RiffWorks' Song Posting and Collaboration Community


In December 2015, Sonomawireworks.com was redesigned as a responsive website on a new server. It looks and works better, especially when resizing, on a variety of browsers and devices. Check out the updated forums and online store.

We tried to keep the RiffWorld and RiffLink servers working during the transition, but were unable to because they are 7 years old, and in need of an upgrade. Therefore, RiffWorld.com, RiffCaster song posting, and RiffLink online collaboration have been disabled. We cannot make any promises about when and if we will be relaunching RiffWorld and/or RiffLink, or what form they will take. We have backups of the servers, but there is no easy way for us to get to the files for you. The engineers are busy working on the next big things for you to enjoy.

Hearing your music, hosting contests, and seeing such great relationships formed through music created with RiffWorks has been very inspiring through the years, and we thank you for that. Please continue to enjoy creating music on your own with RiffWorks, and you are welcome to share links to your songs in the RiffWorld and Green Room forums for now. We would like to re-launch a community soon where you can enjoy sharing music again.

RiffWorks Standard is packed with many other great features, and is on sale for $49 (regularly $129) for a limited time.

See the RiffWorld forum for details. Contact support@sonomawireworks.com if you have any questions about your account.


From 2005 - 2015, musicians worldwide used the RiffCast feature within RiffWorks to post their songs online for the community to listen and post comments. RiffWorld.com online community for RiffWorks users was launched in 2008. We can't make any promises, but we hope to bring back RiffWorld, or something better, for song posting, RiffRumble song contests and more.


Since 2007, musicians worldwide used RiffWorks' RiffLink online music collaboration to record songs together (at the same time or different times), leaving comments along the way. We can't make any promises, but we hope to relaunch RiffLink or something better for collaboration.

"DrumCore is so handy and so very easy to use! It's very close to having a live drummer with you."

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Anthony Gonzalez of M83

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Trey Anastasio of Phish

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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

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Johnny "Juice" Rosado of Public Enemy