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Build Date Edition Distribution 2011/12/07 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2011/12/07 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2011/10/14 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2011/10/14 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2011/09/28 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2011/09/28 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2011/04/12 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2011/04/12 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2011/02/21 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2011/02/21 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2010/12/23 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2010/12/23 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2010/12/16 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2010/12/16 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2010/12/10 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2010/12/10 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2010/11/24 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2010/11/01 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2010/10/15 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted


Build Date Edition Distribution 2008/12/17 RiffWorks T4 Installer Posted 2008/12/17 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted


Build Date Edition Distribution 2008/07/17 RiffWorks T4 Update Posted 2008/06/20 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2008/06/20 RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Update Posted 2008/06/20 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2008/06/20 RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Update Posted


Build Date Edition Distribution 2007/03/01 RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Update Posted 2007/03/01 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2007/02/23 RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Update Posted - Temporarily Disabled 2007/02/23 RiffWorks Standard Update Posted 2007/02/15 RiffWorks Standard Online Store 2007/02/07 RiffWorks Standard CD Production


Build Date Edition Distribution 2006/10/30 RiffWorks Demo Online Store 2006/09/13 RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Online Store 2006/08/28 RiffWorks Junior Presonus OEM 2006/08/28 RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Line 6 OEM 2006/07/24 RiffWorks Standard Online Store


Build Date Edition Distribution 2005/08/10 RiffWorks Line 6 OEM


Build Date Edition Distribution 2004/11/08 RiffWorks Line 6 OEM



It is recommended that all RiffWorks users update to the most recent build below. To update RiffWorks from a previous version of RiffWorks Standard or RiffWorks T4, launch your current version of RiffWorks, and a dialog window should appear asking you if you would like to update. Clicking "Yes" should open a web-browser window.with a blue button in the top right corner that reads "Download". Click on it. Close RiffWorks. Run the installer.

To confirm you have the updated version, run RiffWorks and click on the RW logo on the top right-hand side of the RiffWorks window. Check that the version number is the most recent build number below.

If you have any trouble getting the update, installing or with the new build, please contact support.

If you are still running RiffWorks Line 6 Edition, we stopped updating that version at 2.2. Please click here to upgrade from RiffWorks Line 6 Edition to RiffWorks Standard.

VERSION 2.6.7 build 3529 RELEASE NOTES 12/07/2011

RiffWorks shut down bug fix.

VERSION 2.6.7 build 3520 RELEASE NOTES 10/14/2011

Patch to repair drum streaming in RiffLink.

VERSION 2.6.7 build 3508 RELEASE NOTES 9/28/2011

The most important things to note about this release are:

  • RiffLink users must update to 2.6.7 build 3508, or later, in order to connect.
  • RiffLink Import is now restricted to rwr files. RiffWorks T4 users can no longer import to a RiffLink collab as they cannot create rwr files. RiffWorks T4 users should upgrade to Standard if they would like to import to RiffLink.

Other Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved graphic rendering and performance
  • Improved Riff Import
  • Shortened launch time
  • Updated the progress bar
  • Added Enable/Disable Close button (triple clickers guards)
  • Application quit re-factored and no-hang fix
  • Registration bug fixed
  • Layer Reordering bug fixed
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • RiffCasting bug fixed
  • RiffLink: Improved connection
  • RiffLink: Fixed bug where layer icon does not update for other users on RiffLink
  • RiffLink song download bug fixed
  • RiffLink does not auto-create Riff1 if you are not alone.
  • Several other fixes and improvements

Check the RiffWorks forum for discussion about this update. Thanks for using RiffWorks!

VERSION 2.6.6 build 3441 RELEASE NOTES 4/12/2011

  • Performance improvements and software optimization.

VERSION 2.6.5 build 3418 RELEASE NOTES 2/21/2011

  • Fixed VST bay
  • Fixed hang on quit with some VST plugins on Windows
  • Fixed bug that would occur when trying to RiffCast more than once from the same launch of RiffWorks.
  • Fixed RiffCaster code
  • Fixed some network issues due to WiFi connection drops (MacOS/Windows)
  • Fixed unlock/lock UI on select recording path
  • Stopping audio before changing output/input device
  • Opening RiffLink song is faster and works better.
  • Fixed LoadSong Beach Ball (MacOS)
  • Fixed CPU Graphics on Windows
  • Fixed decrypt error handling (registration)
  • Fixed hang on Tear down
  • Fixed bug when importing a song into another song when the import has a riff that has been duplicated multiple times.
  • Fixed InstantDrummers list showing up correctly after RiffCasting.
  • Fixed Save and Save as on close window.
  • Other minor fixes.

VERSION 2.6.5 build 3383 RELEASE NOTES 12/23/2010

  • Fix crash when bypassing effects, especially bypassing another effect while the Reverb is on.
  • Fix memory leak when loading drummers.
  • Fix refresh of user icon in the layer view.
  • Fix crash if pipe character is used in name by and audio device.
  • Fix Export current riff.
  • Fix hang when disconnection happens during load.
  • Fix crash on delete all while playing and reset the transport properly
  • Fix slow load during launch.



Upgrading from RiffWorks 2.5 to RiffWorks 2.6.5 adds layer dragging, OS and amp modeling software compatibility, new InstantDrummer content, and other improvements.


  • Drag and drop layers to rearrange, or drag to another riff to copy.
  • Compatible with the most recent OS versions: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3, MacOS 10.6, 10.5, 10.4.
  • Compatible with the latest Amp Model plugins: IK Multimedia Amplitube 3, Line 6 Pod Farm 2, Studio Devil Amp Modeller Pro and VGA II, NI Guitar Rig 4, Overloud TH-1, and many more.
  • Additional free InstantDrummer demo content from Discrete Drums and DrumCore is available in the Sonoma Wire Works online store.

RiffLink Online Collaboration Updates

  • RiffLink code has been rewritten for much improved speed, performance and reliability.
  • Layer and Riff order is preserved in collaborations.
  • Loading a collaboration shows progress of synchronization with the server.
  • Active Collaborations panel shows a JOIN button in viewable collaborations, and a FULL button while 4 players are actively collaborating.
  • Riff Notes are now saved correctly in collaborations.
  • Importing riffs or songs from locally saved RiffWorks files to RiffLink has been improved.
  • If you become disconnected from RiffLink, warnings are properly given to keep you from adding more content until you reconnect.
  • Streaming of InstantDrummers that you don't own, while collaborating with users who own them, is working better and faster.
  • Saving a Riff locally that includes an InstantDrummer that you own will include the InstantDrummer content and settings locally.
  • Saving a Riff locally that includes an InstantDrummer that you streamed, but do not own, removes the drummer settings and the content is replaced with the demo InstantDrummer. These settings are restored when you purchase the InstantDrummer.
  • Duplicating another person's Riff that contains an InstantDrummer that you do not own will replace the drummer on your computer with the demo drummer.
  • Many additional minor improvements.


  • With the release of 2.6.5, earlier versions of RiffWorks can no longer connect to RiffLink.
  • RiffWorks T4 2.6.5 requires a minimal RiffLink service fee.
  • RiffWorks Standard 2.6.5 includes 60 days free RiffLink Service.
  • As of December 17th, 2010, the "60 days free trial of RiffLink" has started for existing RiffWorks Standard owners. For others, the 60 day trial starts from the day you purchase RiffWorks Standard.
  • RiffLink service is now available and priced at $10 for 30 days of RiffLink, or $60 for a year of RiffLink. When you purchase RiffLink, days are added to whatever time you have remaining. For example, if you purchase RiffWorks Standard, then after 50 days have passed in your 60 days free trial, you have 10 days remaining, then you purchase RiffLink 30 days, you'll have 40 days total service at your fingertips.



RiffWorks Standard v2.5 is now the ideal sketchpad for professional DAW users with new features like export, 32-bit recording and 32-bit mix.


New Export Options

  • Export Current Riff - Export all the layers of the currently selected Riff as Acidized .wav files including the InstantDrummer and Metronome. Files can then be imported into any DAW.
  • Export All Riffs - Exports all riffs from a song as .wav files into separate file folders.

More Features

  • Sonoma 7 VST Plugin - The 7 award-winning effects from RiffWorks as a VST Plugin. Effects presets are saved during export for access from the Sonoma 7 VST plugin in your DAW. This plugin is available for free to all RiffWorks Standard users as a separate download.
  • 32-bit Recording and Export - RiffWorks has always done all processing at 32-bit, but audio files were saved as 16-bit for space and performance reasons. 32-bit file recording is now available as an option in the Audio Setup Window. 32-bit provides the highest recording quality, but takes twice as much disk space.
  • 32-bit Mix - The option to mix a 32-bit floating point .wav file allows users to take their final mix into a mastering program at the highest quality.
  • Improved Master Output Compressor/Limiter* - All new program-dependent master output compressor/limiter increases overall output level and eliminates pumping and breathing at high output levels.
  • Improved Compressor* - New algorithm improves compressors on Layers and Riffs.
  • FourTrack Import* - RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 v2.5 automatically detect and import tracks, complete with gain and pan settings, directly from the FourTrack iPhone application using Bonjour on Mac and Windows.
  • RiffLink Progress Bar* - The RiffLink online collaboration feature built into RiffWorks now includes a progress bar during song loading.

Bug Fixes

  • RiffLink peformance*
  • Sound improvements*
  • RiffEffects on SongLayers*
  • Export/Import SongLayers*

Note: Improvements marked with an asterix above are also included in the RiffWorks T4 v2.5 (free edition) update.



New interactive walk-through tutorial that will help guitar players start recording their ideas and complete songs immediately. Additional features and bug fixes make recording and online collaboration even easier.


  • New "Quick Start" walk-though tutorial in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Improved InstantDrummer panel for easier viewing. Online collaboration: boosted performance for opening and loading collaborations and improved overall stability.

  • Online collaboration drum sharing: collaborators now hear each other's InstantDrummer Sessions.

RiffWorks saves the Hardware Monitoring state, Input Effects settings, and VST plug-in selection and settings when closing and loads them when opening.

  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig now supported.



v2.1 is a maintenance release for all versions of RiffWorks with updates and changes that improve device support, registration, graphics, plug-in support and RiffLink collaboration.


  • FIXED IN 2710 : Mac OS Line 6 Edition InstantDrummers - The 6 InstantDrummers downloaded from Line 6 will cause the app to exit when selected. We are working on a new 2.1 build that will fix the problem. The InstantDrummers downloaded from SWW are not affected.
  • FIXED IN 2710 : ReWire with Live Lite 6 Line 6 Edition - Live Lite 6 Line 6 Edition (other editions unknown) has ReWire device functionality disabled. When Live fails to load as a ReWire device, other ReWire apps, like Reason, won't play properly in RiffWorks (loud buzz.)
  • Select Record Path dialog on Windows appears stuck on the C: drive. There is a work around explained here.
  • Delay settings in Backup Effects are not copied when copying a Riff.
  • Filter Sequence Effect can drift (unintentional feature?:)
  • RiffNotes and other text fields are still rudimentary in their handling of text.
  • RiffLink is still Beta but stability is significantly improved.
  • RiffCast during RiffLink is subject to problems when multiple players are logged into a session.
  • Ends of layers can get cropped in RiffLink.
  • Usernames in RiffLink Chat view are not always clickable, but they should be.
  • RiffLink chat does not do line wrapping.


Build 2710

  • Fixed ReWire problem with Ableton Live Lite 6, which appears as a device, but the functionality is disabled in the Lite version.
  • Fixed crash loading Line6 included InstantDrummer sessions - MAC
  • Includeds new build of L6TWX

Build 2707

  • Updater and Installer use registry key to find 2.0 install location.
  • Updater and Installer have copy V1 drummers function.
  • Fix crash accessing registry on 1 out of 100 machines.
  • Fix cut-off RiffWorks logo at bottom activation screen on WIN
  • Fix crash after double-clicking to install a drummer when RiffWorks isn't running – WIN
  • Fix crash in L6 edition with no device connected by making it possible to show a dialog before the main window – MACOS
  • Pass the app name to the Activator Window so that the server knows to add drummers to your account when you register – L6

Build 2699

  • Add Register button to non-serial number dialog
  • Don't call Activate, only Register on non-Standard editions
  • Make Activation Window not float on top of ALL windows, only RW – WIN

Build 2695 see below...


  • Standard users received AmpliTube 2 Live plugin (VST/AU) for a limited time. No longer bundled.
  • Standard users will receive SonicReality RAW Funk Grooves InstantDrummer session.
  • Fixed pitfall where user could select Program Files or Windows directory as VST plugin folder causing excessive launch times.
  • Fixed frozen VST plug-in UI (Amplitube 2.1, Amplitube Live 2.0.1 and Guitar Rig 2.2 work now)
  • Added Ampeg SVX, Amplitube 2 Live, and GearBox, to the supported amp plugins list.
  • Bypass the Amp plugin when Hardware Monitoring is turned on.
  • VST Select Plugin Path behaves better – WINDOWS
  • Fixed random crash on Mac when using AudioUnits
  • Fixed pitfall where user could select Program Files or WINDOWS directory as VST plugin folder causing excessive launch times.
  • Added IK StealthPlug ASIO driver version check and warning – WINDOWS

Standard CD installer

  • On launch, v2.1 shows an activation dialog. Users may postpone activation for 30 days by clicking close, or 'Activate Later'. After 30 days the dialog will read «You must register and activate now. RiffWorks will not run until you do.» Users may press 'Activate Later' but RiffWorks will not launch.
  • Serial Number is included in the box.
  • The user must register to get a SonomaKey username and password in order to activate.
  • Installs [RiffWorks Standard Manual.pdf]

Line 6 Edition

  • Installs updated L6TWX.dll
  • Supports TonePort DI and TonePort KB37
  • Registration is simplified by eliminating download of registration app
  • v2.1 Updater supersedes registration app and copies v1.0 drummers to v2 location.
  • Prompts user to register if a Sonoma purchased drummer is detected and RW isn't registered yet (no more incorrect dialog text)
  • Prompts user to register when RiffCast is clicked and RW isn't registered yet
  • Prompts user to register on RiffLink screen and RW isn't registered yet
  • v2.1 full CD installer copies v1.0 drummers to v2 location

All Versions

  • v2.1 Updater and installer: Windows is an .exe and a Mac is a .pkg
  • Update Alert dialog will appear on launch of 2.0 prompting download of 2.1 Update
  • Update Installer checks to see if RiffWorks is running and asks user to quit before proceeding - WINDOWS
  • Improved Registration system no longer requires zip or dmg files which caused errors with WinZip and Stuffit
  • Fixed hang on quit during «Stopping ReWire...»
  • Fixed bug where double quotes (") in Riff Notes, Riff Name, or Layer Name would cause corrupt song files.
  • Fixed drawing bug that caused layers to not scroll properly when Input Effects was shown and hidden.
  • InstantDrummer sessions are installed with their correct name regardless of what IE or Firefox try to do.
  • Import feature now allows selection of .rws files to import all the riffs in a song at once, including importing into a RiffLink session.
  • Restore the Input Effect settings when Hardware Monitor is toggled.
  • Fixed Waveform view drawing bugs
  • Fixed buzz if Solo is check on Song Layers when stopped.
  • Fixed Chat view scroll bug when Input menu is hidden.
  • Fixed crash on Open Song due to race condition with CheckForTapeRiff
  • Fixed import song bug
  • Fixed random crash on Windows with Activation Window
  • Fixed race condition crash on song load
  • Added click on drum screen to search for missing drummer in store
  • Tweaked BufferedFileStream::SimpleFill for better performance on seek
  • Included meta data with RiffCast posts
  • Deleted leaking RiffCast temp files
  • Updated Default song (default.rws)
  • Fixed activation messages
  • Fixed bad Riff name importing
  • Fixed Main Window centering
  • Fixed saving when not activated
  • Fixed collab view scrolling
  • Saves Stereo button setting in prefs
  • Added Select Record Path button to Audio Setup Window
  • Check Disk Space is much faster
  • Centered RW window on screen
  • Remembers Input channel and Output channel in prefs
  • Refreshes Input channel list correctly on after device change – WINDOWS
  • Fixed Input effects panel hiding messing up layer scrolling
  • Fixed Song Layers mute
  • Fixed popping on output limiter when maxed out
  • Fixed sluggish drawing with effects or waveform showing
  • Fixed sluggish riff dragging
  • Fixed clicky tempo changing

RiffLink (beta)

  • Title bar shows if you are connected to a RiffLink session
  • Setting the InstantDrummer in RiffLink sticks better
  • Opening a non RiffLink song after working on a RiffLink session no longer results in a corrupt file
  • RiffLink musician profile controls RiffLink avatar rather than plone prefs.
  • Fixed random crash on loading of RiffLink collab
  • Logs out of RiffLink on Save
  • Remembers Riff brick positions in RiffLink
  • Focus on RiffLink Chat box when entering chat view
  • RiffLink Chat is improved, user comments on one side, others users opposite, icons smaller, etc.
  • RiffLink messages such as 'user left', 'user entered' and chat messages are seen in the status window at all times. This is useful when the chat view is scrolled etc.
  • RiffLink collab (.rwc) files downloaded from the web interface work correctly
  • Fixed switching between Layers and RiffLink views.
  • Small tweaks made to RiffLink Collab list
  • More little chat view improvements
  • Fixed song import missing duplicated riffs
  • Fixed song importing bugs
  • Cleans up the rcs directory when opening a RiffLink song.
  • Deletes all .rif files before save to remove cruft from song (helps RiffLink save)
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