"I tell my friends I have a pro-studio that's open 24-7. I can sit in on any session, at any time the creative urge strikes, with musicians whose skills take a back seat to no one. I can ask any one of them to throw down a track or two. If I have just the start of an idea, they help complete it in ways I would have never imagined." ThrobbyRobby

"RiffWorks gave me a sense of freedom to jam whatever I want, when I want, and who I want to do it with." Muddhole

"I have so much passion for RiffWorks and the doors it has opened for me. After hours of not getting to bed on time, lost in jamming online, I am filled with gratitude. I am often filled with this happiness over what is only NOW possible because of RiffWorks. For me it's a dream come true. I couldn't afford to buy studio time to do the kind of free form writing and jamming with other musicians. When I log on to RiffLink, chat, and make music with these brilliant musicians, it feels like we all snuck into a studio with our gear and got away with it! Anytime, day or night, I can jump on RiffWorks and be in a virtual pro studio. It STILL blows me away and makes me happy. Thank you for creating this vision and allowing all of us to share it with each other. We have each become better musicians (and maybe better people) for it. Everyone here supports each other with positivity and encouragement, and each person's unique talent pushes ALL of us to improve." blue4u

"I have been playing music for almost 30 years, and RiffWorks has inspired me to write more songs in the past 18 months than I have written in the past 18 years. Its user friendly interface and incredibly intuitive workflow allow me to lay down idea after idea without wrestling with complicated software. This latest version sports a new "Song Layer" feature which lets you lay down solo guitar tracks, vocals, keyboards, etc. on top of your backing tracks with ease. This is like a marriage of looped based recording with real time audio recording. When you incorporate a program like Propellerhead's "Reason 3.0" with RiffWorks via the Rewire device feature, the musical possibilities are endless. "More picking, less clicking" is the name of the game. Do yourself a favor and buy RiffWorks Standard today....but be prepared to lose a lot of sleep." pbbobkanobi

"Sonoma, thanks for the fantastic environment you folks provide...not just a product, really more of an experience you've created! AND IT ROCKS!" gatorjj On Sonoma's MySpace Page

"Young or Old, I've been lovin' to hear people play geetar for 50 years, and for me the greatest thing of all is RiffWorks is allowing us all to get together, play it, listen to it and talk about it." Wedgebill

"These are the coolest and most down to earth forums you'll ever see." MickeyMix

Visit the RiffWorks Forums to hear more user reviews.

"Sonoma, thanks for the fantastic environment you folks provide...not just a product, really more of an experience you've created! AND IT ROCKS!" gatorjj On Sonoma's MySpace Page

RiffWorks won a Best in Show Trendsetter award at the winter NAMM Show 2008. RiffWorks was chosen as one of the "hottest" products because of its simple and effective recording interface, online music collaboration capabilities and new social networking site, RiffWorld.com. Alan Friedman said, "I discovered "RiffWorks" by pure luck and was totally blown away. RiffWorks has given users the ability to easily and intuitively collaborate with fellow musicians 3,000+ miles away in real time has given me a brand new avenue for musical creativity. That's why RiffWorks was a "no-brainer" for one of my all-time favorite Best in Show picks. Rock on, RiffWorks!" Alan Friedman, musician, NAMM Best in Show panelist (Pics)

"Consisting of a software recorder and audio interface with effects, it's as close to instant gratification as guitar recording gets." Emile Menache, Guitar World

"RiffWorks user interface is well designed and very detailed. I found RiffWorks to be appealing and simple to navigate. One of the most gratifying features of RiffWorks is the diversity and quality of drum loops available." Recording Magazine

"RiffWorks installation takes around 30 seconds, and although instructions are provided, you probably won't need them...just start up RiffWorks, plug in and play. Verdict: Extremely easy to use, highly productive, good effects and useful backup section. Rated 9 out 10." Computer Music Magazine Complete Review

"The most impressive piece of software I saw [at Music Player Live] was RiffWorks. It has a brilliantly simple user interface that allows guitarists (or keyboardists) to jam, improvise, arrange songs, add drum lines with an incredibly little amount of clicking or searching for files. In fact, you can actually use the guitar to start recording (strumming muted strings for 4 counts). In terms of getting down your raw ideas without much interference from the computer, this is one of the best products I've seen." Jordan Kolasinki, CreateDigitalMusic.com Complete Review

"RiffWorks... is about recording riffs and phrases that you can rearrange and shuffle around. The backup drum parts encourage this type of riff-oriented recording mentality - They're solid parts. A typical way of working might be to start a drum goove, come up with a tasty chord progression or melodic line, beef up that riff with some accompaniment, then move on to creating the next part of the song. After creating a number of riffs, you can combine them as desired, then record a more linear track over them. What's also cool is that you can play your guitar or the backing tracks through effects, and these are pretty cool effects." Craig Anderton, Executive Editor of Harmony Central and EQ Magazine Complete Review

More reviews can be found in the news about RiffWorks and in online store.

Watch videos of accomplished artists talking about the benefits of using RiffWorks here.

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