New DC4 Support Video: Moving Your DrumCore 4 Library to an External Drive

DrumCore 4 users have anywhere from 4 GB to 100 GB of drum loops and kits, so storing the DC4 Content Library on an external hard drive can free up a lot space on your computer. There is a new support video showing how to move your DrumCore 4 library with written instructions.

If you choose to move your library to an external hard drive, use a Solid State Drive for the best audio playback reliability.

After you copy your content to an external drive, select your new ‘DrumCore Path’ in DC4's SETTINGS panel, and continue downloading or migrating your content. If you receive a "Library not found" error in DrumCore 4, there is a video to fix that.

If you receive error 377 in DC4, see the instructions about moving the "main-ca.crt" file back to its original location.

MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) and Sonoma Software

DrumCore 4 support with Catalina is being tested by Sonoma. We will announce support in Sonoma's monthly newsletter as soon as possible. In the meantime, we recommend that DC4 users wait to update to Catalina. DC4 is a 64-bit plug-in and may work in Catalina once it is notarized by DC4 developers with a DC4 update, or if a user disables security measures for notarization. However, there is no guarantee that it will work properly until we officially compatibility is announced.

RiffWorks, KitCore, DrumCore 2.5, DrumCore 3, the DrumCore 3 Toolkit, and DrumCore 4's Migration Tool are 32-Bit programs, so they will not work in Catalina, which is 64-bit only.

RiffWorks is 32-bit (compatibility). There is a planned RiffWorks update to 64-bit compatibility, but no release date has been announced. Subscribe for announcements.

DrumCore 3 Toolkit is 32-bit, and continues to work for many people using MacOS 10.9 - 10.14 despite DC3's compatibility list only going to 10.9. Users with Mac OS 10.15 (64-bit) will not be able to use the DC3 Toolkit (32-bit).

DrumCore 4's Migration Tool is 32-bit because it migrates content from DrumCore 2.5, DrumCore 3 and KitCore (32-bit plug-ins) to DrumCore 4 (64-bit). If you plan to upgrade to DC4 and migrate previous DC3/DC2.5/KC2 content to DC4, we recommend doing so before upgrading to Catalina.

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Reminder: DrumCore 2.5, DrumCore 3 and KitCore Registration

Two years ago, Sonoma emailed DC2.5, DC3 and KitCore users that registrations of those versions can only be handled via email: Email your Serial Number and Challenge Code to to receive a Response Code. It was also announced that Sonoma would provide activation codes for older versions until about October 1, 2019. Beyond that, we cannot promise that we will be able to keep the aging activation server available. We will do our best to keep supporting DC2.5/DC3/KC2 registrations, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support those versions for much longer because the server platform for DC3/DC2.5/KC2 activations has been end-of-lifed by Microsoft. Now is a great time to upgrade to DC4 if you haven't already.

Also, support for prior versions is limited as Sonoma does not have access to all of the past OS and DAW versions necessary for troubleshooting DC 2.5 (2007), KitCore (2008) and DC3 (2009). Instead, we are focused on current and future OS and DAW versions for DC4.

If you would like information regarding your DC4 upgrade path possibilities, see the DrumCore 4 Upgrade page. Email with any questions.

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New DrumCore 4 Loop Collection by Dennis Chambers: Otay

New DC4 GrooveSet: Otay is ninth in the series of Dennis Chambers' GrooveSets for DrumCore 4. These beats emit the signature, sporadic, syncopated and upbeat vibe of Dennis Chambers. 17 audio loops and fills (30 MB) for $4.99.

More GrooveSets by Chambers are coming soon. Preview and purchase his GrooveSets in any edition of DrumCore 4 ($49/$249/$639)!

Master drummer Dennis Chambers' is one of the world's most sought after drummers. Known for his technique and speed, Chambers has played with Parliament/Funkadelic, John Scofield, Maceo Parker and many other famous artists.

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New DrumCore 4 GrooveSet by Discrete Drums:
Heavy Mental "Shootout" Audio Loops

Discrete Drums is known for producing great sounding drum tracks that were recorded in high-end studios by renowned drummers, engineers and producers. One new Discrete Drums GrooveSet is now available in DC4's Store. See the full list of Discrete Drums GrooveSets on the DC4 Drummer Bio Page. All Discrete Drums content in DC4 is offered as 16-bit/44.1kHz stereo audio loops.

Heavy Mental GrooveSets feature an earth shattering performance by legendary drummer Tony Morra recorded in the world famous Big Boy Room at The Sound Kitchen. Tony Morra started playing drums at age 3 in Queens. His professional career began at 16. He played just about every club in New York area (Bitter End, CBGB, etc.).
New DC4 GrooveSet: Shootout - Heavy blasting Metal grooves that will leave you shocked when the smoke settles. Resolution: 16-bit 44.1kHz. 47 loops and fills (36 MB) for $4.99.

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