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DrumCore 4 Lite Drum Kits List

DrumCore 4 Lite contains 4 GB of content, including 24 GrooveSets (1,400 audio loops and 800 MIDI loops) by 13 drummers, and 11 multi-velocity sampled Drum Kits. The plug-in is downloadable, and the content can be either downloaded from the DC4 Browser for new and upgrade customers, or migrated for upgrade customers. Read more about DrumCore audio loops in the DC4 FAQ. Listen to audio previews. All GrooveSets and Drum Kits by all DC4 drummers are listed and described on the Drummer Bios page and are available for preview and purchase in the store built into DC4.
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DC4's Drum Kits feature high-quality, multi-velocity drum samples, as played by celebrity drummers, and some of the best studio musicians. Each Kit is MIDI-mapped, and customizable, making it easy to use with an external controller. More in the FAQ and User Guide pdf (Chapter 5).

Below is the list of Drum Kits in Lite. See the GrooveSets in Lite.

DrummerDrum KitDescription
1Alan WhiteAW Brownesque KitBig room tone dominates the sound of this kit, which features Alan's standard six-tom setup. The long tails on all of these hits are ideal for creating a big rhythm section sound, especially booming, rolling fills in your breakdowns.
2Ben SmithBen Smith KitYou can't miss the punchiness of the snare in this kit--it's in your face, and made to cut through dense mixes, for when you really want your drums to hold a steady backbeat. With a muted, more subtle kick and hard gated toms as a subtle counterbalance, these drums are just the thing for creating atmosphere, but with a lot of grit right up front.
3Ben SmithBen Smith ModslamLong reverb tails on the closed hi-hat and side stick make these two pieces the standouts in this kit, which is great for creating softer or more sparse drum mixes. Supported by a reined-in kick and toms, and with lots of high end sizzle on the cymbals, you'll find your more intricate compositions will especially shine with these drum tones holding it down.
4Urban GTElectronicIf you're a fan of drum machines, you've come to the right place. This kit features a unique blend sampled 808 sounds, paired with a diverse blend of sampled drums and percussion instruments, to fill out your rhythms.
5Urban GTHHP ClassicThe b-boy vibes run deep with this kit, made specially for writing old school style Hip-Hop beats, and featuring a unique blend of electronic and sampled drums.
6Jazz/LatinJazz BrushTuned a bit higher than your traditional Rock drum kit, these brushed Jazz drums have that unmistakable small kit tonality, with lots of impact on the low end opposite a refreshing high-end brightness gently muted by the brushed hits. A catch-all for small arrangements, this kit is ideal for cooking up some especially tasty grooves.
7John BishopJohn Bishop KitWarm and rich, this Jazz kit has an understated tonality that lends itself nicely to larger musical arrangements. With pronounced stick attack on the snare and tom tones, and rounded kick tone, these drums will dance above the horn section, and rumble beneath the double bass.
8Luis ConteLuis ConteA nice cross-section of a traditional drum kit mixed with a variety Latin-style pieces, this set is ideal for Latin-inspired music with a Western feel. Features basic kicks and snares, but with the toms replaced with tumba (low conga) and the Brazilian surdo and repique. No hi-hat either, but three cowbells, and a wide variety of conga, timbale, and shaker varieties. Your Pop tunes will never be the same!
9Lonnie WilsonLW Alt CountryThe huge room sound in these drums is impossible to miss--each kit piece fully rings out, making this set ideal for when you want a mix that's drenched in reverb. Whether you're making Nashville-style Country or lo-fi Indie Rock, the bright, live feel in this kit will give your tunes some serious shine.
10Matt SorumMatt Sorum KitWith its big room feel, and long tails on all the kit pieces, these drums are made for crafting that big, Hard Rock sound. Your booming tom fills and cracking snare patterns will never sound better.
11Tony BraunagelTony Braunagel VintageThe huge room sound in this kit makes these drums sit way back in the mix, while also giving them distinct stereo separation and a lot of high-end air. The kick and snare tones in particular are decay-dominant, while the stick attack on the hi-hat and side stick give rhythms presence and sharpness.

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