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DrumCore 4 Prime GrooveSets List

DrumCore 4 Prime contains 20 GB of content, including 160 GrooveSets (10,000 audio and 2,000 MIDI loops and fills) by 17 drummers, and 100 multi-velocity sampled Drum Kits. For DC4 Prime Flash, the plug-in and content are available on a 32 GB USB flash drive. For DC4 Prime Link, the plug-in is downloadable, and the content can be either downloaded from the DC4 Browser for new and upgrade customers, or migrated for upgrade customers. Read more about DrumCore audio loops in the DC4 FAQ. Listen to audio previews. All GrooveSets and Drum Kits by all DC4 drummers are listed and described on the Drummer Bios page and are available for preview and purchase in the store built into DC4.
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A DC4 GrooveSet is a series of rhythmic loops and fills (audio and/or MIDI) that have a cohesive feel to them. The number of loops and fills varies for each GrooveSet.

Below is the list of GrooveSets in Prime. See the Drum Kits in Prime.

DrummerGrooveSetDescriptionGenreAudio Loops and FillsMIDI Loops and Fills
1Alan WhiteAW BrownesqueFunk grooves with a straight eight note feel, splashy rides, and pitched toms that are great for adding variety to chorus and bridge parts. Alan's signature tight kit cuts through just about anything you can throw at it making sure the foundation of your track is solid.Funk10515
2Alan WhiteAW Funk EHeavy-hitting Funk groove with a busy kick and snare. An eighth note ride groove compliments the main rhythm as a perfect chorus.Funk185
3Alan WhiteAW New DayVersatile Rock grooves with loads of variations including sixteenth note hi-hats, eighth note ride cymbals, thundering tom fills and an in-your-face snare. Funk6511
4Alan WhiteAW OwnerMid-tempo Pop groove that leads with a open hi-hat on the one, then quickly settles into an eighth note hi-hat rhythm.Rock92
5Alan WhiteAW Rock AHeavy, dragging Rock grooves anchored by a sloppy open quarter note hi-hat. Crashing eighth note china cymbals and piercing ride bells add just the right accent for a chorus or outro.Rock3816
6Alan WhiteAW Rock FillsThe set of Rock fills include beautifully recorded pitched toms and hard-hitting snares.Rock213
7Alan WhiteAW SilhouetteA set of 6/8 shuffles with an eighth note hi-hat and ride. Intricate tom fills round out these grooves, adding subtle complexity. Rock5113
8Alan WhiteAW Six GunThis large GrooveSet contains loops with a 6/8 feel, with added extra beats to create odd time signature mayhem! Included are enough fills and alternate parts to complete your epic progressive rock masterpiece! NOTE: Some of these loops have strange time signature labels to insure they play properly in your DAW.Funk15814
9Alan WhiteAW Sound ChaserAnother of Alan's larger GrooveSets, this collection includes dozens of loops in 4/4, 6/4 and 5/4 time. Several grooves leave the snare off, for a unique timbale-like tone, along with some great sixteenth note hi-hat and ride rhythms.Funk17414
10Alan WhiteAW SurvivorThis is a versatile straight eighth note Rock groove that makes for a great utility player set. Use it in a wide range of song parts, and in a variety of genres!Rock126
11Alan WhiteAW TripsThese up-tempo Rock shuffles add a nice amount of swing while being locked in the the 4/4 time signature. Expressive hi-hats and piercing ride bell keep these shuffles from losing momentum.Rock227
12Basic Beats!Rock Pop 101Basic Rock/Pop grooves with loads of subtle variations. Perfect base material to write to whether you choose to keep these beats or replace them later with more complex grooves.Funk75976
13Basic Beats6/8 BluesBluesy, 6/8 shuffle grooves with variations including rides, fills, intros, and stops. Perfect starting point for Blues, Country, or Rock tracks.Funk33464
14Basic BeatsBasic RockThe building blocks of a textbook Rock and roll track. Kick and snare, hi-hat and eighth note ride cymbal. Simple, versatile and timeless.Rock284
15Basic BeatsBasic Shuffle4/4 stomping shuffle with a nice swinging groove. Also includes a nice splashy ride variation for a chorus or bridge.Blues223
16Basic BeatsBasic SoulOld-school 60's style Motown/Soul rhythms with steady 4/4 snare hits. Perfect for a retro Pop/Soul/doowop composition.R & B173
17Basic BeatsMotownAnother retro Motown-style collection of grooves with rocking 4/4 snare hits. This GrooveSet includes subtle variations and a collection of rhythms with tambourine, great for breakdowns and choruses.R & B26427
18Basic BeatsRock BalladPowerful Rock ballad drums with loads of intros, fills, variations, and endings. The main grooves feature an in-your face snare sound, but variants include rhythms with side-stick instead, to really mix it up.Rock22631
19Ben SmithBS JumpOld-school 60's style Motown/Soul rhythms with steady 4/4 snare hits. Perfect for a retro Pop/Soul/Doowop composition.Rock9912
20Ben SmithBS ModslamFunk-infused Rock/Pop grooves with some interesting tom-heavy fills, making them versatile for a wide variety of genres.Rock9012
21Ben SmithBS OilTight Funk grooves with a huge kick sound and muted, dark snare. The big room sound in these loops gives them lots of dynamics, making them great as the backbone to an alternative or Funk track.Alternative588
22Ben SmithBS ShofunkHeavily swung Funk shuffle grooves that call to mind \"The Big Easy.\" Half march, half parade, 100% Funky.Funk8112
23Ben SmithBS SimrockSimple Rock grooves with an eighth note hi-hat patterns and ride cymbal variants. Comes with basic fills and a no-kick variation. These rhythms are ideal for crafting a song with lots of room in the mix for melodic elements.Rock10812
24Ben SmithBS SimslamThis GrooveSet contains a variety of both simple and complex Funk rhythms along with matching fills and variations. Alternative22411
25Ben SmithBS TunaChoppy alternative-style loops with a darker snare tone and booming tom hits. Eighth note ride patterns add variation to this set, and work well for bridges and choruses.Alternative709
26Ben SmithBS TV FootShuffling Pop-Rock grooves with side-stick snare, a punchy kick drum, and a long reverb tail. These rhythms are sparse and simple, making them great for a wide variety of genres including Alternative, Rock, Pop, and even Funk.Alternative428
27Ben SmithBS TwelvesThe triplet hi-hats give these 12/8 grooves a distinct shuffle, with no-kick and ride variations that are ideal for breakdowns. This GrooveSet also features complex fills as a perfect complement to these laid-back grooves. Works well for blues, Rock, and Pop.Rock11713
28Ben SmithBS Your WayStuttery stop-and-go alternative-style rhythms with both a darker and brighter snare tones, and lots of hat and ride variations. Includes a heavy eighth note crash loop along with some tom-heavy grooves.Alternative14213
29Click TracksClick TracksBasic MIDI patterns to use as a click track when recording, with both eighth and quarter note resolutions, and a variety of accents, for helping you nail down the feel you're after.Click Tracks025
30Gregg KeplingerGK BeBopBebop style grooves with an intimate, jazz club feel, and heavy Blue Note influence.Jazz22218
31Gregg KeplingerGK Jazz Brushed BalladSlow, brushed rhythms with a subtle bit of swing in a classic bebop style.Jazz900
32Gregg KeplingerGK Jazz WaltzMellow jazz loops in 3/4 time, and a touch of swing, with a heavy Dave Brubeck influence.Jazz7615
33Jeff AnthonyJA BalladSlow, sparse patterns with a touch of reverb, and a jazz kit feel. These grooves are dominated by a dark snare sound, and minimal kick drum.Alternative708
34Jeff AnthonyJA Blue TrainMinimal Jazz rhythms with a snare-less snare sound, driving triplet feel, and satisfying polyrhythms.Alternative265
35Jeff AnthonyJA JungleHeavy tom rolls and a booming room sound dominate these loops, while subtle, eighth note accenting gives each rhythm a driving backbeat.World Music406
36Jeff AnthonyJA PsychoSnare hits on the three and a full-bodied kick sound give these grooves a jazzy, shuffling feel, while anchored in 4/4 time.Alternative618
37Jeff AnthonyJA RockStraight Rock rhythms, with kick on the one and three, and snare hits on the two and four, just like mom used to make.Alternative427
38Jeff AnthonyJA StonedHalf time rhythms with a dark snare sound, and washy, grunge style cymbals.Alternative355
39Jeff AnthonyJA SunKnocking snare-less snare over hi-hat triplets and driving ride rhythms give these loops an unmistakeably 90's indie rock feel straight outta Olympia, WA.Alternative569
40Jeff AnthonyJA TeknoA heavily-filtered, metallic snare steals the spotlight in these loops, which also feature sixteenth note hi-hats, and a punchy kick.Alternative235
41John BishopJB Ballad BrushesClassic, jazzy brushed snare rhythms, with only a touch of hi-hat for subtle accenting.Jazz200
42John BishopJB BossaSimple bossa nova grooves with a very intimate feel. Perfect for writing a new jazz standard!Latin8017
43John BishopJB GreenUptempo bebop rhythms with a swing-influenced shuffle, and driving cross stick backbeat.Jazz398
44John BishopJB Jazz RideClassic ragtime-style ride rhythm.Jazz181
45John BishopJB Jazz ShuffleShuffling ragtime patterns with a heavy focus on hat and snare.Jazz335
46John BishopJB Lead-InsJazzy lead-in fills perfect for getting your groove started!Jazz562
47John BishopJB MainstreamBasic jazz rhythms for those times when you need a cliché in your rhythm section.Funk1120
48John BishopJB Medium BrushesBright, swung jazz rhythms, played with brushes.Funk570
49John BishopJB SidewindStraight hard bop rhythms with a distinct 60's jazzy vibe. These grooves have that vintage Blue Note feel.Jazz606
50John BishopJB SombaHard fast samba rhythms, with a rolling feel, and ringing snare. Great for layering a horn section over the top!Latin167
51John BishopJB Somba 2More samba rhythms from John Bishop! These grooves feature even more complex rhythms than JB Somba, for when you want ghost notes and a live feel.Latin183
52John BishopJB Took 5This 5/4 rhythm is exactly what its name hints at--that classic cool Jazz pattern that is so well-known it's hard to miss. As expected, a sparkling ride tone dominates here, giving this groove gratifying movement.Jazz180
53John BishopJB WaltzThese cool Jazz rhythms in 3/4 make for a refreshing break from the standard 4/4 that tends to dominate. Here, John keeps these grooves simple and to the point--soft snare rolls, ride rhythms on the offbeat, and biting, concise hi-hat chicks.Jazz12916
54John BishopJB XStickIf you're a fan of cross stick rhythms, this GrooveSet is for you. These high-energy BeBop rhythms are off the charts.Jazz489
55John Tempesta007Fast, Agressive, and ready to the fight the system. These high-octane thrash Metal beats are heavy and driving. Just the ticket for making no apologies in song form.. Metal10328
56John TempestaEastsideDouble kick Metal beats are just the kind of thing that take a song from \"alright\" to \"brutal\". If growling vocals and layered finger-tap guitar licks are your thing, you need these rhythms holding it down.Metal12136
57John TempestaFort ApacheThese grooves feature heavy low double pedal on the kick and sonorous toms--exactly what you hear before the Earth splits and smoke and fire rise from the underworld.Metal12326
58John TempestaFreudWhether you're doing a nice little 2-step or you're bobbing your long flowing Metal locks during a breakdown, this GrooveSet has the perfect rhythms for slowing things down while still keeping it heavy.Metal8836
59John TempestaMaclayIf you're looking for a Metal GrooveSet that covers all your bases, this is the best place to start. From doom to thrash to hardcore, these rhythms are just the thing for building a wide range of all shades of brutal.Metal46542
60Lonnie WilsonLW Alt CountryWith a distinctly Country feel and a downtempo Alternative vibe, these grooves are just what you want for making a crossover track that blows them away.Country19241
61Lonnie WilsonLW Alt Country BlastixShaking up Alternative and Country, this GrooveSet carries lots of warm tonality. Lonnie plays these rhythms with rute drumsticks, and you can hear how the subtle reverb on the mix lets the talls on each hit give the loops lots of high end texture.Country4819
62Lonnie WilsonLW Alt Country BrushedA Country GrooveSet fit for blurring the lines between genres, these brushed rhythms have all the making of an Alternative ballad, with some extra flavor, giving you the freedom to push boundaries.Country5023
63Lonnie WilsonLW Ballad BlastixWhen your arrangement is lush and full, and you want downtempo rhythms that cut through the mix, keep this GrooveSet handy. Lonnie plays these subtle Country rhythms with rute drumsticks, making his snare hits just sharp enough to give them some pop, while still having a softer edge.Country8320
64Lonnie WilsonLW Ballad BrushedFor smaller, more intimate arrangements, these downtempo brushed Country grooves make for the perfect laid back vibe.Country3917
65Lonnie WilsonLW Half Time BalladSparse half time ballad rhythms, with just enough movement to drive a soulful performance. If a Country power ballad is a thing, these are just the right beats.Country9925
66Lonnie WilsonLW Half Time Ballad BlastixThe smooth sound of Lonnie's rute drumsticks give these half time ballad rhythms a much softer tone, making them an ideal foundation for slow Country anthems.Country3313
67Lonnie WilsonLW Half Time Ballad BrushedIf your ballad needs a lot more space in the mix, these brushed half time rhythms might be just the right touch. Subtle and smooth, their simplicity makes them excellent for more intimate arrangements.Country128
68Luis ConteLC Open HeartLatin-infused Pop has always been the gateway to new forms of musical expression, and this GrooveSet is a great place to get started. These are a much more Americanized take on Latin rhythms, with a straight feel and tambourine over the top, but boy are they a nice way to spice up your track!Pop369
69Matt Cameron3-4 SwingIt's hard to miss the deep punch of the kick drum in this Alternative Rock set, with a heavy Jazz influence. It's a good thing too, because it's a beauty.Alternative9730
70Matt CameronBasher 1Basher is right--this aptly-named GrooveSet features Matt hitting the skins hard, and the payoff is HUGE sounding toms, concise snare hits, and cymbal patterns that give these rhythms urgency. You're going to want these for your Metal or Punk song. R & B8316
71Matt SorumSorum BasicWhen in doubt, keep it simple. These straightforward Rock beats with new-school energy are all the backing you need--especially when you want a lot more from your melody.Rock10729
72Matt SorumSorum FunkThese basic Funk beats are plenty fundamental, and a whole lot of groovy.Funk7022
73Matt SorumSorum PunkPacked to the brim with attitude, these fast Punk beats will have you checking the mirror every 5 seconds to see if your mohawk is still holding up.Alternative11730
74Matt SorumSorum SkippyThese Rock grooves skip a beat--just to pick it up on the turnaround. If you're wanting more movement in a basic rhythm, these will switch things up a bit, but with lots of attitude.Rock8923
75Matt SorumSorum Tribal 2Punchy rhythms made for bridges and breakdowns? Right here, buddy. Those toms are flawless and they're not even the high point in this energetic Alternative set--dig that killer snare tone!Alternative709
76Michael ShrieveMS AfroTomsPushing the boundaries of Funk, these grooves could easily double as an Indie Rock weapon. Featuring a have a heavy, driving feel, and deep, sonorous tom tones.Funk648
77Michael ShrieveMS BrushedThese uptempo brushed Bossa Nova rhythms have a noticeable live feel that makes them just the rhythm section you want for a wide range of Latin and Latin-inspired music.Latin465
78Michael ShrieveMS Cha ChaLess is more, and goes especially for Latin styles of music. These Cha-cha-chá style rhythms are just the thing to get the feeling across, with lots of space for crafting a dense arrangement.Latin575
79Michael ShrieveMS SimpleThere's something to be said for keeping things simple, and with Rock grooves as fundamental as these, writing a catchy tune doesn't have to fight with your rhythm section.Rock14810
80Michael ShrieveMS Six AfroThe triplet feel in these half time grooves is as infectious as it is just the thing to take your rhythms up a notch. With satisfying tom fills and rolls, you can infuse a wide range of tunes with a bit of a World Music vibe, just with the addition of these subtle loops.World Music809
81Michael ShrieveMS TribalThese simple, uptempo tribal beats are perfect for incorporating some World Music elements into your tunes.World Music305
82Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpBrother PaulThe days when Trip Hop was a reigning genre were few, but those beats never did stop being ubiquitous in Pop music. If you're looking for something slower with a darker, processed feel, these rhythms are just the grit you need.Hip Hop151
83Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpDieDo you wanna try your hand at making an early 90's Hip-Hop club banger? You'll need these beats to really get things jumping.Hip Hop242
84Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpElefantThese chopped sounding beats are the kind of slow groove that makes for butter smooth Hip-Hop.Hip Hop281
85Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpJesusThe HUGE kick in these grooves will be the savior of your next Hip-Hop hit!Hip Hop212
86Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpLongThese grooves are just waiting for you to freestyle over them--subtle but ready to rumble in the Hip-Hop game.Hip Hop161
87Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpLookHip-Hop beats with a crunchiness to them that gives any track some serious grit. You're going to want to play this kit from your MIDI controller, too.Hip Hop162
88Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpMuffTactile, downtempo rhythyms that sound just like early 90's Hip-Hop.Hip Hop61
89Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDLThese Hip-Hop beats sound just like Southern California in the summertime--circa '92.Hip Hop211
90Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpRajputIf Electronic Bhangra beats are just your style, these triplet feel rhythms are right up your alley.Hip Hop102
91Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpRokThe swung feel on these rhythms makes them so easy to loop . . . infinitely. So be careful, or you'll be bobbing your head for a long time.Hip Hop161
92Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpSampleThe band-passed kick in these grooves sounds almost like having a miniature robot playing drums for you--and his rhythms are just the right feel for some classic Trip Hop.Hip Hop142
93Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpSimpleThese are about as basic as downtempo Hip-Hop beats can be--kick, hat, snare, with a laid-back feel.Hip Hop141
94Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpThe ShakeThe kick/snare combo in these Electronic beats have a satisfying, tactile feel that makes them a perfect pairing. Where one is wide and full-bodied, the other has a crunchy, noise-filtered tone.Hip Hop211
95Ned Douglas/DJ Syze-UpXYou'll be dishing out Freestyle tracks like it's still the early 90's in no time with these energetic, danceable beats.Hip Hop212
96Sly DunbarSly AnthemMid-tempo Dancehall rhythms with a dark, cracking snare, and shuffling hi-hat. Included fills have tom rolls perfect for turnarounds, and a bit of stop time, perfect for giving your composition a bit of breathing room.Reggae2515
97Sly DunbarSly Dance HallOne of the most original GrooveSets you will hear. It's a blend of unique patterns and rhythms with other worldly textures. This kit will fit in most Dancehall but is perfect for Ragga.Dance Hall1080
98Sly DunbarSly Here I ComeAn electrifying snare drum reverberating over a classic Reggae kit.Reggae9426
99Sly DunbarSly One Drop AThe hi-hats and snares tag team to deliver a unique kit that caters to a master shaper of dynamics.Reggae4611
100Sly DunbarSly Straight FourThe Reggae take on \"four on the floor\" this kit emphasizes a \"marching\" sound to wake up your tracks.Reggae3929
101Song BeatsSongsSong Beats has it all from Latin to Rock to Country, and these MIDI patterns are fully-customizable down to the very last \"ting\".Rock0506
102Stephen PerkinsBurst Like a CloudA lot of the prominent features of Pop Punk from the early 00's and beyond. Driving beats with familar stylings.Alternative13714
103Stephen PerkinsModern PrimitiveYou got three quarter notes in this one and that's actually all you need because every beat is so big and rockin' that there isn't a need for any other instrument. Just throw these awesome Rock beats on the CD and you're good to go, or at least we think so.Alternative28815
104Stephen PerkinsThe Plot ThickensEnergetic and easy to dance to these alternative beats are quality.Alternative10213
105Stephen PerkinsVise GripBlurring the line between Punk and Alternative, this Rock GrooveSet is trailblazing a new genre all it's own.Alternative25214
106Terry BozzioTBZ 5/4Don't let the time signature scare you away, these beautifully massive progressive Rock beats will pull out the inner virtuoso in you. Prog Rock9416
107Terry BozzioTBZ Rock ShuffleAh, the timeless shuffle styling. Except this time it gets a nice Rock facelift.Rock20519
108Tony BraunagelTB 2nd Line MarchesSwung Funk beats with almost a Big Band era vibe to them they're massive and grooving.Funk4419
109Tony BraunagelTB Beat StreetThese beats work amazingly with upbeat southern blues, they have a hint of the elements that made Southern Blues and Rock and Roll so prominent in the middle of the 20th century.New Orleans205
110Tony BraunagelTB BoogalooWith Funk influences, this upbeat kit is perfect for modern day Conscious Hip-Hop, with it's roots stemming back to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.Funk5816
111Tony BraunagelTB ShuffleA nice slow bluesy shuffle, that works perfectly for Country music as well.Blues1059
112Tony BraunagelTB Stax 1Some pretty nice chugging grooves. Very organic kit, it can fit in Hip-Hop or Indie perfectly.R & B15821
113Tony BraunagelTB StumbleThis is a very unique blues pattern it can fit as a transition or it can hold down the mainframe of a Blues piece.Blues388
114Tony BraunagelTB Swingy BrushesThe triplet feel is strong in this Bluesy kit. The brushes give it a very exclusive vibe.Blues1110
115Tony BraunagelTB TrainGet your cowboy boots ready to shuffle because these Country grooves incorporate your favorite Country staples.Country5212
116Tony BraunagelTB Vintage GrooveEasily the most addictive beats you're gonna hear all year. They're geared towards Rock, but don't let that limit you because these grooves will kill it in Indie Rock or Hip-Hop.Rock4020
117Urban GTAll GoodGolden Age Hip-Hop beats with a slight swing, guaranteed to lay a foundation for any emcee to freestyle over freely.Hip Hop010
118Urban GTAtlantaThe dirty south Rap style is represented with this energetic and upbeat Hip-Hop kit.Hip Hop011
119Urban GTBacktalkThis kit will talk back, it's got the attitude and the swagger to hold it's own but it's the throwback Hip-Hop vibe that will keep you hooked.Hip Hop010
120Urban GTBlingYou won't care about showing off any bling when you have Hip-Hop beats like this to get attention. They can fit in any Urban classic.Hip Hop010
121Urban GTBring ItClub Hip-Hop beats that bring the heat. You're all set for the next dance hit with these energetic Hip-Hop loops.Hip Hop09
122Urban GTChillLaid-back old school Hip-Hop beats guaranteed to lay down the chill. They're relaxed and ready to be freestyled over.Hip Hop010
123Urban GTDig ItHip-Hop loops that everyone will dig they're hip and easy to mix within any beat.Hip Hop010
124Urban GTElevatorOld-School Hip-Hop rhythm with a new school vibe sure to win over both old and new fans alike.Hip Hop08
125Urban GTFranticThe hi-hat is the frantic aspect of this kit. It's quick and chopped running over a slowed down hip-Hop beat.Hip Hop010
126Urban GTGinMinimalistic New-School Hip-Hop beats that have an active and lively hi-hat pattern perfect for a big hook.Hip Hop010
127Urban GTGrapesYou can pick apart this swaying Hip-Hop classic pattern or you can play all at once for a catchy chorus, either way the beat knocks really hard.Hip Hop06
128Urban GTHalfTimeHalfTime Hip-Hop beat with a traditional pattern, it can work perfectly with RnB as well as slowed down Rap.Hip Hop010
129Urban GTHalfTime2A true classic that was the signature sound of late 90's Pop RnB and Hip-Hop classics. You can now incorporate this style in your own productions for a revival of that classic sound.Hip Hop010
130Urban GTHHP BumpinThis GrooveSet is definitely bumpin but it isn't just restricted to Hip-Hop it can be filtered for use in Funk and newer Indie Electronica. Hip Hop010
131Urban GTHHP HopperThe club will be goin' up with this bouncing Club Hip-Hop kit. A crisp clap with a big kick make for perfect danceable beats.Hip Hop010
132Urban GTHipHop Classics 1You now have direct access to the sounds that sculpted the musical movement of early Hip-Hop and changed a generation of music lovers. These classic rhythms are perfect for any throwback track.Hip Hop053
133Urban GTHipHop Classics 2Drawing inspiration from the early beat making pioneers, these Old-School Classic Hip-Hop beats will have you channeling all of your Golden Age heroes.Hip Hop050
134Urban GTHipHop Classics 3Back to the basics with this Classic Hip-Hop kit, you'll be cruisin down memory lane as you create new versions of beloved classics.Hip Hop050
135Urban GTHipHop Classics 4You can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been. The influence from early day of the Hip-Hop game is alive in this GrooveSet. You'll be transcending boundaries in no time within your new beats.Hip Hop045
136Urban GTHouse PartyIt's a House Party. Crank these Hip-Hop party beats up and get someone on the mic, but hurry before the neighbors call the cops.Hip Hop010
137Urban GTJuiceThese beats definitely have the juice. They bring an old-school swing with the new feel of an electronic presence.Hip Hop010
138Urban GTKickitFor when you're just tryin to kick it, nothing too crazy. Just some old-school Hip-Hop beats waiting to thrown in an homage to the beginning. Hip Hop010
139Urban GTLoveFlat out, you're gonna love these. They blend every successful quality of Hip-Hop percussion into one kit.Hip Hop010
140Urban GTMad HatterYou're not going crazy these beats are really that well done. The construction is half of the accomplishment, the original patterns are something completely different and completely amazing. Creativity sparks creativity and you'll definitely feel it with these original beats.Hip Hop010
141Urban GTMoneyIt might rule everything around me but the beats are king in this system and this catchy Hip-Hop drum kit is perfect example of why that is.Hip Hop010
142Urban GTNo SweatNo Sweat because these fast pace uptempo beats can work everywhere from Hip-Hop to mid 90's House music.Hip Hop010
143Urban GTQuarter FunkThe birthplace of Hip-Hop it's great to see the lineage in full swing and cooperating fully. This style of Hip-Hop beats can work perfectly with Funk just as easily.Hip Hop09
144Urban GTReggaeHopIf you didn't already know, your options with these GrooveSets are unlimited. You have the ability to mix some amazing genre fields like Hip-Hop and Reggae like this beat collection demonstrates so elegantly.Hip Hop010
145Urban GTShortyYou'll develop a bond with these addicting Hip-Hop beats because they will have your back no matter what. Any track you need them on, it's on. Slight swing, with a driving kick make them perfect for any opportunity. Hip Hop010
146Urban GTSparseThere's no sparsity in quality here these beats are well constructed and convey all the emotions we've come to know and love when identifying Electronic Hip-Hop.Hip Hop010
147Urban GTSugarThis beat is truly dynamic, even when it's just that hi-hat holding down a bar or two it just has that Hip-Hop attitude.Hip Hop010
148Urban GTThumpinThat thumping four on the floor kick is great for progressive Hip-Hop but it can also hold down a Minimal House/Techno beat as well.Hip Hop010
149Urban GTTightAn unconventional kick pattern will refresh you and give you brand new ideas in your approach to your songwriting with this classic Hip-Hop beat colection.Hip Hop010
150Urban GTTrunkThis one will really get the trunk shaking. The kick is out of this dimension and when it is in this dimension it's rockin' so hard that neighbors might get a little bit annoyed. Great for new and old school Hip-Hop productions alike. Hip Hop010
151Urban GTUpsideThere's plenty of upside with this kit. You can virtually use it in anything you write. That's the mark of this truly versatile kit, it's so well constructed that it can fit almost anywhere you need it. Hip Hop010
152ZoroZ No HurryEighth note swing with a knocking snare and distinctly rockabilly feel make these rhythms versatile enough to be used in anything from Hip-Hop to big band.Rock425
153ZoroZ MeanFast-paced Hip-Hop rhythms with a big room sound, and a knocking snare backbone.Hip Hop2913
154ZoroZ HatStikJust as its name implies, these grooves are built around the hi-hat and a cross stick snare hit. Use them on their own for a minimal, soulful groove, or layer on top of them, for a solid backbeat with lots of space for interesting fills and turnarounds.Rock208
155ZoroZ Rock A BillyRhythms in standard Rockabilly style--with deep Nashville influence, and a driving, punk Rock feel--these grooves are a little bit country, and quite a lot or Rock n' roll.Rock1510
156ZoroZ HopsPacking a snappy snare, booming kick, and funky hat rhythms, these mid-tempo grooves sound like they were lifted straight off an old Funk record, and chopped to just the right lengths for making beats reminiscent of the golden age of hip-hop.Hip Hop6614
157ZoroZ Feel Da FunkSwung Funk beats ripped straight out of the 70's, with snappy snare, plenty of crisp hi-hat, and tight overheads.Hip Hop4722
158ZoroZ Get On UpClassic 4/4 Hip-Hop beats with a dash of shuffle. These loops come with lots of big room sound, a cracking snare, and a kick that cuts right through the mix.Funk4216
159ZoroZ Nawlins 2A rich tom sound with driving snare rolls make these grooves ideal for creating a classic big band sound, and just like their name implies, expect that characteristic Nawlins jazz feel.Funk450
160ZoroZ TrashyFast-paced thrash metal style rhythms with lots of interplay between the open hi-hat and the ride cymbal. These loops carry an aggressive feel, and are great for grunge throwbacks.Funk489

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