DrumCore 4 Upgrade

Pro Drum Loops and Drum Kit Samples for Songwriters

DrumCore 4 Pricing for New, Upgrades and Crossgrades

*How to Upgrade or Crossgrade:

New Users, DrumCore 3 Free, DrumCore 3 CM, DrumCore 3 TK, DrumCore 2 LT, or KitCore Demo:
Buy DrumCore 4 as a new user here.

DrumCore 2.x, DrumCore 3, DrumCore 3 Deluxe, KitCore 2, or KitCore 2 Deluxe Upgrades:
Use the upgrade form below to be directed to a DC4 upgrade or email support@sonomawireworks.com to ask for instructions. Past versions do not need to be installed to install the DC4 Upgrade. If your DC2/DC3/KC2 content is not installed on your new computer, no worries, in most cases support can give you most, if not all, of your past content to download within DC4. If your DC2/DC3/KC2 content is installed on your new computer, upgrade customers will be given a Migration Tool to migrate select installed DC2/DC3/KC2 content to DC4. See the Content Migration FAQ for more information.

DrumCore 4 Lite or Prime Edition Crossgrades to Prime Link, Prime Flash or Ultra:
See crossgrade pricing above. Email support@sonomawireworks.com to ask for your crossgrade link. After you crossgrade to DC4 Prime or Ultra, support will give you the additional Prime or Ultra content to download in your currently installed DC4. No need to un-install, re-install or re-register DC4. Easy! Your current DC4 serial number will become your DC4 Prime or Ultra serial number, so you will not need to change anything. Simply download much more DrumCore content.

DrumCore 4 Version Updates:
Version update instructions are listed in the release notes in the forum.

Software and Drum Content are Not Returnable:
Software and add-on drum content cannot be returned or refunded. Contact support if you need advice about compatibility, or if you have any other questions. Return Policy

DrumCore 4 Upgrade Request Form for DC3/DC2.5/KC to DC4

To upgrade from DC3/DC2.5/KC, use this form to be directed to your DC4 upgrade, or email support@sonomawireworks.com for an upgrade link.

To crossgrade from DC4 to Prime Link, Prime Flash or Ultra, skip this form and email support@sonomawireworks.com for a crossgrade link.

Enter your email address.
Enter your serial number or email support@sonomawireworks.com if you cannot find it.

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