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01/25/15 GuitarJack Stage Video by Sound On Sound at NAMM 2015. Paraphrased: GuitarJack Stage is a 2-in/2-out interface for audio software for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices that are starting to have low latency audio. The switches and knobs allow you to control any software that supports MIDI controls, like amp apps or page turning apps. Sonoma's GuitarTone app is pre set up with MIDI messages that allow you to use GuitarJack Stage turn on and off effects, switch presets, control amp levels, etc. Sonoma created a custom cable for all three of our upcoming interfaces. The cable connection is super rugged, so it doesn't pop out when you wiggle the cable, and it has enough length that you can go from the floor to a tablet on a mic stand on stage. Power isn't required because GuitarJack Stage is device powered, but it allows you to charge your iOS device when you plug GuitarJack Stage into a pedal board or power outlet.
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03/28/14 GuitarJack Stage Chosen as "Best of Show" Winner at Macworld/iWorld 2014
GuitarJack Stage, the forthcoming multi-platform pedal controller and audio interface from Sonoma Wire Works, was one of 11 products chosen as "Best of Show" at the Macworld/iWorld 2014 convention.

Expo Notes: Making the Mac (and iPad and iPhone) More Musical by Jim Galbraith

About GuitarJack Stage
Sonoma's Official Macworld 2014 Show Wrap Up

GuitarJack Stage Wins Best of Show at Macworld 2014

03/21/14 Sonic State preview video of DrumCore 4 at Musikmesse. Sonic State says, "DrumCore 4 uses real recordings of drummers to build a library of component audio building blocks of grooves and fills which can be seamlessly joined together to form your drum track. Based on audio, there's a limit of how far you can timestretch audio blocks recorded at one tempo, to fit within a target track at a different tempo, but the software handily highlights which selections might not quite work within your composition, so you can be sure of crafting a track which fits together perfectly. In addition, the audio segments can be presented as MIDI information too, so you can swap out sounds easily."
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03/21/14 Sonic State preview video of GuitarJack Stage at Musikmesse. Sonic State says, "You might be aware of the high quality yet teeny tiny Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack audio IO devices for iOS/usb devices ... well, it looks like there's something in the water out Sonoma way, as their latest offering has bulked up somewhat. The new GuitarJack Stage is designed for the rigours of on-stage use, so it's gonna get a bit of foot-booting. Looks like it can handle it though. It's a pedal controller and audio interface, compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS - device powered, but if you do plug it in, it'll charge your iPhone/iPad."
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03/14/14 Audiofanzine preview video of GuitarJack Stage at Musikmesse.
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02/01/14 WNAMM14: DrumCore 4 Preview Video by Sweetwater
"For many years, DrumCore has been one of the staple drum virtual instruments music producers and professional composers have turned to consistently. Loaded with 20GB of exciting content including over 100 fully sampled drum kits and countless stellar performances by world-class drummers such as Alan White, Terry Bozzio, Sly Dunbar, and many others, DrumCore 4 offers greater versatility than ever before."
About DrumCore 4 Pre-order Offer
Sonoma's Official NAMM 2014 Show Wrap Up

02/01/14 WNAMM14: GuitarJack Stage Preview Video by Sweetwater
"If the original GuitarJack iOS interfaces were any indication, then it’s clear that Sonoma Wire Works is passionate about capturing great-sounding guitar tone. Now they are about to release four new audio interfaces that take the same concept one step farther. While the GuitarJack Stage and GuitarJack Mini are focused on mobile guitar processing and recording, the StudioJack and StudioJack Mini models let you take studio-quality recording capability on the road."
Sonoma's Official NAMM 2014 Show Wrap Up

Preview handout from Winter NAMM for Sonoma's upcoming family of products: GuitarJack Mini, StudioJack Mini, GuitarJack Stage and StudioJack.

12/16/13 Recording Magazine Reviews GuitarJack 2 USB:
"As a guitar input/output interface using an iOS device as the "brains" (e.g. for guitar effects processing) or simply for guitar recording, the GuitarJack 2 USB has the same killer audio quality and tone as the original [GuitarJack Model 2]; if you’re serious about getting great sound from your guitar to your iOS device or laptop and hearing it back out again, these interfaces have few peers[...]it can be used with iOS devices, Windows PCs, and Macs equally handily, and it’s sturdy and sounds dynamite. As a portable recording/listening solution for any and all audio computer devices out there, it’s hard to beat." - Mike Metlay Recording Magazine (January 2014 issue)

Recording Magazine Reviews GuitarJack 2 USB

10/16/13 RocknRoll Reporter (German) Reviews GuitarJack 2 USB:
"The sound is excellent, the latency very very low, so that makes the GuitarJack 2 USB at home in any studio. Better quality and easier to handle, you can not distinguish between the different worlds (IOS / Android / PC / Mac)..." - More on

Rocknroll Reporter Reviews GuitarJack 2 USB

09/25/13RiffRumble 23: METAL
Record your best metal song with RiffWorks (Mac/Win) or FourTrack (iPhone) on your own, or with up to 4 friends worldwide using RiffLink online song collaboration. Over $4000 in prizes are up for grabs, including a Codella Stormchaser Guitar, GuitarJack 2 USB for PC, Mac and select mobile devices, and more. No entry fee, and RiffWorks T4 free recording software may be used, so no purchase is necessary.

Enter Oct. 8 - 21
Listen to entries starting Oct. 8
Public Votes Oct. 8 - Nov. 4
Contestants Vote Oct. 22 - Nov. 4

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RiffRumble 23: METAL

09/06/13 Mac Observer Reviews GuitarJack Model 2:
"After being accustomed to interfaces that rely on the iPad's headphone jack, we were absolutely blown away by the quality of sound delivered by GuitarJack Model 2. Using a good set of headphones, the sound rivaled a full bass rig/studio setup. Noise was virtually non-existent and the sound was pristine and full. I could actually see myself using Guitar Jack Model 2 and my iPad in a gig setting -- something I'd always scoffed at with analog devices like IK Multimedia's iRig." - More on

Mac Observer reviews GuitarJack Model 2

07/22/13 SNAMM13: Video Preview of GuitarJack Mini, StudioJack Mini & GuitarJack Stage by Sound On Sound - See protypes and planned features for Sonoma's upcoming multiplatform audio interfaces: GuitarJack Mini portable audio I/O, StudioJack Mini portable multi-channel audio I/O and GuitarJack Stage studio quality I/O and pedal controller. Details subject to change. More on

Audiofanzine posted a photo of the GuitarJack Stage prototype.

4/25/13 GuitarJack 2 USB Musikmesse Video by Harmony Central:
The GuitarJack 2 USB interface works with iPad, as well as Mac and Windows, and is ready for when the Android low-latency audio spec becomes reality. - GuitarJack 2 USB Musikmesse Video by Craig Anderton of Harmony Central

04/22/13GuitarJack 2 USB for PC, Mac and mobile - Sonoma opens door for low-latency Android audio: "We reported recently on the release of Sonoma Wire Works' Low Latency Audio solution for Android devides, which should make real-time music making apps much more feasible on Google devices. At Musikmesse Sonoma announced a new audio interface called GuitarJack 2 USB. Their previous interface, GuitarJack Model 2 only supported use on iOS but this new interface supports Mac, PC and select mobile devices." - More on

Sound On Sound reviews GuitarJack 2

4/10/13MESSE13: Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack 2 USB interview by Sonic State at Musikmesse 2013. Daniel Codella shows GuitarJack 2 USB, which includes 24 bit AD/DA converters, 1/4" input, stereo 18" input, stereo 1/8" output and more. It is compatible with desktop, laptop and select mobile devices. The build quality is unlike anything else and it is critically acclaimed as a great sounding interface. Made in the U.S.A. Hear more in the video interview.

Sonic State Logo

02/05/2013 Sonic State Gives Sonoma's LLA for Android a NAMM 2013 Best Of Show Award - "Perhaps not an obvious choice, but one that could have the most far-reaching consequences and change the topography of the app market for good. Acheiving 20ms audio in to out on Android - they said it couldn't be done. But Sonoma Wire Works did it. If this gets adopted into Android devices, we should see a massive leap forward in available apps. If Sonoma can convince the device makers to roll this driver into their handsets, then the whole world of music creation apps opens up to the largest mobile platform there is. Some would argue that music creation software is what made the iPhone and iPad cool and desirable, so in my opinion they be fools not too. Game on!" Press Release, Sonoma LLA FAQ, News, Opinions and Video Interview. Subscribe to Announcements about Low Latency Audio on Android

Android Low Latency Audio Solution

01/24/13 Sonoma Wire Works has developed a low latency audio (LLA) solution for Android™ devices. Typical input to output latency on Android devices is between 100 and 250 milliseconds. Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution brings latency down to approximately 20 milliseconds. Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution for Android is available for license to device manufacturers. - Press Release, Sonoma LLA FAQ, News, Opinions and Video Interview. Subscribe to Announcements about Low Latency Audio on Android

Android Low Latency Audio Solution

11/21/12 GuitarTone 2.0 Update:
Sonoma Wire Works has released a free update to the GuitarTone iOS amp and effects app. GuitarTone 2 is universal (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch), includes double cab and a pedal board for iPad and iPhone 5, improved tone for all amps and effects, a noise gate, improved tuner, over 60 additional presets, new previews, lower latency on newer devices and more. - Learn more about GuitarTone 2.0

11/01/12 "Holiday Gift Ideas for the Audio Pro" by Russ Long of Pro Audio Review: "The best all-around iOS interface that I've encountered is Sonoma Wire Works' GuitarJack Model 2...this compact well-made contraption includes a high quality 24-bit AD/DA converter. The headphone output is a significant upgrade from the output on any of the iOS devices allowing for near audiophile listening when coupled with a great pair of headphones. I've spent hours listening for enjoyment and critiquing my mixes listening to my Audio-Technical ATH-M50 headphones through the GuitarJack and it sounds stellar. I've been using it for over a year and have found it to work perfectly with all of my audio apps including FourTrack, AmpliTube, [FiRe is now RODE REC], DigiTech Stomp Shop, GuitarTone, GarageBand and studio.HD...A Lightning to 30-pin Adapter cable will be needed if using the GuitarJack Model 2 with one of the newer iOS devices, but operation is unaffected."More in Pro Audio Review pdf

Proaudioreview best audio interface is GuitarJack Model 2

8/24/12 GuitarJack 2 Video Review by "At about $149, GuitarJack 2 from Sonoma Wire Works is a really effective tool, especially if you're a guitarist looking for a way to use your iPhone as a tool for your axe."-Video with Sound Samples on

8/6/12 GuitarJack 2 Review by Musicappblog "I had no problems getting the GJ2 to function with a range of other audio and music apps – Amplitube, Ampkit, Garageband and Auria included – all worked absolutely fine. Equally, I was able to record with both a guitar and a mic...What struck me most was just how clean the guitar tones were – so the tone you get here does not have any significant amount of electronic hum or interference. This makes is possible to really get the best out of your amp sims and, if recording the guitar tone in something like Garageband or Auria, the results really can be very good indeed...During my own testing, the audio quality matched the build quality with ease. For iDevice owning guitar players who...want to get the best out of their amp sims, the GuitarJack 2 is currently the most stylish solution."


7/28/12 GuitarJack 2 Review by Peter Hodgson of iheartguitarblog "GuitarJack′s sound quality is the highest of any iOS interface I’ve used...For testing I plugged my guitar into a Radial A/B box, loaded up my favourite AmpKit preset on both my iPad and iPhone, sent each to my mixer and used the Radial to switch between other interfaces (IK Multimedia iRig and Line 6 Mobile In). GuitarJack 2 stood out in sheer dynamic range and low noise, and it seemed especially lively in the high ends, whereas many interfaces seem to dull this down. It helps to add extra realism to amp sim apps, and it provides a nice clean signal to tuner apps...If the only thing GuitarJack did was to provide a great low-noise guitar interface in a high quality casing, it’d be a no-brainer. The fact that it also includes the Mic/Line input and that you can use both at once in various apps makes it an indispensable tool for the guitarist on the go."

Musico Pro

7/25/12 Mental Radiation Films has created two excellent GuitarJack iOS interface demo videos:

7/2/12 GuitarJack 2 Review by osirisguitar "GuitarJack Model 2 allows simultaneous input and recording from both the instrument jack and the mic/line jack...very reliable and I've gotten a great tone...there are a lot more settings available for GuitarJack [than Apogee Jam]. Settings are remembered in GuitarJack, so you can open the control panel in an app that has it then switch to another app without. GuitarJack's amplified output jack is a great feature...running it into a PA is very handy...The volume level is about doubled when using the GuitarJack output, a very welcome feature! GuitarJack's dock connector is mounted directly on the device, so there’s no cable that can go missing or break (the cable breaking is my main worry with the Apogee Jam). I'm very impressed with GuitarJack. With it’s many inputs and outputs and different settings it’s a great one-in-all device to convert your iPhone into a portable practice and recording studio. The sound quality is great and there are a lot of settings...GuitarJack clearly has more usable features [than Apogee Jam]. Recorded clips with GuitarJack compared to Apogee Jam."

Musico Pro

7/1/12 StudioTrack Review in Spanish by Fabio Garcia of Musico Pro (July, 2012 Issue) "The outstanding innovation of the new version of StudioTrack is the inclusion of the GuitarTone module and control panel for the GuitarJack audio interface; also includes a tuner and the equalization adjustment panel for Taylor guitars."
Spanish: "La novedad destacada de la nueva versión es la inclusión del módulo GuitarTone y del panel de control de la interfaz de audio GuitarJack; además, se incluye un afinador y el panel de ajuste de ecualización para guitarras Taylor."

Musico Pro

06/01/2012 "StudioTrack 1.5" by MusicTech (June 2012 Issue) "StudioTrack upgrade now offers the ability to control Sonoma's GuitarJack interface. Sonoma has added GuitarTone amps and effects, too, some included, others as add-ons. There's now a tuner and the Tayor EQ acoustic guitar song tool. All of this on top of the existing features of this eight-track recorder - including track compression, EQ, delay and reverb sends - make this one of the best apps out there for simple tape-style multitrack recording." - 9 out of 10 stars


06/01/12 Guitarist Magazine's Trevor Curwen reviews GuitarJack Model 2 (June Issue): "GuitarJack Model 2 will take a guitar plugged into its standard jack input and also has a mini jack stereo mic/line input so you can record in stereo and simultaneously record vocals and an instrument when used with an app that supports that function such as Sonoma's FourTrack... GuitarJack is ruggedly built and offers great sound quality plus robust headphone output for plenty of volume. We were able to use it with guitar straight out of the box with GarageBand and other amp sim apps as the default setting for the standard jack input is for Hi-Z with a decent level of input gain...Verdict: It's not cheap, but if you want a rugged audio input device for iOS that will slip into any pocket and take more than just guitar signals, GuitarJack is the way to go. We Like: Not just for guitar; solid contruction; easily portable; sound quality." - Guitarist Magazine Issue 355, Page 147, in the Quicktest Section

Guitarist Magazine reviews GuitarJack 2

06/01/12 Sound On Sound reviews GuitarJack Model 2 (Read GuitarJack Model 2 Review online in June 2012 Issue): "The moment you unpack the GuitarJack Model 2, you can tell it's in a different class to most iOS guitar interfaces...What makes this unit really stand out is the sound quality: using its own A-D and D-A conversion and high-quality input circuitry, the GuitarJack presents a crisp, clean sound, which has a lot more life and vitality than that of most iOS guitar interfaces."

Sound On Sound reviews GuitarJack Model 2

5/21/12 GuitarJack Model 2 iOS Interface by Pete Weiss of Tape Op Magazine, Issue 89 - "Physically, it's a thing of beauty - and sturdy too. It feels like a nice solid block of aluminum and is about half the size of an iPhone. There's a 1/8'' mini jack on the left side, for stereo mic/line input, and a 1/4'' jack on the right side for mono guitar/instrument input. Yes, you can do simultaneous recording of both guitar and a mic'ed signal - the GuitarJack Model 2 is likely the smallest iOS device that allows this. The right side also has a 1/8'' headphone/line out jack, and on the "top" edge of the unit is an iOS connector that plugs into the bottom of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. I tried the GuitarJack 2 out on both my iPad and iPod Touch, using a variety of apps such as FourTrack, GarageBand, and Moog's Filtatron (a fave). Worked like a charm and sounded fantastic with both electric guitar and line-level signals. Very quiet with plenty of headroom, and not a hint of RF hum." - GuitarJack 2 iOS Interface by Pete Weiss of Tape Op Magazine, Issue 89

Pete Weiss reviews GuitarJack in TapeOp Magazine Issue 89

5/21/12 Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Review by Trevor Curwen of "(FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS) Not just for guitar; solid construction; easily portable; sound quality." - Full Review on

Music Radar Logo

5/9/12 GuitarJack Model 2 Review by Alan Branch, producer, musician, Grammy winning engineer, and writer for Audio Media: "Brilliant design, pro features and class is throughout the GuitarJack Model 2 from Sonoma Wire Works, the high quality finish and solid construction fits perfectly to the sleek design of your iOS device. Whether you're recording voice and guitar or a stereo live feed from your gig, the speed and advantage of mobile recording cannot be matched by many others. With dedicated mic & line I/O options, 24bit AD/DA converters*, and a range of specifically design IOS software to match, it's a one stop shop for instant pro recording on your iPad or iPhone."

Alan Branch Audio Media GuitarJack Model 2 Review

5/01/12 DNP GuitarJack Model 2 Review by Cam Bunton of "The gadget itself (GuitarJack Model 2) is beautiful. Its chunky, industrial, metallic feel mimics that of a heavy guitar pedal and should give most active performers some reassurance that it can’t be easily broken. The smoked chrome finish is perfect. In terms of inputs and outputs, on one side is a 3.5mm microphone input, on the other a 1.4-inch jack input for your guitar, and a 3.5mm stereo line out/headphone socket. All in all, it looks flipping fantagmagastic... This accessory is awesome, and is a must for anyone who wants to marry their guitar-god side with their tech-nerd persona." - GuitarJack Model 2 Review

4/30/12 Recording Your Guitar Pt. 2 by John Baum of "I think the easiest, and most fun program to learn to record guitar on is RiffWorks T4. RiffWorks, which is made by Sonoma Wire Works, is basically a "mini-DAW", designed specifically for recording guitar." - RiffWorks T4 recommended on Recommends RiffWorks T4

4/16/12 GuitarJack Review in Spanish by Román Vega of "Within its category, GuitarJack Model 2 is the most powerful on the market. Because of its versatility, design, metallic finish and performance."
Spanish: "GuitarJack Model 2, hardware y software. Captura tu inspiración en cualquier parte del mundo a través de tu iPad, iPhone o iPod touch. by Román Vega: "Al poder grabar en dos pistas simultáneas, editando posteriormente en el mixer de nuestro programa maestro, podemos trabajar de una forma similar a como lo hacemos en una estación de trabajo basada en ordenador. Todo más reducido, pero portátil." Más


4/12/12"The GuitarJack Puts Ten Thousand Guitar Effects Right In Your Pocket" by Efron Elijah of "...the best thing about the GuitarJack Model 2 is how fun it is to use! It allows me to transform my iPhone into a myriad of different amps, cabinets, pedals, and mics, right from the comfort of my couch. With one little device and the power of my iPhone, I can turn the sound of my one guitar into thousands. With the GuitarJack, your iPhone, and the App Store, you have at your fingertips sonic qualities you couldn’t get without thousands of dollars worth of equipment." GuitarJack reviewed by

4/5/12 Mehdi Benkirane of SAE alumniTV interviews Sonoma's Daniel Codella about StudioTrack 1.5, the forthcoming GuitarTone app for iPad, and GuitarJack Model 2 at Musikmesse 2012.

4/2/12 GuitarJack Model 2 Review in German by Nicolas Hemmelmann of
English Translation: "Overall, GuitarJack is, in terms of features, workmanship and durability, clearly at the upper end of the currently available iOS interfaces. GuitarJack is a top crafted, great sounding audio interface for all current iOS devices. The associated software is sophisticated and fun. The price-performance ratio is well balanced. Recommended. 2 Page GuitarJack Review in German

GuitarJack Model 2 Review on

4/1/12GuitarJack Model 2 Review - Premier Guitar Magazine April 2012 Issue by James Rotondi: "The industrial design of the Sonoma GuitarJack suggests a tiny Steinway grand piano crossed with a silver Ferrari. The laser-etched SWW logo on the glossy steel housing adds to the impression of quality—GuitarJack Model 2, in other words, comes across as a proper piece of studio gear, not a mere accessory...higher quality data transfer, less crosstalk, and better fidelity than headphonejack interfaces...The better news is that it sounds as good as it looks. That’s because it boasts a proper 24-bit AD/DA converter...It’s also the only interface in our group that features a dedicated microphone input—and, yes, you can record using both the guitar and microphone inputs simultaneously into FourTrack or StudioTrack. That's huge. GuitarJack is made right here in America, too." - Premier Guitar April, 2012 Digital Issue

GuitarJack Model 2 Review on

3/26/12Sonoma Wire Works Focus on Guitar interview by Sonic State at Musikmesse 2012. Daniel Codella shows GuitarJack, GuitarTone, and the new version of StudioTrack with GuitarTone and Taylor EQ built in. Watch video interview here.

Sonic State Logo

3/1/2012GuitarJack 2 and StudioTrack by Mike Metlay in Recording Magazine (March 2012, pg. 62: "Be prepared to be knocked on your tail. Because GuitarJack 2 uses the dock connector, all of the issues that are endemic to pushing audio through the headset jack—especially crosstalk between input and output on the same cable—simply go away. My A/B tests were uniformly amazing, with clean input, gobs of gain, and exquisitely clean output, whether I was processing guitar signals, playing virtual instruments, or just listening to tracks in iTunes. The GuitarJack 2 goes a long way toward making iOS devices sound like studio-ready audio hardware....StudioTrack is a delightful multitrack app, easy to use and good-sounding, very appropriate for capturing ideas in the style of the old cassette multitrackers. And it shines when combined with the GuitarJack 2, which was a revelation on everything we ran through it. Yes, it’s very expensive compared to other guitar I/O devices for iOS, but let’s get serious here—if we were talking about a mic or headphones and comparing a $40 device to a $150 device, what would you expect? Users interested in serious audio quality in a very portable form owe it to themselves to try the GuitarJack 2 and hear the difference a good interface makes."

Recording Magazine GuitarJack Review

3/1/12 "One Like Son Turns an iPhone Into a Recording Studio" by Curtis Silver of "When Sonoma Wire Works released their GuitarJack interface as well as the app FourTrack, he figured that pushing the iPhone to become a complete recording studio would be a project worth the effort." FourTrack mention by
One Like Son's Bandcamp Page

One Like Son Turns an iPhone Into a Recording Studio

3/1/12 "Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Model 2 – User Report" by Chris Negri of "GuitarJack Model 2's jacks are high quality...The unit plugs directly to the 30 pin connector of your phone, or with an optional accessory cable allowing the user to decouple the iPhone/iPad from the GuitarJack Model 2...The sound quality of the GuitarJack Model 2 is very good...Additionally, the GuitarJack Model 2’s control panel provides a broad range of adjustment for different input levels. You can boost or pad as necessary to achieve perfect level from a variety of sources without clipping — nice! GuitarJack Model 2's control panel also allows you to adjust the mix between its two inputs, which is useful when using them simultaneously...In summary, Sonoma Wire Works GJ2 is a well made (in the USA) product. The design, construction and performance are all excellent. GJ2 is easy to get up and running, but make sure to visit the company’s website for full details on achieving setups with mics that require adaptors. In the arena of audio interface options for iPhone and iPad, GJ2 is an excellent choice."

MyMac GuitarJack Model 2 User Report

2/18/12 DNP GuitarJack Model 2 Review by Billy Steele of "GuitarJack Model 2 is a handsome, well-built adapter for capturing ideas for that new EP in both instrumental and vocal form. The machined aluminum housing made the peripheral not only look nice, but it also alleviated some fears about damaging the kit in a gear bag or really is all about being compact and mobile -- two traits we prefer when it comes to tech." -

DNP GuitarJack Model 2 Review

2/17/12 GuitarJack Model 2 (Video at Winter NAMM 2012) by Sound On Sound: "GuitarJack Model Model 2 has a quarter inch input, stereo eighth inch input, eighth in output, selectable impedance. We didn't skimp on anything. It's got Switchcraft jacks and it is made in the U.S.A. One of the best things about this product is it's very sturdy and solidly made."

Sound On Sound GuitarJack Model 2 Video at Winter NAMM

2/10/12 Gadget Geek, March 2012 Issue by Electronic Musician: "Want to connect mics, instruments, or other audio hardware to your favorite i-devices? Check out the Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Model 2. This upgraded iOS interface offers stereo recording and simultaneous voice and instrument recording with apps like FourTrack and StudioTrack." - Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician Magazine GuitarJack Mention

02/07/12 GuitarJack Version 2 for iPhone and iPad Review by Travis Ehrlich of "Any guitar player that uses iOS devices should probably look into different apps and hardware that allow them to utilize their devices. As far as the hardware end, the GuitarJack is a perfect solution. The rugged build alone is worth the price. I prefer gear that does not make me feel like it might break when I throw it into my gear bag. I use the jack primarily for practicing my electric while trying not to disturb my family, especially late at night. It could easily be used for musicians wanting to record demos or even complete albums. The sound quality is as good as using my multi-effects processor with headphones." -

GuitarJack Model 2 Reviewed

02/01/12 GuitarJack Model 2: Instrumenten- & Audio-Interface für iPhone, iPod touch und iPad by André Gotzens of Alles über iPhone & iPad: "An absolute must-have for the mobile musician"
Bühnentaugliches Profi-Audio-Interface
"Rund 150 USD [deutscher Vertriebspartner den GuitarJack Model 2] per Online-Sofortkauf im Herstellerstore und Selbstimport aus den Staaten – zumindest, solange noch kein deutscher Vertriebspartner den GuitarJack Model 2 ins Programm aufgenommen hat – sind auf den ersten Blick schon ein Brett, das den App-Gitarristen abschrecken könnte; als Urlaubsmitbringsel (vor allem mit Dollarwechselkurs-Vorteil) ist das exzellente Interface jedoch ein absolutes Must-have für den mobilen Musiker.
Zurzeit ist kein besser verarbeitetes Interface um Instrumente, Mikrofone und andere Audiohardware mit iPad 1 und 2, iPhone 4 oder iPod touch (2–4) zu verbinden, auf dem europäischen Markt zu finden; Gleiches gilt für die überragende Soundqualität und die Funktionalität. Der Guitar Jack 2 ermöglicht Lo-Z- und Hi-Z-Impedanz und neben Mono- und Stereoaufnahmen in 16-bit als einziges Interface überhaupt – in Verbindung mit der optimierten App FourTrack – die gleichzeitige Aufnahme beispielsweise von Mikrofon und Instrument auf verschiedene Spuren. Sonoma hat die hauseigenen iPhone-Apps mit einer Kontrollfunktion für die Eingangssignalwahl und Lautstärkesteuerung ausgerüstet, wobei die Settings nach dem Beenden der App erhalten bleiben. Die ebenfalls dazu passenden kostenfreien Apps Taylor EQ (ein Parametrischer EQ mit Kompressor und Limiter, der Guitar Equalizer Presets speichert und z. B. den iPod um Playthrough-Funktionalität erweitert) und GuitarTone (Amp- und Effektsimulation) sowie die Integration des Interfaces in den leistungsfähigeren 8-Spur-Multitrack-Recorder fürs iPad, StudioTrack, runden das optimierte Programm ab. Aber auch der Betrieb mit Apples GarageBand und anderen gängigen Recording-Apps verläuft nach der Vorkonfiguration reibungslos. Paxistipp: Wer mag, kann auch ein langes 30-Pin-Verlängerungskabel (Dock-Extender) für mehr Bewegungsfreiheit verwenden. (André Gotzens) 6,3-mm-Mono-Instrumenten-Klinkeneingang (Lo-Z, Hi-Z) und 3,5-mm- Stereo-MIC/LINE-Input (für wahlweise Mono-, Dual-Mono- oder Stereo-Modus), sowie der 3,5-mm-Kopfhörer-/Line-Ausgang und Apples Dock-Connector-Schnittstelle: Sonoma Wireworks verbaut in den USA feinste Technik und edle Materialien (Stahl und Aluminium)
Im Direktvergleich schlägt das erstklassig verarbeitete Profiequipment die günstige Plastikware um Längen und die zugehörige App bietet alle relevanten Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten

Software-Amp-Simulation Sorgsam ausgetüftelte Klänge stehen in Form virtueller Amps und Effektgeräte als Presets jederzeit reproduzierbar zur Verfügung – live auf der Bühne und im Studio. Die GarageBand-App (3,99 Euro) stellt auch für Gitarre und Bass schon sehr gute Setups zur Verfügung. Gerade für den Heimstudioanwender bietet die Amp-Simulation aber noch weitere Vorteile. Auf aufgenommene Signale können Sie alle denkbaren Klangparameter neu anwenden und so den besten erzielten Mitschnitt – unabhängig vom finalen Sound – nutzen. Software-Amps lassen sich meist unabhängig von der Hardwareanbindung verwenden; die kostenlosen Versionen eignen sich aber prima für einen ersten Kompatibilitäts-Check. Die Apps GuitarTone Amp und Taylor EQ (speziell für den Einsatz akustischer Gitarren) von Sonoma spielen ihre Stärken natürlich im Zusammenspiel mit dem GuitarJack und zur Parameterkonfiguration des Interfaces voll aus." (ag)

GuitarJack Model 2 Alles über iPhone iPad Reviewed

2/1/2012 "iPad For Musiker" - by Musikermagasinet Feb. 2012 (Sweden): "Sonoma Wire Works StudioTrack (149 kronor) är en mer avance- rad variant av den första flerspårs-appen som dök upp till iPhone. Här handlar det om ljudinspelning via mikrofon eller med hjälp av företagets egen gitarrapparat GuitarJack 2 (se även artikeln om hårdvara). Man kan även importera (och exportera) filer från ett flertal andra appar via AudioCopy/AudioPaste." & "Sonoma Wire Works har sedan en tid sålt sin GuitarJack till iPhone 3G, men den fungerade tyvaärr inte till iPhone 4 och iPad eftersom Apple ändrade på konfigurationen i 30-pinnars-dockan på de nyare modellerna. Nu finns dock GuitarJack 2 som råder bot på detta. Den Saljs än sa änge direkt från tillverkaren för 149 USA-dollar. Liksom Mobile In har GuitarJack 2 ingång för både gitarr och linjesignal, och dessutom utgång för hörlurar. Det här var min första kontakt med en gitarradapter som jobbar digitalt, och ljudkvalitén är enastående. Plötsligt låter gitarren som om den gått genom en förstärkare ... på riktigt. Mycket bra ljud – utan brus. En enda minuspoäng får GuitarJack 2 för att kontakten som går in i dockan är lite kort. Det innebär att jag får ta av skyddsfodralet från min iPad för att den ska sitta säkert. Annars är allt splendido!" -

01/22/12 GuitarJack Model 2, de Sonoma Wire Works by Fabio García of 2496audio in Argentina: Translated from Spanish "GuitarJack 2 is optimized to work with FourTrack and StudioTrack because this way we can record guitar and vocals on two different tracks. GuitarJack Model 2 also works seamlessly with other applications like GarageBand even though GarageBand does not allow recording simultaneously on separate tracks. However, we can record in stereo within a track using GuitarJack Model 2 with GarageBand. During GuitarJack testing I recorded several demos using GarageBand and the guitar sound was excellent, especially given the very low level of noise - in fact I did not appreciate noise I have noticed when working with other audio interfaces for iPhone. The clean sound of the guitar body showed through."

Stephen Poff Start the Show Playing Guitar GuitarJack

01/20/12 GuitarJack 2 Reviewed - Is it the Best Yet? by "In our opinion, audio recorded via the GuitarJack 2 sounds better, cleaner, more dynamic and more reliably useable than that of any other audio interface we have used for iOS devices. If you are serious about your sound, if you want the best possible start and quality of audio recording that you can reasonably expect on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, then we think you should sell something else and/or scrape together the pennies to buy yourself the GuitarJack 2." Audio Examples: GuitarJack sounds better than AmpkKit Link and iRig Mic. "GuitarJack 2 is far superior and offers the cleanest signal we have heard so far, even without a Noise Gate." (Sonoma says, "Noise Gate Coming Soon")

iPad Creative GuitarJack compared to

01/17/12 Rockers One Like Son Record Full Album Using Only iPhones by Jay Donovan of TechCrunch: "As a former "four-tracker" myself, I have to say the results are surprisingly good. Poff clearly has a flair for writing pop punk/rock songs and he and his remote bandmates are adept at using some of the audio tools we have reviewed here at TechCrunch. Here is an example from the new release so you can hear the quality – "Glory Days by One Like Son." Here is Start the Show, the full album.

The First Album Recorded Entirely on the iPhone is Here by Joann Pan of Mashable: "The band primarily used iPhone applications such as FourTrack, MultiTrack DAW, AmpKit and ThumbJam. GuitarJack allowed the band members to record their music by plugging in real instruments and microphones to an iPhone."

Stephen Poff Start the Show Playing Guitar GuitarJack

01/13/12 Review: GuitarJack 2 for iPhone and iPad by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop: "The design of the GuitarJack is stunning. It's sleek, attractive and something you would be proud to carry around with your Apple device. But this is a guitar device, so the proof is in the worked beautifully...the quality of the signal was evident...a clean, clear signal for your guitar. I’ve been a fan of Sonoma Wire Works for many years. They are a company that cares about its users and they make very high-quality software and hardware products. If you’re looking for a device to play your guitar on the iPhone or iPad, I highly recommend GuitarJack 2." -

GuitarJack Model 2 Reviewed

01/10/2012 "Mobile Audio - GuitarJack Model 2 Review - by Bjorgvin Benediktsson: "GuitarJack 2 is everything that GuitarJack 1 was, and more. The sound quality is really good. Some of the apps are free, and FourTrack is well worth the extra ten bucks... If you’re in the market for a mobile audio interface, you should seriously consider checking out GuitarJack." -

01/10/2012 "GuitarJack 2 para iPhone/iPad: primeiras impressões - by Marcus Padrini of in Brazil:
Translated from Portuguese: "Check out this small music studio with iPad 2, iPhone 4, GuitarJack, and AKG K240 MKII headphones. Audio generated by iPad being recorded in stereo with the iPhone 4 MultiTrack DAW, always in digital quality and no noise. Monitoring is done with GuitarJack 2, which provides more volume for the handset to your ear than the iOS device's output." "GuitarJack 2 para iPhone/iPad: primeiras impressões, and later articles: iPod Touch, iPhone, Guitar Jack 2 e iRig MIDI, Gravando Guitarra e Baixo com a GuitarJack 2, StudioTrack para iPad recebe atualização com amplificadores e efeitos GuitarTone

01/10/12 Rolling Stone's John Dioso says, "GuitarJack Model 2 remains the top-of-the-line instrument-to-iPhone interface: GuitarJack connects via the iPhone's or iPad's 30-pin dock...impeccable sound with no discernible noise. Its solid aluminum body also has a 1/8-inch input for a microphone, so you can record on two tracks simultaneously, using the company's FourTrack or StudioTrack app." (Rolling Stone's January 19, 2012 Issue)

Rolling Stone Magazine

01/01/2012 "GuitarJack Model 2" by MusicTech (January 2012 Issue) "Mobile pioneer Sonoma Wire Works has updated its iOS interface GuitarJack (see our review issue 92) to make it compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad and iPod touch (2nd, 3rd and 4th generation) - which means that Model 2 is also now compatible with StudioTrack on the iPad. The new version adds an AD/DA converter, remembers your settings even if the iOS device is asleep, and includes a spacer near the Dock connector to keep it flush with the iOS device." -


12/27/11 Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Model 2 by Barry Rudolph: "Like the original, GuitarJack Model 2 is a premium quality audio interface for connecting a wide range of instruments, microphones or any analog audio hardware source to iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad, and iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation) iOS devices. GJ2 plugs into and is powered via the docking port of those popular products and turns them into professional audio tools." Barry Rudolph's Review of GuitarJack Model 2 in Music Connection's New Toys Section

Music Connection New Toys Barry Rudolph

12/26/11 GuitarJack Model 2 Unboxing and Review by Dom Esposito of "THIS THING IS BUILT LIKE A TANK! The entire device is solid metal. It's got some weight to it but thats a good thing especially when you hear the sound quality from it! GuitarJack Model 2 is definitely a must have for your new or current iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If you're serious about music-making, this thing will not disappoint." Macmixing's Review of GuitarJack Model 2


12/24/11 GuitarJack 2, Pictures, Thoughts, Amazement by Palm Sounds: "But what really strikes you is the quality of the GuitarJack Model 2. Not just the external build quality, but the sound quality through the device. I can't remember where I read it, but I remember that someone had written that they thought that there was something wrong with the guitarjack when they plugged in their guitar because there was no noise, but it wasn't broken, just noiseless. Well I found that too. The line in is great too, it works very well to have a stereo in for the iPhone or iPad." Palm Sounds Review of GuitarJack Model 2

Palm Sounds

12/21/11"Some New Little Treasures for the iPhone" & "App Smart Extra" by Bob Tedeschi of The New York Times: "Using an external device like...GuitarJack, guitarists can plug their instrument into the iPhone and add layers of stomp-box sound." - - A version of this article appeared in print on December 22, 2011, on page B7 of the New York edition with the headline: Some New Little Treasures for the iPhone.

GuitarJack New York TImes

12/21/2011 Sonic Touch - iPad Music Show Ep 5 Gaz Williams and Nick Batt comparison review video of several iOS interfaces. Gaz says, "This is the Rolls Royce...the GuitarJack Model 2... it's made of out's a completely different kettle of fish from the other ones. This has got a guitar jack in, a headphone output, and it's also got a stereo input. If you use Sonoma's own software, you can actually record multiple inputs works beautifully with an iPhone and with an iPad... a [dock extender] cable with an iPad 2 makes a nice join. Look at the quality of that, it's just beautiful, it's just gorgeous. It sounds great. The converters on this are designed by someone who's famous for Universal Audio front end stuff, so it's got good heritage. You can really feel the quality." - GuitarJack in Sonicstate Comparison Video


12/15/2011 Rock and Roll Geek Video - GuitarJack: Michael Butler and Sam Levin take a look at GuitarJack Model 2. "Here's a gift idea for the musician in your family...Works with the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPads. This thing is really solid and well built. I use it for microphone recording. You can use it with FourTrack and with other apps as well. I love the product!" - View on getmadcat or View in iTunes

Rock and Roll Geek Show 150

10/28/11 FourTrack Version 5.0 Released: FourTrack has been updated to version 5.0. This new update adds rich new features and song tools including the GuitarTone song tool, support for GuitarJack Model 2, Song Tools status indicator lights, and full iOS 5 support. Learn more about FourTrack

FourTrack 5

10/24/11 New GuitarJack Model 2 Promotional Video: Sonoma Wire Works has just released a new promotional video for the GuitarJack Model 2 audio interface for iOS devices. In addition to showcasing GuitarJack's unmatched quality, the video gives a sneak peak of the upcoming GuitarTone songtool in FourTrack. GuitarJack Model 2 Video

10/20/11 Handheld Studio: Song Recorded with Just an iPhone 4S, Sonoma FourTrack; Here's How: "Sonoma Wire Works created an app called FourTrack which is the app Partin used for the recording process... FourTrack iOS allows you to bounce tracks, so we were able to do several guitar tracks, mix them on the iPhone 4S, and then bounce them down into one track. You can then send those files to your laptop to make room for more tracking, as well as for back up and a final mix. " Watch Video on Create Digital Music

Handheld Studio: Song Recorded with Just an iPhone 4S and FourTrack

09/30/11 GuitarTone Amps and Effects for iOS Inspired by Legendary Gear: "GuitarTone is a free iOS App inspired by the ultimate collection of guitar amps and effect pedals. GuitarTone includes three free amps ('60 Slant, Custom and Tweed Blues) and three free effects (UltraPhase, Drive+ and Va-Room), with additional tones available for $9.99 per 12-pack. Sonoma's GuitarJack Model 2 iOS audio interface activates $19.98 worth of GuitarTone amps and effects for free while connected. GuitarTone will be added to Sonoma's FourTrack and StudioTrack Apps, allowing musicians to capture great sounding guitar tone in critically acclaimed multitrack recording Apps." GuitarTone Press Release

GuitarTone amps and effects iPhone app

09/30/11 GuitarJack Model 2 Audio Interface Now Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch: "The GuitarJack Model 2 audio interface connects a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via 1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line inputs. GuitarJack Model 2 offers stereo recording, simultaneous voice and instrument recording, 60 dB of continuous level control, configurable Pad, Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes, and increased drive for headphones. GuitarJack Model 2 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad, and iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation)." GuitarJack Model 2 Press Release

GuitarJack audio interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

09/18/11 Sonoma Wireworks GuitarJack 2 y GuitarTone by Fabio García of 2496audio in Argentina: Translated from Spanish "The new version of GuitarJack offers even better sound and, as expected, was designed to work iPhone 4, iPhone, iPad 2 and iPod touch de2da, 3rd, and 4th generation. They also announced the arrival of a new app designed to process the tone of the guitar amps and vintage effects. GuitarTone will be included free with FourTrack and StudioTrack. The free version will provide 3 amps ('60 Slant Custom and Tweed Blues) and 3 effects (Phaser, Drive + and Va-Room). Also available are 12 more amps and effects for free, while you are connected GuitarJack. Models are also available for $ 9.99 (pack of 12 models)."

Stephen Poff Start the Show Playing Guitar GuitarJack

06/10/11 Sonoma Wire Works DrumCore 3 Review by Doug Doppler for M Music and Musicians Magazine: "A great collection of audio loops, sampled kits and MIDI loops played by a host of killer drummers. In a word, DrumCore v3.0 is flexible. You have your choice of dragging audio loops or MIDI files onto the timeline in your favorite recording application. The latter affords you some incredible options, like hearing Terry Bozzio laying down a fat 5/4 groove played back through Matt Sorum's sampled drum kit. Whether you want to kick some funky grooves with Zoro, or get down and dirty with John Tempesta, or add some Latin flavor with Luis Conte's congas, you'll be hard-pressed to find a single collection that offers this depth and functionality." M Music and Musicians Review of DrumCore 3 (PDF) -

Doug Doppler M Music DrumCore 3 Review

5/3/11"Pocket Power Tools" iOS App Reviews - May 2011 Issue by Rich Tozzoli:
"You can take it much further and do some decent recording with Sonoma's FourTrack iOS app. I've written a lot of songs with this. " - Full article on

FourTrack on

4/14/11 "Sonoma Wire Works Unveils GuitarJack for iOS Devices" (Video)" by "Sonoma Wire Works managed to gather a bunch of independent Developers on their booth at Musikmesse, each showing Apps which made of the Sonoma Wire Works' AudioCopy/Paste standard, which allows iOS music apps to exchange audio data between them - which is cool. But there was also a neat bit of hardware on display too - a high-end Audio Recording Interface and software (GuitarJack), which looks like it will give the market leaders a run for their money... A 24-bit AD/DA and a bunch of pretty impressive specs round up what looks to be a pretty capable device. " - Video on Interviews Doug Wright

2/6/11"Doyle Bramhall II: Songwriter/Player/Producer" by
"My home studio is my Pphone and my studio application is FourTrack. I've actually done pretty much everything, all of my production ideas including the entire Sheryl Crow album, on my iPhone. We actually used some of the files from the FourTrack off my iPhone and it ended up making the final cut of Sheryl's album. I travel all the time so my home studio is my iPhone." -Doyle Bramhall II - Interviews Doyle Bramhall II

1/20/11"App Smart Extra: GuitarJack" by Bob Tedeschi of The New York Times:
"The GuitarJack plugs into your mobile device's 30-pin connector, unlike other devices, which connect to the headphone port. Sonoma's president, Douglas Wright, said the device filters noise more completely as a result, and my informal tests supported his assertion... it's meant for more serious musicians who'd like a mobile recording studio in their pocket." -

GuitarJack New York TImes

01/13/11 "New DrumCore DrummerPack by Billy Martin, the internationally acclaimed drummer and multi percussionist for Medeski, Martin and Wood. Well known and highly respected for his innovative rhythms, creative approach, and manic improvisational skills over a wide range of styles, Billy continues to push the art of drumming and rhythm to a higher level." Listen to previews and purchase this DrummerPack here: Retro Drums: 60's Volume 1 - Billy Martin Interprets Mitch Mitchell. Retro Drums Press Release

Retro Drums: 60's Volume 1 - Billy Martin Interprets Mitch Mitchell

12/30/10KPFK FM Radio (Los Angeles - Santa Barbara): For The Record With Sam Brown featuring Barry Rudolph, Jace Nuzback and Dave Banta: Both RiffWorks and GuitarJack were praised on a KPFK FM radio program discussing gifts under $200: "Live collaboration, playing together over the web...Fender has a system they've been trying to get off the ground. RiffWorks has that! RiffWorks online collaboration, where up to 4 people can collaborate together online in real time. [Sonoma Wire Works] has been doing it for 2 years!" and "The third [iOS accessory], the Cadillac, is the GuitarJack from Sonoma Wire Works. Not only can you get your guitar sounds, you can also throw a vocal on there or whatever. There's a FourTrack recorder. Sonoma Wire Works is a great company. They're the same ones that do RiffWorks with the online collaboration, where 4 people can log on and record together, write together and jam together."

RiffWorks and GuitarJack mentioned on KPFK

12/28/10Beat Magazine December 2011 StudioTrack Review: "Mit acht Spuren inklusive Equalizer und Kompressor sowie durchdachten Master- und Trackeffekten ist StudioTrack aber nicht nur ein vollständiges Taschenstudio und somit bestens zum mobilen Aufnehmen akustischer Instrumente oder Vocals geeignet, sondern die mit Abstand vollständigste und professionelleste Recording-App, die es derzeit zu kaufen gift. Zu den Effekten zählen neben Equalizer auch Kompressor und Reverb. Dazu werden alle DAW-Funktionen wie Mix, Bounce, Export und sogar WiFi-Sync geboten."

English Translation: "With eight tracks, including EQ and compressor and thoughtful master and track effects, StudioTrack is not only a full pocket studio, and therefore ideal for mobile recording acoustic instruments or vocals, but by far the most complete and professional recording app available. Among the effects are in addition to EQ and compressor and reverb. StudioTrack includes DAW functions like Mix, Bounce, Export, and even Wi-Fi Sync."

Beat Magazine

12/27/10"Just got an iPad? The best apps, accessories, and tips" by Paul Miller of Engadget: "There are plenty of ways to make music with the iPad, but you can record music as well. StudioTrack is a full-on multitrack recorder with a price to match, complete with effects chains and in-depth mixing. It's perfect for "sketching" out song ideas -- with instruments you play on your iPhone, naturally." -

StudioTrack Engadget

12/16/2010 "iPad, iPhone Mature as Recording Studios with AudioCopy/Paste" - by Eliot Van Buskirk of "Sonoma Wire Works has been quite busy of late; in addition to rolling this program out, the company announced a new version of StudioTrack on Thursday with support for both AudioCopy and AudioPaste. So far, over 40 mobile apps for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad have been released with support for Sonoma's AudioCopy/AudioPaste feature. The protocol appears to be spreading rapidly, in part because it lets users know which other programs they can use with it from right within the app." -

12/16/10 "Billy Martin: Loops from the Underground DrummerPack for DrumCore has been launched by Sonoma Wire Works in conjunction with Submersible Music. Billy Martin is an internationally acclaimed drummer/multi percussionist for Medeski, Martin and Wood. This DrummerPack features 13 original Billy Martin Groovesets that include audio loops, MIDI grooves and fills. The live audio drum loops by Billy cover a vast range of styles, and are presented in stretchable REX format for ease of tempo selection. Groove variations, fills, intros, stops, and endings are all included for virtually infinite drum track creations in your DAW. Also included are 12 Multi-Velocity layered MIDI Kits for programming MIDI grooves with Billy's kit sounds, as well as MIDI file versions of Billy's grooves and fills. Single hit Kit sounds are also readily available for easy addition to your audio loops. Billy Martin DrummerPack Download. Billy Martin: Loops from the Underground Press Release

Retro Drums: 60's Volume 1 - Billy Martin Interprets Mitch Mitchell

11/24/10 GuitarJack, the promising contender to the AmpKit LiNK and iRig: "I can safely say that there is no way you can cause any unwanted feedback on the GuitarJack. On the AmpKit LiNK, I could still cause it to oscillate at some extreme settings, but on the GuitarJack, I absolutely could not...You cannot cause the output to oscillate even on extreme gain and volume, simply by design...What I hear with the GuitarJack is a more open, less compressed sound, compared to the AmpKit LiNK. There is also more low end. So much more low end. Have a listen for yourself (AmpKit LINK vs. GuitarJack). To my ears, GuitarJack does sound quite a lot better." - by YK Teng on teh Loft

tehloft GuitarJack AmpKit Link comparison Review

11/19/10"GuitarJack is the best sounding device I've heard in its class, and the additional apps from the same manufacturer are ideal complements...This hardware/software system is worthy of applause for the creative possibilities it offers and for its high quality." - by Fernando Curiel in Recording Magazine (December 2010, pg. 62): Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Model 1 & FourTrack 4.0.1, and in Musico Pro Magazine in Spanish

Recording Magazine RiffWorks Review

11/9/2010 "EQ Magazine - GuitarJack Review" - by Craig Anderton of EQ Magazine December. 2010: "GuitarJack is ideal for musicians on the go. But it's also a clean, clear, robust audio interface that far outpaces the audio capabilities of the iPhone/iPod Touch itself - if you're into listening to music on the road, plugging your phones into GuitarJack beats plugging directly into the host... this is a durable, hi-fi winner." -

EQ Magazine

11/8/2010 "GuitarJack vs. Ampkit LiNK" - by "There's a dramatic difference in sound quality between the GuitarJack and AmpKit LiNK iPhone interfaces... with the GuitarJack sample and you'll hear a much deeper, more resonant guitar tone that isn't competing at all with the background hiss present in the AmpKit sample... Listen to the samples though and I'm sure you'll hear there is a clear difference." -

Big Geek

10/26/2010 "iPad For Musiker" - by Musik Magasinet Nov. 2010 (Sweden): "Detta är den enda seriösa må ngkanaliga ljudinspelningsapp jag har hittat. This (StudioTrack) is the only serious multi-channel audio recording app I have found." -

10/25/2010 "Sonoma Wire Works' GuitarJack Interface and FourTrack App" - by Dan Coplan: "As a package, GuitarJack and FourTrack provide a solid way for guitarists to easily lay down multiple track recordings via the convenience and portability of an iPhone." -

10/20/2010 "GuitarJack - Get Audio In and Out of Your iPhone - by Bjorgvin Benediktsson: "It's a great sounding little device and it's built to last. The sound quality is much better than if you were to plug your guitar directly into your phone, since the engineering of the device is built around maximizing sound quality as well as being able to communicate efficiently with the software you are using. For iPhone and iPod users that are in need of a great little pocket recorder to record their ideas on the fly, I would definitely recommend the GuitarJack along with their FourTrack software. You can take your guitar anywhere and record your inspirations on the spot without having to drag a laptop or a microphone with you." -

10/20/2010 "GuitarJack" by MusicTech (November 2010 Issue) "Sonoma has done a lot for the mobile tech movement, devising a well thought-out standard called AudioCopy/AudioPaste which is currently supported by 34 apps for copy/paste audio transfers. It also created the FourTrack app, which we gave 9/10 in Issue 87 for its great performance as a standard multitrack recorder. Now Sonoma brings us the GuitarJack interface for high quality connectivity... This is the best iOS audio device we've heard..." -


10/19/2010 StudioTrack for iPad- Should You Buy It? By "As it is at the moment, we have to say we would highly recommend StudioTrack to those who are after the nearest thing to a professional solution for the iPad and who can afford it." - In depth StudioTrack review on

iPad Creative

10/6/10Stephen Poff's video review. "Using the GuitarJack and FourTrack for the iPhone. Stephen Poff takes some backing tracks on the road to the local Guitar Center." "Why would you use GuitarJack over something like the iRig, iLink, .. The big reason is that you can control the inputs. The GuitarJack, because it goes through the dock connector, is a much cleaner signal than trying to go through the headphone jack. Also you have control over the volume. One of the other things I really like about the FourTrack update is the audio monitoring." Stephen Poff's Video Review of GuitarJack

10/04/2010 AppMinute Podcast 20: Interview with Douglas Wright of Sonoma Wire Works: RiffWorks looped recording software (Mac/Win) helps guitar players get their ideas down quickly. "RiffWorks has an enthusiastic user base with a song sharing community called RiffWorld ... FourTrack on the iPhone was a runaway success. We followed it up with StudioTrack for the iPad. Now the GuitarJack hardware interface for plugging your guitar, line input or a microphone into the iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod touch (2nd or 3rd gen.)...I use a stereo XY pattern mic from Rode that sounds amazing and gives me stereo." - More on Sam Levin's


9/24/10 10 Music Apps to Download this Weekend by Stuff: "As the name suggests, this is a four-track recording app for laying down some serious sounds. As well as some powerful editing features, there's the ability to whizz your recordings over Wi-Fi to a computer. -

FourTrack featured on

09/24/2010 GuitarJack Unboxing by Donald Bell of "Unlike some of the guitar-specific or mic-specific accessories we've tested in the past, GuitarJack Model 2 distinguishes itself with a uniquely durable aluminum construction and the ability to accept both 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch inputs simultaneously." -

CNET  GuitarJack

09/22/10 Review: GuitarJack, FourTrack and TaylorEQ for iPhone by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop: "Sonoma Wire Works is one of those companies that you know is going to release quality, innovative products every single time they put something out. The latest hardware and software releases for the iPhone are no exception. -

GuitarJack, FourTrack, and Taylor EQ Reviewed

09/17/10 Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack Review by Barry Rudolph for Music Connection's New Toys Section: "GuitarJack works with Sonoma's FourTrack iOS recording app ($9.95) and is also compatible with other audio-based iPhone OS Apps--I have three guitar amp/stomp pedal modelers/tuners and they all work and sound great using GuitarJack...I especially liked the TaylorEQ app. For each track I recorded, I could carve the sound wonderfully with this six-band, semi-parametric equalizer--you just drag around the overlapping band faders until it sounds good. Sonoma Wire Works puts is all together with GuitarJack: solid hardware, rock steady software and great sound."

Barry Rudolph GuitarJack Review

09/01/10 "Plugging Into the Palm of Your Hand: iPhone & iPod Guitar Interface Roundup" by Jordan Wagner: "GuitarJack is in a functional category of its own. The weighty gadget plugs directly into the data jack on the bottom portion of the iPhone - or iPod Touch - to provide the highest quality recorded sound (in stereo) and lowest latency possible...Because the GuitarJack doesn't have to rely on the iPhone's conventional headphone/mic input jack, it's capable of commanding its software with more precision and features. The 1/4" instrument input can be switched to either Hi-Z or Lo-Z modes, and also sports a pad feature for guitars with hotter output signals that would normally clip the device's input, which kept clipping to a minimum...The GuitarJack's dual inputs (1/4" and 1/8") mean that you can record both your guitar and vocals to separate tracks."

Premier Guitar

08/20/10 "Home Studios to Go" by Mike Kobrin of Rolling Stone: "Transform your iPad into an eight-track recorder with StudioTrack, packed with features like multiple effects, wireless syncing, and beats by Death Cab for Cutie drummer Jason McGerr."- Rolling Stone Magazine September 2, 2010 Issue

Rolling Stone Magazine

08/19/10 "Sonoma Wire Works has launched the HigginsPack DrummerPack for DrumCore. Terence Higgins, drummer for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, brings DrumCore users unique New Orleans marching style drum loops, variations, fills and drumkit sounds with a dash of hip hop, funk, R&B, and soul. Higgins says this DrummerPack is "guaranteed to add a little grease to your tracks. HigginsPack includes 3.5 GB of content including 7 DrumKits (24 pads each) that match 7 GrooveSets (360 audio loops, 427 audio fills, 97 MIDI loops and 41 MIDI fills)." Billy Martin DrummerPack Download. HigginsPack Press Release

Terence Higgins  drummer for The Dirty Dozen Brass Band DrummerPack for DrumCore

7/28/10 "iRecord" by Dan Daley of "Smartphone music apps seem to be catching on with both artists and producers in the studio. While making Leticia Wolf's debut EP in Nashville in 2008, producer/engineer Mark Hornsby used Sonoma Wire Works' FourTrack, a 4-channel multitrack app containing a hardware interface. Wolf quickly recorded and e-mailed Hornsby a small vocal part to replace a Pro Tools session file that had become corrupted in his studio computer." - GRAMMY.COM

7/24/10 FourTrack iPhone app demo on "Adam Curry's Big App Show" in a 3 minute on screen demo. Get the free "Big App Show" app to see the live demo of FourTrack."Whip up a real song with multitracks right on your iPhone or iPod touch. It's really quite affordable when it comes to having a multitrack recording machine in your pocket."

Big App Show

7/01/10 StudioTrack ist das "musikalische Notizbuch" für das iPad: ein Achtspur-Harddiskrekorder mit eingebautem Mischpult und 44.1-kHz-Unterstützung."

Beat Magazine

6/20/10Paul White of Sound On Sound interviews Sonoma Wire Works about the new GuitarJack Model 2 audio interface for iPhone 3G, 3GS/iPod Touch (2nd & 3rd generation) at Summer NAMM 2010."We've been working on GuitarJack to go with FourTrack on the iPhone. Both of the inputs have 60dB of gain control, controllable via software, that can be used simultaneously to record on two seperate tracks, or individually the mini can be used in stereo, mono, or dual mono modes. Be spontaneous at the beach, on a mountain, or wherever, and record without having to haul around all your gear."

Sound On Sound

6/20/10Sound On Sound interviews Sonoma Wire Works about StudioTrack for iPad at Summer NAMM 2010."An iPad is a cool device, but wouldn't it be cooler if you could use it as an 8 track recording studio? StudioTrack! That looks like a really tasty piece of kit." - Paul White of Sound On Sound

Sound On Sound

6/20/10Jordan Wagner of Premier Guitar Magazine covers Sonoma Wire Works' new GuitarJack audio interface for iPhone 3G, 3GS/iPod Touch (2nd and 3rd generation) at Summer NAMM 2010: "The GuitarJack connects instruments, stereo line inputs and microphones to the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch (2nd and 3rd generation) via 1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line inputs. GuitarJack makes both level control and input monitoring possible when using a GuitarJack enhanced app like FourTrack."
Check out for more

Premier Guitar GuitarJack

06/18/2010 "GuitarJack: Summer NAMM 2010 New Gear - Editors' Pick Day 1" by Premier Guitar "This pocket-sized GuitarJack plugs directly into the docking jack of either the iPhone or iPod Touch, and provides extremely high recording quality."

Premier Guitar GuitarJack

06/18/2010 "GuitarJack puts studio in your pocket" by CNET Crave "GuitarJack looks to be one of the highest-quality solutions for recording instruments with your iPhone or iPod Touch. The GuitarJack offers a 1/4-inch instrument input, stereo line input, and headphone output, all in an adapter that fits in you palm. More importantly, the line and instrument inputs offer selectable gain pads, 60dB of continuous analog level control, and can be separately assigned for simultaneous dual-mono recording. Construction quality is above and beyond any iPhone recording accessory we've seen, including a casing made from anodized aluminum, and a 1/4-inch input from Switchcraft made from a nickel-plated brass."

CNET  GuitarJack

05/20/2010 "FourTrack" by MusicTech (Issue 87) "All FourTrack functions worked flawlessly as we sketched out a four-track song idea all the way through to exporting the project. To take your projects a step further, the RiffWorks T4 program for PC/Mac lets you import and mix your projects. Verdict: 9 out of 10 stars."

MusicTech FourTrack

05/13/2010 Discrete Drums products that were previously only available as large CD collections have been repackaged as convenient DVD products. Many Discrete Drums Pro Sets are available at a lower price of $199, and now include formats such as multitrack WAV files, Pro Tools Sessions, stereo WAV files, one shot samples, and REX and/or Apple Loops. Discrete Drums Stereo Sets have also been repackaged and relaunched on DVD, and are now available at a lower price of $99. All six Pro Sets are available as a bundle at the promotional price of $599 for a limited time. Kickin Country Press Release

Discrete Drums Drum Loop Collection

05/13/2010 Sonoma Wire Works added Kickin' Country to the world renowned Discrete Drums multitrack drum recording library. Kickin' Country features the legendary drummer Tony Morra recorded at Downtown Batterie in Nashville, Tennessee. The Kickin' Country Pro Set (9GB) includes multitrack WAV files with Pro Tools sessions, stereo REX and WAV files, and one shot samples for $199. The Kickin' Country Stereo Set (3GB) includes stereo REX and WAV files for $99. Styles included are brushes, ballads, waltz, train, pop and more. The 19 sessions included in Kickin' Country are organized into song parts including verse, chorus, bridge, intros, outros, fills, solos, breaks, and more, making it easy to build great sounding arrangements. Kickin Country Press Release

Discrete Drums Kickin' Country Drum Loop Collection

04/23/10"StudioTrack: Beautifully Presented Multi-Track Recorder" by iPad Critic: "Imagine the beauty of Pro-Tools and the functionality/portability of a four track recorder (not just prohibited to 4 tracks), stuff it in your iPad, pepper in a bunch of incredible options/features/effects, and StudioTrack is your new multitrack recording friend."

iPad Critic

04/19/10"What I'm Excited About by Trey Anastasio" in Rolling Stone: "I'm obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone - the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It's like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket. I can record basically anywhere."

Rolling Stone Magazine

04/07/10"iPad Apps: Creativity unleashed" by Paul Miller of Engadget: "We were frankly impressed with how good looking, responsive, and intuitive the app is (StudioTrack) -- GarageBand could really learn a thing or two -- and we multitracked our first session in minutes. $39.99 sounds like a lot, but when it bests anything on your laptop for "jotting down" song ideas, it's probably worth taking note of."

StudioTrack Engadget

02/02/10"Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies" by Bob LeVitus: "As a wannabe singer/songwriter, I am in love with FourTrack, an app that turns your iPhone into a genuine four-track audio recorder for less than ten bucks. The sound quality of FourTrack is excellent, and you can make it even better if you use a decent headset or external microphone (such as the Blue Mikey) instead of the built-in iPhone mic. A band called The 88 recorded an entire song called "Love is the Thing" using an iPhone running FourTrack. Links to The 88's song and other recordings made by FourTrack users. FourTrack's audio quality and feature set blow me away."

Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies

02/01/10 Tom Flint of Sound On Sound reviews DrumCore 3 saying, "DrumCore's come a long way, and version 3 makes it easier than ever to use pro drummer performances on your tracks...Drumcore offers an attractive way of assembling a great-sounding rhythm track in a short time. Personally, I love the elegant simplicity." DrumCore 3 Review on Sound On Sound

Tom Flint of Sound On Sound reviews DrumCore 3

02/01/10iPhone Apps | The New "Assistant Engineer" by Sarah Benzuly:
"Offering pan controls, FourTrack lets you upload tracks to your computer as WAV files (or directly to the company's RiffWorks software for Mac and Windows) using Wi-Fi sync. Recording at 16-bit/44.1kHz, a clip light ensures that input levels do not cause distortion while calibrated meters monitor record and playback level. A Slide to Record feature prevents overwriting of tracks; track length is unlimited. Other features include an "onboard" compressor/limiter and the ability to bounce tracks, duplicate songs, internal metronome and packaged sounds, including three beats by drummer Jason McGerr (of Death Cab for Cutie) on his signature Ludwig kit recorded in his Seattle-based studio, Two Sticks Audio."

Mix Magazine

01/01/10 "As anticipated, I was definitely ‘wowed’ by DrumCore's workflow, but what really won me over was the natural, uncolored quality of the recorded audio files (24-bit/48k). In addition to the great selection of drum kit and percussion libraries included with the factory install, Submersible has complied an impressive catalog of ‘GrooveSets’ in ‘DrummerPack’ expansion libraries. All of Drumcore’s libraries, including both the factory and expansion packs, feature many drummers you’re sure to recognize… like Alan White, Bill Bruford, Luis Conte and more. Drumcore shuns the toy-like look and clunky functionality of many virtual instruments, instead focusing on servicing the needs of songwriters and composers. Now you can concentrate your efforts on the creative process of making music… and the drummer never shows up late!" - Scott McChane's DrumCore Review in TapeOp Magazine Issue 75

Scott McChane reviews DrumCore in TapeOp Magazine Issue 75

12/26/09Go Phish! by Michael Hamersly of the Miami Herald: Trey Anastasio of Phish (pictured left) recently told the Miami Herald how much he uses FourTrack:
"I get up in the morning and I write. I do it all the time," he says. "The greatest thing that's happened to me over the past two years is the invention of the iPhone. There's an app you can get called FourTrack. It's a multitrack studio on your phone. Writing on this thing is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, 24 hours a day, I have this functioning multitrack studio with drum machines, and you sing right into it. That's all you need."

Miami Herald
Miami Herald Phish

12/02/09 The Digital Edgeby Guitar Edge: "...FourTrack has huge advantages over any of its competition... we think this is a must-have for any musician looking for a simple app to record all those ideas... especially the ones that might slip away because you don't have an app like this."

Guitar Edge FourTrack

12/02/09 The Heavy Mental 2 drum loop collection is now available! This is the second collection in the Heavy Mental Drum Recording Library Series, and was also recorded in the legendary "Big Boy" room at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville. This amazing sounding room can be read about in the "Making of Discrete Heavy Mental" in EQ magazine! Heavy Mental 2 consists of 13 tracks of HUGE pounding drums - kick, snare, hat, stereo toms, stereo overheads, stereo room, stereo BIG room, stereo "gak" track. 15 projects with 50 or more segments (choruses, verses, fills, intros, solos, etc - one project has over 100!) Segments within each project range from straight up simple rock beats, to flailing metal double kick, bashed out, kick-butt mayhem. Drummer Tony Morra puts his heart and soul into this collection. It must be experienced to be believed! Heavy Mental 2 Press Release

Discrete Drums Heavy Mental 2 Multitrack

11/15/09Laying Down Tracks on the Go with an iPhone and a Browser by Ars Technica: "But the simplicity makes FourTrack one of the best musical scratchpads we've ever seen... Bottom line: FourTrack is simple but awesome, and if you're a songwriter and don't have an ultra-portable scratchpad tool like this, you should rectify the situation immediately."

Ars Technica FourTrack

11/12/09Ten Apps Every iPhone User Should Own by Smartphone Daily: "The best music app for the iPhone, FourTrack is a true music sequencer in that you can record one track - say, a guitar or bass part - and then hear that track as you record vocals or other instruments. The app gets special attention because it is so easy to use..."

Smartphonedaily reviews FourTrack

10/12/09 The Beat Goes On For Another Paul Allen Accidental Business" by Ty McMahan on The Wall Street Journal Blog: "Last week, an endeavor born to support Allen's hobby found an acquirer when DrumCore sold to Sonoma Wire Works, creators of the popular RiffWorks and InstantDrummer software as well as FourTrack and InstantDrummer iPhone applications. "We had no idea of doing anything public-facing with it," said Chris Purcell, vice president of Vulcan Technologies. "But we thought, 'Hey, we really have something here.' It shocked us with the success it had."

Smartphonedaily reviews FourTrack

10/06/09 Sonoma Wire Works acquired the Discrete Drums brand and product line of drum recording libraries. This move ensures the continuation and expansion of impeccable drum loop products for both Discrete Drums and Sonoma Wire Works customers. Discrete Drums Acquisition Press Release

discrete drums

9/23/09"Band, iPhone Make Beautiful Music Together" by KNBC Los Angeles: "The 88's popularity is steadily rising. When a friend of Adam's from Apple asked the guys to put the iPhone music app (FourTrack) to the test, the band went from club favorite to viral video sensation." Video of The 88 recording "Love is the Thing" on an iPhone with FourTrack & Watch The 88 Interview on KNBC

KNBC FourTrack Featured

9/22/09How To for Filmakers: ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) on the Go" features FourTrack iPhone App by Taz of Hand Held Hollywood: "What can you do if your perfect film production is made less perfect by some lousy audio? Very often, an actor's lines will be unusable because of extra noise, background sounds, or a variety of technical glitches. But, don't despair. You can easy replace that bad dialogue with the help of your iPhone, and we're going to show you how." Featuring the FourTrack iPhone App & Blue Mikey." Watch "How To: ADR On The Go"

Hand Held Hollywood FourTrack Featured

8/27/09Recording Your Song On An iPhone" by John Brandon of "As an amateur musician, I'm always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With FourTrack, it's easy to compose an entire song, record the basic parts, and then export the audio to your Mac for further editing."

MacWorld FourTrack Featured

8/24/09 "Pro on the Go: Applications for Our iPhone World" by Russ Long of Pro Audio Review: "This app takes mobile recording one step further, allowing an iPhone to be used as a 4-track recorder. The app works perfectly as a songwriting and practice tool. WiFi sync allows FourTrack recordings to be downloaded to any desktop computer running RiffWorks recording software (available free on the Sonoma website) or with any browser." feature of FourTrack

8/21/09 InstantDrummer App Adds Drums to iPhone by The Loop: "InstantDrummer includes professionally recorded drum loops that can be built into drum tracks for songs. Recorded by Death Cab for Cutie drummer, Jason McGerr, this version of InstantDrummer is the first in a series of apps that will be released by the company."

InstantDrummer app adds Drums to iPhone

8/20/09FourTrack for iPhone Review by John Brandon of "FourTrack is an amazing iPhone app for musicians, songwriters, or anyone who likes to record audio... FourTrack is an exceptional app, one I highly recommend for musicians and non-musicians alike. "

MacWorld FourTrack Review

7/28/09 "Tips for Recording High Quality Audio with an iPhone" by Phil Dotree of "...if you're serious about recording audio with your iPhone you might want to check out an application like FourTrack, an app that I can't recommend highly enough, which is essentially a mini-recording studio with functions like panning thrown in for good measure. " mentions FourTrack

7/27/09 "Specializing in Smartphone-Sized Sound Studio" by John P. Mello Jr. of "A program like FourTrack can be very liberating for a music maker, maintained Doug Wright, president of Mountain View, Calif.-based Sonoma Wire Works. "Normally, you're tied to a computer and a desk," he told MacNewsWorld. "Maybe you carry your laptop into a slightly nicer environment, but you still have to deal with, do I have enough power, do I have this, do I that? The phone is on you all the time," he continued. "You can be on the tour bus. You can be on the subway. You can be wherever and come up with a tune." mentions FourTrack

7/23/09 "Best Ways to Produce Music on an iPhone" by Eliot Van Buskirk of "Retronyms is working with Sonoma Wire Works to allow recording from DopplerPad into the FourTrack Audio Recorder app -- a powerful cocktail that could create music people actually want to buy."

Wired Blog Best Ways to Make Music on an iPhone

7/16/09 "Recording Studio in Your Pocket" by Kurt the CyberGuy of KTLA: "When the band The 88 decided to record a song on their iPhone they never knew it would become their best-selling single. The CyberGuy gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the technology that is transforming the music industry and giving bands a recession proof way to top the charts."


7/11/09 "How the iPhone Has Changed Music" by betanews: "Recording tasks that were once executed by huge studios are being accomplished in smaller and smaller settings: the demo studio was supplanted by the home studio, which was in turn replaced by the even smaller PC/laptop studio. Indie pop band The 88 made the next step down and recorded with just an iPhone. The band recently released a single called "Love is the Thing" that was recorded entirely on the $9.99 iPhone app by Sonoma Wireworks called FourTrack. The group recorded sixteen individual audio tracks entirely with the iPhone's standard mic and dumped them to Pro Tools for mixing via the software's Wi-Fi export feature."

betanews - How the iPhone Has Changed Music

7/09/09 Top 5 iPhone Guitar Tools Roundup by CNET: "FourTrack is a deceptively simple-looking multitrack recorder and mixing console. If you're a songwriter looking for a way to sketch multi-instrumental song ideas on the go, FourTrack acts as a fully baked portable recording studio." - CNET

cnet - Top 5 iPhone Guitar Tools Roundup

7/2/09 Band Records Complete Song on iPhone by Ben Rogerson of "Thanks to Sonoma WireWorks' FourTrack and its recently-acquired bounce feature, the band was able to record a total of 14 different parts for new song Love Is The Thing, including live drums, guitars, bass, piano and backing vocals." -

Music Radar Logo

6/30/09 The 88 Records Entire Song on Their iPhone by USA Today: "Who needs expensive recording equipment anymore? That's what Adam Merrin, the keyboardist for indie rock trio The 88 thought when he read about FourTrack, which lets you record music directly into the iPhone. The 88 Tuesday released "Love Is the Thing" (iTunes) ), a new song recorded directly onto the iPhone. The tune was recorded at Zimitti's Los Angeles house. The trio (guitars, keyboards and drums) used the iPhone mic for each instrument, plus four-part harmony, which is displayed on the bands "making of" video on YouTube."

USA Today The 88 Records Entire Song on Their iPhone

6/30/09 The 88 Use iPhone to Record New Single by iPod Observer: "This Spring, we were on tour opening up for the B-52s, with shows all around the East Coast," the band said in a post on its site. "One day while we were driving, Keith was browsing through the applications on the iPhone and came across FourTrack. We thought this app would be a great way to record song ideas while we are away from home." Once they downloaded it, the band decided, "it would be a neat experiment to record the full band on a phone." They documented the process in a video." - iPod Observer

iPod Observer

6/30/09 The 88's new single recorded entirely on the iPhone by The Loop: "What do you do when you're on tour with the B-52s? If you're a member of The 88, you break out the iPhone and Sonoma Wire Works' FourTrack app so you can sit down and record a new single. The band documented the process of recording a new single on its Web site, including tricks like covering the drum set with a sheet, so the volume wouldn't overpower the iPhone mic." - The Loop

The 88's new single recorded entirely on the iPhone by The Loop

6/24/09The Making of Love Is The Thing by The 88: This is a video of The 88 recording "Love Is The Thing" on an iPhone with the FourTrack iPhone application. The 88 documented the recording process on their website.
Watch this and more movies of Artists using FourTrack

6/1/09 iPhoning It In (with FourTrack review) by Electronic Musician: "My favorite of the bunch is FourTrack, which provides solid functionality and is the only one of the 4-track apps with pan controls. It also lets you upload tracks to your computer as WAV files (or directly to the company's RiffWorks software for Mac and Windows) using Wi-Fi sync." - Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician Magazine iPhone Music App Review

5/27/09 A Music App for Every Occasion by East Bay Express: "FourTrack is an elementary yet intuitive four-track recording program - handy for demoing songs or recording new ideas on the go. Without any real instruments handy, I put it to the test: a fork hitting a plate, snapping fingers, low humming, and a little singing. After a few adjustments to level and channel, my mini-song sounded just fine." - East Bay Express

East Bay Express iPhone Music App Review

3/6/09 "10 of the Coolest iPhone Music-Making Apps" by Music Ally: "FourTrack is an app many of our muso friends have been raving about. The idea is to capture your song ideas anywhere, recording either via the iPhone's own mic, or by plugging in your own. Once your four-track song is done, you can download it to your desktop to do whatever you like with." - Music Alley

Electronic Musician Magazine RiffWorks Review

1/27/09 "Sonoma Wire Works RiffWorks and FourTrack at NAMM Video" by Electronic Musician: Video clip demo of the Sonoma Wire Works' Mac, Windows and iPhone recording apps from the 2009 Winter NAMM Show Video Clip of FourTrack Review by Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician Magazine RiffWorks Review

1/26/09 "7 Simple Steps to iPhone Music-Making Enlightenment" by Tom Porter of "Cutting the killer from the filler, we've assembled the iPhone music-making apps ... we couldn't live without in 2008, and expect great things from in 2009 ... Sonoma Wire Works' CD-quality FourTrack recorder, which, does exactly what it says on the tin. Four tracks of unlimited length (depending on your available memory, of course) easily transferred to your favourite DAW." FourTrack Review by Music Radar

Music Radar Logo

1/21/09 "RiffWorks Review: Rock Out" by Tim Cox of "FourTrack is a must have iPhone app from Sonoma Wire Works...[and for the desktop] RiffWorks is a great way to put down musical ideas with the minimum amount of instruction. Throw in RiffLink, the online collaboration feature, and you’ve got a feature filled app that any songwriter can use. From first launch, musicians will be able to instantly create some cool stuff." FourTrack Review on MacApper

Electronic Musician Magazine RiffWorks Review

01/17/09 "How to Record Audio on an iPhone" by Chris Pirillo: "FourTrack is a well-designed app for the iPhone that records, mixes and plays up to four tracks at once. There's no way it'll replace your main recording setup, but then again, you can't put your main recording setup in your pocket." FourTrack Review by Chris Pirillo


01/02/09 "FourTrack is a Big Step in Music Production on the iPhone" by Georges Papas of "FourTrack is the closest anyone has gotten to creating a rich-featured, studio-quality multi-track recording app for the iPhone. It allows you to create songs on the go, without the need to carry around any other hardware." FourTrack Review by Chris Pirillo


01/01/09 "FourTrack is a Big Step in Music Production on the iPhone" by Jonathan Wilson of MacUser: "FourTrack's ability to keep song elements together and instantly reload them with all settings intact is what you expect from a multitrack recording app. If you want to juggle numerous works in progress, this is the app you need. FourTrack also looks fabulous and fully embraces the iPhone's tactile poke, stroke and slide interaction." FourTrack Review by MacUser


12/27/08 "12 Favorite Apps of the Year (Includes FourTrack)" by Olly Farshi of AppleBlog: "Where some may feel that BeatMaker is geared towards electronic music producers, "FourTrack will appeal to acoustic musicians (especially guitarists and singers). This is a four track recorder for the iPhone with panning, punch in and out, levels, multiple song storage and even easy sync to desktop. As a composer and producer, this is my ultimate essential tool whenever I stray from my Macbook Pro." FourTrack Review on AppleBlog


12/18/08 "My Favorite iPhone Apps (Week of 12.15.09)" by Jay Donovan of "I am an upright bassist, guitarist and wannabe drummer and am constantly tracking out little sketches of songs and the like. It's not that big of a hassle to go to my laptop to multi-track them, but FourTrack is super portable and cuts a lot of time out of that process to get a basic idea down. For that convenience, I didn't even flinch at the $10 price. You'd be surprised how good good an acoustic guitar can sound thru that little onboard mic too. Plus, it just looks so cool!" FourTrack Review on


12/16/08 "Top 5 Disruptive Music-Making Technologies" by Eliot Van Buskirk of "[The iPhone's] large touch screen, tilt sensors and ability to install applications have already made it a handy device for going beyond music playback into the realm of music creation. FourTrack ($10) replaces the hardware four track recorders of yore that used to cost hundreds of dollars. Talk about disruptive technology." FourTrack Review on

Wired Blog FourTrack Audio Recorder for iPhone, iPod Touch

12/15/08 "RiffWorks Makes You a Better Guitar Player" by GuitarVibe: "What is RiffWorks? In a nutshell, it's the world's simplest guitar recording software. You can select from standard drum tracks, set a tempo and then record multi-track guitar parts with different stomp pedal effects visually dragging and dropping sections to make up a song. It's so easy that you can download it and be up and recording in 15 minutes."

GuitarVibe RiffWorks Review

11/21/08 "The Week in iPhone Apps" by John Mahoney of "Remember how Keith Richards always said he recorded the riff to Satisfaction on a hotel answering machine? Well, now, budding Keefs can multi-track their sudden inspirations for songs about not getting sufficiently laid. FourTrack offers all the controls you would want for a basic deck, has no track length limit, and can sync via wi-fi to import you recordings into Garage Band or Pro Tools. Awesome. It's $10."

FourTrack Review on

11/20/08 "Who doesn't want to play with this?" by John Mahoney of "Totally lickable UI. FourTrack." Blog Comments:
"That app gives me a fond seizure."
"Wow! Great interface. Just what I've been looking for to quickly record a guitar lick or song idea that seems to always appear when just relaxing on the couch with no recording equipment."
"The very intuitive interface makes for an app that is so fun to use, that it actually makes me inclined to want to use it and lay down quick tracks. And the fact that it's portable and on my iPhone makes me inclined to use it to get quick ideas down."
FourTrack Review on Logo

11/6/08 "New iPhone Multi-track Recording, iPod Mic, More..." by Peter Kirn of CreateDigitalMusic: "Mobile Apple users, I've got a couple of recording solutions for you - a hardware mic for the iPod (not the touch), and a multitrack audio app for the iPhone and second-generation iPod touch. I'm sure they'll be a godsend to some people out there...FourTrack is definitely the most serious app I've seen yet..." FourTrack Review by CreateaDigitalMusic

Create Digital Music Logo

11/6/08 "The New Hotness: FourTrack Audio Recorder for iPhone, iPod Touch" by Eliot Van Buskirk of "The FourTrack app is the work of Sonoma Wire Works... After a few days of pre-release testing, we've seen that this is a solid, functional app, well worth the $10 asking price for musicians and anyone else who messes around with audio, despite -- or even because of -- its rudimentary, four-track-like functionality. It's stable, easy to use and useful." FourTrack Review by

Wired Blog FourTrack Audio Recorder for iPhone, iPod Touch

11/6/08 iPhone is Now a CD-quality Four-Track Recorder" by Ben Rogerson of "Apple's iPhone already had software to turn it into a synth, sequencer and drum machine – now Sonoma Wire Works has released a four-track audio recording application."

Music Radar Logo

11/6/08 "FourTrack Multitrack Audio Recorder Available for iPhone" by Jim Dalrymple of & "[Record four tracks] at 16bit, 44.1kHz...unlimited in length, until your iPhone is full. The interface shows meters for recording and playback levels, recording clip lights, faders for each channel, and pan controls. FourTrack also features a Compressor and Limiter, latency compensation and Wi-Fi sync so you can get your recordings off your iPhone or iPod. Sonoma Wire Works said future versions of FourTrack will include integration with its RiffWorks [Mac & Windows] software. Development on the integration is already underway." FourTrack multitrack audio recorder for the iPhone FourTrack multitrack audio recorder for the iPhone

11/6/08 "Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack - Pocket money four-track on your iPhone!" by Chris Mayes-Wright of Sound On Sound: "A lot can be done with four tracks, and using the FourTrack's GUI, users can start laying down tracks very simply. Just arm a track, slide the Record control, and away you go. In post production, the level of each track can be altered, as can its position in the stereo field, and a compressor/limiter can be used to "automatically fatten the sound of the output mix". What's more, your recordings, as 16-bit/44.1kHz data files, can be sent to a wi-fi enabled computer for further editing!"

Sound On Sound

10/22/08 RiffWorks Standard Digital Recording Software by Chris Burgess on "RiffWorks [guitar recording software] takes the loop-based recording process into territory useful for those who want playing and composing to be as immediate as possible. There's no need for elaborate preparation; the whole thing is up and running, and ready to go before you can decide which guitar to plug in." RiffWorks reviewed on

Premier Guitar

10/01/08 Todd Rundgren Recorded Arena (iTunes) (Amazon) with RiffWorks. Rundgren says in Guitar Player Magazine's October Issue, "All I needed aside from the tools I was used to using - Propellerheads Reason Version 4, Line 6 GearBox, and Line 6 [Pod Studio], which was my audio interface for guitar and voice, was something that would allow me to record samples. I used this program called RiffWorks guitar recording software, which allows you to specify a loop in Reason that'll play over and over, and essentially just keep recording takes using the Reason file as background. Then I would clean them up with Audacity, which is a free audio program."

Guitar Player Magazine
Todd Rundgren Arena

09/11/08 Rick Naqvi of PreSonus Comment in Craig Anderton's Heavy Mental Pro Set Review: "I am doing a record right now that features Tony Morra on several songs. What a monster drummer and an amazingly nice guy too. Personally I think 'real' drum loops like this absolutely sound better than midi loops even though it's a little more work to edit them. Craig, I agree with you about the 'room' sounds. That's the secret sauce." Buy Heavy Mental Drums Pro Set

Harmony Central Discrete Drums Drum Loops Review

8/3/08 RiffWorks T4 was chosen by Apple as a Featured Download and a Staff Pick on 7/29/08 and landed on the Top Downloads. Mac and Windows users worldwide are having fun recording songs on their guitars, and collaborating online together. There's nothing like it!

Apple Logo

7/28/08 "New Free RiffWorks Music Making Software Does Quick Songwriting, Online Collaboration" by Peter Kirn, "[RiffWorks] is a number of steps ahead of most other [online music collaboration] tools - the real draw is the software editing and effects, as combined with community features...The difference is, you need real client software to be able to do near-real-time collaboration, which is what [RiffWorks] is...I don't think the others have full-blown client software with multi-tracking / recording / arrangement / guitar effects quite in the way that this does."

Create Digital Music Logo

7/18/08 "Free Guitar Recording Software Lets you Collaborate Online" by Ben Rogerson of "Sonoma Wire Works has released RiffWorks T4, a free version of its RiffWorks guitar recording software. This enables you not only to record songs on your own, but also to collaborate with other musicians from around the world."

Music Radar Logo

7/18/08 "RiffWorks T4 - Music Collaboration for Everyone!" by Jon of "This is a pretty amazing piece of software to give away for free, you could be jamming with other musicians in a matter of minutes! Make sure you check out to hear some of the online collaboration possibilities already happening."

Guitar Noize Blog Logo

7/17/08 Music Goes 2.0 by Lawrence Chen on Wikinomics: "With RiffWorks T4, musicians can record ideas, use drums and guitars, and add effects to quickly create songs. Most importantly, users can easily collaborate with peers around the world - all for free!"

Music Radar Logo

7/1/08"Get Your Novel into Print - Online by Dave Thompson on "I use software called RiffWorks to record my music. Once done, the software also allows me to upload my tracks to a podcasting site so that others, no matter where in the world they are, can hear how terrible it is. I also listen to everyone else's music ... We can even join in and play on each other's tracks (a global jam session)." RiffWorks Review

6/20/08RiffWorks Guitar Recording Software Updated by Jim Dalrymple of "RiffWorks allows users to record ideas and create songs using included drum beats. You can also expand the song by collaborating with others online. The update adds several new features including improved performance for opening and loading online collaborations."

MacWorld RiffWorks Review

4/12/08"RiffWorks RiffRumble X Moms Rule Contest: J. Irving-Giles Is Going To Demoralize You" by J. Irving-Giles of "Of course, I am going to dominate this contest, and to add insult to injury, I'm going to write my song about your mom. $40 worth of flowers from's International Flower Delivery Service are up for grabs as well as $10 in RiffWorks Logo Items (t-shirts, guitar picks, stickers) for the winner as selected by participants. "

Gearwire RiffWorks Review

3/28/08RiffWorks Wins a "Studio-Ready" Award by Dan Halberg of "Riffworks is a decidedly clever application. What I like best is that they changed the rules and created a lightweight application that mirrors the creative process of song writing. Around this concept, Sonoma Wireworks has constructed an easy-to-use, single screen interface to compliment this process. When you add in the many features such as InstantDrummer, built in effects, Amplitube 2 Live, looping, and ReWire support it creates a very compelling package. As such, I am proud to award Sonoma Wire Works the GuitarGearHeads "Studio Ready" award to for 2008."

GuitarGearHeads Review

1/21/08" Offers Song Collaboration for Musicians" by Jim Dalrymple of "RiffWorks-maker Sonoma Wire Works unveiled a new collaboration portal called RiffWorld that allows Mac and PC musicians to work on songs together."

MacWorld RiffWorks Review

10/15/07 "RiffWorks: Real-Time Loop-Based Online Music Collaboration" by Eliot Van Buskirk of "RiffWorks allows up to 4 people to work together on multitrack recording projects online in "what feels like real-time" using a loop-based system, with "no worries about latency or distance," using an add-on called RiffLink that enables online collaboration within RiffWorks."

Wired Blog RiffLink Online Music Collaboration


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