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RiffWorks Users Collage

The RiffWorks community is full of talented, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth musicians who have created a warm vibe of camaraderie on our web site. Most have never met and though oceans and continents may seperate them, a growing number are making songs together online every hour of every day.

RiffWorks users are helping beta test RiffLink online music collaboration, and helping shape the hot RiffLink update we'll be launching soon! As a thanks for their participation, enthusiasm and good humor, we dedicate this issue of the newsletter to RiffWorks users everywhere and we've asked a few of them to contribute...

RiffWorks Mixing Overview

by J.J. "The Gator" Falkanger

GatorJJ Image

RiffWorks is one of the easiest programs to get started recording with, lots of fun, etc. A lot of people get good results all on their own but find they can't get over the hump to a great mix. This overview will give you a few basic tips on how to make your RiffWorks songs better.

I find RiffWorks to be the best friend a songwriter could have! Crank out a few Riffs, mash them together in order, slap a vocal and lead across the Songlayer and viola! A song is born!

Teaching with RiffWorks

by Bill Coulten

Bill Coulten Image

Did you ever take a guitar lesson from someone who shows you a great lick and you say to yourself, "That lick was so hip that I will never forget it." After your lesson you go to the mall or food shopping before you go home. Then when you pick up your guitar that kewl lick is gone from your memory.

Even if the teacher writes it down, the most important part of a lick is its sound. If you forget the way it was phrased, it can become a bunch of notes with no direction. This is where RiffWorks comes into play.


RiffWorks Reviews

Wired Blog Image

"RiffWorks allows up to four people to work together on multitrack recording projects online in "what feels like real-time" using a loop-based system, with "no worries about latency or distance," using an add-on called RiffLink that enables online collaboration within RiffWorks." Eliot Van Buskirk


GuitarNoize Image

"RiffWorks is really fun ... it takes me back to when my brother and I got our first 4-track and started recording song after song. The key to RiffWorks is that it has been tailored to creating songs by Riffs... you can keep adding layer after layer without touching the computer...Once you create Riffs it's really easy to put them together to create a song, just by dragging and dropping onto the song timeline." Jon Bloomer


BEAT Image

BEAT Magazine October 2007:

"RiffWorks does really make the work of guitar players easier as it plays to their way of thinking. It offers a lot of possibilities for the money." Ümit Mericler


Sound & Recording Image

Sound & Recording Magazine August 07:

"RiffWorks keeps its promise: The software is easy and fun. Thanks to the audio trigger function one can even keep recording without having to put down the guitar. All essential steps are intuitive..." Andrea Scheffler


RiffCaster & RiffLink Picks

We gave MickeyMix and BlueseyDude the honor of selecting the two picks this month - they chose FOUR!

RiffCaster Pick

Dolan Trout Image

Chosen by Dolan Trout of

by Oliver Blanchard

Dolan (BlueseyDude) said, "I never cease to be amazed by the talent demonstrated by the RiffCasters and Matchdrive (Oliver Blanchard) is no exception. He is a relative new comer to the RiffCasting scene but has made his presence known in a HUGE way. But can our French brother handle a guitar? Oui! After listening to "OUF" I was amazed at how he built the song. He has a nice twist towards the end, but you'll have to listen to hear it. His playing ability is outstanding and very enjoyable to listen to. If you haven't listened to Matchdrive, you're really missing out on some of the finest playing around. And, by the way, he has a new baby girl, Amber. Félicitations! (Congratulations)

RiffLink Picks

MickeyMix Image

Chosen by MickeyMix of RiffLink Junkies
Plus another pick from Dolan.

Rifflinkxx Files
by Javi (Caradeotro), Lead & Rhythm Guitars from Spain
Weisse (JoJo), Lead Guitars from Germany
Rick Andrews (Yahsteck1), Lead Guitars from Upstate New York
Terry Gill (A345Stud), Bass from Washington State
Tom Schulz (Charvelguy), Lead Guitars from Minnesota

MickeyMix said, "This is my Rifflink instrumental pick of the month. This is an outstanding piece of guitar wizardry from all involved. WOW what a ride! Great work guys."
Tom put it well when he said, "We may not understand the same language, but we do understand the universal langauge of music."

Bovine Logic - C'Ya
by Mickey G (MickeyMix), Vox/Lyrics/Tele,Acoustic guitars/Final Mix, from Florida
Sigman (KlascoJo), Guitars, Georgia
Rob Easley (ThrobbyRobby), Bass, from California
Weisse (JoJo), Lead Guitars, from Germany
Chris Masterson (Solone1), Funky Harp, from Washington State

Not being able to pick just one, Mickey said this is his RiffLink vocal song pick. Tim commented, "Nice colab - they just keep getting better and better. A perfect example of a cyber-band. Great playing, mix, and editing job throughout."

by Stevo, Lenny, Sig, Blue4u

BluesyDude also wanted to add a RiffLink pick: Promises is very impressive! Stevo, Lenny, Sig, Blue4u really put some quality stuff together. What stands out on this collaboration is there is a lot going on but each element is very distinguishable. You'll do yourself a great service to listen to this several times. Listen to all the different things going on in the recesses of the song. One comment on the song really sums it up nicely - "these mixes you guys make are delicious.....more please."

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