Discrete Drums

Download the FREE* Discrete Drums Sample Collection: 5 free sessions of studio-recorded drum samples, mixed into stereo wav format - Over 200 MB! Get additional content, formats, ambient treatments, and more by purchasing the Discrete Drums Pro Sets and Stereo Sets below. Coupons in the free download for a limited time.

The Discrete Drums' drum library was recorded by renowned drummers, engineers, producers in high-end recording studios. Discrete Drums' Pro Sets now include both multitrack 24-bit WAV and pre-mixed 16-bit stereo formats. Stereo Sets include the pre-mixed 16-bit stereo format. Multitrack 24-bit WAV offers the most flexible mixing possibilities, as all tracks are delivered separately - mix, process, tune, distort, and mangle these drum and percussion tracks to suit your needs. Product content and formats vary, so see each product for details. All Discrete Drums sets are for use in Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk, Sonar, and other digital audio sequencers that import WAV files (not RiffWorks).

RiffWorks users, get RiffWorks InstantDrummer Sessions made from Discrete Drums content.

iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users, get the InstantDrummer iPhone Apps based on this content.

All Discrete Drums Pro Sets.
All Discrete Drums Stereo Sets.

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