RiffWorks Features RiffWorks T4 v2.6.7 RiffWorks Standard v2.6.7
Riff-Based Workflow: Record songs in bite-sized pieces (Riffs). This unique and fun way to record facilitates experimentation with song structure. Each Riff can include different backups, effects, tempos, lengths, and layers. Yes Yes
Automatic Track Creation & Loop Recording: A new layer (track) is created each time you start recording and each time a Riff loops. Stack layers on top of each other (bass, guitar, vocals) to create a Riff. Use looping to create multiple tracks, do multiple takes, etc. Each layer has controls for mixing and effects. 4 Layers per Riff plus Drums
(24 while collaborating)
24 Layers Per Riff plus Drums
(24 while collaborating)
RiffLink Online Collaboration is built into RiffWorks (60 days free with RiffWorks Standard,* ($10 for 30 days, and $60 for a year). An unlimited number of musicians can collaborate on a song (4 at a time). As a track is recorded, it streams to other players and and remains in sync with the drums. RiffWorks loop-based workflow allows collaboration without latency or distance issues. Create and join both public and invite-only collaborations. Listen to collaborations in progress in RiffWorks, and hear completed ones on RiffWorld. $10/30 days or $60/year 60 days comes free with RiffWorks Standard v2.6 or later, then $10/30 days or $60/year
RiffCaster Song Posting: Broadcast songs to RiffWorld.com with a single click on the RiffCast button in RiffWorks. Yes Yes
InstantDrummer: Tempo-synchronized backup drum recordings with adjustable intensity, variation and tempo. No need for tedious drum programming.

9 InstantDrummer sessions by top drum content companies (worth $9.99 each) are included for free with RiffWorks Standard.

Find more than 100 InstantDrummer sessions to use with RiffWorks T4 and RiffWorks Standard.

Create songs using InstantDrummer sessions by famous drummers!
RiffWorks T4 (free) includes 1 Demo session with a sampling of parts. RiffWorks Standard Includes 9 Free InstantDrummer sessions by top drum content companies ($90 value).

Sonoma Wire Works:
(1)Afro Island Grooves
(2)Mekanic Beats
(3)Trash Funk

Discrete Drums:
(4)Bare Bones

Drums On Demand:
(5)Habanero Groove
(6)Half Nelson
(7)When I Drum Around

Submersible Music:
(8)Matt Sorum Basic

Sonic Reality:
(9)RAW Funk Grooves
REX Player: Record along with tempo synchronized backup loop files (REX and RX2). No Yes
ReWire: Use RiffWorks simultaneously with programs like Reason, Ableton Live and more. No Yes
Metronome: Use for lead-in, while recording, for a simple beat, or to add extra flavor in addition to the drummer. Yes Yes
7 Effects: Wah, Multi-band Compression & Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Compression, and British Style EQ. These effects and can be added to Layers, Riffs, InstantDrummer sessions, and Input. Yes Yes
Compatible VST Plug-ins can be activated, heard, and recorded while playing your instrument through RiffWorks. Yes - RiffWorks Compatible VST Plug-ins Yes - RiffWorks Compatible VST Plug-ins
Bundled Plug-in to use with other DAWs: The same 7 great sounding effects found in RiffWorks are available as the Sonoma 7 VST Plugin for use in other recording software: No Sonoma 7 VST Plugin
Song Layer: Record linear tracks, or layers, over a complete song. Useful for recording solos and vocals. Yes Yes
Simultaneous Recorded Layers with SongLayers playing over Riffs (CPU dependent) 8 plus drums 48 plus drums
Junt: Set the tempo and start recording by simply playing your guitar or singing. Junt has a proprietary tempo detection algorithm that allows you to focus on your internal groove. Yes Yes
Single Shot Record: Alternative to continuous looped recording. Yes Yes
Riff Notes: A place to make remarks about recordings. Yes Yes
Mono or Stereo Input: Input Meters show the level coming directly from your input device. Yes Yes
Quick Start Tutorial & Help: A Quick Start Tutorial begins at launch and is translated into 14 languages (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Nowegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish). A help guide with further info is built right into RiffWorks with links to the online guide. Yes Yes
Mix Song to .wav: for burning to CD
Mix Song to .ogg: for sound player applications
Mix to Riff: bounce multiple riffs down to one layer in a single riff
RiffCast to .mp3 : Download MP3s of your songs on RiffWorld.com




Export Riffs as .wav files to other DAWs No Yes
Save as .rwr: Save as RiffWorks Riff files. Used for importing into another RiffWorks song. No Yes
32-bit Floating Point Recording 16-bit only 16-bit & 32-bit
32-bit Floating Point Mix 16-bit only 16-bit & 32-bit
44.1 Sample Rate for simple setup and CD burning. Yes Yes
Mac OS Universal Compatibility Yes Yes
Windows XP ASIO & Mac OS Core Audio Device Compatibility: Supports most devices from Digidesign, IK Multimedia, Line 6, M-Audio, PreSonus and more. See Recommended Hardware List Yes Yes
Screen Resolution 1020 1020 & 1125
Price: Free $49 (sale price)

*Bundled for a limited time.

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