Kickin' Country Added to Discrete Drums Library

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[Notice: As of 2017, Discrete Drums DVDs are no longer being offered for purchase. Discrete Drums' stereo loops are being added to the DrumCore 4 AAX/AU/VST3 plug-in library. Loops from EarthBeat, Heavy Mental 2, and Kickin' Country have already been added, and more are coming soon! Many Discrete Drums sets have also been added to RiffWorks recording software as InstantDrummers. Stay tuned by subscribing to Sonoma's newsletter.]


Sonoma Wire Works Releases the Discrete Drums Kickin' Country Drum Loop Collection
Discrete Drums Products Re-released on DVD with More Formats at a Lower Price

Los Altos, CA - May 13, 2010 - Sonoma Wire Works has added Kickin' Country to the world renowned Discrete Drums multitrack drum recording library. Kickin' Country features the legendary drummer Tony Morra recorded at Downtown Batterie in Nashville, and is produced by Rick DiFonzo, Discrete Drums' founder. The Kickin' Country Pro Set (9GB) includes multitrack WAV files with Pro Tools sessions, stereo REX and WAV files, and one shot samples for $199. The Kickin' Country Stereo Set (3GB) includes stereo REX and WAV files for $99. Styles included are brushes, ballads, waltz, train, pop and more. The 19 sessions included in Kickin' Country are organized into song parts including verse, chorus, bridge, intros, outros, fills, solos, breaks, and more, making it easy to build great sounding arrangements. Portions of the Kickin' Country drum content are also available as InstantDrummer Sessions for RiffWorks recording software with more on the way. Kickin' Country InstantDrummer iPhone Apps will be launching soon.

Discrete Drums products that were previously only available as large CD collections have been repackaged as convenient DVD products. Many Discrete Drums Pro Sets are available at a lower price of $199, and now include formats such as multitrack WAV files, Pro Tools Sessions, stereo WAV files, one shot samples, and REX and/or Apple Loops. Discrete Drums Stereo Sets have also been repackaged and relaunched on DVD, and are now available at a lower price of $99. All six Pro Sets are available as a bundle at the promotional price of $599 for a limited time.

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