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GuitarTone v2.0
Amp, Cab, and Effect Tones for iOS

Inspired by the ultimate collection of amps, cabinets, and effects, GuitarTone offers the highest quality tone on iOS. Available as the GuitarTone App (iTunes), and as a Song Tool in FourTrack (iPhone) and StudioTrack (iPad). Get 3 amps and cabs and 3 effects free. Connect GuitarJack to get 12 more amps and cabs plus 12 more effects for free ($19.98 value).

GuitarTone Features:

• 3 amps and 3 effects free

• 12 more classic amps and effects free while GuitarJack is connected, or $9.99 per 12-pack

• Dynamic, Condensor, Ribbon, and Precision microphones available for each cabinet.

• Record using GuitarTone in FourTrack and StudioTrack using in-app purchases.

New in v2.0:

• Universal - Now compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

• Double Cab - Two cabinets allow for stereo output and can be used to create new, thick sounds.

• Noise Gate - Adjust noise gate for hi gain amps

...and much more!

Check out this video overview of GuitarTone v2.0:

Listen to audio previews of all 27 amps below:
  1. "55"
  2. "60s Straight"
  3. "60s Slant"
  4. "100 Slant"
  5. "100 Straight"
  6. "Blackface Lux"
  7. "Boost 30"
  8. "Brilliant 15"
  9. "Brit Blues"
  10. "Classic Blues"
  11. "Closed Back"
  12. "Closed Slant"
  13. "Custom"
  14. "Deviator"
  15. "Gambler"
  16. "Meister"
  17. "Nickeltone 64"
  18. "Nickeltone 84"
  19. "One-off"
  20. "Pedal Steel"
  21. "Rootbeer 30"
  22. "San Antone"
  23. "Snakeskin"
  24. "Tweed Blues"
  25. "Tweed Deluxe"
  26. "Tweed Prince"
  27. "Tweed Twin"

Listen to audio previews of all 27 pedal effects below:
  1. "12AX7 Tube Sauce"
  2. "Auto Wah"
  3. "Bass Wah"
  4. "Black Wah"
  5. "Shimmer Chorus"
  6. "Chrome Wah"
  7. "Fatti Compressor"
  8. "Cream Dream"
  9. "Lux Delay"
  10. "Drive+"
  11. "Warped Flanger"
  12. "Funk Wah"
  13. "Mid Scoop"
  14. "Classic Drive"
  15. "ParaQ Equalizer"
  16. "Ultra Phase"
  17. "Pocketavia"
  18. "Homebrew 'Verb"
  19. "BP Sweeper"
  20. "HP Sweeper"
  21. "LP Sweeper"
  22. "Tape Delay"
  23. "Treble+"
  24. "Pulsator Tremolo"
  25. "Uranium Fuzz"
  26. "Va-Room"
  27. "Wobbluxe Vibrato"

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