RiffRumble 19 "Road Trip" Song Contest Starts June 12

RiffRumble 19 Song Contest June 12, 2012 - Road Trip

Life is a Highway...Rev up for RiffRumble 19! Record a road trip themed song with RiffWorks (Mac/Win) or FourTrack (iPhone) on your own, or collaborate with up to 4 friends worldwide using RiffLink online song collaboration.

Enter to win over $1500 in road trip prizes like a Taylor GS Mini guitar, iPod touch, GuitarJack and road trip RiffWorks schwag! Entries accepted June 12 - 25. Public voting June 12 - July 2. Chat about it on Sonoma's Facebook Page, RiffWorks' Facebook Page, and RiffRumble Forum.

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Artist Spotlight: Nick Perri (Guitarist)

Nick Perri has unapologetically made 100% pure American Rock n' Roll with bands like Silvertide, Shinedown, and Matt Sorum. Now, he's set up a first of its kind lifestyle shop called PERRI INK. Cartel that combines his love of music with motorcycles, tattoos, piercings, an old fashion barber, and custom guitars. Lately Nick has been writing and producing with his favorite plugin, DrumCore. Read more about Nick and PERRI INK. Cartel in this month's Artist Spotlight:

Nick Perri

Nick Perri uses DrumCore

Most people have several passions, and a handful of us will be able to pursue one of them. Nick Perri, on the other hand, has decided to merge all of his passions into one: PERRI INK. Cartel. So who is Nick Perri? Nick Perri is an American rock guitarist who has played for Shinedown, Silvertide, Perry Farell, and Matt Sorum. Additionally, Nick releases his own music as Sinai and produces other artists. In addition to music, Nick is passionate about motorcyles, fashion, tattoos, and anything Americana. With the help of his wife Misi, Nick has created PERRI INK. Cartel, a one of a kind establishment on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA that is a motorcyle workshop, clothing store, tattoo and piercing parlor, barbershop, and custom guitar seller. To sum it up in Nick's words, "It is the only one stop Rock N' Roll shop!" We had a chance to talk to Nick and learn about his latest endeavors and how DrumCore is forming the basis for his new music material. "I discovered it (DrumCore) through a friend of a friend in 2004, and to this day EVERY SINGLE DEMO OR SONG I WRITE uses its awesomeness. Ever since I started playing I have been writing to drums. With THIS, it's just silly easy."

More in this month's Nick Perri Interview

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RiffWorld Picks of the Month

"Dreams Not Forgotten" was recorded with RiffWorks by zachjones82. As cjl5150 says, "Love the mood and atmosphere."

Also check out this RiffLink online collab: "Sunday Blues Junkie Jam" by metalV7, CoolJammer, chavilbus, Wiese and trikloretylen. As johnybb2000 says in the comments, "Nearly missed this. You got a great old time vibe like the old days. Nice post guys."

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