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Anthony Gonzalez of M83

Anthony Gonzalez

of M83.
M83 Official Website

Anthony Gonzalez, a.k.a. M83, has won the praise of both critics and the public by releasing music that has been described as moving, tragic, and strangely nostalgic.

"The software (DrumCore) is so handy and so very easy to use! I'm going to use it for my demos. Most of the time I work with real drummers, but because I'm all alone in my studio when I write, I need to start with something. It's very easy and sounds so good; it's very close to having a live drummer with you."

Justin Lassen

Justin Lassen

Remixer, Producer, Composer
Justin Lassen Official Website

"DrumCore is so incredibly easy to use that I can have a concept turn into a completed track in no time in whatever DAW i'm using (Sonar, Acid, etc.). The sound quality of the samples and the MIDI performances allow me to mix and match any style with any drummer. If I want Terry Bozzio to play on Sly Dunbar's drum-kit, done. Whether I'm working on a remix for Lady GaGa, or The Killers or a brand new song all-together, everything I need for percussion and rhythm are right there, in the box. I can even perform in real-time each drumkit and customize any number of ways by mixing kits, samples and performances. No need to mic a drum kit anymore. This is the best of the best for songwriters, remixers and producers who want to work more efficiently."

John Bundrick

John "Rabbit" Bundrick

of The Who.
Rabbit's Official Website

"Rabbit" has been tickling the ivories for The Who for decades now, and continues to write and perform with some of the biggest names in music.

"I am going thru my whole catalogue of songs I've written and replacing all the drums using DrumCore, using the MIDI side of it to play all my MIDI'd drums, and now my songs will have a drummer from DrumCore on the tracks. The MIDI side of DrumCore is the best thing in the world, enablng you to use your drum MIDI files with world class drummer's kit sounds. It makes all the difference in the world to your songs. Unbelievably easy to set up and use. If you need a drummer, and there ain't one in town available, it's because they're all in DrumCore....So get DrumCore and all the drummers will be there waiting for you to strike up the band."

Johnny Juice of Public Enemy

Johnny "Juice" Rosado

of Public Enemy.
DJ Johnny Juice Official Myspace

Known for his skills on the wheels of steel and his beat heavy productions, Johnny Juice has been making audiences move as part of both Public Enemy and X-Vandals.

"DrumCore is my GO TO source for FAT DRUM SOUNDS! Being a drummer and percussionist I can appreciate the incredibly well recorded drum kits. Being a Hip-Hop Producer and DJ I can appreciate the large palette of sounds at my disposal. Being a fan, I'm just LOVING THE SOUNDS! When I'm ready to "Bring The Noise," my tool is DrumCore!"

Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo

Producer, Remixer, Composer
Carmen Rizzo Official Website

GRAMMY nominated Carmen Rizzo has worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Seal, Coldplay, Paul Oakenfold, BT, Tiesto, Jem, KD Lang and many others. In addition to his production work, Carmen has released several solo albums and is part of the world music act Niyaz.

"Drum Core makes replacing or programming drums actually fun. Audio loops or Midi, you can create the feel, sound and arrangement you want with no hassles. Easy layout quick to learn. Love it!" "

Dave Kushner of Velvet Revolver

Dave Kushner

of Velvet Revolver.
Dave Kushner Official Website

Born and raised in LA, Dave Kushner has rock and roll in his veins. A former member of Electric Love Hogs, Danzig, and Zilch, Dave has built a reputation for being one of the best rock guitarists and songwriters on the scene today. His current band, Velvet Revovler with former schoolmate Slash from Guns and Roses, has helped bring rock music back into the public eye again. Dave is also known for his work in TV and film, best known for scoring the hit FX channel show "Sons of Anarchy."

"With DrumCore, it sounds great and you don't have to edit it much. You just throw it in there and it sounds great on its own. I've used it both ways, I've dragged audio files straight onto a stereo track and I've programmed the drums with the MIDI sets. It's just really easy to use and it sounds so real which is so hard to find nowadays!"

Chris Stein of Blondie

Chris Stein

of Blondie.
Blondie Official Website

Blondie is one of those great American bands that helped define a generation. Chris Stein, a founding member of Blondie, is an active songwriter and deeply involved with the production of Blondie records.

"I use DrumCore constantly when working on material these days, DrumCore parts shape many of my new music projects"

David Schwartz

David Schwartz

TV and Film Composer
David Schwartz Official Website

David Schwartz has composed some of the most memorable TV themes of all time including 90210, Deadwood, Arrested Development, and Northern Exposure.

"I really like the different kits in DrumCore. Many times when you're programming drums, you spend all this time, but you haven't gotten the right sound. With DrumCore, you can grab the right sound and work from there. Most of the time I use the audio part of DrumCore to build my track, but sometimes I might find parts too busy or something, so I switch to MIDI and make adjustments. It's very easy to change the tempo, and with the MIDI I can change the tempo quite a bit without it sounding strange. Sometimes I'll use the included MIDI grooves too. Even if you change them a lot, it's a great starting point, and some great feel are in those grooves."

Chris Corner of IAMX

Chris Corner

of IAMX.
IAMX Official Website

A former member of critically acclaimed triphop group "The Sneaker Pimps," Chris Corner has forged a new solo identity as IAMX. Seamlessly blending organic sounds with electronic instrumentation, IAMX's music is raw, dark, and passionate.

"I am a drum snob and I was also skeptical to try new software during the recording process but it (DrumCore) slipped into my setup easily. The navigation and flexibility was great but didn't interest me as much as the sounds. I found them expansive, expressive and of beautiful quality. Deep and full of attitude."

Danny Weinkauf of They Might Be Giants

Danny Weinkauf

of They Might Be Giants.
They Might Be Giants Official Website

They Might Be Giants are one of the few bands that can do several things extremely well. Known for blending genres, TMBG has had a career that has lasted decades with no sign of slowing in sight. Danny Weinkauf has been a key force in the band, and is also a successful TV/film composer.

"First of all I love Drum Core. A few years ago a friend recommended it to me and I've been using it ever since. I recently needed to re-record a version of one of my TMBG tunes for a museum in Canada so instead of using our drummer I used Drum core and it sounded great! I also use it all the time for tracks for TV and jingles. It's got a great variety of easy to use sounds and beats and that's important when you need to get tracks done quickly."

Midge Ure of Ultravox

Midge Ure

of Ultravox.
Midge Ure Official Website

James "Midge" Ure has enjoyed success playing with bands including Thin Lizzzy, Visage, and most notably Ultravox. In addition, Midge co-wrote "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and co-organized Live Aid and Live 8.

"I find the instant usability of DrumCore absolutely essential when starting a writing project. To have world class drummers who have been recorded in the best studios by the greatest engineers available to you at the drop of a hat is utterly amazing! I am working on the first Ultravox album for 25 years and Drumcore has helped us no end in, not only the writing stage, but all through the recording process. There are some tracks we may even leave Drumtracks on it's so good that we can't bare to replace it! An essential for every musicians arsenal."

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Producer, Bassist, Composer
Justin Meldal-Johnsen's Official Website

Throughout Justin's long career, he has worked in practically every genre, and been involved in every aspect of music making. Justin has toured as bassist for Beck and Nine Inch Nails, written songs for his own project Ima Robot, recorded for acts like Tori Amos, Dixie Chicks, and Garbage, co-written with acts like Macy Gray, helped translate songs into a live show for bands like Gnarls Barkley, and most recently, produced a breathtaking new album with M83.

"It's (DrumCore) cool software. We used it to demo all kinds of things. It provided the main groove template for several songs, including "Reunion". Some aspects of it still remain on the record, if memory serves. There were certain percussion things that we attempted to re-play with live percussion, but I think we ended up preferring the DrumCore stuff. If a virtual instrument can sound good and also be really simple to get running, it's a complete winner in my book."



Tamerlane on Tumblr

Tamerlane recruited production house and Sonoma Wire Works partner Ahava Audio to help co-write and produce their upcoming album. During this process, Sonoma Wire Works' DrumCore 4 was utilized for drum replacement. Travis Cook (Drums) created MIDI tracks to accompany the guitars and effects for each track. When Ahava Audio received the tracks for composition, they used DrumCore 4 to create the drum sounds for the composition process. The heavy hitting drums from the DC4 catalogue served as a perfect foundation for building and composing each song. See Full Artist Spotlight Interview.

"DrumCore is so handy and so very easy to use! It's very close to having a live drummer with you."

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Anthony Gonzalez of M83

"I'm obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone- the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It's like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket."

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Trey Anastasio of Phish

"Just tried out Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack plus the new upgraded FourTrack app. Beautiful crystal clear sparkling audio in iOS!"

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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

"RiffWorks is an incredible tool to get songs done stupid fast!"

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Johnny "Juice" Rosado of Public Enemy