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Added: 2006-11-06 13:50:15

Email Gift Certificate

Sonoma Wire Works' Online Store Gift Certificates for musicians! This gift certificate will be good toward any of Sonoma's software for Mac/Win like RiffWorks guitar recording software, RiffWorks InstantDrummers, DrumCore and KitCore plug-ins and drum loops, add-on drum loops for DrumCore and KitCore, and Discrete Drums multitrack drum loops, as well as the popular GuitarJack for iOS devices.

Select the amount from the pull down menu on this page. After you purchase a Gift Certificate, the funds will be automatically placed in your store account. Use those funds for yourself, or easily email them to friend(s) via the link provided in your shopping cart sidebox. Email as much as you want, to as many people as you want, up to the amount you've purchased. Use the funds for anything in our store.

If what you are purchasing with a Gift Certificate is less than your Gift Certificate Balance, the remaining funds will be placed in your store account.

There are no refunds for Gift Certificates. We are not responsible for lost or stolen redemption codes. Gift Certificates do not expire. Give the gift of music!

Gift Certificate FAQ

Note: For the FourTrack, InstantDrummer, GuitarTone or StudioTrack iOS Apps, please buy your friend a gift certificate at the iTunes store.