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Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio

of Phish.
Trey Anastasio Official Website

"I get up in the morning and I write. I do it all the time," he says. "The greatest thing that's happened to me over the past two years is the invention of the iPhone. There's an app you can get called FourTrack. It's a multitrack studio on your phone. Writing on this thing is unbelievable. Everywhere I go, 24 hours a day, I have this functioning multitrack studio with drum machines, and you sing right into it. That's all you need." -Miami Herald interview with Phish by Michael Hamersly

"I'm obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone- the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It's like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket. I can record basically anywhere. Like, I was having lunch with a friend Steve Pollak in New York recently; he brought a bunch of lyrics, and we stared writing on the spot-we were on the corner of 94th and Amsterdam, singing harmonies and bass lines at the top of our lungs into the earpiece. People eventually started gathering around us. The demo captured that whole vibe-the excitement of being out on the street. I don't think I would've even remembered the melody by the time I got home. We took it to band practice, learned the tune right off the demo, didn't change one thing. And now we're going to play the song, "Show of Life," on this summer's tour." -Rolling Stone Magazine

Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess

of Dream Theater.
Jordan Rudess Official Website

Jordan Rudess is one of the most talented and technologically savvy musicians in the world. Primarily known for his work with his band Dream Theater, Jordan has dazzled audiences with his lightning fast piano/keyboard skills which are unmatched. In addition to playing with Dream Theater, releasing his own music, and teaching music courses online, Jordan himself develops his on synthesis apps for iOS devices.

"When I was traveling last month in the San Francisco area, I stopped over at Sonoma Wire Works. I expected to just say hello and check out their latest apps. To my surprise they pulled out their GuitarJack prototype. It has a professional look and feel to it that just has quality written all over it! I'm waiting very impatiently to get my hands on one of these babies! It's going to be a perfect addition to my mobile touring rig!"

Jordan Rudess also recently tweeted, "Just tried out Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack+ new upgraded FourTrack app. Beautiful crystal clear sparkling audio in iOS!"

Known for his incredible speed and mastery of both the electric and acoustic guitar, Al Di Meola is a legend in the guitar world. With a career spanning multiple decades, genres, and continents, Al Di Meola has established himself as one of the world's greatest guitar talents.

"I had never dreamed that an amazing user friendly easy system for recording sound on sound could ever exist on a phone. FourTrack represents a major leap forward for the traveling musician-composer! I do most of my writing on this app this past year! I love it immensely!"

"It's fantastic! Reallly a dream to have. Super portable access to getting ideas down on the fly! I wrote several pieces that will appear on my new CD coming out in March 2011 with it. Two tracks in particular called "Mawazine Pt 1" and "Mawazine Pt 2" were written on the FourTrack in my room in Morocco last year. Also, I have at least 15 pieces I am working on using this incredible app!"

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Justin Meldal Johnsen

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

of Beck, NIN, Imarobot
Justin Meldal-Johnsen Official Website

Throughout Justin's long career, he has worked in practically every genre, and been involved in every aspect of music making. Justin has toured as bassist for Beck and Nine Inch Nails, written songs for his own project Ima Robot, recorded for acts like Tori Amos, Dixie Chicks, and Garbage, co-written with acts like Macy Gray, helped translate songs into a live show for bands like Gnarls Barkley, and most recently, produced a breathtaking new album with M83. Through years of writing and performing, Justin has developed an unmatched ability to write or co-write great pieces of music, breathe sonic life into them in the studio, and fully mature them into moving live performances.

"The GuitarJack is so cool and convenient. It's the realization of a long-held fantasy of mine to be able to do proper multi-track recording with a hand-held device."

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Daniel Bedingfield is a pop sensation and brother of equally notable singer Natasha Bedingfield. Daniel has had a string of top ten hits in the UK, and won global praise with his track "Gotta Get Thru This," in 2001. In addition to his own albums, Daniel has contributed vocals and written songs for many other artists, including American Idol finalist David Archuleta.

"FourTrack is my favorite on-the-go, handy software... It helps me get my ideas down immediately and in multiple layers. Basically, I've been using my iPhone to record ideas but they often come with more than one part. I've had to sing these parts linearly, but that's been very frustrating because you can't really hear the interplay between parts. With FourTrack, I can put the idea down exactly how I hear it."

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Pop-rock sensation Gary Go has taken the U.K. by storm and now has his sights set on the U.S. Go performed with just his iPhone at Wembley Stadium (seats over 70K) earlier this summer.

"FourTrack was the first music based app I discovered for the iPhone. It was actually the reason I purchased the iPhone. I used to call my own answerphone to leave myself messages with song with FourTrack, I can not only capture ideas, but start to realize them as well."

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Hong Kong born identical twins Ming and Ping begin their synthpop masterpieces in FourTrack on their iPhones.

"Oh yeah, it's quite easy to use. Like you can create idea for a song with just tap on your knee or hum the melody. Then we bring into computer and we make those ideas more real and more complex. Maybe we still have some of the FourTrack recordings for some of our popular songs. Maybe one day we share them with the world."

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"My home studio is my iPhone and my studio application is FourTrack. I've actually done pretty much everything, all of my production ideas including the entire Sheryl Crow album, on my iphone. We actually used some of the files from the FourTrack off my iPhone and it ended up making the final cut of Sheryl's album. I travel all the time so my home studio is my iPhone." -

iTunes "Single of the Week" on May 22, 2012 was "That's Your Boyfriend" by Chris Price. It was recorded entirely with FourTrack on the iPhone. "That's Your Boyfriend" is taken from Chris' album "Homesick", also recorded with FourTrack.

"DrumCore is so handy and so very easy to use! It's very close to having a live drummer with you."

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Anthony Gonzalez of M83

"I'm obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone- the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It's like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket."

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Trey Anastasio of Phish

"Just tried out Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack plus the new upgraded FourTrack app. Beautiful crystal clear sparkling audio in iOS!"

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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

"RiffWorks is an incredible tool to get songs done stupid fast!"

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Johnny "Juice" Rosado of Public Enemy