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RiffWorks easy, fun and quick guitar recording software with effects, InstantDrummer sessions, online music collaboration & song posting.

Record ideas at the moment of inspiration.
Create songs with drums and effects.
Collaborate online with musicians around the world.
Cast tunes to an enthusiastic online community.
All without putting down your guitar!

RiffWorks has a Riff-based workflow with guitar-friendly features that make RiffWorks the most creative song recording system ever produced. The interface looks like gear, not like a complicated DAW. RiffWorks is fun and productive because the focus is on playing, not engineering.

Download RiffWorks T4 (free edition), then upgrade to RiffWorks Standard for more features. RiffWorks Feature Comparison Chart

How is RiffWorks Different than other DAWs like Garageband and ProTools? More RiffWorks FAQs

RiffWorks includes an interactive "Quick Start" tutorial in 14 languages. Launch RiffWorks T4 (free) or Standard, and the tutorial will walk you through RiffWorks, while you record ideas and complete songs! There is also a RiffWorks Guide.


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View RiffWorks Screenshots.

Record songs with musicians worldwide with RiffWorks built-in online collaboration. Any musician can join your session and work with you at the same time on the same song. Discuss songs as you jam or when you have time using the built-in chat client. Thanks to loop recording, RiffWorks has no latency or distance problems like other online music collaboration programs. Each RiffWorks layer is instantly streamed to other current users and saved on the server for others to contribute later. How to Use RiffWorks Online Music Collaboration Software

Within RiffWorks: Browse, Open, Listen, Join and Contribute to Collaborations in Progress
On Browse (not listen to) Collaborations in Progress & Listen to Complete Collaborations

Post songs to an enthusiastic community of musicians using the free RiffCaster song posting service built into RiffWorks. Listen to what people have 'casted on How to RiffCast

"Sonoma, thanks for the fantastic environment you provide...not just a product, really more of an experience you've created! AND IT ROCKS!" gatorjj, RiffWorks User (More RiffWorks User Testimonials)

Robbie Gennet, who toured with Everclear, and writes for Guitar Player, says, "Congratulations to RiffWorks - They won a Trendsetter award at the Best in Show ceremony at NAMM 2008. This program makes it super easy to get your ideas down from inspiration right down to 'tape'." (More Professional Artist Testimonials About RiffWorks & More RiffWorks News & Reviews)


RiffWorks GuitarGearHeads Studio Ready Award RiffWorks NAMM 08 Best in Show Trendsetter Guitarist Choice Award Total Guitar Best Buy Award Computer Music Magazine Innovation Award
Computer Music Magazine Performance Award

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RiffWorks T4: $0
RiffWorks Standard: $129 / €99

RiffWorks Standard (Download): Only from the Sonoma Wire Works Store
RiffWorks Standard (Box): From IK Online, Digital Village & Dolphin Music, and more IK Worldwide Distributors and Resellers.

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RiffWorks T-Shirts ship to the UK.

Read more in the RiffWorks Manual (3.1MB PDF) and RiffWorks FAQ in the RiffWorks Online Guide.

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