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Like 70s Funk


Like 70s Funk
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There's something familiar and funky about this timeless groove that is updated with a playing style and mix for today's musician. RiffWorks InstantDrummer Session from the Tight 'N' Dry collection by Drums On Demand.

Tech Notes
Kit Used for Recording this drummer:
Yamaha Absolute Maple Nouveau 10, 13, and 16” toms and a 22” kick drum. Snare drums used were: 13” Pearl Brass Piccolo snare, a 14” Kansas City Drumworks custom Maple; Remo fiberglass piccolo snare. Rounding out the set were 14” Zildjian Master sound hats, Sabian evolution crashes and 21”sabian dry ride. Tempo: 98 BPM (Find more 80-100)
Time Signature: 4/4
Genre: Funk, Rock
Manufacturer: RWID by Drums On Demand

All RiffWorks InstantDrummer sessions require RiffWorks v2 or later, including RiffWorks Standard.

Installlation Instructions for RiffWorks InstantDrummers.

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