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Discontinued: InstantDrummer iOS App

[Update: As of January 2016 InstantDrummer iOS apps are no longer being offered as new purchases on iTunes because they are no longer being updated by Sonoma Wire Works. We hope to bring some of this functionality into a new app in the future, so please stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter. If you previously purchased an InstantDrummer iOS app, you may be able to still access it on iTunes. See Instructions Below. Some InstantDrummer iOS content is available for the desktop in Sonoma's DrumCore AAX/AU/VST3 Plug-in and RiffWorks Guitar Recording Software.]

InstantDrummer iOS App: Drummer in Your Pocket

Easy to use, customizable drum loops for iPhone and iPod touch. Pick a groove, tap in a tempo, and InstantDrummer inspires you to play along with continuously varying drum tracks using perfectly matched, full kit studio drum recordings by professional drummers. AudioCopy your drum arrangement into AudioPaste enabled apps like FourTrack (iPhone) & StudioTrack (iPad).

InstantDrummer is a series of iOS apps in multiple genres. InstantDrummer: Heartbreaker (pop rock) was the first. Jason McGerr (Death Cab for Cutie) recorded Heartbreaker on his Ludwig drum kit at Two Sticks Audio. Other styles: heavy rock, metal, world, funk, country, hip hop, and more. Previews

  • Tempo
    Drums at Any Tempo

    InstantDrummer apps sound great at a wide range of tempos. Adjust to any tempo you like, even 150 BPM or more.

  • Sequencer
    Build Drum Tracks

    Each InstantDrummer "song" part is conveniently color coded to help make arranging your song quick and easy. Navigate through your song easily using the shuttle wheel.

  • Master Effects
    Master Effects

    InstantDrummer includes a 4 band parametric EQ and a stereo linked master compressor to help you create the perfect tone for your style. You can adjust the Ratio, Threshold, Attack and Release.

InstantDrummer iOS App Details

  • Adjustable Tempo: All InstantDrummer apps can be played at a variety of BPMs.

  • Part Sequencer: Build and arrange drum tracks for InstantDrummer songs

  • Gain: Adjust how loud your drums will be on each part of your song

  • Three Levels of Real Room Ambience: Select from Full, Medium, or Off to get the perfect tone for your song

  • Intensity: Control how hard the drummer is playing on each part of your song

  • Variation: Adjust how often the drummer will fill on each part of your song

  • Master FX - Freakenzy (EQ) and The Slammer (Compressor): Effects include a 4 band parametric EQ and a stereo linked compressor with Threshold, Attack, & Release (Master FX Demo Movie)

  • Multiple Song Parts to choose from, including Intros, Verses, Bridges, and Endings

  • Dozens of loops and fills

  • Wi-Fi Sync InstantDrummer songs to computers with or without a router

  • AudioCopy: AudioCopy your drum arrangement into AudioPaste enabled apps like FourTrack and StudioTrack (AudioCopy Demo Video)

  • Duplicate Arrangements: Duplicate your sequence so you can make further changes without losing your original arrangement

InstantDrummer iOS apps require iOS 5 and have not been tested on later iOS versions.
iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch (3rd gen.) or later, and iPad (normal sized or with pixel-doubling).

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InstantDrummer apps are available in the AppStore now for $2.99.

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