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InstantDummer iOS apps discontinued


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InstantDrumer iOS Apps Are Discontinued

InstantDrummer iOS apps are no longer being offered as new purchases on iTunes because they are no longer being updated by Sonoma Wire Works. We hope to bring some of this functionality into a new app in the future. Please stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter. If you previously purchased an InstantDrummer iOS app, you may be able to still access it on iTunes. However, Sonoma cannot guarantee that it will work on current iOS versions.

To re-download an app you previously purchased on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:
Tap App Store.

On an iPhone or iPod touch:
Tap Updates, then tap Purchased.

On an iPad:
Tap Purchased.

Scroll to find the app that you want to download.
Tap the Download icon.

After the app downloads, you can open it from your Home screen.

InstantDrummer iOS App Demo Movies

InstantDrummer iOS App Demo Movie
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MasterFX in FourTrack & InstantDrummer iPhone Apps

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InstantDrummer iOS App Features and Quickstart

Adjustable Tempos

The drums were originally recorded at a set tempo, but they still sound great at a wide range of tempos.
Step 1: Set a tempo for your song before you start building it. You can also change the tempo for your song later, but be sure to press PLAY after you've changed the tempo to allow it to render.

Part Sequencer

Use the Part Squencer to create InstantDrummer songs by adding and rearranging parts to the Timeline.
Step 2: Tap the plus button to add a part to your song. The drums will begin to play.
Step 3: Scroll through the parts to audition them (eg. Basic Rock, Bigger Rock, Double Hats, etc.), and select the one you want. You can control the Gain, Ambience, Intensity and Variation for each part as you go, or after you've created your InstantDrummer song.
Step 4: Select how many bars you would like to add. Press OK when you have made your selection. This adds that bar loop to your time line.
Step 5: Hit PLAY and the drums begin to loop.
Step 6: Add another part, one at a time, by pressing the plus sign and scrolling through the parts again. The drummer will automatically perform a drum fill at the end of that segment of bars.
Step 7: Listen to your completed drum track from the beginning, either scroll to the beginhing of the track using the wheel or touch the SEEK BEGINNING arrow. Make sure loop mode is unselected and press PLAY.
Step 8: Rearrange Press and drag the section of your song you would like to move to the location you desire in the timeline.


Adjust how loud your drums will be on each part of your song.


Control the amount of room sound you get on each part of your song. The levels are: Off, Medium or Full.


Control how hard the drummer is playing on each part of your song.


Adjust how often the drummer will fill on each part of your song.


Duplicate your arrangement to keep a copy while you continue to make changes.

EQ/Compressor & Master Effects

Step 9: Apply effects to your InstantDrummer song as a whole. Two effects come with InstantDrummer, Freakenzy (EQ) and The Slammer (Compressor). Both of these effects can be accessed by pushing SONG TOOLS and then MASTER FX. Freakenzy is a 4 band parametric equalizer and The Slammer is a stereo linked master compressor with controls for Ratio, Threshold, Attack and Release. Use both Master FX to get the perfect tone for your song.

WiFi Sync

Step 10: Wi-Fi Sync InstantDrummer songs to computers with or without a router. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. Before syncing your song, make sure the song has rendered. To do this, either scroll to the beginhing of the track using the wheel or touch the SEEK BEGINNING arrow. Make sure loop mode is unselected and press PLAY. Once the song has rendered you can now WiFi sync. Press SONG TOOLS, then go to SONGLIST, and press WIFI SYNC at the bottom of the screen. A black screen will appear with an IP address that looks something like
Enter this address into a web browser on a computer that is connected to the same WiFi network as your phone. It is ok if your computer is connected with an ethernet cable as long as it is the same network. Eg. a home wireless router with both ethernet jacks and WiFi. A window will appear on your iPhone saying "A computer on your local network is connecting to InstantDrummer" Press OK to connect.
A list of your songs will appear on your computer. Each song you recorded can be downloaded as a wav file. These files can be loaded in any DAW (recording software) for further editing.

More info

  • Multiple InstantDrummer iOS Apps - The decision to make the InstantDrummer content available in multiple applications versus one single app with an in-app store was made for various reasons. The best user experience is always the first priority when designing application functionality. Because of the memory limitations of the iPhone, the mixing of loops from various InstantDrummer sessions is not possible the way it is for desktop users. We did not feel multiple InstantDrummers should be available in one app if mixing and matching was not possible. Additionally, because the first InstantDrummer application comes bundled with loops in the Pop/Rock genre, users looking for other styles might have overlooked this app. Offering other styles and content as in-app purchases would have been ineffective because users might have dismissed the app for not initially having the content they were searching for. By having separate, genre based InstantDrummer apps, users get exactly the content they are looking for. Lastly, add-ons are not hosted by Apple servers. To provide the most reliable and efficient downloading, we have chosen to use Apple's proven and trusted network.

  • InstantDrummer iOS App Content License Agreement - All rights reserved. The sounds and performances (the Content) in this InstantDrummer app are licensed to the original purchaser for use in music production only. Copying, duplicating, selling, electronically transmitting, renting or other uses of the Content not specifically for the purpose of music production is prohibited by law. When you purchase this app, the Content for this app is licensed, not sold to you, for commercial or non-commercial use in music production royalty free. The original purchaser may use the Content in a commercial or non-commercial recording without any additional licensing fees. Any product that utilizes the Content may include the following credit: "Drums by InstantDrummer: Heartbreaker iOS App" but you are not obligated to include this credit.

  • InstantDrummer iOS App Genres - More InstantDrummer iOS Apps are available in other styles, including Pop Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal, Funk, Hip Hop, Country and World Rock. Subscribe to the Sonoma Wire Works Newsletter and social networks for announcements about more InstantDrummer apps in various styles as they become available. InstantDrummer: Tropical Sun (World Rock) is available for free for a limited time. Listen to previews of all InstantDrummers.

  • InstantDrummer on Mac OS & Windows - Use the InstantDrummer built into RiffWorks recording software (Mac & Win) to add professionally recorded drums to your songs with adjustable tempo, intensity, variation, ambience and gain. Check out InstantDrummer in RiffWorks T4 free recording software. Over 130 more RiffWorks InstantDrummer sessions are available to download for $4.99 each. Check the store and the forum links above for a free RiffWorks InstantDrummer Session to get you started.

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