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70 iOS Audio Apps Now Support Sonoma Wire Works' AudioCopy/AudioPaste

[Update: As of August 28, 2013, Retronyms, Sonoma's long time partner, took on development of the AudioCopy/AudioPaste SDK.]

Los Altos, CA - April 6, 2011 - Sonoma Wire Works, creators of FourTrack, StudioTrack, the GuitarJack Model 2 iOS accessory [now StudioJack Mini for iOS/Mac/Win], and the Mobile Audio Product Interaction (MAPI) Program, is proud to announce that there are now 70 AudioCopy and/or AudioPaste Compatible iOS Apps by 31 Developers, the latest being Korg's iMS20 and iElectribe, and more are coming soon. The AudioCopy/AudioPaste Software Development Kit v1.2 for iOS audio app developers is now available for free download for iOS developers. Apps that support AudioCopy/AudioPaste include a pasteboard history of up to 12 items with audio previews. Users can make up to 12 copies of audio, then launch an AudioPaste app, and paste from any of those 12 copies. The AudioCopy/AudioPaste pasteboard includes meta data such as tempo, file format, name of app copied from, duration, and more. The AudioCopy AudioPaste SDK code license is free, downloadable, and includes source code, optional UI, instructions, a license agreement, an example app, and a link to a demo video to help developers implement the features in their apps easily. A GuitarJack control panel SDK will be available soon.

These AudioCopy/AudioPaste enabled apps will be on display in an interactive iPad exhibit at Musikmesse in Frankfurt April 6-9 in the Sonoma Wire Works' Booth (Hall 5.1 Stand D82):

  • StudioTrack by Sonoma Wire Works: Multitrack Recording for iPad
  • FourTrack by Sonoma Wire Works: Multitrack Recording for iPhone/iPod touch
  • NLogSynth PRO by Rolf Wohrmann: Professional Virtual Analogue Synthesizer
  • Looptastic HD by Sound Trends: DJ style Performance and Remixing with Loops and FX
  • studio.HD by Sound Trends: Multitrack Music Anywhere - Record, Edit and Mix with Loops and FX
  • gr├╝vtron by Sound Trends: Jam, Produce and Morph in Cool Electronic Styles
  • VoiceJam by TC-Helicon: Sing, Loop, Share
  • Mixtikl 12 Track Mixer of Generative Music, Audio MIDI Loops and Live FX
  • Molten Drum Machine by One Red Dog Media: The Drum Machine, Reinvented
  • DrumTrackHD by Simple is Beautiful: Drum Step Sequencer for iPad
  • SynthX by Way Out Ware: Touchscreen Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • iELECTRIBE by Korg: Analog-Synth Style Beat Making
  • iMS-20 Analog Step-Style Sequencer, Six-Part Drum Machine, Kaoss-Style Performance and a Mixer

Complete AudioCopy/AudioPaste Compatible Apps List

Visit the Sonoma Wire Works booth at Musikmesse to see these apps and the latest FourTrack, StudioTrack, and GuitarJack iOS accessory [now StudioJack Mini for iOS/Mac/Win] developments.

About Sonoma Wire Works
Incorporated in 2003 and headquartered in Los Altos, California, Sonoma Wire Works develops products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music. Sonoma Wire Works' flagship product is RiffWorks guitar recording software with InstantDrummer, and effects. These products have received multiple awards for performance and innovation, including a NAMM Best in Show Trendsetter Award. FourTrack and StudioTrack iOS apps, AudioCopy/AudioPaste technology for the iPhone, StudioTrack multitrack for the iPad, and the GuitarJack accessory for compatible iOS devices are also developed by Sonoma. Drum software and content by Sonoma include the DrumCore and KitCore plugins and DrummerPack library, as well as the Discrete Drums multitrack drum library. www.sonomawireworks.com