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RiffWorks Standard is a ReWire mixer and can sync with other programs ­­­­­­­­­like ­­­­­­­­­Propellerheads Reason® and Ableton® Live, Fruity Loops® and Project5®.

RiffWorks T4 does not include ReWire capabilities.

ReWire is the protocol developed by Propellerhead Software that is built into RiffWorks. This allows you to use RiffWorks ­­­­­­­­­Standard and simultaneously with programs like the ones above.

Because the ReWire protocol is built into both RiffWorks and Reason, Reason and RiffWorks can work together simultaneously. Their transports lock, and audio from Reason comes into RiffWorks with sample accurate timing.

The ReWire process is pretty simple.

  1. Open RiffWorks.
  2. Open ReWire Device Application (Reason, etc)
  3. Enable ReWire backup in RiffWorks.

Now, your current Riff length in RiffWorks will be reflected in the loop points of your Reason song. Move the beginning loop point in Reason to where you want Reason to start playing for your currently selected Riff.

  1. Hit play in RiffWorks.
  2. Adjust GAIN in the ReWire backup panel to whatever you want.

This is a very brief explanation, but it should get you going. You should also read about your ReWire device application as they all do things a little differently.

Newsletter article for further reading on this subject at

From Propellerheads, makers of Reason

From WikiPedia

See your other program’s documentation on ReWire capability for more information.

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