DrumCore 4.2 Update, International Shipping, and Staff Spotlight

DrumCore 4.2 Adds UI Zooming | International Shipping | Staff Spotlight on Moses Abrego

DrumCore 4.2 Adds UI Zooming

DrumCore's 4.2 update adds UI zooming, which helps DC4 fit better on laptops and smaller screens. Right click anywhere to set the zoom factor of the user interface to between 50-100%.

Version 4.2 also fixes a server connection problem that caused issues with registration, content downloading, content purchasing, and version update notifications in the Settings Panel. Therefore, users of DrumCore 4 (4.1 and earlier), please update using the 4.2 update links supplied by support@sonomawireworks.com (not DC4's Settings Panel). Other improvements are listed in the release notes.

About DrumCore 4 - AAX/AU/VST3 plug-in for most popular 64-bit recording software on Mac/Win, includes 24-bit audio drum loops, MIDI drum loops, multi-velocity sampled drum kits, groove browser, song timeline, mixer, effects and more. Royalty free recordings of celebrity drummers are provided as tempo-adjustable GrooveSets in many styles.

DrumCore 4.2 Press Release.
Release Notes with Update Instructions.
DC4 Requirements, Images, Upgrades, Drummers, Pricing, Dealers, Guides and More.

Sonoma's Online Store Adds International Shipping

While Sonoma's online store supports only U.S. addresses for products that require shipping, we ship almost anywhere. Live outside of the U.S., and want a shippable product like a StudioJack Mini, GuitarJack Stage, or an upgrade to DrumCore 4 Prime Flash or Ultra on a drive? Email the product name, your user name, and your mailing address to sales@sonomawireworks.com. We will reply with an invoice (including tax and shipping rates) that you may pay with a credit card or Paypal. Shippable products are also available from select dealers.

Customers worldwide can purchase downloadable software from Sonoma's online store and select dealers.

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Staff Spotlight: Moses Abrego

Sonoma is very fortunate to have Moses on our team. Cheerful, calm, and kind, he powers through even the toughest support and QA cases with determination to find the answers to problems, and he is always willing to learn something new. We appreciate his musical talents, getting to hear him play while troubleshooting in the office, demoing our products at trade shows, and while he was creating audio previews for DrumCore in so many styles. Impressive!

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"DrumCore is so handy and so very easy to use! It's very close to having a live drummer with you."

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Anthony Gonzalez of M83

"I'm obsessed with this recording app on my iPhone- the Sonoma Wire Works FourTrack. It's like you have a superpowerful studio in your pocket."

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Trey Anastasio of Phish

"Just tried out Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack plus the new upgraded FourTrack app. Beautiful crystal clear sparkling audio in iOS!"

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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

"RiffWorks is an incredible tool to get songs done stupid fast!"

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Johnny "Juice" Rosado of Public Enemy