Discrete Drums

The Original Multitrack Drum Library

Artists Using Discrete Drums

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Adam Young of Owl City

Adam Young

of Owl City.
Owl City Official Website

Adam Young, a.k.a. Owl City, topped charts and was the most downloaded song on iTunes with his breakout smash, "Fireflies." Adam's music blends lazy summer guitar riffs, quirky lyrics, and lush electronics for a truly unique sound.

"I loved the sounds! I was really into them... The samples (Discrete Drums) sound very organic and real which mean I don't have to spend as many hours pouring through libraries of cheap sounding drum samples because the sound is AMAZING right out of the box!"

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Brad Gillis of Night Ranger

Brad Gillis

of Night Ranger.
Night Ranger Official Website

In addition to Night Ranger, Brad Gillis has lent his talents to Ozzy Osborne and composed music for TV shows, video games, and movies.

"I've been using Discrete Drums for quite a few months now. It's a great tool for me putting together song ideas for Night Ranger. I've also written music for four television shows and a movie and I've used Discrete Drums in all of them. I've been using Discrete Drums for demos with artists I've been working with."

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Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver

Dave Kushner

of Velvet Revolver.
Dave Kushner Official Website

Born and raised in LA, Dave Kushner has rock and roll in his veins. A former member of Electric Love Hogs, Danzig, and Zilch, Dave has built a reputation for being one of the best rock guitarists and songwriters on the scene today. His current band, Velvet Revovler with former schoolmate Slash from Guns and Roses, has helped bring rock music back into the public eye again. Dave is also known for his work in TV and film, best known for scoring the hit FX channel show "Sons of Anarchy."

"When you're doing TV stuff, you need to have real sounding drums. I love the Discrete Drums stuff. There are so many layers and segments and you can use any parts you need. It's all separated for you. They're both (Discrete Drums and DrumCore) great sounding products."

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David Schwartz

David Schwartz

of Velvet Revolver.
David Schwartz Official Website

David Schwartz has composed some of the most memorable TV themes of all time including 90210, Deadwood, Arrested Development, and Northern Exposure.

"So much of my stuff now is groove based, and if I need a certain sound I can just pull one up. I might start with just a two or four bar thing from Discrete Drums and write to that, and then add to it. Discrete Drums is just fantastic for that. The sound you get is a real drummer on real drums. It's a great way to write and it's very fast. When I have the luxury of recording great drummers, I do, but it's very convenient to have these loops."

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DJ Kramer

DJ Kramer

of Methodrone.
DJ Kramer Official Website

One of San Francisco's top Dj's and dance music producers, DJ Kramer is known for his distinctive tribal house sound. One half of Methodrone, Kramer's productions have been featured in television shows like CSI.

"I am loving the Discrete Drums libraries. The samples are really clean and of such high quality that they add a whole other dynamic to the music. A lot of times sample libraries sound cheap and don't have rich, true sounding sample which causes them to stand out compared to the software samples we'll create. The DD samples fit right in and sound great. We've used them in our two most recent remixes, our Methodrone remix of Jondi & Spesh's "We Are Connected" and also a remix of Momu's "Space Pimp." I am also using them for a remix Im currently working on for Myagi's "Chaos.""

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John Kunkel of The New Division

John Kunkel

of The New Division.
The New Division Official Website

The New Division of Riverside, CA has been winning fans over around the globe by their unique blend of sounds old and new. Check out their critically acclaimed EP, "The Rookie."

"DrumCore and Discrete Drums were really awesome to work with. I really enjoyed the Discrete Drum samples because they reminded me a lot of those 90s Depeche Mode drum styles which are hard to create (unless you have samples). The quality is really phenomenal. I particularly enjoy the Turbulent Filth Monsters sounds."

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Alan Wilder of Recoil

Alan Wilder

of Recoil.
Recoil Official Website

Alan is a classically-trained musician and was a member of several bands throughout his youth before joining Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode went on to become one of the most sucessful bands of all time and hugely influential in the electronic and alternative music scenes. Alan's contributions and unique production were a significant piece of Depeche Mode's signature sound. After a 15 month tour and at the height of their popularity, Alan made the brave and necessary decision to leave the group and devote more time to his solo project, Recoil, in 1995. With a sound completely unlike his former band (or anything else for that matter), Alan has used Recoil to explore musical genres ranging from trip-hop to gospel and everything in between.

"Very well recorded, dynamic and with many variables to help create whatever the user might need. I look forward to exploring these some more in the future... You can hear use of some Discrete Drums in a mix I created recently, entitled ‘Minutes’ for Sonoio. SONOIO is the project of Alessandro Cortini – former member of Nine Inch Nails."

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