoma Wire Works does not test or support the utilities below that are made by third party developers, like atalwar's intelliriffer and is not responsible for problems that may result from the use of those products.

A RiffWorks user named atalwar created a tool called intelliRiffer, the Wave importer tool, which imported .wav files from other DAWs (Windows Only), but he has informed us that as of 9/2010 he does not support it any longer. You may run into problems if you use it with the newer versions of RiffWorks. atalwar also developed RWKontrol v2 - Midi/keyboard Control of RiffWorks, but we do not know if this is compatible with the latest version of RiffWorks, or what problems you may run into if you use it. Details in the forum and on this intelliriffer page.

Wave importer tool (Python script) for Mac OSX by sick1982 is also not tested or supported by the Sonoma Wire Works team, and may not be tested by the developer using the current version of RiffWorks, so Sonoma does not recommend using it.

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