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The Miami Herald
Review by:
Michael Hamersly

Go Phish! by Michael Hamersly of the Miami Herald: Trey Anastasio of Phish (pictured left) recently told the Miami Herald how much he uses FourTrack: "I get up in the morning and I write. I do it all the time," he says. "The greatest thing that's happened to me over the past two years is the invention of the iPhone. There's an app you can get called FourTrack. It's a multitrack studio on your phone. Writing on this thing is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, 24 hours a day, I have this functioning multitrack studio with drum machines, and you sing right into it. That's all you need."

Guitar Edge Magazine

The Digital Edge
"...FourTrack has huge advantages over any of its competition... we think this is a must-have for any musician looking for a simple app to record all those ideas... especially the ones that might slip away because you don't have an app like this."

Ars Technica

Laying Down Tracks on the Go with an iPhone and a Browser
"But the simplicity makes FourTrack one of the best musical scratchpads we've ever seen... Bottom line: FourTrack is simple but awesome, and if you're a songwriter and don't have an ultra-portable scratchpad tool like this, you should rectify the situation immediately."

Smartphone Daily

Ten Apps Every iPhone User Should Own
"The best music app for the iPhone, FourTrack is a true music sequencer in that you can record one track - say, a guitar or bass part - and then hear that track as you record vocals or other instruments. The app gets special attention because it is so easy to use..."

The Wall Street Journal
Review by:
Ty McMahan

The Beat Goes On for Another Paul Allen Accidental Business
"Last week, an endeavor born to support Allen's hobby found an acquirer when DrumCore sold to Sonoma Wire Works, creators of the popular RiffWorks and InstantDrummer software as well as FourTrack and InstantDrummer iPhone applications. "We had no idea of doing anything public-facing with it," said Chris Purcell, vice president of Vulcan Technologies. "But we thought, 'Hey, we really have something here.' It shocked us with the success it had."

Sonoma Wire Works

Sonoma Wire Works Acquires Discrete Drums Brand Drum Recording Libraries
Sonoma Wire Works acquired the Discrete Drums brand and product line of drum recording libraries. This move ensures the continuation and expansion of impeccable drum loop products for both Discrete Drums and Sonoma Wire Works customers.

KNBC Los Angeles

Band, iPhone Make Beautiful Music Together
"The 88's popularity is steadily rising. When a friend of Adam's from Apple asked the guys to put the iPhone music app (FourTrack) to the test, the band went from club favorite to viral video sensation." Video of The 88 recording "Love is the Thing" on an iPhone with FourTrack & Watch The 88 Interview on KNBC.

Hand Held Hollywood
Review by:

How To for Filmakers: ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) on the Go
"What can you do if your perfect film production is made less perfect by some lousy audio? Very often, an actor's lines will be unusable because of extra noise, background sounds, or a variety of technical glitches. But, don't despair. You can easy replace that bad dialogue with the help of your iPhone, and we're going to show you how." Featuring the FourTrack iPhone App & Blue Mikey."

Review by:
John Brandon

Recording Your Song on an iPhone
"As an amateur musician, I'm always looking for ways to get a song from my head into my computer. With FourTrack, it's easy to compose an entire song, record the basic parts, and then export the audio to your Mac for further editing."

ProAudio Review
Review by:
Russ Long

Pro on the Go: Applications for our iPhone World
"This app takes mobile recording one step further, allowing an iPhone to be used as a 4-track recorder. The app works perfectly as a songwriting and practice tool. WiFi sync allows FourTrack recordings to be downloaded to any desktop computer running RiffWorks recording software (available free on the Sonoma website) or with any browser."

The Loop
Review by:
Jim Dalrymple

InstantDrummer App Adds Drums to iPhone
"InstantDrummer includes professionally recorded drum loops that can be built into drum tracks for songs. Recorded by Death Cab for Cutie drummer, Jason McGerr, this version of InstantDrummer is the first in a series of apps that will be released by the company."

Review by:
John Brandon

FourTrack for iPhone Review
"FourTrack is an amazing iPhone app for musicians, songwriters, or anyone who likes to record audio... FourTrack is an exceptional app, one I highly recommend for musicians and non-musicians alike."

Associated Content
Review by:
Phil Dotree

Tips for Recording High Quality Audio with an iPhone
"...if you're serious about recording audio with your iPhone you might want to check out an application like FourTrack, an app that I can't recommend highly enough, which is essentially a mini-recording studio with functions like panning thrown in for good measure."
Review by:
John P. Mello Jr.

Specializing in Smartphone-Sized Sound Studio
"A program like FourTrack can be very liberating for a music maker, maintained Doug Wright, president of Mountain View, Calif.-based Sonoma Wire Works. "Normally, you're tied to a computer and a desk," he told MacNewsWorld. "Maybe you carry your laptop into a slightly nicer environment, but you still have to deal with, do I have enough power, do I have this, do I that? The phone is on you all the time," he continued. "You can be on the tour bus. You can be on the subway. You can be wherever and come up with a tune."

Review by:
Eliot Van Buskirk

Best Ways to Produce Music on an iPhone
"Retronyms is working with Sonoma Wire Works to allow recording from DopplerPad into the FourTrack Audio Recorder app -- a powerful cocktail that could create music people actually want to buy."

Review by:
Kurt the CyberGuy

Recording Studio in your Pocket
"When the band The 88 decided to record a song on their iPhone they never knew it would become their best-selling single. The CyberGuy gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the technology that is transforming the music industry and giving bands a recession proof way to top the charts."


How the iPhone has Changed Music
"Recording tasks that were once executed by huge studios are being accomplished in smaller and smaller settings: the demo studio was supplanted by the home studio, which was in turn replaced by the even smaller PC/laptop studio. Indie pop band The 88 made the next step down and recorded with just an iPhone. The band recently released a single called "Love is the Thing" that was recorded entirely on the $9.99 iPhone app by Sonoma Wireworks called FourTrack. The group recorded sixteen individual audio tracks entirely with the iPhone's standard mic and dumped them to Pro Tools for mixing via the software's Wi-Fi export feature."


Top 5 iPhone Guitar Tools Roundup
"FourTrack is a deceptively simple-looking multitrack recorder and mixing console. If you're a songwriter looking for a way to sketch multi-instrumental song ideas on the go, FourTrack acts as a fully baked portable recording studio."
Review by:
Ben Rogerson

Band Records Complete Song on iPhone
"Thanks to Sonoma WireWorks' FourTrack and its recently-acquired bounce feature, the band was able to record a total of 14 different parts for new song Love Is The Thing, including live drums, guitars, bass, piano and backing vocals."

USA Today

The 88 Records Entire Song on Their iPhone
"Who needs expensive recording equipment anymore? That's what Adam Merrin, the keyboardist for indie rock trio The 88 thought when he read about FourTrack, which lets you record music directly into the iPhone. The 88 Tuesday released "Love Is the Thing" (iTunes) ), a new song recorded directly onto the iPhone. The tune was recorded at Zimitti's Los Angeles house. The trio (guitars, keyboards and drums) used the iPhone mic for each instrument, plus four-part harmony, which is displayed on the bands "making of" video on YouTube."

The iPod Observer

THe 88 Use iPhone to Record New Single
"This Spring, we were on tour opening up for the B-52s, with shows all around the East Coast," the band said in a post on its site. "One day while we were driving, Keith was browsing through the applications on the iPhone and came across FourTrack. We thought this app would be a great way to record song ideas while we are away from home." Once they downloaded it, the band decided, "it would be a neat experiment to record the full band on a phone." They documented the process in a video."

The Loop

The 88's New Single Recorded Entirely on the iPhone
"What do you do when you're on tour with the B-52s? If you're a member of The 88, you break out the iPhone and Sonoma Wire Works' FourTrack app so you can sit down and record a new single. The band documented the process of recording a new single on its Web site, including tricks like covering the drum set with a sheet, so the volume wouldn't overpower the iPhone mic."

The 88

The Making of Love Is the Thing by The 88
This is a video of The 88 recording "Love Is The Thing" on an iPhone with the FourTrack iPhone application. The 88 documented the recording process on their website.

Electronic Musician

iPhoning It In (with FourTrack Review)
"My favorite of the bunch is FourTrack, which provides solid functionality and is the only one of the 4-track apps with pan controls. It also lets you upload tracks to your computer as WAV files (or directly to the company's RiffWorks software for Mac and Windows) using Wi-Fi sync."

East Bay Express

A Music App for Every Occasion
"FourTrack is an elementary yet intuitive four-track recording program - handy for demoing songs or recording new ideas on the go. Without any real instruments handy, I put it to the test: a fork hitting a plate, snapping fingers, low humming, and a little singing. After a few adjustments to level and channel, my mini-song sounded just fine."

Music Ally

10 of the Coolest iPhone Music-Making Apps
"FourTrack is an app many of our muso friends have been raving about. The idea is to capture your song ideas anywhere, recording either via the iPhone's own mic, or by plugging in your own. Once your four-track song is done, you can download it to your desktop to do whatever you like with."

Electronic Musician

Sonoma Wire Works RiffWorks and FourTrack at NAMM VIdeo
Video clip demo of the Sonoma Wire Works' Mac, Windows and iPhone recording apps from the 2009 Winter NAMM Show
Review by:
Tom Porter

7 Simple Steps to iPhone Music-Making Enlightenment
"Cutting the killer from the filler, we've assembled the iPhone music-making apps ... we couldn't live without in 2008, and expect great things from in 2009 ... Sonoma Wire Works' CD-quality FourTrack recorder, which, does exactly what it says on the tin. Four tracks of unlimited length (depending on your available memory, of course) easily transferred to your favourite DAW."
Review by:
Tim Cox

RiffWorks Review: Rock Out
"FourTrack is a must have iPhone app from Sonoma Wire Works...[and for the desktop] RiffWorks is a great way to put down musical ideas with the minimum amount of instruction. Throw in RiffLink, the online collaboration feature, and you’ve got a feature filled app that any songwriter can use. From first launch, musicians will be able to instantly create some cool stuff."

Chris Pirillo
Review by:
Chris Pirillo

How to Record Audio on an iPhone
"FourTrack is a well-designed app for the iPhone that records, mixes and plays up to four tracks at once. There's no way it'll replace your main recording setup, but then again, you can't put your main recording setup in your pocket."
Review by:
George Papas

FourTrack is a Big Step in Music Production on the iPhone
"FourTrack is the closest anyone has gotten to creating a rich-featured, studio-quality multi-track recording app for the iPhone. It allows you to create songs on the go, without the need to carry around any other hardware."

Mac User
Review by:
Jonathan Wilson

FourTrack Review
"FourTrack's ability to keep song elements together and instantly reload them with all settings intact is what you expect from a multitrack recording app. If you want to juggle numerous works in progress, this is the app you need. FourTrack also looks fabulous and fully embraces the iPhone's tactile poke, stroke and slide interaction."

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"DrumCore is so handy and so very easy to use! It's very close to having a live drummer with you."

Learn more about DrumCore
Anthony Gonzalez of M83

"I'm obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone- the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It's like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket."

Learn more about FourTrack
Trey Anastasio of Phish

"Just tried out Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack plus the new upgraded FourTrack app. Beautiful crystal clear sparkling audio in iOS!"

Learn more about GuitarJack
Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

"RiffWorks is an incredible tool to get songs done stupid fast!"

Learn more about RiffWorks
Johnny "Juice" Rosado of Public Enemy