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DrumCore 4 Prime Drum Kits List

DrumCore 4 Prime contains 20 GB of content, including 160 GrooveSets (10,000 audio and 2,000 MIDI loops and fills) by 17 drummers, and 100 multi-velocity sampled Drum Kits. For DC4 Prime Flash, the plug-in and content are available on a 32 GB USB flash drive. For DC4 Prime Link, the plug-in is downloadable, and the content can be either downloaded from the DC4 Browser for new and upgrade customers, or migrated for upgrade customers. Read more about DrumCore audio loops in the DC4 FAQ. Listen to audio previews. All GrooveSets and Drum Kits by all DC4 drummers are listed and described on the Drummer Bios page and are available for preview and purchase in the store built into DC4.
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DC4's Drum Kits feature high-quality, multi-velocity drum samples, as played by celebrity drummers, and some of the best studio musicians. Each Kit is MIDI-mapped, and customizable, making it easy to use with an external controller. More in the FAQ and User Guide pdf (Chapter 5).

Below is the list of Drum Kits in Prime. See the GrooveSets in Prime.

DrummerDrum KitDescription
1Alan WhiteAW Brownesque KitBig room tone dominates the sound of this kit, which features Alan's standard six-tom setup. The long tails on all of these hits are ideal for creating a big rhythm section sound, especially booming, rolling fills in your breakdowns.
2Alan WhiteAW New Day KitWant drums with lots of air? This is the kit for you, with lots of high end in every piece, but still with lots of body you should expect from a kit played by Alan White.
3Alan WhiteAW Six Gun KitThis kit brings just a touch of high-end sizzle, and a medium room sound. Check out the character of the snare, especially--lots of ring!
4Alan WhiteAW Sound Chaser KitAll of the pieces in this kit have a more metallic ring to them, but that goes especially for the snare and tom sounds. The kick sounds in this kit have a dark, flat tone to them, that lets the beater sound cut through nicely.
5Urban GTAcrylicJust what you'd expect from a standard acrylic kit--rounded, punchy tone with lots of shimmer on the high end, but a colder sound overall. This kit has \"ready to Rock 'n' Roll\" written all over it.
6Alan WhiteAlan White KitClassic prog drum sounds from a classic prog drummer--this is the one-size-fits-all of all of Alan White's kits. Long reverb tails and lots of boominess in the kicks and toms, for that big, stadium sound, but close-miked tones from the rest of the kit pieces, allowing them to slice right through the drum mix.
7Ben SmithBen Smith JumpThe room tone in this kit is huge, with long reverb tails on the kick and toms, giving them satisfying boominess, and making these drum tones ideal for sparser drum mixes and ballads. Add to that a subtle phaser effect on the snare, giving it just enough movement to make it cut through the mix, and give the whole kit a bit of extra character that'll make your rhythms really stand out.
8Ben SmithBen Smith KitYou can't miss the punchiness of the snare in this kit--it's in your face, and made to cut through dense mixes, for when you really want your drums to hold a steady backbeat. With a muted, more subtle kick and hard gated toms as a subtle counterbalance, these drums are just the thing for creating atmosphere, but with a lot of grit right up front.
9Ben SmithBen Smith ModslamLong reverb tails on the closed hi-hat and side stick make these two pieces the standouts in this kit, which is great for creating softer or more sparse drum mixes. Supported by a reined-in kick and toms, and with lots of high end sizzle on the cymbals, you'll find your more intricate compositions will especially shine with these drum tones holding it down.
10Ben SmithBen Smith OilHard stick attack and a long ring on the snare tones make this kit just the thing you want for a harder rocking tune, with a gritty feel, and with tight tom tones with a lot of boom at their back, any song with attitude is going to have a little bit of extra push with this kit in the rhythm section.
11Ben SmithBen Smith PiccoloTrue to its name, this kit features piccolo snare tones, with a lot of high end and a hard crack on the stick attack. If you're looking for a kit with full-bodied kick and toms, but want your snares to sit higher up in the mix, this kit is just the right tool for the job.
12Ben SmithBen Smith ShofunkAll of the pieces in this kit have long reverb tails, and a big room sound that really gives these drums a lot of presence, from the hard crack of the snare to the deep boom of the low tom. This kit is made for crafting funky, intricate rhythms.
13Ben SmithBen Smith TV FootThe kick, snare, and toms are all hard gated in this kit, giving them a distinctly punchy feel, and very short tails--just the kind of setup you want for making denser drum mixes where the pieces might conflict. You're definitely gonna want this one for a tune that cracks.
14Urban GTElectronicIf you're a fan of drum machines, you've come to the right place. This kit features a unique blend sampled 808 sounds, paired with a diverse blend of sampled drums and percussion instruments, to fill out your rhythms.
15Urban GTGT Ldwg Sparkle 68 BluesThis kit has that classic Ludwig maple sound--warm and full-bodied--and just the right balance of subtle snare rattle, sharp side stick, gated tom tones with bright stick attack, and understated understated but punchy kick. Ideal for Jazz and Blues, but versatile enough for Indie Rock.
16Urban GTGT Ldwg Sparkle BalladThe bright ping of the cymbals in this kit makes for a satisfying counterbalance to the smooth, rounded tones of the snare and toms. Played with a slightly softer touch for ballads, these drums have that vintage Ludwig maple tone that's nothing short of classic.
17Urban GTGT Ldwg Sparkle MotownThat Motown sound is one that can't be beat, and these drums are right on the money. With its low, punchy kick, tightly-tuned toms, crisp snare rattle that slices through that wall of sound, and cymbals that shimmer, this kit has Soul for days.
18Urban GTGT Ldwg Sparkle RP 101A veritable standard in drums, this is the utility knife of the beloved maple kit sound. With its bright, high-attack snare, toms that punch hard, and a kick with a snap that will give your rhythms some solid drive, this kit will give Rock and Pop tunes alike a nice bit of polish.
19Urban GTGT Ldwg Sparkle RP 102With its classic maple sound and slightly muted tones, this kit is every bit the Rock and Pop standard that made Ludwig drums so legendary, but with a reined-in feel that will let you drop in some high end melody with ease.
20Urban GTHHP ClassicThe b-boy vibes run deep with this kit, made specially for writing old school style Hip-Hop beats, and featuring a unique blend of electronic and sampled drums.
21Urban GTHHP DawghouseIf you're feeling nostalgic for new jack swing style rhythms for your R&B tunes, this kit has all the right flavors. With its killer combination of a cracking electronic snare, and a heavily processed kick with a lot of punch, these drums will have you laying down funky synth lines in no time.
22Urban GTHHP DefBright electronic drums give this kit an upbeat tone, making these drums ideal for throwback Pop and R&B tunes, and more danceable Hip-Hop jams. Features a nice blend of acoustic toms and cymbals for giving your rhythms some extra depth in fills and breakdowns.
23Urban GTHHP FattyIf you're looking to make some old-school NYC style Hip-Hop, these lo-fi style electronic drums hit just the right note. The heavily processed snare cracks hard, and when paired with the deep punch of the kick, makes for some unstoppably danceable rhythms.
24Urban GTHHP FreakyThe more danceable side of 80's Pop and Hip-Hop come to life in this kit--versatile enough for for anything from voguing to uprocking.
25Urban GTHHP FunkyIf you're down with the sounds of the funky drummer, this kit is for you, and feature a satisfying blend of a punchy, 808-style kick, heavily processed snare tones, and a mixture of both electronic and analog toms and cymbals.
26Urban GTHHP GarageA straightforward homage to the early days of sampling culture, this kit has all the dark tonality of drum hits pulled right off a classic funk record, paired with a few electronic hits for giving your rhythms some bright accents. In other words, that snare tone says \"amen\", but that clap says, \"rock\".
27Urban GTHHP GatorLate 80's Pop style drums with a distinct blend of sample-based drum machine hits for the kick, snares, and clap, paired with a nice blend of clean toms and hi-hats. This kit is made for rhythms that will have you doing the Running Man like it was yesterday.
28Urban GTHHP HomerThe golden age of Hip-Hop is made on drums of this caliber--dark and punchy samples that sound lifted straight off a classic Funk record, paired with carefully-selected 808-style hits.
29Urban GTHHP House PartySharp crack on the snare samples paired with a booming kick, crunchy clap, and sizzling hi-hat give these electronic drums just the right feel for one part Pop and one part party-style Hip-Hop. In other words, this kit is made for straight up jams!
30Urban GTHHP JumpshotIf you like the classic sounds of 8-bit, digitally sampled drums, this is just the kit for you, and your New Wave ways.
31Urban GTHHP MamaGet ready to climb into the ring after hearing the 1-2 punch of these drums--they're a TKO of golden age Hip-Hop goodness.
32Urban GTHHP MiniEarly 90's Hip-Hop had its roots deep in that smoky Jazz club sound, and this kit is proof of just how timeless a feel it is. Featuring a limited selection of electronic drums and favoring crisp, full-bodied Jazz kit samples, these drums have an intimate feel that makes for a versatile songwriting tool.
33Urban GTHHP NastyA refreshing blend of crunchy electronic drums and recorded drum samples with lots of space, this kit is just the thing for 90's style Pop tunes. Just the thing for laying down a catchy synth line and some vocals with attitude.
34Urban GTHHP OldschoolOld school Hip-Hop never did go out of style, and with this kit, which features a satisfying blend 808-style hits and sampled live drums, you'll be cranking out funky breaks in no time.
35Urban GTHHP PufferThis kit has that early 80s, sample-based drum machine sound that defined Pop for at least a decade, and is hard-wired into the feel of a good party track. The deep thump of the kicks and crack of the snares alone make these drums the stuff of Pop gold.
36Urban GTHHP Pump it UpWith a huge, punchy kick and bright, metallic electronic snares, this kit has that jump-up feel of late 80s to early 90s R&B and Hip-Hop that says, \"party rockin'\" all over the place.
37Urban GTHHP QuikCrunchy, downsampled sounds dominate this kit, which is perfect for crafting golden age, NYC style Hip-Hop beats.
38Urban GTHHP RadarSFX for your drums? Yes please! The bright, pitched snares with synth tones layered in are a great contrast to the low, noisy rumble of the kick, and the bright crack of the clap in this kit. Just the thing for getting a bit experimental in the studio.
39Urban GTHHP SandyThese electronic drums appeal to the sound designer in every producer--high-pitched snare, clap, and hi-hat make this kit ideal for minimal-style House and Techno tracks, while the thick punch of the kick gives them lots of body--just the thing for dance music.
40Urban GTHHP SlammerHard-compressed drums have a special place in Hip-Hop, and that squished-to-hell punch is just the thing to cut through an especially dense mix. This kit has that classic sound in spades, from fat kicks, cracking snares, and a clap with some serious teeth.
41Urban GTHHP TubbzWant Hip-Hop drums with loads of low end? The low boom in the kicks makes this kit the #1 undisputed champion. Pair 'em up with the crunchy, metallic snares, and you've got the backbone of a seriously infectious beat.
42Urban GTHHP VinylVinyl junkies rejoice! This kit comes with a little bit of crackle in the tails of the main kick and snare, lending just the right amount of surface noise to give your drums that sampled-off-the-wax feel.
43Urban GTHHP WickedIdeal for minimal, driving rhythms made for layering melodies on top, this kit nails the early 90s danceable Pop sound.
44Jazz/LatinJazz BrushTuned a bit higher than your traditional Rock drum kit, these brushed Jazz drums have that unmistakable small kit tonality, with lots of impact on the low end opposite a refreshing high-end brightness gently muted by the brushed hits. A catch-all for small arrangements, this kit is ideal for cooking up some especially tasty grooves.
45Jeff AnthonyJeff Anthony KitDrenched in reverb, this kit has a raw, live feel that makes it an ideal player in a wide range of genres of music--so long as you're looking to craft a lush arrangement around your rhythms. The kick and snare are softly gated, letting them punch through the mix, and the cymbals have a pleasing high-end sizzle that lets them easily drift over the top.
46Jeff AnthonyJeff Anthony Tekno KitA heavily-filtered, metallic snare and punchy, processed kick drum dominate this kit, which is a hybrid of electronic and live instruments. The ride, hi-hat, and toms are all live drums, but both crash tones included are also heavily processed--the first having a soft attack, and the second reversed--to really give things an unsettling feel.
47John BishopJohn Bishop KitWarm and rich, this Jazz kit has an understated tonality that lends itself nicely to larger musical arrangements. With pronounced stick attack on the snare and tom tones, and rounded kick tone, these drums will dance above the horn section, and rumble beneath the double bass.
48John TempestaJohn Tempesta 007The toms in this kit are made for crafting thunderous rhythms, and when paired with the hard attack of the kick and the crisp crack of the snare, you have the makings of a pretty hard-rocking backbeat.
49John TempestaJohn Tempesta FAJohn tunes his toms down a bit for this kit, which as a darker, flatter tone throughout, giving the pieces lots of low end rumble. There's just the right amount of space in these drums for songs with a doomier feel, or for layering low vocals.
50John TempestaJohn Tempesta FreudThe attack of the beater on the kick drum in this kit is so pronounced, it sits right in the middle of the mix, making it easy to build a tune with a lot of hard punch. In contrast, the snare has a lower, rounded tone, giving it the kind of distinct presence you want leading any complex rhythm.
51John TempestaJohn Tempesta McLayBright, metallic tones on the snare make for a satisfying pairing with the shimmer on the cymbals in this kit--you'll find yourself using this drum for more than just the backbeat, because of its higher pitch and cutting timbre. It's a nice balance to the deep tom tones and sharp beater attack on the kick.
52Gregg KeplingerKeplinger BeBopJust what you'd expect from a tightly-miked Jazz kit; warm and punchy kick tones, snappy snare and sidestick, and painstakingly-tuned toms. Add to that some washy cymbals to give lots of height to this mellow kit, making it just the thing to round out your quartet.
53Gregg KeplingerKeplinger Brushed JazzGregg plays this whole kit with brushes, giving everything softer, more muted tones ideal for BeBop with that small Jazz club feel.
54Gregg KeplingerKeplinger Jazz WaltzThe snare in this kit has a subdued tone, paired with a higher tension snare sound, giving much more emphasis to the release on the hits on this drum. The result is a Jazz kit that has a washy, atmospheric sound, made for tunes that want an understated rhythm section.
55Lonnie WilsonLW Alt CountryThe huge room sound in these drums is impossible to miss--each kit piece fully rings out, making this set ideal for when you want a mix that's drenched in reverb. Whether you're making Nashville-style Country or lo-fi Indie Rock, the bright, live feel in this kit will give your tunes some serious shine.
56Lonnie WilsonLW Alt Country BlstxLonnie plays with rute drumsticks in this kit, giving each tone a sharp attack, and softened rolloff. It's especially noticeable in the snare tones, which have more noise than when played with standard drumsticks, and the change gives the whole kit a softer focus, making it sit back in the mix enough to make your leads and solos pop.
57Lonnie WilsonLW Alt Country BrushedLonnie plays this kit with brushes, fully softening the tone of both the attacks and rolloffs of each drum tone. Paired with a huge room sound, these drums are ideal for lush arrangements with lots of depth.
58Lonnie WilsonLW Ballad BlstxPlayed with rute drumsticks, this kit is a nice pairing of the softer tones lent by the change in sticks with the big room sound present in so many of Lonnie's kits. The result is drums tones that have sharp attacks, but more diffuse releases, for a kit that sits back in the mix, but cuts through when it needs to.
59Lonnie WilsonLW Ballad BrushedThis kit is all about the softer touch, from a muted, rounded kick tone, to snare and toms played with brushes, to a big room sound with long reverb tail--just the thing for crafting a tune with an intimate feel, regardless of the arrangement size.
60Lonnie WilsonLW Blstx 4inch SnareIt's amazing how much the tone of a snare can affect a whole kit, and this one, which Lonnie plays with rutes, features a 4\" snare that has a high and bright timbre that's ideal for bass-heavy and sparse arrangements.
61Lonnie WilsonLW Blstx 6inch SnareThe contrast of the darker tone of the 6\" snare used in this kit with the sharp attack of Lonnie's rute drumsticks brings the whole drum mix down into the mid-range. You'll find these drums are just the thing for denser arrangements, and pieces with a lot going on in the highs.
62Lonnie WilsonLW Brush 4inch SnareThis kit, played with brushes, features a 4\" snare that's high and bright, making for rhythms that sit higher up in the mix. If you're looking for drums that have a softer tone for your smaller arrangements, these fit the bill quite nicely.
63Lonnie WilsonLW Brush 6inch SnareLonnie plays this kit with brushes, giving each hit a softer tone, and uses a 6\" snare, which brings the tone of the whole kit into darker, mid-range heavy territory. If you're crafting slower or quieter tunes with lots of layers, these drums will add just the right touch.
64Lonnie WilsonLW Half Time BalladIf you're looking to craft a ballad where each drum hit rings out fully, you've come to the right place. Long reverb tails and lots of bright high end define this kit, which is just the thing for minimal rhythms, where impact is the goal.
65Lonnie WilsonLW OutlawSoft and dark, this kit is distinct for its restrained tones paired with sharp stick attack. The snares especially have a flatter tone to them, carving out space in the mix for upper midrange musical content--like that sweet walking bassline you've been working on!
66Lonnie WilsonLW Power BalladThis kit is just what you want for making an epic power ballad. Featuring a huge room sound with long reverb tails, booming toms for your fills, sharp stick attack on the snare and side stick, and crisp hi-hats, these drums are just the thing for backing up your soulful vocals and wailing guitar solos.
67Luis ConteLuis ConteA nice cross-section of a traditional drum kit mixed with a variety Latin-style pieces, this set is ideal for Latin-inspired music with a Western feel. Features basic kicks and snares, but with the toms replaced with tumba (low conga) and the Brazilian surdo and repique. No hi-hat either, but three cowbells, and a wide variety of conga, timbale, and shaker varieties. Your Pop tunes will never be the same!
68Matt CameronMatt Cameron 3-4 SwingWith a distinct Jazz kit feel, these drums feature flatter, rounder kick and tom tones that are sculpted to sit toward the low end of the mix, paired with bright snares that are honed to sit squarely in the upper midrange, and cymbals and hats that shimmer up above. With such clear delineations for each kit piece, these drums are especially ideal for smaller arrangements, and crafting an intimate feel.
69Matt CameronMatt Cameron Basher 1Basher is certainly an accurate name for this kit, which features Matt hitting the drums hard, and letting them ring out fully. If your tune calls for drums that punch through the mix and are heavily accented, you can't go wrong with these holding it down.
70Matt SorumMatt Sorum FunkThis kit has a lot of mid-range emphasis, making it ideal for laying down some funky bass over the top of your rhythms, and with its subtle, medium-room feel, these drums sit back in the mix just enough to let your melodic instruments do most of the talking.
71Matt SorumMatt Sorum KitWith its big room feel, and long tails on all the kit pieces, these drums are made for crafting that big, Hard Rock sound. Your booming tom fills and cracking snare patterns will never sound better.
72Matt SorumMatt Sorum Motor TownAre you ready to rock? I said, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! Well then, this is the kit for you! If you're looking to make that big stadium sound, these booming drums, with big room tone, and a lot of hard crack and sizzle will have that crowd swaying and cheering in no time.
73Matt SorumMatt Sorum SkippyThe bright ring on the snare drum in this kit paired with the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat makes these drums ideal for Alternative tunes, where having a lot of space in the drum mix for those crunchy guitar riffs makes all the difference.
74Matt SorumMatt Sorum TribalThe tightly-tuned toms sit up front in the mix in this kit, making it hard not to use these drums for tunes that call for a lot of punch in the mid range. The kick and snare are both more muted in tone, making lots of space for letting your bass player hold down a solid chunk of the rhythm.
75Michael ShrieveMichael Shrieve KitBright and live, this kit has a lot of high end and long reverb tails, making it ideal for everything from stadium Rock to intimate R&B. The big room tone throughout allows drums to sit back in the mix, leaving space for soulful vocals and wailing guitar solos.
76N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Bro Paul KitIdeal for Trip Hop and similar styles of Electronic music, this kit features a palette of electronic drums, including sine tone based kicks with a metallic timbre, snappy, noise-modulated snare tones, and bright, synth toms.
77N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Die KitThe kick and snare tones in this electronic-focused kit feature heavy noise modulation characteristic of late 80's Hip-Hop production or the early days of Trip Hop. Balanced against synth toms and cymbals and a blend of acoustic percussion including side stick and cowbell, these drums are great for getting a bit experimental.
78N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Elefant KitThe heavily-compressed electronic kick and snare in this kit will lend your rhythms plenty of grit, making these drums ideal for darker Electronic tunes and moodier Hip-Hop.
79N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Jesus KitReminiscent of the early days of Industrial music, the heavily-processed and downsampled tones of the kick, snare, and hi-hat in this kit are noisy and gritty in a way that makes these drums ideal for moody and rhythm-driven tracks.
80N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Long KitExcellent for tunes with dense melodies in the low end, this electronic kit features kick and snare tones that sit in the mid-to-upper mid-range, allowing for rhythms that punch through the mix.
81N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Look KitDark and metallic, the kick and snare tones in this kit have a distinct Industrial feel ideal for creating brutal, tactile rhythms.
82N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS NDL KitThat funky sampled break sound in kit form, these drums are just right for crafting rhythms for anything from Drum and Bass to Hip-Hop.
83N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Rajput KitThis electronic kit features just the right palette for creating rhythms that blend genres, like Bhangra and more minimal styles of Techno. Featuring softened, noise-based tones for the kick and snare, these drums will lend subtlety to beat-driven electronic tracks.
84N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Rok KitIf microbeats and crafting sound design oriented rhythms is your style, this kit is just the thing for making minimal, tactile rhythms that will lend some glitchy texture to anything from Indie Rock to IDM.
85N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Sample KitThis kit has chiptunes style written all over it, from the pulsing noise of the kick drum tones, to the sizzling crack of the snares, to the pitched hi-hat tone that toes the line between rhythmic and melodic.
86N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Shake KitCrushed to bits, the kick and snare tones in this kit are about as punchy and downsampled as you can get without going fully into 8-bit territory. This kit is made for throwing down breakbeats for popping and locking.
87N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS Simple KitThis electronic kit has that uniquely German sound from the 70's; one part robots, one part autobahn, fully the right drums for getting a bit experimental.
88N.Douglas/DJ Syze-UpNDJS X KitThis electronic kit features a heavily-compressed electronic kick tone and downsampled snare that snaps hard, making these drums for crafting gritty, tactile beats.
89Urban GTNM Pacific KitThese drums have a softer tone with a small room feel that lends the whole kit the kind of intimacy perfect for anything from Pop to Jazz. With their shimmering hi-hats and cymbals, soft attack kick, and smooth-edged snares, these drums work well in smaller arrangements.
90Urban GTNM Pacific Room KitThe NM Pacific Kit but with more room.
91Stephen PerkinsPerkins Burst CloudDark and processed, these drums are dominated by the heavy thump of the kick drum, and the thunderous, round tones of the toms. The snare, hi-hat, and cymbals take a backseat in this kit, making these ideal for heavier tunes with a darker feel.
92Stephen PerkinsPerkins Modern PrimitiveThe deep boom on both the kick and toms in this kit is hard to miss--these are just the drums for when you want to create some moody atmosphere!
93Stephen PerkinsPerkins MugshotThese drums have a seriously satisfying live feel, with a medium-room tone that makes for messy, crowded mixes that hold a very distinct appeal. If you're looking for something with a lo-fi vibe, these are just the right kind of attitude.
94Stephen PerkinsPerkins Plot ThickensThese drums are about as in-your-face as it gets, from the hard crack of the snare, to tom tones that sound like you're right next to each piece. Make no apologies when using this kit, because your rhythms are guaranteed to dominate.
95Stephen PerkinsPerkins Vise GripDark, low rumble is the primary characteristic of this kit, which features a long decay on the kick drum, and thundering tom tones, while letting the snare, hi-hat, and cymbals sit back in the mix. These are definitely drums for tunes with a gloomier or more brutal feel.
96Sly DunbarSly KitIf there was a standard for Reggae drums, this kit is it. Huge, booming kick? Check. Bright snare crack? Check. Crisp side stick? Check. Intimate feel and live vibe? You've got it! Whether you're making Dub, Roots, or Dancehall, nothing beats having Sly in your rhythm section!
97Terry BozzioTerry Bozzio KitThis kit is a nice hybrid of a big room sound Rock kit and Terry's unique blend of percussion instruments. Features a deep thumping kick and cracking snare, with an eclectic blend of China cymbals, chimes, and processed kicks.
98Tony BraunagelTony Braunagel KitBright and clean, this kit features a high-passed kick that's sharp on the attack, a hard-gated snare with very little snare rattle, and hi-hat and cymbals that are all high end shimmer. Ideal for Rock and Blues tunes that feature melodic basslines and vocals on the lower end.
99Tony BraunagelTony Braunagel VintageThe huge room sound in this kit makes these drums sit way back in the mix, while also giving them distinct stereo separation and a lot of high-end air. The kick and snare tones in particular are decay-dominant, while the stick attack on the hi-hat and side stick give rhythms presence and sharpness.
100Tony BraunagelVilla KitAll flatness and rumble, the kick drum in this kit has a soft attack and thundering decay, while the long ring of the metal-body snare offers satisfying bite and contrast. The hi-hat and cymbals both have a big room sound to them, making both sit back in the mix, but with enough stick attack to give your rhythms some grit.
101ZoroZoro KitCrisp and bright, the snare drum in this kit has sharp stick attack and a short ring, while the kick drum tone is all punch--hard-gated and mostly beater attack that punches hard. The cymbals and hi-hat sit right in front of the drum mix, making this kit ideal for writing polyrhythms and adding ghost notes--just the thing every Funk and Soul tune needs!
102ZoroZoro NawlinsThis kit is made for building rhythms that are all about flash and flair. With high and bright room tone throughout, these drums feature distinct snap on the snare and tom hits that says, drum solo ahead!" while the kick drum has a muted but sharp punch for holding it all down."
103ZoroZoro Pic SnareThe hard-gated, detuned snare tone in this kit cuts through the whole drum mix, and paired with the crisp sizzle of the hi-hat and cymbals and the bright attack on the tightly-tuned toms, is just the thing for writing out rhythms that crank.

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