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InstantDrummerâ„¢ invites you to jam with great sounding, professionally recorded drum tracks!

Use the InstantDrummer built into RiffWorks recording software (Mac & Win) to add professionally recorded drums to your songs with adjustable tempo, intensity, variation, ambience and gain. At least one InstantDrummer session is included in every edition of RiffWorks. Give it a try in RiffWorks T4 (free).

Also, check out the new InstantDrummer iPhone App which has similar features. InstantDrummer iPhone App Guide.

Most RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions are loop recordings of professional drummers in professional studios brought into the InstantDrummer format for easy manipulation by RiffWorks users. Play along with InstantDrummer sessions by famous drummers like Alan White (Yes, Lennon), Jason McGerr (Death Cab for Cutie), John Tempesta (Rob Zombie, Exodus, Testament, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, Tony Iommi, Helmet, Scum of The Earth and the Cult), Lonnie Wilson (Brooks and Dunn, Faith Hill, George Jones, Martina McBride, Rascal Flats, Randy Travis and Waylon Jennings, Tim McGraw), and Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver). More InstantDrummer Sessions in the store.

Spin the INTENSITY knob to set the mood from mellow to aggressive. Dial in some VARIATION to get a constantly evolving beat. AMBIENCE adds room sound and GAIN sets the level. No tedious editing or disappointing sounds, just a great drummer, ready to jam. Add and adjust drums as you record or after you've finished recording.




Use this menu to select InstantDrummer Sessions to play along with and include in your recordings. Each InstantDrummer session will have a different set of parts. Multiple InstantDrummer sessions and parts may be played in a song.

Included InstantDrummer Sessions

InstantDrummer sessions are separate downloads from the RiffWorks installer. Be sure to install the ones that come with your version of RiffWorks below. Also check the RiffWorks InstantDrummer Forums and newsletter for free demo InstantDrummers and occasional special deals.

RiffWorks T4 (Free) with 1 Demo InstantDrummer Session

RiffWorks T4, and all editions of RiffWorks, include the a Demo InstantDrummer session. It contains several parts made by top drum loop companies for you to sample. Plus there is a Discrete Drums Demo RWID and a DrumCore Demo RWID that any RiffWorks v 2.6.5 user may download for free.

RiffWorks T4 with 4 Bonus InstantDrummer Sessions

RiffWorks T4 plus four RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions now bundled in certain products. ($40 value) These are the 4 bonus drums included:

  • Bare Bones by Discrete Drums
  • Matt Sorum Basic by Submersible Music
  • When I Drum Around by Drums on Demand
  • RAW Funk Grooves by Sonic Reality

RiffWorks Standard with 9 InstantDrummer Sessions

RiffWorks Standard includes 9 InstantDrummer sessions ($90 value):

  • Afro Island Grooves by Sonoma Wire Works
  • Bare Bones by Discrete Drums
  • Habanero Groove by Drums On Demand
  • Half Nelson by Drums On Demand
  • Matt Sorum Basic by Submersible Music
  • Mekanic Beats by Sonoma Wire Works
  • Trash Funk by Sonoma Wire Works
  • When I Drum Around by Drums On Demand
  • RAW Funk Grooves by Sonic Reality
RiffWorks Line 6 Edition (discontinued) with 8 InstantDrummer Sessions

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition included 8 InstantDrummer sessions ($80 value). Users could download these from Line 6 Software Downloads

  • Afro Island Grooves
  • Habanero Groove by Drums On Demand
  • Half Nelson by Drums On Demand
  • Mekanic Beats by Sonoma Wire Works
  • Trash Funk by Sonoma Wire Works
  • When I Drum Around by Drums On Demand

From Sonoma Wire Works after you register Line 6 Edition with Sonoma Wire Works:

  • Matt Sorum Basic by Submersible Music
  • Bare Bones by Discrete Drums
RiffWorks Junior (discontinued) with 3 InstantDrummer Sessions

RiffWorks Junior included 3 InstantDrummer sessions. Users can download these from Sonoma Wire Works after registering with us:

  • Bare Bones by Discrete Drums
  • When I Drum Around by Drums On Demand
  • Matt Sorum Basic by Submersible Music

Get More Drums by Top Drum Content Providers

At the bottom of the Session menu, you can select Get More Drums to go directly to Sonoma Wire Works online store to shop for more InstantDrummer sessions from top drum loop companies for $9.99 each. More new sessions are being added all the time. Read below about the top drum loop companies who make InstantDrummer sessions.

Discrete Drums

Up to 16 tracks of rhythm material in sessions that you can sculpt with the InstantDrummer. Listen to samples of drummers that sound great with rock, alt rock, pop, hard rock/metal, blues, country, reggae, and R & B styles.

"So far we've been lucky enough to work with Greg Morrow, Chris McHugh, Tony Morra, and Andy Kravitz on drums, and Eric Darken on percussion. The next projects will be Hip Hop, Blues, Country and Reggae, probably in that order. RiffWorks is a great platform for our content!" Rick DiFonzo, Founder of Discrete Drums | Discrete Drums InstantDrummer Sessions

Drums on Demand

Whether you're looking for a country rock groove or 150 beats per minute of driving metal intensity, you'll find lots to choose from in the Drums on Demand sessions. You'll get a live-sounding, high-quality drum performance for your song or project.

"When we were doing the jazz recordings, I brought in a 60s Gretsch drum kit, which is what they used to play that stuff on. Nothing sounds like it, and it worked great ... After recording, Randle spends about three days mixing in his studio, followed by six weeks of editing and fine tuning by Sorensen. Then, Randle and Murphy map out the sound of each Drummer ... making it all just work when you turn the knob ... I think [RiffWorks] is great for people who just want to play guitar and not delve into how it's all done." Todd Sorenson, Session Drummer, Composer and Producer, Drums on Demand | Drums On Demand InstantDrummer Sessions


Drummerheads offers a wide range of new sounds, styles, and very usable features with all of their InstantDrummer content.

"I wanted to give RiffWorks users a wide collection of InstantDrummer sessions to pick from, not just my idea of the perfect parts. So I've recruited musicians and producers who make music that I really enjoy to create sessions of their own, like Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie." Hayden Bursk, Founder, Drummerheads | Drummerheads InstantDrummer Sessions

Sonic Reality

For over 10 years Sonic Reality has been sampling, programming and developing sound libraries and software for sound companies, keyboard manufacturers and successful recording & performing artists. We create virtual musical instruments and production tools that can be used with today's digital samplers and Mac/PC software samplers, sequencers and digital recorders. They are now transforming their great-sounding content into InstantDrummer sessions for RiffWorks users.

Dave Kerzner from Sonic Reality remarked, "Sonoma and Sonic Reality share a similar philosophy when it comes to music-making - getting the technical stuff out of the way in order to get to the creative part faster. RiffWorks is brilliant and we're thrilled to be able to offer our drums and grooves in this platform so that guitar players can jam with such a diverse range of sounds we've captured all over the world. It's a chance to open up a range of Sonic Reality samples to guitarists that may be new to what we do and that's exciting." Sonic Reality InstantDrummer Sessions

Submersible Music

Select content from Submersible's popular DrumCoreâ„¢ software is now available for RiffWorks users. These are great-sounding drummers spanning a multitude of styles.

"Since most RiffWorks users are guitarists ... we have concentrated on drummers and styles that are most attractive for them. There's Matt Sorum (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver), Sly Dunbar (Bob Marley), Terry Bozzio (Jeff Beck, UK), Lonnie Wilson (Brooks and Dunn) and Tony Braunagel (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal)." Kord Taylor, Marketing, Submersible Music | Submersible Music InstantDrummer Sessions

Bulk InstantDrummer Session Discounts

Occasionally there are Bulk InstantDrummer session discounts available. Keep an eye on the InstantDrummer category page, InstantDrummer Forum and the Sonoma Wire Works Newsletter for special offers.


Use this menu to select the part you'd like to play. Parts are often organized into song segments like Verse, Chorus and Bridge.


When you select an InstantDrummer session, the screen displays a custom graphic. In most cases it includes information about the original tempo the drum tracks were played when recorded. This is the tempo the drummer will sound the most natural.

  • If the Riff Tempo is set much lower than this, you may hear some choppiness in the audio.
  • If the Riff Tempo is set much higher than this, the playing may sound unnatural, or even humanly impossible.


Each part of an InstantDrummer session may have a range of intensities to select from. This could mean the beat has fewer hits, or less use of cymbals, or different effects applied. It is up to the creators of each session to determine what to use this for.


Each part of an instant drummer has a fill associated with it. The InstantDrummer knows to always play a fill on the last bar of a Riff. As you turn the Variation knob up, the InstantDrummer will constantly vary the beat by inserting parts of the fill through out the Riff.


The Ambience knob controls the amount of Room or Reverb on the drum sound. Some InstantDrummer sessions include custom recorded Room tracks that are controlled by Ambience. Others just use the built-in Reverb in RiffWorks.


This controls the level of the InstantDrummer session in the Riff mix.


Installing InstantDrummer Sessions

Multiple InstantDrummer Sessions

You can combine multiple InstantDrummer sessions in a song.

InstantDrummer & Online Collaboration

Online collaboration drum sharing is now possible with RiffLink in RiffWorks. This means collaborators can hear each other's InstantDrummer Sessions. If a collaboration includes drum sessions that you do not own, the sessions will be streamed to you so you can play along with them. If you own the sessions, then no streaming will be necessary and you will not have to wait for them to stream to you.

InstantDrummer Copyright

You may use InstantDrummer sessions in your songs then publish them on a commercial CD. There are no royalty fees for the InstantDrummer sessions you purchased to use in your songs. You are simply asked, if you give drum credit, to give credit to the InstantDrummer manufacturer and artist (if known) for any drums from them included in your song.

This text is from the RiffWorks License & Copyrights agreed to during RiffWorks installation. You can find a copy of this license in the User Manual:

"Include a valid copyright notice on your products that include Associated Media" (eg. InstantDrummer Sessions)."

When you RiffCast a song, the InstantDrummer session(s) you use are included on the songs page on RiffWorld, so credit is given automatically on RiffWorld.

See See InstantDrummer Copyright Forum Thread for more info.

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